YES! Rep. Matt Gaetz Announces He WILL Press Charges Against Dem Politician Who Assaulted Him

Maurice Vega

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  1. Assault? What is this world coming to when this is considered assault. America is becoming a nation of sniveling, weak imbeciles. Cops are out of control. Soon a pie attack will become “attempted murder”. Should the cup thrower have been charged? Possibly. A civil disorderly conduct charge. $300 max.

  2. Leftists: “we hate capitalism!”
    Also Leftists: buys milkshake from corporate company to squash capitalism ?

  3. I would never imagine that a fat ugly cunt would have a milkshake to throw.
    Go figure, her name is Amanda… :

  4. How many of you out there commenting know if you’ve noticed some people that you know that didn’t vote in 2016, and didn’t really care, have NOW started to care and will vote for Trump 2020?

  5. Yes, do it Matt, and don't back down. These scum buckets have got to learn that there are consequences to actions.

  6. Good on you Matt, she could have thrown acid and any ‘threat’ of assault plus the actual assault is criminal. Let her get away with it and things escalate.

  7. Slap the bitch down. Her behavior is horrendous. What barn was she brought up in? Bet she voted for Hillary.

  8. Lets say that when he saw the milkshake he throat punch or just slapped how the tables would have turned. The worst part would have been the hipocracy and they would say he hit a girl…

  9. You Republicans are a bunch of whiney Puss. Your kkklown in the white house promote shooting someone in Time square, what do you kkklownettes do you all cheered. Your kkklown promoted cops "roughing up Blacks" like they use to in the days, what did you kkklownettes do….you cheered……so all of a sudden you all are appalled that someone threw a cup of milkshake on a douche bag like Gaetz…..GTFOH.

  10. Everyone can talk all they want but until the left starts suffering the consequences for messing with Americans they will continue….even the ugly overweight female libturd. One good throat punch and their "harassing" career will abruptly end. Nothing more satisfying that to watch a libturd run around chanting "oh my god","oh my god" after getting punched in the face.

  11. Knock all the teeth out of her fat hideous face and she'll think twice before fkng with a human again. Disgusting pig. Deport her ass.

  12. It is not enough to stand back and sadly ponder the bizarre behavior of these truly mindless leftists. What is necessary is that we take their fight directly to them. As we know, they are paranoids, cowards, misfits, criminals and deviants of all kinds. Sometimes it is necessary to inflict a bit of pain, I am here referring to real, actual physical pain, in order to prevent something very much worse.

  13. I would think in Portland over the weekend what happened to that conservative reporter is much worse than this but it's damn sure time we started holding these lunatics feet to the fire. You've noticed in most cases when this little slime balls have been arrested the first thing that you try to see what isn't there something else I can do you really have to arrest me. Yes we have to arrest them and we need to start convicting these people and jailing them if not worse

  14. All journalists and politicians should be fired and impeached for inciting actual violence and rioting then remove their authority and laws that they passed.

  15. Amen! So glad you decided to press charges.They are sick, and need to know we don’t acted out like little children.

  16. You are not a news channel! YouTube should shut you the fuck down totally and completely! You motherfukers are what's wrong with this country , all you're racist bulshit.

  17. She should have thrown a cup of gasoline at him and set his dumb ass on fire! Gates is nothing but a piece of shit. Fuck Donald Trump and any asshole who support that piece of shit.

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