‘You have a great democracy – keep it going’: Finland’s Niinistö to Trump

Ladies and gentlemen, before meeting I had
some spare time so I visited a couple
of museums here, the museum of
American History, the museum of
American-African History, and the museum of
American-Indian History. And in addition to that,
I had the possibility of attending a ceremony in Arlington. Mr. President, you have here a great democracy. Keep it going on.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Wow visited museum to see how far we overcame as country please don’t bring back keep it going mr president

  2. The sad thing is Trump is trying to kill the US democracy. Trump is a lying, corrupt con man he needs to be removed from office.

  3. Trump plans to put an end to America if he can. With Putin's help. They are both the greatest threat this nation has ever faced.

  4. This Guy Just flexes on Trump, counting more Museums than Trump has ever been in and Tilting him completly with the Last sentence

  5. The Mad Red-Hatter is late
    For a very important court date,
    His Nobel Prize forever left behind
    For fair Greta to more fitting find.

  6. Seems to me The Guardian love the Finnish they are both Globalist left is as I know But in Finland Democracy is on the different level just hevea look how the system work

  7. But……….it was the Democrats that scammed Bernie and are silencing conservatives………i don't get it????????

  8. It's a republic under the color of democracy where they cheat voters out of their rights to elect freely, first by the electoral college,second by foreign meddling, which by the way learn it from us

  9. Well he must have received the same education as the last two generations of America they all think we live in a democracy instead of a Republic just one of the many reasons America is dying

  10. He meant fighting socialism. Clearly rooting for Republicans. Look at New York, they just took away freedom of speech. You can’t tell an illegal that he is illegal ? ?. TRUMP 2020!

  11. its kinda true when you read the headline and listen to the conference that if just slightly altered circumstances were domestically leveraged that you could automatically recognize acostas anger and protestation, which the president might consider putting more into check based on cnns resentments and conditioned opposition to journalism.

  12. Democracy is destroying America. Our Founders foresaw this and not only warned against it but created a Constitutional system of Government that limited it.

  13. Scary when you think he might have the Presidential Nuclear Red Button on that podium as he attempts the behave like a grown up …

  14. there is no such thing as democracy. It is a delusional program fabricated by the neo-c-on zio-nis-ts. what we see is a clown circus, which is a cover-up for ''……'' ; you are filling the blank ; )

  15. We hope that democracy will continue in America… Because it is going through the most difficult conditions today with regret.

  16. Stinland? Worldwide countries are witnissing the Mad Unstable Emperor's rants and raves while he award himself great Stable Genius honours for his 'victories'.

  17. Thank you president of Finland for your discrete attitude and very diplomatic answer, after noticing that the boor next to him didn't want to answer anything, he won't so i suggest journalists just keep it cool, just investigate on your own, called by that guy "the enemy of the people", just become many many maaaaany whistleblowers, he'll have to answer to the respective authorities.

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