YouTube Star Sponsors The Fastest Rising Football Club in England

Maurice Vega

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  1. F u John sincerely i hate how they put in a pedestal any youtuber, this team saved by itself, fans, etc. Yes i did got some help from John and like many other people what i hate is the fact that lets highlight just cause he is a youtuber.

  2. Not to be an arse to Wimbledon but salford is the fastest rising club, with co owners of the class of 92 your expecting salford to be a prospect in the non league football teams.

  3. Afc Wimbledon and St. Pauli are the only two clubs I know of with this ethos. By the fans for the fans. I wish more clubs were like this. I love football all the same but it would be nice to see more clubs say fuck you to big business and start their own thing.

  4. We are wombles! Super wombles!
    We are wombles from the lane
    We drink champagne, we snort cocaine
    We've got ladies over here
    You've got shit jobs, you shag your dogs
    and your wife is on the game!

  5. Hahaha! After this last season, AFC Wimbledon is now playing in a higher league than the original Wimbledon FC (which was renamed to Milton Keynes Dons FC). Milton Keynes was relegated to League Two while AFC Wimbledon is in League One. Ohh man I bet that was sweet for them.

  6. Lol that guy's got his head up his ass if he thinks that when teams are moved in the states that people don't care. Fucks sake one owner had to sneak the team away over night to avoid being crucified

  7. What’s funny about this is that my mum used to be really close friends with this guy before he became a big author. Always a nice guy apparently.

  8. if they make it to premiership and win it ,could just be the best movie ever even better than Leicester city winning the league

  9. I watched several of vlogborther videos but never knew that John Green was such a big shot outside of YouTube! Damnnnn!!!!

    I love his videos. They are usually completely accurate (as far as I know) and unbiased!

  10. This Guy is awesome! Thanks for the help and support for Wimbledon and its fans. I grew up in the 90's watching them, hope they can comeback to the premiere league.. Salutee!!

  11. Let me know if Wimbledon need an American forward. Would love to go to a tryout. I have no credentials but am a serious player looking for a shot. Thanks.

  12. This club was in premier league when I was like 12 and they never come back to Premier League since then. Almost 20 years already

  13. I’m not a big football fan, but I started following Arsenal after playing a couple of seasons of FIFA as this team. No reason for choosing them only because I liked the name. Then I started following Liverpool after watching a TV show called “Being Liverpool.” I got a glimpse of their history and culture and really appreciated that. Thanks to this video and John Green’s work, I am now going to support AFC Wimbledon as well. 😊

  14. what a legend, iv'e followed the Wimbledon story since the MK saga and glad they've got a good ending and their community back

  15. What a great man and great ambassador for the beautiful game I wish him and his AFC Wimbledon every success in the future

  16. Fuck I never realised that author John Green is the same as educator John Green is the same as FIFA John Green. Scenes.

  17. Funny fact for the people that see this:

    Wimbledon plays in league one atm and so does the former wimbledon, now Milton keys dons.
    And they both have 13 points so maybe they will even need to play each other in relegations.

    I wonder if the game between them is a derby. I hope so.

  18. Someone should add this to a playlist called "You can't make this sh*t up" bc I would watch all of that playlist this weird stuff is so entertaining.

  19. I woulda bean so annoyed if I was the person sitting down using my laptop listening to this grown man chant about Adebayo akinfenwa

  20. John Green, the cynical history "teacher" that laces his "lessons" with condescending stereotypical tropes to anything that does not match his white, politically left (Bernie-style socialist) Anglo-Saxon/North European, background. He is even worse than that other guy from the youtube channel "It's ok to be smug". I hope his team gets recked by some "backward" southern European team.

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