Yang Gets Huge Surge

>>Bernie Sanders with the biggest individual
haul in q3, but not the biggest increase percentage wise. At a 257% quarterly jumped from $2.8 million
to $10 million in the third quarter, Andrew Yang posted the largest percentage gain and
fundraising amongst all Democrats to report so far, and even topped the 19% quarterly
gain by President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign. So he jumped up to $10 million and that is
probably why if you’re watching CNN, MSNBC, you’ve suddenly seen his face all over the
place, but you can’t deny it. They respect people who can raise money. And so you see graphics like this pop up showing
that yes, Bernie’s got the most money but hey, wait, he’s not there. Even though he raised $4 million more than
Cory Booker they decided to go with Cory Booker on that.>>Wow.>>Now, he later tweeted that MSNBC corrected
that, eventually. But it wasn’t just MSNBC. You can also see on CNN. They did, effectively, the same thing in this
graphic. They fit in one more person, but not one more
Yang.>>So, they put in an extra person, but still
kept the Cory Booker.>>Yeah.>>And so, I would be incredibly frustrated
by that, especially coming, like, a huge increase in your fundraising and they don’t want to
acknowledge it.>>This seems like a small story but it’s
not. It’s actually a huge story, because it goes
to the mindset of the mainstream media. They have great disdain for outsiders. And they treat them as invisible, and God
this the perfect example of it! The guy is higher than Booker, but they’re
like no he’s illegitimate, cuz he’s an outsider, whereas, our beloved Senator Cory Booker. Nice sir. Bravo, $6 million. The other guy raised four more and out of
nowhere and you guys never treated him with any respect. Now he’s doing better than your beloved Senator
Cory Booker. By the way, Klobuchar. Where is she? Anyway, you guys all said Klobuchar about
to win, could win, could win. Yang, right. And all of a sudden Yang’s doing great. And you still leave him out of the story. It’s not because they hate Andrew Yang. It’s their mindset that the people in power
are by definition legitimate and the people outside of power are by definition illegitimate.>>Yeah.>>And that affects everything they do.>>And part of the disdain they have for it
is that they feel that power, that gatekeeping power that they used to have, they feel it
slipping away from them->>Mm-hm.>>More and more, every day. And it only causes them to hate these people
even more.>>Yeah.>>I mean, if you look at, I don’t know, there’s
a funny Chris Cillizza tweet that everyone was dunking on, the other day, where he was
like outside of Warren and Biden, who do you guys think has the best chance of winning
the nomination? I think Buttigieg, and it’s like everyone
is like dude.>>He’s like so far below in the polls from
the other guy that’s neck and neck with Biden and Warren. And they feel this in their bones, they feel
that they just aren’t, they don’t have the gatekeeping role that they used to. I mean the media used to control this narrative
so much more than they do these days.>>Yeah.>>And if you look at the amount of fundraising
I mean, this is a huge story. The fact that fundraising for democratic nominations
and for the presidential campaigns has been so transformed by these small dollar donations
because of the Internet and because of a million things that candidates can swear off big money
donations. And still lead the field in terms of money
raised. That’s a huge game changer, I mean from what
you guys talk about all the time. Like that this is a corrupting influence at
the end of the day.>>Yeah.>>That is what matters the most. The most thing that matters is who do you
owe your power to? And if you’re getting your money for your
campaign from small dollar, regular people, then you owe all your power to them and you
will govern for them. If you owe it to executives at Exxon Mobile,
then you’ll govern for them.>>100%, guys, I gotta say, look that bias
is more important than any other effect on the election. Russian interference.>>Yeah.>>100%.>>Okay.>>All right, it’s bad. As anyone knows, I am a billion percent against
it, right? No one has been clearer on the record on that. But this is billions upon billions of dollars
where outsiders, not people that are not yet powerful, people that are not in the elite. People that are progressive usually are left
out of the conversation and they lose out on something really valuable which is free
media. So and then that’s the beginning and then
the second part is where they attack you non stop. So, obviously the most famous example is Bernie
Sanders. And this happened to him in 2016. Like Yang with this remarkable rise. I mean, that is one of the most important
interesting political stories of this election cycle. They’re like yeah, but he doesn’t even exist. Last time. Bernie closed a 60 point lead on Hillary Clinton,
one of the most miraculous political stories of my lifetime, and they’re like, barely had
him on TV in 2015 as he closed that 60 point lead now, I mean, outrageous how they ignored
him. And and that cost them billions of dollars
that Trump got on the other side. It swung the election definitively, definitively
and then after when they couldn’t ignore him anymore. Negative article after negative article and
now look, on Yang, a similar effect. So he has, look, and by the way, this is not
about me liking one candidate more than another. I think Cory Booker has some good ideas, I
think Andrew Yang has some great ideas. And there are parts of Booker and Yang that
I don’t agree with. So it’s not, I’m not neutral on it but I’m
super fair on it in that it depends on the policies etc. So when Yang’s one of Yang’s great ideas is
democracy dollars. And he mentioned it in a debate. I was in the media spin room. And you know what happened?>>No one asked him about it.>>No, not only that, they laughed.>>They thought it was ridiculous.>>They laughed out loud. They’re like, democracy dollars and then all
over Twitter, not people in the media like, they put Yang’s face on Monopoly money, etc. So stupid, to try to empower people, to give
money! Instead of the wealthy and the elite, dumb,
right? In reality people loved that idea, it’s a
great idea! And so that’s a different issue, that’s the
$1,000 he’s giving.>>For universal basic income. But and by the way, Kirsten Gillibrand also
had democracy dollars in her campaign. They’re like, but it’s a beloved senator. That is very serious.>>I’m sorry, those are Gillibucks.>>But that free media is single handedly
sustaining the Biden campaign at this point, if you look at his the number of mentions
that he gets on cable news, it’s a factor of like->>Four times higher than the next.>>Four times higher than the next person. And it’s like, you know, you watch the debate
like we watched it, the last debate and then you see all the mainstream pundits saying,
I think he won the night and I’m like, he couldn’t even complete a full sentence. I don’t understand like, what do you guys
are watching the same thing.>>Yeah.>>And that’s single handedly sustaining his
campaign right now, that aura of respectability or inevitability or whatever.>>And the final thing is they are so biased,
that despite this overwhelming evidence, they say what bias?.>>Right.>>I don’t see any bias.>>Yeah.>>You leave Yang out? Of course he’s a Yang, of course you leave
him out, right? But Bernie closing a 60 point lead when we
all thought he’d never get above 2%. Of course you leave that out. That’s not an interesting story. And they’re like what bias? That’s when you know your bias is as bad as
it could possibly be when you’re blinded by it.

Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. If the media was smart they wouldn't want a far-left candidate to win the nomination because then it would be more difficult to win the general election.

  2. Cory booker paid for his spots on the msm. Yang does not. Maybe is why Yang doesnt get as much msm coverage. Now though, they have to ask him to come on because of his popularity and amazing growth. Which means almost free msm coverage when it does happen. Yang went where the actual people are You tube, Twitter, Facebook ect…The smartest campaign strategy in our history. We need a nerd for president a diplomatic nerd and I say that in the most respectful but simplistic way I can.

  3. "They don't hate Yang." Well I'm not sure what else to call it. By keeping him off the charts, they are literally trying to keep him in the dark because the debates are based on polls. If they've never SEEN or HEARD of him, they can't say "Yeah, that guy." or even "Who's that guy in 5th? He's only a million behind 4th place?"

    Yeah. The MSM is corrupt behind any shadow of a doubt and needs to be dismantled.

  4. Do the math. I’m in the 65+ group. We get nothing but financial pain from Yang. VAT? No thanks. Raise the minimum wage. Tax the rich like Bernie.

  5. So, Young Turks videos, which I am NOT subscribed to, give me notifications (like for this video), but Steven Crowder videos give me no notifications despite being subscribed. Yeah, no liberal bias to be found on Youtube.

  6. I would argue that they’re also not paying attention to Yang because of bias against Asian people in politics here. On the other hand, they should note that Yang giving away $1000 a month to 10 families was a cheap and dishonest way to harvest emails, which is probably also why his numbers have gone up. He literally bought a mailing list and in a way that makes me suspicious. After all, this business of billionaires buying the presidency isn’t working out so well this time now is it?

  7. You guys do it also. I've seen videos with you all making several jokes about Yang as if he's not a serious candidate. Shitty overly opinionated bullshit. If Yang doesn't win it will be an easy Trump victory. Trump still has over 50 percent of Americans perfectly fine with his Presidency.

  8. Trump also had popular support in spite of the MSM coverage, not just Bernie. They no longer control the narrative like you said. At this point we just need the DNC to break out of the mold.

  9. The fact that they’ve left him out- he’s all over the media now because of it! There’s more coverage for him now than if they actually had him in the graphs in the first place !

  10. EVERYONE Please go to Movetoamend (dot) org and Represent (dot) us. Sign the petition and get involved! Our political system has been rigged against "We the people" for the benefit of large corporations for far too long. Call your representatives and tell them to co-sponsor HJR 48, the "We the people" amendment, to say that 1) a corporation is not a person and 2) money is not free speech. It's time for the people to rise up and claim in one voice that we will be heard!

  11. Dude. Bernie Sanders. I like yang, don't get me wrong. But he's not the one who's going to truly best Trump. Bernie Sanders is that candidate. He deserves his chance as our leader, I truly believe this. Yang for 2024 maybe but 2020 is Bernie's year

  12. Andrew Yang is a perfect example that you need to be a politician in order to run a successful campaign Yang who isn't a politician he's been extremely successful grassroots campaign and the people love him Andrew Yang is at 3% but yet he has the grassroots support. Joe Biden has all this support from the mainstream media MSNBC ABC and CBS but the dude has no Grassroots support.

