World leaders snagged in sex-trafficking ring

all right let's begin this hour with billionaire and registered sex-offender Jeffrey Epstein back behind bars Epstein was arrested Saturday in connection with federal sex trafficking charges in New York and Florida he was arraigned in court today on those charges in which he's accused of abusing underage girls at his mansions in Manhattan and Palm Beach Florida Arty's John huddy is joining us live from Miami with more John what's the latest there well this is a stunning new development and turn in this case manila federal agents arrested Jeffrey Epstein at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey right around 4:00 p.m. on Saturday after he arrived from Paris on his private jet after vacationing in France agents also reportedly raided Epstein's Upper East Side townhouse after his arrest Saturday finding among other evidence according to officials nude photos of underage girls now the 66 year old convicted sex offender is reportedly charged with one count of sex trafficking of minors and one count of conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking of minors if convicted he could face up to forty five years basically the rest of his life in prison now the case is being handled by the Southern District of New York with along with the FBI the federal indictment 14-page federal indictment alleges that between 2002 and 2005 Epstein ran a sex trafficking ring basically a sex trafficking enterprise paying girls as young as 14 years old for sex in exchange for cash and used his victims to recruit other young women here is what the US attorney in New York and FBI said today listen the girls were recruited in ronnie ways usually my employees and sometimes by fellow victims the victims typically received hundreds of dollars attached the estimated dozens of victims where as young as 14 years old at time to recruit children who provide have seen massages what they were doing or partially new children who are asked to engage in direct and indirect sex acts among children who were enticed to do all these things in the hands of a man more than merely free concert the alleged behavior shocks the conscience and while the charged conduct is from a number of years ago it is still profoundly important to the many so this is really now a very familiar story with Epstein as we've heard so often in his case that he sexually exploited dozens of underage girls some of them homeless or from broken homes paying them for nude massages and then molesting or according to officials sexually abusing them in his Upper East Side mansion or also at his Palm Beach residence here in Florida other Epstein friends and associates have also been accused of engaging in these activities including his former partner just Lane Maxwell who's a british socialite and publishing heir who's been basically accused of essentially working as Epstein's madam recruiting many of the young girls Epstein who is a hedge fund manager and financier has counted among his friends of course president Trump who at one point called Epstein a terrific guy former President Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew of the UK now a previous sex trafficking and abuse case involving Epstein was settled very contentiously in 2008 when he dodged federal charges that really would have sent him to prison for life instead he pleaded guilty to lesser state charges in Palm Beach County serving 13 months in a private wing of the county jail mostly on work release well that case was prosecuted as you may remember by Alex Acosta who is the current US labor secretary who back then was the US Attorney here in Florida who's been accused of engineering what's been called a sweetheart plea deal for Epstein well these latest charges are certainly renewing the outrage and legal scrutiny over that case and calls once again for a Kostas resignation as labor secretary further these latest charges will likely cast a spotlight on those victims and their allegations including Virginia Roberts joffrey who was accused Epstein and joseline Maxwell of abusing underage girls and basically loaning them out to his famous friends and as Epstein remains locked up once again the Miami Herald which has done incredible reporting on this which has been actually cited as possibly spurring this latest case reports once again today that these are likely quote unquote nervous times for Epstein's friends and enablers who may also be mentioned i should add in 167 new documents that the court actually ordered just last week to be unsealed in the previous epstein case so a major development a major and stunning turn in the story with Jeffrey Epstein once again behind bars and facing the very real prospect of spending the rest of his life in prison and in a dramatic moment in the press conference with the US attorney and FBI today Manila the US attorney at one point stepped away from the podium pointing at Epstein's picture on a board and encouraging anyone else who's been victimized by Epstein according to officials to call the FBI so clearly this case the investigation the fallout is far from over John John Hattie thank you for that report and joining us with the legal breakdown of all of this attorney and media analyst Lionel of Lionel media Lionel first of all did Epstein already disposed of all these cases in 2008 what happened it's back he thought he did and a little highlight this is a fellow who pled to a state charge in lieu of facing federal hardcore hard time you know the expression why do you want to make a federal case out of it that's where that comes from he was sentenced to to do for 13 months 12 hours a day on work release hello Wow work does a billionaire have in the private wing of a new section of the of the jail it was like Pablo Escobar who bought to jail people screamed bloody murder he thought it was done he thought it was over he did according to his deal now they're gonna go back with Acosta look at the Ken start Dershowitz others who helped negotiate this I mean this is just unheard of so he did but there was a violation of the Crime Victims Rights Act where this deal was made without consulting with those individuals who had a say pursuant to the statute so that's one of the reasons why that's been swept aside and no charges no charges that have nothing to do with that one are being alleged here in New York and boy okay so so it's some of this old stuff dredging itself back up and there are new charges that have nothing to do with the previous ones so let me ask you this line on where we're at today does Epstein have any defense the first thing people are asking is does double jeopardy apply no because it's a new case a new charge a new series of facts a new tribunal I knew everything that was state of Florida this is different but let me say something not that I'm trying to defend mr. Epstein god forbid but what he might say is I didn't do anything wrong to violate any deal just because I had an inept us primarily because right prosecutor I had great lawyers but I didn't do anything wrong that doesn't matter we're not saying you violated that agreement okay these are new ones also forfeiture of let me tell you something his townhouse this is nine floors it used to be a school it was to be a preparatory school this isn't a town house this is this is almost like a city block they're going to take that and everything he might have used tube in in furtherance of this conspiracy to sex traffic oh my gosh now finally let me ask you this they they brokered a deal with him before but I gotta ask it is the government gonna try to broker another deal with him another plea perhaps and maybe they'll catch you know a bigger fish out of this I don't know well here's the deal this is interesting they have the public corruptions unit by the way James commis daughter is a part of the Southern District of New York's team she's looking into this that's going to be good a lot of mm-hmm even though they don't know why they're doing that for but what's happening right now is this is obviously far more than just a I don't want to say please don't take this the wrong way a run-of-the-mill sex case they're looking at the implications of the and Manila let me just say this man knows everybody yeah who was on his planes who had his compounds who was a loliter explorer what about those people what about what about all of his his big big name friends all his famous friends Bill Clinton being one of them who was on one of those private jets are those who've been provided underage girls in the past not saying that Clinton has been but are those that have been provided these girls in the past are they liable to as this becomes undone develops and discovery is taken and he might want to use people as a defense perhaps to maybe dispute something let me ask you this I'm not saying anything but do you think by any chance any of these places could have been recorded do you think that he has in his position in his possession anywhere by virtue of standard flight logs I don't know I don't have any jets but this is virtually everybody Prince Andrew I mean we're talking about folks how about years ago when he went when Fergie had part of her debts paid off yes from him he's connected to everybody well nobody's answering his phone call today I'm sorry what what about what about famed attorney and Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz how is he mucked up in all of this he is involved in a defamation suit and the lawyer representing the woman who's suing him is David Boies from boys Schiller this is the fyssas to mega-monster legal Titans who aren't exactly fans of each other going after each other and Dershowitz is now trying to get boys disqualified from this so you've got text subtext you've got this this has so many layers of this this has neither way remember one thing he's 66 years old nobody's gonna ask him what are you gonna do get off with with what the five years probation I don't think so yeah but you know he's gonna say what can i what deal can I make what can I do is there anything I can do and you especially when he feels abandoned by everybody he might just say you know not for nothing but would you like to know Wow I procured some of these women for ya this this is a watch final yeah this is certainly the case to watch this year there's there's billionaires there are famous people and there are legal Titans clash of the titans to behold so we will see and we will talk to you about it as always appreciate your expertise line on my friend Lionel media thank you hey YouTube thanks for checking out our channel we hope you enjoyed the video we have tons of content for you just like this for more of RT America's one-of-a-kind news and analysis be sure to subscribe and never stop questioning more

