WOW! Secret Recording Leaked, Kanye Dragon Energy Breaks Twitter, MKBHD Exposes Gal Gadot, & More

Sup you beautiful bastards hope you’re having a fantastic Wednesday welcome back to the philip defranco show and let’s just jump into it. And the first thing I want to talk about today is actually a quick update around Marcus Meacham AKA Count Dankula and his free speech situation We talked about him earlier this week of course he’s had 2 years of legal battle, hosted a joke video where he was turning his girlfriend’s dog into a Nazi to ruin the dog for his girlfriend who’s arrested, there was a threat of real jail time and he was found guilty of committing a hate crime. And earlier this week he ended up receiving a sentence of 800 pounds. Now while some people saw him not serving jail time as a victory there were still those saying it’s incredibly concerning it is a huge problem that he was found guilty some people even speculating that the only reason he didn’t received jail time was because there was so much heat on this story. There was so much press involved so next time maybe that’s not the case. So Marcus Meacham announced that he is going to appeal his guilty verdict in a long way that he launched a GoFundMe for 100,000 pounds saying this is the amount that has been quoted by my lawyer the reason it has been quoted so high as my lawyer wishes to bring in top legal representatives to ensure that we have the highest chance of reversing the standard that this case sets adding Adding I cannot allow the two years of litigation I went through and having my life put on hold to happen to anyone else I will be 100% Transparent with these funds all bills in regards to the case will be made publicly available. And in just one day he reached and passed his goal. And I will say in regards to this story: one, Marcus I’m gonna support you with this And two I’m also going to include a link down below because while Marcus says referring to the 100 thousand pounds as a lot of money And it is if you’ve ever talked to someone that hasn’t had a massive legal battle you know that it can become far more expensive than this I’m more than happy to put my own dollars and probably more importantly my push behind hopefully preserving freedom of speech hopefully making context matters We’ll have to wait and see and I wish you the best and let’s talk about a bunch of small stories about the YouTube space Earlier this week YouTube announced that in the last quarter of last year they deleted 8.3 million video these videos They say violated their Community Guidelines also clarifying in a blog post majority of these 8 million videos were mostly spam or people attempting to upload adult content and represent a fraction of a percent of YouTube’s total views during this time period I’m getting even more detailed saying 6.7 Million were first flagged for review by machines rather than humans and of those 6.7 Million videos 76 percent were removed before they received a single view on my eyes This could just have been a blog post that they were they were scheduling now On the timing of this post specifically how close it is to the CNN story that we covered earlier this week It feels like a response to that with them saying that you know we are working very very hard Especially since you can then pair that to new news today the CEO of YouTube is set to host a conference call with top advertisers top advertising agencies to talk about brand safety concerns And it’ll be interesting to see how things pan out here because as we’ve kind of seen in the past when one Mainstream outlet takes aim at YouTube it often comes in a way also kind of connected to this We’ve seen stories popping up more and more in the news that top networks for Youtubers are dropping you tubers at massive levels one of the most reason to pop up was the network fullscreen which reportedly removed around 160 partners the creator who goes by D Cigs comedy shared an email from fullscreen that stated due to YouTube’s modifications to its partnership program and implementation of stricter content guidelines We’re required to restructure our network to ensure Conformant as a result channels are being removed from the fullscreen network because they no longer meet YouTube’s qualifications or the content on the removed channels, no longer complies with YouTube’s service and community standards adding unfortunately This is a very sudden decision that comes from YouTube and is out of our control But also according to the report later fullscreen then released a different email they adjust to this saying the initial email was inaccurate as far as YouTube’s role in this decision the updated email now saying due to The nature of your uploads and because your uploads may potentially infringe on the right of others or potentially violates applicable laws or regulations including without limitation YouTube’s Terms of Service and/or YouTube’s Community Guidelines we feel it best that we part ways Thank you for your understanding and good luck with your YouTube channel and my personal takeaway is really the only difference between those emails is The first one feels like a lawyer talking to his buddy and the other one sounds like a lawyer talking in court and finally we had a youtuber pop up in the news for not a Bad reason about that youtuber which was refreshing the fantastic mkbhd was