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– So it’s like you know,
you go with your shoulders and like that. – [Sarah] Oh cool. – Or you can go like, two steps. You know, yeah so it’s
all this rhythm and energy and smiling and keeping it going. (hypnotic melodic music) – The kind of guys that
I’m attracted to I think are probably like honestly
like a little nerdy like I tend to be drawn
to ones that wear glasses and just I think are more tall and thin. Just like good banter with
me ’cause I like to be funny and so like having someone
to kind of bounce back and forth with is a lot fun. (hypnotic melodic music) – Well you know attraction is key so if you know they’re
in pretty good shape and take care of themselves, have nice hair, nice smile. And someone just grounded, down to earth, cool, relaxed and just fun, just laugh. Then laugh and have a good time. (pensive music) (suspenseful music) – Your name is Mark
and this is your story. You are 35 years old. For work, you are a business owner. Grew up in California and your cultural, ethnic
background is Middle Eastern. – My name is Amandeep. I’m 34 years old so you were pretty close. Business owner, well I’m a realtor. (bells chiming) but I have my own real estate firm so. I grew up in California.
(bells chiming) So you got that right. But I’m not Middle
Eastern, I’m North Indian. – Oh. – So I’m Indian, yeah so. You name is Stephanie. This is your story. You are 28 years old. For work, you are a
marketing professional. Your grew up in Kansas. Your cultural or ethnic
background is Caucasian. – My name is Sarah. I am 29 years old. Kind of do marketing, I do recruitment for a University so a little
bit of marketing in there but a little bit of sales too. I grew up in Colorado actually so. – Hm. – One state to the west but you’re close. (laughing) And yes.
(bells chiming) My background is Caucasian. – Cool. – But why Kansas? – I think it was your hair. Your hair and your eyes. I think it just popped out to me, Kansas. I don’t know what it is. – Yeah. – Why did you think I was Middle Eastern? – Honestly, I thought Indian for a second. – Aw. – And then like I blanked
as soon as I got there. Um, I think it’s just the head wrap. – Oh really okay. – [Sarah] Yeah. – There it is, you’re confused. – Totally micro-aggressive, I know. – Well you gotta go with
your gut instinct so. – Yeah, I know like I recognized it and I was like, I don’t, I’m
not positive about it but. I can’t think of anything else so. Right now what I’m looking
for in my life is someone who can can just kind of
fall into step with me and I think I’ve settled
a little bit in my life. I’m done with school. I’ve got a good job. So I’m just kind of looking
for what that next step is. And eventually, I’d like to
get married and have kids and I think now is a
good time to get started and try to find someone to just have, do life with. – My parents got married and they went from India to Germany to Nigeria. And I was actually born in Nigeria. Came to Brooklyn, New York
when I was six months old. And L.A. when I was one. So, raised in L.A. my whole life. As you can tell, the valley swag. (upbeat melodic music) – If you could only win one major award, you would want to get a Noble Peace Prize. The most animals you’ve
had at one time is two. An unexpected skill or
talent you possess is you play guitar. – Pretty darn good. (laughing) Regarding if you could
only win one major award it would be an Academy Award. I’ve always wanted to be, I visualize being this famous actor so I figured me with my
look, being on that stage, it’d be kind of fun, you
know for the world to see so. I don’t know. And the most animals I’ve
had at one time is one dog. An unexpected skill or
talent I posses, dancing. – Oh. – So I was dance captain in
college for four years, yeah. – [Sarah] That’s interesting. – (laughing) Yeah. All right, so your turn. If you could only win one major award, you would want to get a Noble Peace Prize. The most animals you’ve
had at one time is one. An unexpected skill or talent
you possess is singing. – So actually I wanted
to get an Olympic Medal. – Oh.
(laughing) – The most animals I’ve had
at one time is actually two. We had two bunnies when I was growing up. – Oh okay, okay. – Yeah, they were a little psycho so. – Oh okay. – We thought they were gonna be tiny but they were some kind of giant bunnies so they were really bigger.
– Really? – Yeah.
– Oh okay. So maybe your next pet would
be, since you have experience with these wild animals,
maybe like a crocodile. – No (laughing). – A snake. (laughing) – Um, an unexpected
skill or talent I have, I can touch my tongue to my nose. – Oh wow, okay. – Yeah. – What would your Olympic Medal be in? – Oh gosh, I go back and forth. Summer, probably either
track and field or swimming. Winter would be like snowboarding. – Right, oh wow. – All the things I wish I could do well. – And the gold? – Obviously. (laughing) Only the best. – (laughing) Cool. – Tell me about the dancing. – The dancing yeah, uh. It’s Indian folk dance called Bhangra. So it’s like the hip
hop, you know, of India. It’s very energetic and it was a lot of fun.
– That’s cool. – Yeah, so I was like ranked
number two in California back then. – Let’s see it. (laughing) – So it’s like you know,
you with your shoulders and like that. – [Sarah] Oh cool. – Then you go like, two steps, you know. Yeah so it’s all this rhythm and energy and smiling and keeping it going. (laughing) As you can see, I’m already getting tired. (laughing) – Is that kind of what they do in, have you done Slum Dog Millionaire? – You know I think I’m the
only Indian in the world who hasn’t seen it. – Oh okay. – So I get that all the time. But I am gonna see it.
