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it's not safe to take candy from strangers but yesterday we found out about one person who clearly never learned that lesson growing up and that person is now the President of the United States and breaking news stunning words from the president tonight Trump saying moments ago that he would take dirt on his 2020 political opponent if Russia China or any foreign country offered that dirt did he take the dirt and not call the FBI okay this is just crazy people after everything this country has gone through huh Russian meddling two years of mullah and that shitty game of Thrones ending after all of that Trump is turned around and said that he would accept foreign help to win the 2020 election like apparently foreign dirts is the only import he won't put tariffs on and I guess in a way it makes sense why would Donald Trump do anything differently in 2020 if he never faced any real consequences for 2016 he won the election he's not being charged he's almost definitely not being impeached like from his perspective using Intel from foreigners worked out great it's like touching a hot stove and getting an orgasm yeah it doesn't happen that way for most people but if it works for you you're gonna just keep touching stores all the time now usually usually when Trump gets into trouble for saying something it's because of a tweet that he sends that everyone interprets a different way but this time it's coming straight from the horse's mouth your campaign this time around if foreigners if Russia if China if someone else offers you information an opponent should they accept it or should they call the FBI I think maybe you do both I think you might want to listen I don't there's nothing wrong with listening if somebody called from a country Norway we have information on your opponent oh I think I'd want to hear it wait no way no one's talking about knowing no he's not trying to meddle in America's election like what secret information would know I even have gonna be calling in like hello I don't know if you know this but Carmel Harris likes yours oh and also Pete Buda Jess likes yours oh and this is a good one Elizabeth Warren like small fjords all of our information is about fjords but one way to bring them noise and of course Trump would take a call from knowing he loves Norway a bunch of Zimbabwe called Trump for any reason he'd be like hello 911 I'd like to report a shithole country and even when Stephanopoulos pressed Trump on the legality of colluding with a foreign nation Trump doubled down and then even tripled down okay let's put yourself in a position you're a congressman somebody comes up and says hey I have information on your opponent do you call the FBI I don't think I mean from the big one you do I've seen a lot of things over my life I don't think in my whole life I've ever called the FBI in my whole life I don't you don't call the FBI you throw somebody out of your office you do whatever Gore got a stolen briefing book he called the FBI well that's different a stolen briefing book this is under stuff this is somebody that said we have information on your opponent oh let me call the FBI give me a break life as it were director says that's what should happen the FBI do there is wrong whoa FBI director is wrong I guess Trump likes law and order until the law doesn't follow his orders because that was a weird one and also does anyone pick up the part where he says I've seen a lot of things in my life and never called the FBI now I'm just wondering what other crimes Trump is witness that he didn't report I've seen it all Jorge murders kidnappings weirdos tickling kids feet but I ain't no snitch here's the thing this is not one of those issues that's left versus right Democrat versus Republican no in fact even Trump's loyal subjects are calling him out some Republicans who are normally hesitant to rebuke the president are speaking out yeah my reaction is he should reach out to the FBI the appropriate action to take is to call the FBI yeah I think it's a mistake I think I think it's a mistake of law I don't want to send a signal to encourage this nothing's free in this world you don't want a foreign government or foreign entity giving you information because they're gonna want something back if anybody knows that it's the president because there is no free lunch if someone gives you information then they're gonna want influence yes the men on the couches rights nothing in life is free and I know right now in the audience you're thinking to yourself what do you mean Trevor tickets to The Daily Show are free yeah that's what we told you on the way in but now it's time to pay look here's the thing Republicans agree on this Democrats agree on out the couch people are saying it's everyone is against Trump's Pro meddling policy Trump decided to do this thing on his own and now he's had to get on Twitter to try and do some damage control it's clear this morning though that the president is a bit defensive he is tweeting about it I meet and talk to foreign governments every day I just met with the Queen of England UK the Prince of Wales and the president of Poland we talked about everything should I immediately call the FBI about these calls and meetings how ridiculous I would never be trusted again he writes okay first of all there's a big difference between foreign nations slipping you dirt on your opponents and small talk with the Queen all right what makes it sound like we expect him to be in a broom closet of Buckingham Palace like hello FBI you won't believe what the Queen just did she farted she called it a bug brexit but I know what it means and also unless Trump secretly met with Free Willy that's not how you spell Prince of Wales look man typos are the least of America's problems right now because the President of the United States has basically invited foreign governments to interfere in America's elections if it'll help him win and that can be a really dangerous thing that could get him and America into big trouble so look to help the president understand how serious this is we decided to make a PSA just for him I am sexy Russian spies I use this portable supercomputer to hack the NC servers please to come with me and do collusion stay away from Russians that are just trying to help hey I'm Canadian you want to hear secrets of booty-booty jej being gay if a foreign government approaches you run away and tell the FBI Donald I'm a Norwegian with dirt on Joe Biden I'll trade you for the nuclear codes sorry it's time to make off game what again now you got it just say go so collusion you

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  1. realistically speaking, if anyone campaigning against trump in 2020 was to receive info that gets trump arrested, i bet you 100 mil they'd take it in a heartbeat without #calling the FBI. In as much as i hate trump, he was right in this one

  2. …. and congress STILL can't decide if Donald Trump should be impeached?!! Where is #ashtonkutcher i know y'all got cameras around here somewhere!!!😑

  3. quote"the fbi director is wrong…unquote" from the acting US president…im speechless….there will be definitly an after trump in USA politics….he destroyed all credidibility and respect anyone had for the office…he spits on separation of justice and executive powers…not a fan of bush or reagan but they would have never dared say what this …guy just said….trumps broke all limits of respectability in US politics…im scarred to see what will follow him…

  4. Down the line when trump gets caught for using the information from Russia in 2016 he will say I already told you I would take it in that I interview I said I would. fake news

  5. The "truth" isn't dirt and it shouldn't matter where the truth comes from, you are all brainwashed idiots…as stupid as Trump supporters themselves…

  6. I've seen a lot of things over my lifetime. I didn't pay no attention to that until Noah, put some emphasis on it. Looks like Trump may need a background check.

  7. He didn't say he'd pay for made up BS from foreign governments, like Obama and Clinton did, and then start some BS investigation's into said made up BS, like Clinton and Obama did, idiot! πŸ˜‚

  8. Hey all you gaslighted democrat morons…. The president's job is to talk to foreign leaders….. the president's job is also to keep America safe….. and the president of the United States can talk to anybody he wants to on any subject….. But, you weak-minded simple-minded brainwashed propaganda laden morons listen to the spin from the mainstream media and this wannabe funny guy and think that's the truth…. Wow, what critical thinkers you all are…. to let somebody else do your thinking for you is pretty pathetic…
    Not to mention…. Trump only said he would listen to the information…. And turn it over to the FBI if it merited that…. But this piece of s*** sitting before you just said that Trump would use it to win the 2020 election…. I don't recall Trump saying that… so this Trevor Noah ass whole wants you to believe his spin that he put on it…. there you go more fake news from another Democrat scumbag….

  9. trevor if you hear my home boy …trump looks that guy from american christian school books …ACE … roast him please for soweto and eldos…

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