blowing up on social Media because he called that gal gadot a pow gal she tweeted out a video which was an ad saying say hello to my new mate hashtag huawei mate 10 Pro somehow when they take photos with this camera They better than with any other camera Mkbhd is simply pointed out that a gal gadot Taurus forever runs their social media account because a lot of those people don’t handle their Own stuff they they posted out this ad for a while way on an iPhone So it look like another massive celebrity supporting a product They don’t actually use which I mean It would be completely shocking and devastating next thing you’re gonna say all those people advertising stuff on their Instagram stories Unenthusiastically if they don’t use those things as well ultimately a gal or whoever runs her social media ended up deleting that post and posting a video again this time from an Android device Although not with hashtag ad on it which some people have argued it turns that tweet into an ad violation That’s that but from that I want to share some stuff. I loved today and today in awesome brought to you by Squarespace Whether you want to domain an online store a website make it with Squarespace It’s so easy to make a beautiful website with their intuitive all-in-one platform You’ve got nothing to install patch or upgrade ever. It wasn’t simple enough They have award-winning 24/7 customer service So if you want to make the smart move like many from the nation already have go to Slash ville start your free trial and when you really like it make sure you use offer code fill for 10% off your first purchase And the first verb awesome isn’t a video It’s just we got the news and I hope it’s great not the name is that Nickelodeon is Reviving Doubleday and my response to this is yes Please double dare is according to with a my romanticized memory one of the best game shows on television up there with legends of the Hidden Temple so hopefully I’m not remembering wrong and hopefully this new thing doesn’t suck then we had a trailer for small foot then we got a trailer for dear white people volume 2 which you might enjoy for one of two reasons either you’re a fan of the movie season 1 Or you just want to check out what the hell that comment section is gonna look like Then the man that inspired me and so many others a man by the name of Zay Frank posted his first video And I don’t even know how long it’s been continued a ssin of his old series true facts He’s got a bunch of videos of the cast of Avengers doing stuff if you want to see the full versions everything I just shared the secret link of the day anything I talked about today links as always are in the description down below and in technology is awesome impressive, but also scary news Let’s talk about the hackers who created a master key to get into millions of hotel rooms reportedly the electronic lock system at the center of This story is known as vision by VIN car it’s built by the Swedish lock manufacturer asa ABLOY, and it is used in 42,000 properties in 166 countries, and it’s likely that if you’ve gone to a hotel you’ve most likely used a security card like this They’re the kind of cards that get you into your room They get you to certain floors at the hotel some security researchers figured out how to exploit flaws in the system according to the report they can do it with pretty much any car according to the report even old and expired or discarded keys retained enough residual data to Be used in the attack then using a handheld device running custom Software the researchers can steal data off a key card either using RFID or the magnetic strip that device and manipulates the stolen key data which
Identifies the hotel to produce an access token with the highest level of privileges essentially making a master key to every room at that hotel Now there is good news and bad news with the situation one according to the researchers this took them over a decade to do although One of them did say that if someone were to focus on this full time They could do it considerably faster at also adding We don’t know of anyone else performing this particular Attack in the wild right now also before going fully public with this story. They work with the lock manufacturer They let them know what happened and so that made it so the company could release a patch to fix the flaws But a lot of buts in the story reportedly the software is only patched at their central server and each lock has to have its Firmware update it requires someone to physically be at each individual lock at each of those 42,000 locations and as of this report coming out today It wasn’t exactly clear. How many hotels have actually put the patch in place now keep in mind I’m not just trying to make you fearful here at one I just think this is very interesting and – maybe just to make yourself feel better If you don’t already just always use that Hotel deadbolt side note if you stay at a hotel that does not have a deadbolt to the top 100 percent of the time Someone is going in there while you’re sleeping and they’re using your stuff, and they’re smelling your hair It’s just a scientific fact that I made up right now, and I’m putting out to over a million people So let’s get that trending on Facebook I start getting those fake news on Facebook views then you’re not gonna believe this for some reason Donald Trump is in the