– Oh my God. (laughing) – Maybe we’ll go see it. – Okay (laughing), yeah. – You know, I could
see myself with a woman of a different religious faith. I find it important to
have that compatibility and respect for one another so. You know, you could find
that with any human you know. Being raised as a Sikh, I mean it’s really about all humans are the same so. You know, I mean, you
could be a different faith but I would like at that as a positive. – I don’t see myself as a
stereotypical Christian girl. I don’t really fall into
the traditional roles of what even sometimes the
church wants women to be. I think a woman’s place in today’s society is more as a right-hand man
or right next to the man. I view marriage as something that’s equal and that we make decisions together and that he takes my
opinions and weighs them as he makes decision as we
move forward with family. (hypnotic melodic music) So I said, you think one
of the most important purposes of life is family. I think religion and
spirituality is important in choosing a partner. Or that’s what you think. And when you die, you believe
you’ll go to an afterlife. – I think one of the
most important purposes of life is happiness. I think religion and spirituality is important
(bells chiming) in choosing a partner. So you’re right. And when I die, I believe
you become one with nature. – Oh. – You think one of the
most important purposes of life is happiness. You think religion and
spirituality is important in choosing a partner. When you die, you
believe you go to heaven. – That’s really, that’s
like, almost spot on. – Oh yeah.
– (laughing) Yeah. – 90%? (laughing) – Pretty much yeah. – I do agree with the happiness. I think family but for me
that’s like, one in the same. – Your happy time, okay.
(bells chiming) – Hm mm yeah. I do think it’s important
in choosing a partner. (bells chiming) And then when I die, I do
believe I’ll go to heaven. (bells chiming) – Oh okay. So you’ve been a good person (laughing). – Yeah, oh no. (laughing) – Oh okay well maybe there’s
a middle ground. (laughing) – Yeah, yeah. How does that, for you
when you say you’re gonna like become one with the nature, what does that look like? – Yeah, so I’m Sikh and Sikhism is the fifth
largest religion in the world. Our long hair is considered God’s gift so we tie the turban as
a crown for our identity and to respect it. So 99.9% of men you see with
a turban and beard are Sikh. They’re not Hindu or Muslim. We sort of believe you
know, in heaven you know, something like that. But my dad kind of influenced
me from a science level where he feels like, if
a deer dies in nature, like in a forest, it just, you know, becomes part of nature
and that’s just, you know, there’s no after life per se. Once my day comes to an
end, you know, in this life, I will just be part of this world you know, with nature, whatever
my body can bring energy to the rest of the planet. So you know, being a Christian yourself, I’m not sure how religious your family was or your upbringing but what are the deal breakers regarding that? – So my dad was a pastor growing up. We weren’t like super, like oh, you can only hang out
with these kind of kids. Like my parents were very like, we want you to hang out with everybody. But I think for as far
as like dating and stuff, I know that, like in our,
it’s called like equally yoked is what it, which I don’t like, ’cause it sounds old but it’s kind of like you want someone whose like the same religion. – Oh okay. – ‘Cause for me, that’s
like a big part of who I am. And so having someone
who just understands that will speak volumes to me in a way. – Okay, makes sense. You know in my religion, we
believe everyone’s the same and we’re all humans. It’s not really a deal breaker for me. But obviously, I want someone who is open to someone who is of a different faith and understanding of that
religion as well, so. (hypnotic melodic music) – When I first saw you, I decided that I would not date you. And not because you’re good looking or anything like that. I just knew with the head
wrap that you weren’t, like it wasn’t like Christian thing. So just first impulse, probably not. Um, but as I got to talking to you, you seemed really nice and I would definitely be
friends with you for sure. I think you’d be a lot
of fun to hang out with. – Okay cool. So when I first saw you, I would date you.
– Aw. – You just seemed like a nice person and I got a good vibe from you so. I figured that, after talking with you, I actually still would date you. But I was reluctant because
of the religion aspects but I figured, you know, it’s still good to date and get to know each other
and go from there so. I got some good personality
traits that I liked so. – Thank you, you do too. – Oh thanks, I appreciate it. – Yeah, doing this was a
great learning experience in that it kind of showed me maybe areas that I need to work on so I think from now I really want to start just
striking up conversations with anybody and just
finding those commonalities. ‘Cause I think we are all
human at the end of the day. And I think we’re all
looking for a connection. – If people just look at
you know, cultural dress or skin complexion or a certain eye features or whatever it is, and just say, oh okay, they’re from here or there’re from that,
that’s what they do. Or they’re mean, they’re
nice, you know so. I think it’s great to be different. I think it’s gangsta to have long hair. So I love being this way. But people are gonna
have their assumptions. They’re gonna be ignorant people and you just kind of got to work with them and make them realize we just don’t live in a little box, it’s a lot bigger place out there. (upbeat music)