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  1. I have a funny feeling this is the rock that tumbles down the mountain that causes the avalanche. This may start the cascading of the unsealing of the over 70 000 + SEALED INDICTMENTS across America. I spoke to a federal office and they admitted the thousands of sealed indictments across the country are real!

  2. I feel sorry for all those young women who fell for his scheme. I hope he gets life. If he gets 45 years then it will be life anyway. He'll be 111 when he is eligible for parole and I don't know any one who has lived past the age of 100 in prison. The United States should adopt laws like China has. Drug dealers and pedophiles are executed. I also hope that Bill Clinton was involved. Hillary won't be happy about that.

  3. Jeffrey Epstein will most likely die in custody. There are too many powerful people who cannot have this go to court. The FBI needs to search all of his residences, planes and yachts. I’m sure there is a treasure trove of evidence which will implicate a shit load of so called influential people. I doubt that they will sit by and let any of that come out. Jeffie, you are a dead man walking.


  5. His plane registration number is same as air force one or one of those so mossad and cia are either same or they did same as hat car thieves do with cars and put a registration plate off a legit on a stolen

  6. Who is responsible for letting Epstein off ten years ago? Why are they not being called up to explain him being charged with "state", and not the "Federal" charges? Why are these 'justices(?)' getting away this? Why are they not in contempt?