news again. Let it guess lots of activity the first thing it’s kind of a lighter to the side things that the New York Times has reportedly come into possession of an audio recording of NFL owners talking about Donald Trump You most likely know about the Kaepernick story the NFL kneeling Situation Donald Trump’s reaction to it has supporters reaction to it according to the report there around 30 NFL players Executives owners emetic League headquarters in October and there are some interesting quotes that were recorded at New England owner Robert Kraft who of course has been a friend and supporter of Donald Trump’s the stealing the problem we have is we have a president who will use that as fodder to do his mission that I don’t Feel is in the best interest of America its divisive And it’s horrible Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie reportedly saying we’ve got to be careful not to be baited by Trump or whomever else he can really see some of the owners fearful of Donald Trump Buffalo Bills owner Terry Peggle is saying all Donald needs to do is to start to do this again We need some kind of immediate plan because of what’s going on in society all of us now we need to put a bandaid on What’s going on in the country adding to me it is like a glacier moving into the ocean? We’re getting hit with a tsunami and so all of this. I say the fear aspect. Not really that surprising if you imagine What was happening behind the scenes it probably looked like that but the main shocking thing would be Robert crafts response? But I also I would want to hear the audio because it appears that there have been different Understandings of what Kraft says I’m saying when he said divisive and horrible He’s referring to what Trump is using by using this situation as fodder other saying without hearing it altogether He could be referring to the kneeling the whole situation that part I find interesting There’s also some Trump knew is that it does. It doesn’t even really need a deep dive after you watch today’s video. Just go to Kanye’s tweet sunny West recently came back to Twitter and some of his fans are not happy with some of the stuff that he’s posting some of which includes positive tweets about President Romney is showing his support in a variety of ways one point when referencing Donald Trump He wrote, we are both dragon energy He is my brother although if you really wanted to scroll through some chaos He posted a picture of himself in a magazine other of a sign mega hat with a ton of fire emojis the President of the United States has also Responded quote tweeting Kanye’s dragon energy tweet and saying Thank You Kanye very cool So that is also a big that’s happening right now, but then let’s talk about Donald Trump Secretary of Veteran Affairs problems if you don’t remember Trump nominated Ronnie Jackson be the next Secretary of Veteran Affairs after David Shulkin left amid improper spending allegations This is a really interesting nomination because Jackson is currently the White House physician specifically he became a White House physician in 2006 became physician to the president in 2013 he also achieved the rank of Rear Admiral in the Navy And he was also previously an emergency medicine physician in Iraq during the Iraq war Jackson is also a relative outsider and that his policy views are mostly unknown being also seeing criticism of Jackson in the past because he Was the person to announce the results of Trump’s first physical while in office at the same time you also had former members of the? Obama administration saying no jack axons great Well the whole situation Drastically changed as of Monday Monday reports began to emerge a Jackson was facing allegations that could derail his confirmation hearing so what are the? allegations
What is being reported one that he oversaw a hostile work environment as White House physician sue he over prescribed drugs and three he drank On the job now as far as the specifics that were being leaked to the media as far as hostile work environment according to AP 2012 Navy Medical Inspector General report found poor morale in the White House medically an accident another physician by the name of Jeffrey Coleman reportedly Were jockeying for power working environment was described as quote being caught between parents going through a bitter divorce And there is a severe and pervasive lack of trust in the leadership that has deteriorated To the point that staff walk on eggshells and that report also recommended that Jackson Coleman or both be replace senator Jon Tester the Veteran Affairs Committee also spoke to NPR say you were told stories where he was repeatedly drunk while on duty where his main job Was to take care of the most powerful man in the world That’s not acceptable regarding the over prescription of drugs the Washington Post speaking with two former colleagues of Jackson is reporting that he was nicknamed quote the Candyman this because of how freely he distributed medication the medication that people have been talking about has been used to promote sleep or wakefulness On long trips so the allegation is essentially being that he was freely handing out Provigil and ambien to people as far as drinking on the job according to aides for Senator tester on a trip during Obama’s presidency White House staff need to reach Jackson, but they ended up finding him passed