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  1. She seemed very patronizing to me and she was walking on egg shells thinking half the stuff she said was going to offend him. It is one thing to be uninformed and want to learn more and it's a whole other thing to be as uneducated as she is and act like everything about him is different and "foreign"… like he's just a normal dude. I don't know, I feel like she just made it sooo awkward. What was the point of this video if she is not willing to date outside her religion at all? I think that is a lie and she just doesn't like HIS type of religion or his look. I still don't know how people STILL get Sikhs and Arabs confused. I feel like all she saw was, as she says his "head wrap" and she completely made her decision to not like him. It didn't matter how cool of a person he was and how much they had in common… she made her decision right when she saw him. You can just tell by the way she acts towards him the whole interview and the sweeping judgements she immediately made. Weird girl…

  2. I am 43 years old female, I have a minimum wage job. Basically a loser. I am looking for a successful professional handsome man. Is there anyone interested?

  3. Kansas girl here…lol Don't bash her, it's better if she's honest…geezzz, they're both attractive, and they will both find another who fit's their personalities, or likes and dislikes….He's handsome, and nice, but she's nice too….but an actor…Noooooo!?!?

  4. I would have guessed Indian right off the bat because he has a Sihk head covering.
    Edit: Not saying she's racist/a bigot, but she doesn't seem to have a very open mind.