  7. Humans are pathetic. It's all about holes and poles and the money that lubricates the system. Who owns whose pole and whose hole seems to preoccupy their pathetic little brain cells. Someone could write a few volumes about this pathetic state of things. The age of the hole and the who has the lubricant will now tickle millions of brain cells into an exited state for a few minutes each day. On another note….. when men ran governments it was kind of less complicated. Now the bitches have their claws in its like a fucking chicken coop and all the hens are laying. Fucking mess!! The world is a bitch fest supreme. We are going backwards at a dizzy rate. Ladies go back to the fucking kitchen and the kids and do what you are best at. Gentlement go back to work and treat your woman nicely. Thank you!

  8. IN GOD WE TRUST …. this Bastards are running free and Julian Assange in jail , this is USA , if they don’t rot in jail GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF THEM, ooh and he’s royal highness PRINCE ANDREW

  9. There is a big difference between Dr. Robert Epstein and Jeffery Epstein. One is a respected academic that studies psychology and has been giving sworn testimony in front of Ted Cruz in congress and the other is an alleged child molesting sex offender billionaire. Interestingly enough Jeffery Epstein was on trial initially back in 2008 and was released back into society to continue his exploits but now that Dr. Robert Epstein is giving testimony in front of Congress about subliminal subconscious manipulation Jeffery Epstein has resurfaced and is back in the media at the forefront of focus. A perfect example of how the subliminal manipulation works right now this instant in front of your own eyes. You are here watching this and not seeing what is being said by Dr. Robert Epstein in front of congress. This is how it works folks. If there is something the elite don't want you to know about then they pull out the big scandal card to distract you.

  10. Pedophilia law have recently been altered , namely , the earnings of these people can be confiscated by the state . Suggestion: start with the Clinton.

  11. What the hell? EPSTEIN in Paris on vacation and they arrested him getting off plane from France,WHAT ABOUT HOUSE ARREST

  12. And here I am playing the pessimist. Yeah, they got dirt on a bunch of powerful, rich, influential people. BIG DEAL! What is going to happen to those exposed? If I had to guess, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! At best, Epstein will get "martyred" for the sins  and his "pedo-playland pals" will walk away clean… "Justice will have been done." The rest of the incident will get "swept under the rug", some other rich perv will take over the "party favors" and it will be "Vacation time as usual " for the powers that be. Let's face it folks, we the people of the world have a very short memory and attention span. That is what the corrupt have relied on and will continue to rely on to keep their sins in the closet. A distraction here, a deflection there, a sidestep or two and the public is placated. Sad but true, folks.

  13. You will see all this go away just like scum Hillary and the rest of the criminal government bastards. Epstein will be hung on a door knob in jail.

  14. Uh ohh all them photos found, ewwww.
    They always film it and photograph it. Geez that's sad…

  15. Why do they only make 'deals' with rich Jews? What the fuck are they making 'deals' with this goddamn pervert for? America has fallen HARD and FAST. Now it's a government backed LGBT enforcer. Indoctrinating our preschoolers with Disney cartoons with homosexual kissing and mandatory Homosexuality lessons in school. RIP America – glad i left !!!

  16. This vile agenda is set in stone now, i don't see any way of turning back from it – the government is allowing homosexual propaganda to be flooded to our preschoolers through cartoons and enforced LGBT 'lessons' in school. America has fallen, and is dragging the rest of the Western World down with it. The 'elites', the Jewish who control the Western world as we know and live it (Mainstream media, TV, Movies, Music, Politicians, News, etc) fully implemented the final stages of this plan during the Obama administration, Obama was just the puppet. The brainwashed Liberals now are just puppets, as are all the politicians. People have let this happen by numbing out to the propaganda and are now actually in a position to be ostracized and hated by fellow members of society if they protest against this Homosexual bombardment of non-stop propaganda assaulting us at the moment. In other news: (NOT in the Western world) Last Week, Russia's Putin has taken full notice of this threat, assessing the crisis at the G20 summit in Japan, and has also fired shots back at Elton John who tried to embarrass him through the Press, Both Groundbreaking and Historic Moments which they will not show you on US or UK TV… (But are on Youtube) – God help you all.

  17. Epstein, Mossad's frontman. He's a good friend with daughter of Maxwell, who worked for Mossad and mysteriously died on his yacht. Btw, Maxwell's daughter also looks like a superspy, she has licences to drive planes, helicopters and submarines lol…

  18. One wonders why Prince Andrew did not brings his girls to party if he believed it was innocence fun-or is rape and forced prostitution for poor little white girls. Why not one of Epstein's little Jewish girls and randy Andy's own daughters.

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