out in his hotel room after drinking Or sources also reportedly telling CNN then 2015 Jackson banged on the hotel room of a female employee while intoxicated One source saying that was so noisy that Secret Service had to intervene and the Senators of the recomending Veteran Affairs Committee are taking these Allegations very seriously and a postponed his hearing indefinitely. It was scheduled to happen today It is not happen and these senators reportedly interviewed around 20 people who had worked with Jax senators Johnny Isakson the Republican chairman and John tester the top Democrat issued a joint statement saying we take very seriously our Constitutional duty to thoroughly and carefully vet each nominee sent to the Senate for confirmation We will continue looking into these serious allegations said on Tuesday. We saw the two senators Also issued a statement requesting the White House provide a slew of information dating as far back as 2006 We then saw the White House and Donald Trump respond to the situation spokesman for the White House Hogan ghibli issuing a statement Praising Jackson saying Admiral Jackson’s record of strong decisive leadership is exactly what’s needed at the VA to ensure veterans receive the benefits they deserve Trump speak on the topic yesterday when he had a joint press conference with French president Emmanuel macron what he said made it feel like the Jackson nomination was going to die I told Admiral Jackson just a little while ago I said what do you need this for? This is a vicious group of people you gotta had a know that seemed to be around the criticism of Jackson’s and Experience and as far as experience is concerned the Veterans Administration which is approximately 13 million people is so big you could run the biggest hospital system in the world and it’s Small time compared to the Veterans Administration, so nobody has the experience I’m going on to say that he supports Jackson But if he put himself in his shoes. He wouldn’t go through it. Oh, I would definitely stand behind him he’s a fine man How were him? Actually in many ways I’d love to be him But the fact is I wouldn’t do it. I wouldn’t do I really don’t think Personally he should do it but it’s totally his I would stand behind him totally his decision now following this Jackson ended up meeting Trump at the White House and It appears that Jackson has decided to continue moving forward with the nomination and since then even more so than before the White House has Come out supporting Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Also had a press conference today where she came out in defense of Jackson regarding his background She says that there have been four independent background checks on him And he’s come up clean this including an FBI investigation when asked whether the White House was aware of any of the allegations against him before the Nomination she said nothing came up from those four separate Investigations as far as when the most recent background check was she said that it was when Trump took office white households releasing information that showed Obama praised Jackson in 2016 were Lee Sang Ronnie does a great job genuine enthusiasm Poised under pressure and credible work ethic and follow-through mark Schwartz Trump’s top legislative affairs aide saying he felt the allegations were politically motivated That it was unfair that he was being dubbed the Candyman saying every year the Department of Defense comes in they do a review of the White House physician’s office on things like Prescription and every year they have said that he is in total compliance with what he has been prescribed and there are also positive Accounts of Jackson from former officials the AP reporting that one official that was familiar with the 2012 Inspector General report that we talked about Earlier is out of 2013 assessments that the office environment had improved by that time the rival dr. Coleman had left Obama’s chief of staff for National Security Council saying he doesn’t recall Jackson drinking to excess I think I’m not even sure that I ever saw him in a hotel bar David Axelrod a senior adviser to Obama saying he always seemed to be alert respond Responsible my impressions were positive my interactions were positive I never heard any complaints now all of that said a note that I do want to hit on is there are still allegations coming out in fact a document compiled by the Democrats on the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee was just released one of the allegations being That Jackson crashed a government vehicle while drunk wearing the aap Ronnie Jackson denies this because this is coming out just as the show is ending a link to the document down below and we’ll talk about It either Thursday or Friday, and so that’s where we are as of right now now It’ll be really interesting to watch is how this moves forward because this is a new focus around Ronnie jacks and I fear is that part of the Conversation that it will fall off is that Ronnie Jackson does not have the experience of running a group this big He currently has a staff of 70 when you’re talking about the VA. You’re talking about 360,000 ish employees right and they’re serving millions and millions of veterans right so instead of the conversation being about Ronnie Jackson’s Managerial experience and expertise is becoming more about