  5. She is not a Caucasian. Omg. If you are white it doesn't mean you are Caucasian. So stop saying you are Caucasian. Ok, origin of whiteness is considered as Caucasia but they migrated to Europe idk thousands of years ago. So, your close ancestrial lineage is from Europe. So call it European not Caucasian. Caucasia is a real region and there are ppl currently in there you know. Their ancestors were there and their ancestors' ancestors… So they are Caucasian. Because they are residing in the "area" which is described by the books and the scientists as Caucasia, they are the only ones who can be called as Caucasians or if you have ancestrial line from there idk 3-4 generations before you, you can be considered as a Caucasian . For example, there are ppl living in Turkey or abroad from Caucasia due to the forced migration by Russians around 1850s. They can call themselves as Caucasian but come on cuz you are white that ain't mean you are Caucasian. And they call us(Turks) 'nöö, yOu ArEn'T cEnTrAl aSiAn, yOu cAnNoT cAlL yOuRsElF tUrKiSh. YoU aReN't rEaL tUrK…" etc. Eventhough our Central Asian ancestors migrated idk a thousand year ago. How dare??!!?!
    Idk why but this issue in America calling white ppl Caucasian in total, started to trigger me a lot. I even don't call myself Caucasian eventhough my maternal side goes back to Caucasia. Because it was just 1 great great greatmother orignally from there doesn't mean i am Caucasian. I am Turkish. I was born in Turkey, most of my culture is Central Asia origanted, my language is from there.
    I really don't understand this obsession about the ethnicity identification in the US.

  6. The answer is no it's the root to all evil. To many people are fighting an killing each other because of there different beliefs. An she said mirco agression that's a sign that you need to run my Muslim friend or whatever you worship

  7. She couldn’t understand at all him ..she is confused for most of things ..yes this guy need to be little changes that’s it

  8. I think she made the best decision. It’s best to not be unequally yoked (to have different spiritual beliefs). Why is it wrong for her to want to share the same religion with her future spouse? Maybe she wants to raise her children in a Christian household. Even so However, I think that guy is a champ and seems like a super humble nice guy. I hope he finds someone that shares his religious beliefs as well and both are happy

  9. Come on america! I love u i really do but it s not possible to be that uncultured in the global world we live in! Sikh from middle east! She probably think he is muslim just because he has his head covered. I mean come on, you need to review your all education system

  10. Cool name.. A MAN DEEP. Maybe it was too gay for her or too big too scary. ASHDEEP would have won her over.

  11. She said “middle eastern” but i think she meant “middle east” in Asia where terrorism is active. She didn’t want to date him because she imagined him as such. Anyways, it’s her loss. He is a good person and he deserve the same.

  12. it's all about cultural gap and different way of life. Even I would prefer Muslim over Christian if I have to marry in other culture.

  13. Wow! Nice Survey vlog featuring ( Would You Date Someone From A Different Religion? Tell My Story ). Hit me back my dear and please stay connected.

  14. both was vey good conversation their behaviour to each other was very positive and kind i feel like they should keep moving their relationship to the next level ………

  15. All the girls who felt the Sikh guy was cooler, hit me up I am Sikh too. We are all raised the same 😄😉 Instagram: @arshdeepmann 😆
    On a serious note just to spread awareness, the turban on our head is to remind us always that we have the duties to protect and serve humanity at all times. In case someone needs help, it is easy to differentiate us from the crowd so that the person in need can easily come to us and seek for any kind of help, we will help selflessly to get you out of the problem. We believe in one God and would never judge you from a religious point of view because to us all are humans and equal. We love you all.

  16. He don't even look like most middle Eastern I've seen some people you wouldn't even know was middle Eastern

  17. When she was interviewed before the date she was like "nah, religion is not important" and when she tried to get out of it all, she just kept saying its because of the religion. An uptight-brainwashed-christian is what she is. Go home Becky.

  18. I believe love is love no matter what color or religion no one has a right to judge anyone …..I would definitely be with someone of a different religion for love and if I had to convert to their believes I would.So plz no one judge me that's how I feel.

  19. How the hell is she a doing University recurring when she has no knowledge of ethnicity or cultures .. I'm done 🤣🤣

  20. Sikhism is a universal religion which believes in ONE formless God, known by different names in different traditions. ( Sikhs call it as Waheguru -Amazing Wondrous Lord) who is in each and every heart and in his entire creation.
    Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh scriptures complied almost 4 centuries ago which houses the writings of of Sikh Gurus and saints from other religious traditions , teaches us that the clay is the same , but fashioner has molded us in different shapes and forms and that we are all children of the same one universal father. The following translation based on a hymn from Guru Granth Sahib (Bisar gayee sabh taat parayee) encapsulates the essence of Sikhi.

