Young Vs. Old Jacksepticeye (Area 51 Raid Conspiracy)

*heavy breathing* Guys, I did it. I made it into… Area 51! You know what that means? It’s time for memes. Hello everyone, and welcome back to an episode of meme time. I’m in a different location this time, a location that houses very secret things, [whispering] that I’m not allowed to say, but it rhymes with “schmaliens”. I’m not at home right now, and my setup is not nearly as good as it is back there, and it’s super echoey, So I thought it would be a great time to look at some memes and have some laughs because it’s been a while. And you know what they say, A meme a day, keeps the depression away. And that shit’s been creepin. For the last charity live stream, I uploaded some EXCELLENT green screen material for people. I uploaded them straight to my twitter, for people to be able to create their own memes. And boy howdy, did people take these pictures, and really do some work with them. There’s something for everybody, there’s the laughy selfie, what am I taking a picture with, what’s so funny about it? There’s the cool guy, the… [stutters] sprinkle… man. What-what was that meme? And then you have a- another picture one. I’m very inventive. And the classic “Oh I’m scared, but what am I pointing at?” Let’s see what you babies cooked up. [laughing] It’s ocean man! It’s hydrate bot! You’ve been live for just over one hour. By this point in your broadcast you should have consumed at least 4 ounces (120 ml) of water to maintain optimum hydration. You gotta keep drinking water, ok? It’s the life blood of life! Also I love that you weren’t able to chroma key out the middle of the bottle. The bottle makes it hard. But this is a great use of the meme. [laughing] Slaps whiteboard and says “laugh” or slaps whiteboard and says “meme” Which one? uuuhhhh [laughs] I don’t even have a whiteboard here! They don’t supply them! In this… secret… undiscovered location that I’m waiting for everyone to storm to so you can get me out of here. Wait am I the alien? Am I the alien you guys are trying to break out of Area 51- I mean… Area 52? Jack reacting to PewDiePie’s video quality, what’s this gonna be? [laughing] [Jack in video] What? What the fuck is that!? What is that!? Oh god it’s gross! Get it away! [Jack in real life] It IS gross! He needs to up his quality! Even though it’s gotten a lot better since but… You know what, memes never die. For people online you exist in a bubble and then that’s it. You can just make fun of that forever. [Smash bros theme song playing] [laughing] Oh, that’s a good one! “Spedicy-man, still not sponsered by Coke” Oh my god, that’s so good! Why- why does the smash song of people- coming in Sound something- it sounds an awful lot like that one capitalist meme theme? Or not the capitalist the- the communist meme theme? [Soviet Anthem playing] It just sounds like this! The national anthem of the USSR! You know what that means, Smash Bros STOLE the national anthem of the USSR! Is that a rabbit hole we wanna go down? Nope! Moving on to the next joke! [Jack in video] B? Beard! I have one of those! Kinda, I’m still growing it. Gimmie-gimmie a couple years, I’ll be- if puberty still hasn’t fully come out yet? Good choice of words [laughs] [Jack in real world] What the- [laughs] Yeah, all you need to- when was this video done? This was um… What’s the name of that game? It was like windowsill, then there was the other one… Was it just “Alphabet?” Or something, I don’t know, but yes, it did take me a couple of years. And then it finally kicked in, and now it’s fully grown beardy boy. Look at that glow up! Look at that beard! Look at my reaction to myself! Oh my god, I’m such a tiny child in this picture! I don’t like it, GET IT AWAY! [laughing] “Don’t eat beef, eat a$$” [laughing] [claps] Oh that’s a good one, I like that a lot! Look at my little shit-eating grin at the bottom! Oh my god. Wait that’s not the thing from The Simpsons is it? Ohh, that was it. “Don’t eat beef, eat deer.”, but somebody changed it to “eat a$$” That’s well done! I like that a lot! [laughing] “10,000 retweets and I’ll dye my hair green again”, thanks Felix. It got 10,000 retweets in 4 minutes! If you don’t know by now, the tweet was a joke. It was written by Felix at the end of our Golf With Your Friends video. That I uploaded recently so go watch that one, then look at the tweet, And then you’ll- then you’ll figure it out. But- [laughs] “10,000 retweets and I dye my hair again” “oh…” [laughs] Not only did that tweet explode, it became my most popular tweet of all time. And it was a joke. God dammit. Ah yes! I love these! That was one of the- whenever I did some of the memes, I was like, “They’re gonna turn them into those love heart ones” I always love the ones where you see people just going: [silence] And it’s just love hearts all around their heads. Or love hearts coming out of their mouths. “Accept my fucking love you cunt” [laughs] There. There’s for your timeline. [small laughing] “10,000 retweets and I dye my hair” Like a bosss! I just put on a green wig and I fooled you all! You all got trolled! I- I fooled you! Please don’t be mad at me! Dyes hair, lik- wait hold on… Dy- dyes hair, like a boss! “Saw the green screen picture and could not get this image out of my head” [laughs] [laughs] Good lord. You should’ve put the cool guy in front of it! Cause cool guys don’t look at explosions! That’s a good one though, I like this a lot. Yes, death and destruction is hilarious! [laughs] Oh my god, “SEAN! FREEZE!” Oh man. That is the YouTube thing to do. That is what I