  13. Andrew Yang has the most comprehensive and detailed approach to the future. We need to have more of a return on the benefits of technology other than better consumer products like overpriced graphics cards, better TV's and prettier cars. Ask yourself, what does it mean to be human? We live on the backs of our ancestors, the American Indians, Africans and Europeans suffered IMMENSELY so that we can live the life we live. The mega-corporations in tech, oil and insurance fields look at the people they serve like cattle. I will vote for him not only for his UBI, but also his approach of "You owning your data as a property right". He does not interject ego into his speeches, and does not need rhetoric to make his point heard. I voted for trump in '16 to keep hillary out of office, because he wasn't a politician. But his blatant disregard for environment makes me sick.
    The future is not left, nor right.
    BUT FORWARD!! YANG 2020!!!!

  14. Bernies 101-year-old Doc Brown with lime disease lookin' ass. We should be thinking about the future, not putting it all on the shoulders of a man who can barely climb eight steps.

  15. Never thought I'd agree with Genk about anything but I'm really appreciating his coverage of the Yang campaign

  16. Yang is going to win. Omg we are going to get a president who is Smart like Einstein and peaceful And fair like Jesus. I can’t wait!!

    Even the Dana conservative radio show agreed that more and more people are coming back to the independents or the middle ground. Away from bipartisan ground.

  17. Yeah, good luck with that.
    Even if he becomes the nominee, which isn’t saying much.
    Winning the 2020 democratic presidential nomination is a meaningful as winning the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.
    Zero merit.
    Of course liberals think 12 thousand a year for 1 vote is reasonable.
    Pander, MUCH ?

  18. Will Bernie endorse and campaign for the nominee when they steal this one from him. He let me down big time last time. I'll stay home.

  19. MSM and those who set the debate stage have always elected the president. They even accidentally elected Trump with all the free coverage; they believed he would destroy himself the same way the right believes Biden will destroy himself.

    Watch where they position the candidates on the stage, how many questions are asked, and how much time they are given to respond. There is no real debate.

  20. This guy is pro china. He has basically said that he will give china everything they want. I'm a Democrat but the Democratic candidates go from bad to worse. Biden was the only viable candidate but his stand on china is still too soft and he might not win the nomination.

    I'm voting for trump 2020 because of what he is doing with china. We need to decouple our economy from them. First time voting republican for president.

  21. Thanks for your great work! Bias, when mature, can survive without oxygen or water. Mature bias can thrive against overwhelming evidence. How pathetic are those poisoned brains!

  22. MSNBC think they know best.. so they try to influence viewers. Well we saw what happened last time. Promoting Hillary instead of Bernie.

  23. The last Dems debate the first 30 minutes were focus on Bernie, Joe, and Liz only because that shorty anchor guy didn't even bother to let the other candidates participate. Every candidate should have equal minutes across the stage. I never like Trump calls the media fake news, but I am starting to hate the major news for being bias.

  24. Lmao at those saying Biden had a good night at X debate. Same with other establishment dems. Like people aren’t stupid and can see who had a good debate and who didn’t

  25. Email your 'favorite' TV network and complain that they are not covering our favorite candidate. Each piece of email or complaint represents 100 viewers (in their eyes). This kind of traction can be more important than a donation, takes 5 minutes to do, and costs nothing. Yang Gang all the way!

  26. At least this fool (Cenk) recognizes MSM bias. Of course, he'll never admit that MSM has a massive beyond extreme bias against Trump (which is what got him elected)…. But, why would you admit or recognize that, when you foster the same bias.

  27. Yang after reading the fine print is just a libertarian in progressive clothing. Value-Added Taxes are the most regressive possible. Giving people $1000 and getting rid of all other safety nets are regressive.

  28. I’m a republican registered voter, I can’t vote for yang in the primaries. If yang doesn’t get the nomination I’m voting for trump again 🤷🏼‍♂️

  29. I can’t stand Bernie but I’d vote Yang any day. The far left doesn’t want to admit he’s getting massive support from the moderate right and it’s funny af!

  30. As a moderate who leans right (only because of how far left regressives have taken it), I like Yang. I don’t agree with some of his policies but I respect him and his plans are actually well thought out. That said, the DNC and mass media want to push Warren while realistic Democrats who just want to ensure Trump doesn’t win in 2020 want Biden. We’ll see where the chips fall.

  31. What? Russia interferring in elections? What about the corporate media and the DNC tilting the scale in favor of their establishment candidates? Get the hell out of here! Give everyone equal time and let the people decide. That is democracy. No wonder Tulsi Gabbard is threatening to boycott the next debate! Here we go again!

  32. Yang wants to give poor people a choice I read.Take the $1000 month and give up Food stamps,etc..That is absurd.He wants to pay with his $1000 month plan by having a VAT.We all Know who is most affected by such a tax.The middle class and below.He wants the current system to continue and to appease us with $1000 month.

  33. CNN, MSNBC, and ANNA from TYT are all manipulating the elections!!!!!!! By not reporting Yang and or give yang's policy a REAL COMPARISON with Bernie and or Warren!!!!

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