    I see no stranger, I see no enemy;

    Wherever I look, God is all I see.

    I don't think of Us and Them,
    No one do I hate or condemn,

    I see God's image – each one a friend.

    Of any religion, caste or race,
    All I see is God's shining face –

    His smiling face, His gracious face.

    Accept as beautiful all His design,
    I learnt this truth in Sangat divine.

    One Word resounds in me and you –
    Waheguru … Waheguru .

    In him, in her, in me and you –

    Waheguru … Waheguru …

    Beholding in every being His light,
    I bloom like a flower in joy and delight.

  21. You guys are not representing Indians well. You need to bring me on and see if there is anyone that can resist me.

  22. Love paaji's bangra. Cali #2 <3 He's an amazing personality.. Who would not want to go on first date with my paaji!!

  23. I want to be best friends with Amandeep, he puts out the same kind of vibes that I like to think I do, very genuine and down to earth! He'll find his special someone sooner rather than later, someone this nice will always have good things coming their way.

  24. Right off the bat, I knew she would say 'no' due to the currycel phenomenon. But he was very wrong in saying 'yes' to someone so utterly ignorant of basic geography and anthropology. Sometimes it's hard to believe such ignoramus even exist. But, in any case, there's a clear racial hierarchy when it comes to dating.

  25. She sooo stupid oh my God !! This ugly indian man better , anyway he like Muhammad with this turban and terrorist

  26. People dont care which he have religion he look like this anyway !!! I too dont care that because he true look on terrorist

  27. Oh common from siikh people tooo many people bad have , it not mean if he sikh then he is good nooo no I know very well this is why I said !! And he for Europe people of couse look like terrorist and Muslim even if they not Muslim full but their religion I know very well that religion Sikh is new religion and it become from hindu and from Muslim mixed and become Sikh religion if somebody not belive can read on wikipedia !! So it true that people afraid and thinking about like this and it normal !!! dangerous people with him religion and people with their turban !!!!

  28. Sikhs are one of the best People we have here in India .

    Almost every North Indian friend circle has a Sikh friend .

    Cool to have one in ours too 🙂

  29. 6:42 darling nothing you said goes against the bible. So you still are a traditional Christian woman. Woman are equal to us men and they are our right hand, and they do have the right to be part of all decisions in marriage. The only thing you may not agree on is the husband has the final say in decisions, because he’s supposed to be the leader. But a wise man will always heed wise Council from his beloved wife. Only a fool wouldn’t.

  30. He is dumb, people judge by appearance, sorry it's true. If he wants to get a date he needs to lose the turban, cut his hair and have a shave. You got to look the part!

  31. I'm surprised at the amount of people who know what Sikhism is then again my standards were very low. But I think schools should teach more on each religion so people are more educated on matters like this. In my 9th grade global studies class we learned about each religion not just the well known ones
    Edit:also he seemed like such a good person he could do so much better

  32. For Christians it is forbidden to marry a person that does not have Jesus Christ as their savior and have been saved. The bible is crystal clear that we are not to be Unequally Yoked to an unbeliever. https://biblereasons.com/unequally-yoked/

  33. Not really fair, but being this different in terms of faith can be a dealbreaker out of the gate. Being friends is a good place to start … you never know!

  34. Middle Eastern Sikh? Americans need to have a massive lesson on Sikhs. And most Americans don't even know what a Sikh is… That's why Americans need to learn about Sikhs. Head wrap??? Another reason why Americans need to learn about Sikhs. Stupidity.

  35. If I'd be a girl, I'd date him, no doubt He's a great person, a real human being.
    Since I'm a guy, I'd date her but only because she have a great body. And with the hope she'll be able to open her mind (because she's very smart too and she understood her limits).

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