would do you would just be running along and they’d be like:” “Well, if I survive this, this is a- this is a top Instagramable moment!” I need to get my likes! Ok T-Rex, get in the frame. “Even Gaelic Gladiators get defeated.” [Jack in video] “FUCK this, and FUCK that, and especially FUCK this one!” [laughs] That’s a good use of that one. Yes, fuck it all! But I still passed them all. And that’s the lesson here, is that perseverance got me to the end of my mission. Even though it came with a LOT of pain and anguish! But at least my therapist will be rich. Area 51 memes. Is that a cool thing to still talk about? Am I way late to the Area 51 thing? Probably, but you know what… It’s one of the greatest memes that we’ve gotten in recent times. Ok and what- what better way to marry the Area 51 meme together than with some good old fashioned green screen Jacksepticeye pictures? [chuckles] “How I’m arriving at Area 51, How I’m leaving Area 51, How I’m ACTUALLY leaving Area 51” You did get me! That’s all that’s in Area 51 is a bunch of Jacksepticeyes. All hidden in a room, they’re too powerful for regular society. So you need to lock us away and- I MEAN… Area… 50. “Wait, is that an actual coffin with Sam on it?” “Yes, that’s a Sam coffin. Available at your local coffin dealer for only a diet Coca-Cola with a hint of added vanilla.” It’s a Coke Zero! Get the meme right! Don’t make me angry! You won’t like me when I’m big and green. “Sean after raiding Area 51.” Hey guys look I got Paul! I actually watched Paul on the plane on the way here. UUUHH I- I was kidnapped! I was brought to a secret location! I’m- I’m blinking a lot of times cause I need help! “I hear the aliens in Area 51 got coke sponsorships, count me in” “September 20th” [laughing] I GET it! I’ve talked about Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Same Great Coke Taste Zero Sugar Now With A Hint Of Added Vanilla a LOT that the joke is just not funny anymore… Let- let it DIE! Let the Coke sponsorship die. It didn’t happen! They didn’t get back to me. They- they… suck! Dammit Coke! I’m switching to Pepsi. AND this episode of meme time would not be complete without the FaceApp meme. Everyone was doing it! Even your granddad was doing it! Wait what does it look like if grand… parents do it? [laughs] Young Jack, Me, nope! Old Jack. Old Jack’s the way to go! You might’ve seen some people use this app, it’s called FaceApp it came back a while ago- or it came back NOW, But it was already out a while ago, like… 2 years ago? Ok the neighbors are making noise. Can you SHUT UP!? FaceApp was out like 2 years ago and everybody was doing it. And I already uploaded a picture of my face being old Back then- Oh nooOOoo. But for some reason FaceApp made another resurgence, and everyone was doing it, So… and- and the filter got a LOT better, But, let’s look at some of the pictures before we get into the- the nitty gritty needy deedy politics of it all. Cause I uploaded to my Instagram, Why is this the picture that they use for me on Google right now? Is this the actual picture that people use for me on Google? Why?! [laughing] No! I uploaded my old man pic to Instagram. Papa Septiceye. Good old Grand-daddy-eyeball-man. And it’s freaky because when I did this last time I was like “yeah it kinda makes me look like my dad.” Now it REALLY makes me look like my dad. It’s freakish how much like my dad I actually look. So this is what we have to look forward to. If I’m still doing YouTube in 60 years, This is what it’s gonna be. It’s just gonna be me hunkering over a computer going: [old man wheezy voice] tOp Of tHe MornInG too yah! “This video came up my recommended: Sean Predicted the Future” [laughs] Oh my god! It looks so similar! That’s bananas! I don’t like that- Oh god Happy Wheels Episode 80. That’s a LONG time ago by now. I don’t think I can get credit for predicting the future on that one, Because that was made by an artist named Yorrit, Who did all the Happy Wheels thumbnails from like episode 46ish? Onwards I think? 42? I can’t remember. So for like mid-40s onwards he was doing all the thumbnails for The Happy wheels episodes so, all credit goes to them. Yorrit! Look them up! “Nobody: Hey cap, are you gonna use that dumb face app to look old? Cap: No. “No I don’t think I will.” He just- he just went through time instead. He used a time machine to do it! He ACTUALLY got old! See he committed! He committed to the bit! All of us were just using a shitty app! But he was out here doing the real work! That’s my Captain America! That is America’s old face! Oh god! Ewwww! Was that with the app as well? That does not look like it was done with the app. That looks like somebody just put somebody else’s face over mine. That is so gross! But also it fits weirdly well! Aw man I look like I’m about to get up and- sing… “As I Lay Dying” covers! It’s so uncanny! It’s like a robot took over my face! Or it’s like I’m 40 years in the future and then Marvel came along to put me in a movie. [mic hit] [Loud and deep] Marvel if you wanna put me in a movie I’m more than willing, and then they just de-aged me with those weird tech that they do. Like they did Sam Jackson in Captain Marvel. I’ve been de-aged! Also I… think my skin looks pretty good, For my age right now, so you know what? Screw you. [laughs] Oh sweet Jesus! [laughs] Oh no “Legends never die” That’s so bizarre to look at! Ah I don’t like it! Aw man you should’ve done me old as well as like… Me and the boys still making YouTube videos 50 years in the future. Ewaugh… This doesn’t look like it was done with FaceApp… This