him as a person And if he’s able to deflect on at least one of the three things that he’s being accused of I think he could honestly be Fine right as far as hostile work environment if you have to think of like two heads of a group They don’t get along they think their way is right or the other person is horrible Or doesn’t be an internal conflict internal politics And then that person is gone as far as over prescribing drugs the details that we’ve seen so far involve people on these massive long trips where they’re on a plane for 13 hours right so the doctor on board wants the Representatives of the country who were on this massive flight to be able to sleep when they can and then be up when they need to be up right That’s also an interesting situation because it makes you believe that if he’s being referred to as the Candyman then this was also used and Exploited by the Obama administration The only defense is there is that he never did anything or you could say that all of a sudden because President Trump became president He was like ah new rules I can do whatever that doesn’t make sense because the allegations go back But ultimately I think the most harmful Allegation is the idea that he was a drunk on the job right if you have someone that has a heavy drinking problem or they’re Getting trashed, and they’re blacking out and their job is to take care of the most important man in the world Can you then trust that person to properly handle an organization that is meant to help? Millions and millions of veterans that said we’ll have to see how things Continue if more information comes out if all of a sudden. There’s a lot more support It’s gonna be interesting to watch But with that said I do want to pass a question off to you because this is the philip defranco show it’s the news Sometimes my opinion after and then I want to hear from you whether it be this last story the first one anything in between let Me know what you’re thinking in those comments down below That’s actually where I’m going to ends adacia and remember if you liked this video you like I’m trying to do on this channel hit That like button if you new here hit that subscribe button make sure you turn notifications On also if you missed yesterday’s philip defranco show you want to catch up click or tap right there to watch that or if you? Want the newest? Behind-the-scenes vlog and click or tap right there to watch that but that’s it of course as always my name’s philip defranco You’ve just been phill’d Xin. I love yo faces, and I’ll see you tomorrow

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  5. People on the left think Trump stands for racism, misogyny, and homophobia thanks to all the propagandist slander. Trump supporters have seen NOTHING to suggest any of that. Trump was always supportive of gays Trump has hired more women than men and paid his female employees more than his male employees on average Trump has been a champion for minorities Nevertheless, propagandists keep preaching to these groups that they are victims; that Trump hates them and is working against them. They do this STRICTLY as a tool to create political loyalty, and the majority of people in these groups fall for it time and again. Yet, when the people these propagandists work for are in power, the only thing they ever accomplish is expanding the power and control of a thoroughly corrupted government.

  6. I've been watching this show for a long time now, but i feel like the last year, almost 50% of the content it about the U.S presidency…. which deserves to be talked about, but there is SO MUCH MORE going on in the world…please keep the airtime to the U.S politics in proportion to the show. Thanks 🙂

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  9. It's amazing how that person started a gofundme for 100K, and just raised it in one day, while for the past 7 months I'm struggling in health and trying to raise some funds so I can get medical help and there's nothing on my side. Even though I started a gofundme 7 months with no results. I have been struggling since late 2016. I now see only the rich, well know, and popular people help each other out, but people like me just wither and die alone. I literally have nobody.

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  22. Freedom of Speech is applicable in the US.. but not the UK. It is not the same. Regardless of what people think the UK is not as Free as the United States. They do not have the same freedoms so saying "Freedom of Speech" doesn't apply to this situation. He is not in the US. And for those of you who are going to point out UK is a free country… Tell that to the parents of Alfie Evans.

  23. RE Count Dankula and this whole free speech thing. What I'm seeing is that people exercising their right to free speech seem to think that this also includes the right to be heard. You do NOT have the right to be heard. I am not bound by any law to listen to your rants nor is anyone else. You do NOT have the right to try and forcibly make me listen. Once people get that through their heads maybe this whole internet rage thing will finally calm down a bit.

  24. "If I were him I wouldn't do it."
    Dude. You realize thst you're ruling over a country with more people than the VA covers. That statement should seriously worry people.

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