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some mps and other political leaders calling for the retention of experienced MPs in the house this they believe will strengthen the capacity of Parliament to pass good laws well Parliament is not the only area reserved for the adults other positions in governance and our social life have also seen widespread exclusion of young people who believe they're brimming with fresh ideas and ready to also participate in nation-building for instance to even have the dream of becoming a president of Ghana you'll have to wait until you are above 40 years old and it'll take many trials and attempts until you're old and then you'll realize you've run out of energy to do anything meaningful that's why today a forum for such young people was held in Accra to try and help boost their confidence in taking their pride of place it was organized by youth bridge foundation and I was fortunate enough to be there to interact with them now in the studio with us as setting he's the executive director of youth bridge foundation in a while I'll bring you the conversation that I had with some of the the participants at this event but it's good to have you in the studio set thank you very much for making the time all right now Youth bridge obviously has been in the space for quite a while you've been concerning yourselves with youth leadership now you've made a rather overt call you want young people to stand up and be counted and actually go for parliamentary positions and seek to be nominated for parliamentary positions in the upcoming primaries of the major political parties now this afternoon one of the things that I was curious about was the fact that this call is going out to young people asking them to do this why do they need to be told is there anything stopping young people from standing up and being counted when it comes to a political leadership thanks again for having me you know clásica of the Guardian culture children younger ones had to be seen and not to behind the reverse applies you can be seen or you can be head but do not sit at the table with us so we start with the situation of long-term marginalization so there's no opportunity for grooming so even when you know the classic example of Tai sheep and right tree and relative even when you let it free so hung and moving around the same tree but that is the situation we find us anyway so it's what the young people have been indoctrinated into thinking they can't contribute that it can contribute the unachievable and there's no Avenue you be try they can go far and even to gather the courage to context and experience an elderly person you know Paris my Korean home equity what is the only way air co can be only way it will see please my passion trophy so you have the Anna Lee coming to you back in of you to stay because it will be disrespectful towards the enemy so these are some of the challenges that we think that sustained modernization cut the finger the youth Arkansas stand majority so sustain marginalization of this majority it's not good for us as a country this is the thing that fascinates me you said it yourself the youth are in the majority yes they are stronger they are clearly they clearly have access to more information yet somehow the weaker older minority are controlling them does that in itself not suggest that the youth perhaps are not yet equipped for leadership if they can allow themselves to be manipulated by an older and less equipped population I would not agree with you on that going back what I said earlier it's the same issue of respects to the power distance respect for authority who are you to challenge an ederly person but it is time we get a youth and power three four million years but you know that to stand up against such issues does not mean being disrespectful but seizing the moment to take your place and speak to the issue that concerns you so but a long term marginalization it's what is not helping us it's time civil society groups to use themselves the media majority of whom are youth should join campaign to say that it is possible that we could make it capacity yes they have but it's also to one side they let me say that this is a two-pronged approach where you inspire and challenge others on the field of plain making sports see at them all that is possible you could make it the flip side of the coin you also have to advocate and Lobby engage request that the space is equally created for these young ones to come in okay so I would say that it's a double-sided approach don't you look at now I know that Youth bridge foundation is very keen to see the back of this law that says you have to be 40 before you can run for president in Ghana but there are some who say that is just common sense I mean if you're gonna be president you have to have some exposure an exposure I mean sadly it comes with with time you know the longer you've been on earth the more you've seen so it's 40 not a fair common sense age from which you know presidential ambition can then begin you know that is a challenge we have in this part of our world but intelligence maturity is equated with longitude ET that you could only be considered as much shield intelligent and ready when you are old that is the problem we have examples around the globe and train the things are changing where you'd find precedence across a group who are younger and tested and tried they are paving the way to say that it's possible so I would not agree that you would have to be old to consider matured and ready now to lead we see most of the exciting thing that younger ones are coming out with innovating technology what would have taken someone three weeks or four weeks to refer in Parliament research on we take a young person a day or two or even a few hours to pick up information and move on so if there is any advantage that we have today comparatively there are also a younger generation and have a comparative advantage of tapping into technology right to give them an edge now there's also the other side okay young people today are expected to step up and take opportunities that's what you are trying to get courage them to do but young people in this country have formed unemployed graduates associations they seem to be embracing futility the fact that well there's nothing we can do about it you know in expecting others to solve their problems for them is there not a fundamental job first off changing the mindset of young people before you push them into leadership the campaign a summation is we have to a two pronged approach two-sided approach we're not saying creator space great despair give to them we ask in a younger generation or the youth treat themselves the chat as we said it's from themselves to seize the moment since the movement requires a level of preparation the level of submission to mentorship leprous or missing tree grooming and being cautious or the fact that I want to be there so yes they have these because as we rarely put it they've accepted a start to school which is not acceptable so we have come in to say wake up just impossible it's possible that you could make it come on let's go and next be mindful verify that the cost or the long-term marginalization they may possibly not know how to approach the issue you might ask some young people to come to table for discussions and if we didn't know what to ask for because they were not being part of their discussions god forbid let someone fight our parents die you see their family elders guarded and they turned the Sun in painful nakusha let the others meet and decide and plan so we're not part of such planning now you get all you get a certain point when I've you've not been prepared for such meetings you don't know so what we're doing is that let us get a young people to know it is possible guys let's go now they may require some technical support how to speak how to engage the diplomacy how to ask these are some skills soft skills that I equal in it so we're not just making a demand very equally offering a support platform what is younger wise we'll talk more about what the youth bridge foundation wants to do to support them or on another occasion yes but just to wrap up you know you've said that there is a need for young people to also receive mentorship you know and and learn some of these skills that they may not have but they're going to get this mentorship from the same old people who we are saying generally I know the best people for the job and younger people would do a better job so isn't there a paradox here that no we're seeking them to mentor the ones who we I hope you will come and do something different no could you you got it wrong we're not saying that they are fit for the job you know generational Dalek janeshia systems need to be nurtured so the general systems as we talk is the program we are looking at that we call in for it to be nurtured could be in a political space in the corporate space even in a family environment these are different systems that are required a nurturing and natural means that you have someone I was excited when I just saw could you up on program first time in Parliament groomed refine her nightdress you he's a minister he's XY Harun Idris you sound could you I mean Isaac a seminar as a Cosima when it was very young eight Samuel could you two when he went of course yeah their hands are baton assault biddeford if you could we've seen the pasture of course they went through the grooming the leadership of the say treatments a BOSU the sophomores experienced one but the understudy did happen bad men and the rest and I studied this ones and today they've had three times keep the younger ones opportunity but let me see one major missing link is the disconnect between the MPs and a youthful generation this is one gap that we would seek to bridge so at least they are not disconnected from the explorations under the younger one once they get mentored they should not forget the youth as present outside through that we were together be mindful natural and we take this way so when they are gone they would have others would be there cheating yes please I want to thank you very much for spending the time with us to help us understand what youth bridge foundation seeks to do that supporting speaking to us there

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