one looks like it was done with something else, this is worse! Aw it looks so sad and old! Look like you’ve been smoking and drinking for 50 years! “Jack in 2054” I will have you know that I’m gonna live forever, and never age. I’m gonna- I’m gonna figure out whatever Keanu Reeves is doing and I’m gonna do it. That’s what this was! Somebody else was doing a public service. Cause we’re never gonna see what it’s like to see Keanu Reeves get old. So somebody else had to do it for us with FaceApp, and I appreciate that. He doesn’t look that much different! It looks like he just sagged his face a tiny bit and made his- some of his hair slightly gray. This is actually Keanu reeves in a THOUSAND years. The rest of us- this is us in 10 years, but Keanu Reeves? No. He has 10 times the amount of aging to do that we do. Oh god… Is that what I have to look forward to? You know what, that’s not half bad. If that’s what I’m gonna end up as, as a 160 year old man, I’ll take it. I could look worse. [laughing] Me and the boys about to go storm Area 51 and drop… tilted. You guys in? [suspense rising] Even at age 70, I’m still kicking ass and dropping names, boi. Oh, god yeah. Aw that’s weird, I did- I did the de-age one on myself, Like 3 times, and then I added a fake smile 3 times as well. So the smile just kept getting slightly larger and my face would just start morphing, and it made this weird uncanny valley synthetic creepy version of me, like Hi! My name is Sean! And I’m here to help you with all your daily needs. [Jack screech] I don’t like it! But also, there’s rumors going around that FaceApp is owned by a Russian company and they’re stealing all of your pictures. Everything that you’ve put up into FaceApp is now theirs. All of your camera roll. Even your first born child is now belonging to the Russians because of the FaceApp. Because people found the terms of service and it says- let’s see what it reads. There was some stuff in their terms of service that said stuff like: “You grant FaceApp a perpetual, irrevocable, nonexclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, fully-paid, transferable sub-licenceable licence to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, publicly perform and display your User Content and any name, username, or likeness provided in connection with your User Account in all media formats and channels, now known or later developed, without compensation to you.” So people were freaking out saying that like: “How dare they do this! How dare FaceApp take our… jobs, and our [stutters] whatever, our faces, and use them for everything. But, I think MOST user- most image hosting websites have something like this. Any place that you do anything online whether it be social media, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Not only do they have all the information they need out of you anyway, but I’m pretty sure most of this stuff is in a lot of theirs as well. Maybe worded slightly differently. So then people are pointing out that in twitters terms of service it says stuff like: “By submitting, posting or displaying content on or through the services, you grant us a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free licence with the right to sublicence, to use, copy, reproduce,” It’s- it’s basically the same language. Ummm, there’s some tiny words here and there changed that [stutters] Legally, I don’t know, I’m not a lawyer, maybe it makes a HUGE difference in the grand scheme of things, But when it comes to this type of stuff, I figure as long as you’re using an app, anybody who makes that app kinda has all the information they need on you anyway, Nobody’s private on the internet anymore, everybody has your DNA, I did those tests, they have my DNA now, they’re probably gonna reproduce Jacksepticeyes… [gasps] It’s all part of the plan… It’s all part of the Area 51… Please! Everybody we must storm Area 51 and get our Jacksepticeyes back! What I’m trying to say is that yes, this stuff is bad, and the way it’s written, It’s kinda shitty, and shady, and it grants them a lot of abilities to do things with their apps, that… probably they shouldn’t be allowed, but we’re kinda down this rabbit hole of social media already, And the internet in general, I- I don’t think anybody is fully hidden on the internet anymore. Not unless you’re some sort of, like…cyber security person and you know exactly how to hide your trail, but even if you’re being careful, I’m pretty sure you’re leaving a digital footprint everywhere anyway. No one- No one really has any information hidden on the internet anymore. If you wanted to find anybody on the planet, They probably have a paper trail, or a digital paper trail somewhere. So, it sucks that these are the terms of service on these things, but at this point it’s like… Welp, we’re kinda in this, now what do we do? So, fight back! Gamers fight back! Get our rights back! I want pictures of my old man face! To be published! Only by me… I don’t know what I’m saying. But, this has been meme time. And it’s been a great time. And it’s weird to record in a different place, and not have all the regularities that I normally have at home. But hopefully this episode was fun, Hopefully you guys enjoyed it, I don’t know. Let me know in the comments. But for now, I’m gonna get back to my sub-dwelling basement here in… Schmarea flifty blone. K, please come rescue me! [“I’m Everywhere” by Teknoaxe playing] My headphones are telling me that I have low battery, so I gotta go now, bye.

Maurice Vega

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