World Leaders Caught Talking S**t About Trump | The Daily Show

The NATO summit. It’s the annual meeting of the
world’s most powerful alliance. Sort of like if the Avengers
were extremely concerned about steel tariffs. And yesterday, the meeting
got off to a rocky start. President Trump had
a testy exchange with the president of France. He called out Canada for not
pulling its weight financially. And he demanded that Germany stop pronouncing
their “W”s like “V”s. “You’re make ‘Wienerschnitzel’
sound way less funny like that. It’s ‘wiener,’ not ‘viener.'” So Trump spent all day causing
chaos at the NATO summit. Right? And then, later that day,
it lead to something that nobody has seen before– a bunch of world leaders
caught on camera laughing at America’s president behind his back. Breaking overnight. A video that might just
drive the president crazy. It appears to show the Canadian
prime minister, Justin Trudeau, the French president,
Emmanuel Macron, and British prime minister
Boris Johnson laughing at how the president
conducted himself yesterday. Watch this. Man. -(laughter)
-That… that video… That video is amazing
for two reasons. One– it is crazy
that we were able to hear a private conversation
between major world leaders. Like, did they not know
this was happening? And two– that
when world leaders get together, they are gossipy bitches
just like the rest of us. -(laughter)
-Like… (applause and cheering) ‘Cause, like… I thought… I thought after meetings with Trump,
world leaders would be like, (British accent):
“Okay, we need to go back and draw up a new treaty.” Instead, they’re out there like,
“What was he wearing?” And the French guy is like,
“Oh, so he can’t speak English. “I mean, I don’t speak English, but he really can’t
speak English!” Yeah, it turns out
NATO is so catty, they should get Andy Cohen
to host it. That’s what they should do. And while most people thought
this video of world leaders trashing Trump
was hilarious, there was, uh, one person
who did not find it funny. We got the president leaving
a testy NATO summit. Leaders appear to be mocking him
behind the scenes, and that was the last straw. The president responding
right in front of the cameras. Take a look. (camera shutters clicking) The president was scheduled
to have a press conference before he left, but during
that bilateral meeting, after he was asked about
this video that’s going viral of Trudeau that we played for
you, the president said: Well, I don’t think I’m going to have
the press conference now. I think after
my bilateral meetings, I’ll just get on the plane
and head back home. Yeah. In response
to what happened, Trump called Trudeau “two-faced” and announced that he
was leaving the summit early. And you know what,
you know what, to be fair, Trump’s not wrong–
Justin Trudeau is two-faced. He’s got a white one
and a brown one. -(laughter, groaning)
-And… as for him going home,
as for Trump going home early, guys… I think they hurt his feelings. (laughter) Yeah. It’s like… it’s
like Trump was at a sleepover, and all the other kids
turned on him. You know? And now
he’s just there like, “Mom, I know it’s a day early, but can you come pick me up
from NATO?” (laughter) And look, man, I know a lot
of people don’t like Trump, but I don’t care
who you are, man, every single one of us
knows this feeling. Huh? Finding out
all the cool kids at school are laughing at you? Hmm? And then you run home
all the way, crying. And you know
when you’re a kid and you cry, you run with your arms dangling
by your sides. (sobbing loudly) (continues sobbing) And for Trump,
the most hurtful thing is probably the fact
that Boris Johnson joined in. That’s a shitty thing.
That’s shitty, Boris. -(cheering, applause)
-That’s a shitty move, Boris. That’s your friend! You know who Boris is?
Boris is that one kid you think is your real friend,
and then you see him over there trying to fit in
with everyone else, telling them
your deepest secrets. “Oh, and also, Donald told me
he pees the bed.” (like Trump): I told you that
in confidence, Boris! So shitty. So President… President Trump
was clearly hurt by what happened, and he decided
to head home early. But before he left,
before he left, he tried to get back
at all these other dudes by making some new friends. NEWSMAN:
From the Merkel meeting, President Trump has got lunch
with a select group of NATO nations–
what President Trump calls the “two percenters.” That’s a group
of eight other nations that are spending two percent
of their GDP on defense. They include Bulgaria, Greece, Britain, Estonia, Romania,
Lithuania, Latvia and Poland. Okay, this is
just embarrassing now. Trump’s rolling with Romania,
Lithuania and Latvia because of what happened? It’s almost like
the popular kids dropped him, and now he’s eating lunch
at the loser table. And they’re
probably really nice. They’re like,
“Don’t be sad, Donald. “You can have some
of my horse tongue. It’s boiled and pickled.” (like Trump):
Get away. So look, man, clearly NATO did
not go well for Donald Trump. And I’ll be honest,
I don’t blame The Donald for flying home early. Mr. President,
you shouldn’t be in a place where people are gonna laugh
at you behind your back. You get on Air Force One,
and you fly straight back home, where we promise that we
will laugh at you to your face. (laughter, cheering, applause)

Maurice Vega

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  1. Ohhhh snap. There's gonna be a shitstorm coming their way now. Hahaha. Come on Trevor. Come to the "I-secretly-love-Trump-table" with us. I know you want to!

  2. Regardless of anyone's opiniom on trump (and I don't really like him), it is insane that world leaders act like that. If you have globally serious matters, you cannot act like that! It doesn't matter what you think of the other person, if you don't give him the most basic respect, don't act surprised when all your plans are ruined

  3. 5:20 why is it alright for him to call these countries loser nations ?? Big fan of the show but last time Trump did something like that he did not applauded

  4. Im from Latvia and you hurt my feelings too )) Also calling us "loosers"…yes we are loosers but that is something only we can tell eachother. Not you Trevor.

  5. “Every one of us knows that feeling”? Really Trevor. How many damn times has that stank face made people feel lower than dirt by either spouting shite about them on fox, tweeting, or yelling insults over the roar of helIcopter blades. Don’t even try and make us feel ANY kind of way…

  6. Dump45 is a Traitor and Criminal POS and Putin's puppet!! Laughing stock for ALL the World to see!!! Big Joke!! So are his Kool Aid Drinkers Cult of Traitors!! Justice is coming for them all soon!! 🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸

  7. Well aren’t we all fake. Everyone is fake. The next person to be president fake. I don’t care if you are republican or democrat or independent. You are fake just like everyone on this Earth. We shouldn’t have put real results on the internet. Because we can turn the most smartest people dumb and make the dumbest people smart. But even when we do get off the internet, who will be laughing after COPPA and FTC shuts all of our google accounts down. That would mean we wouldn’t be allowed to any of our medias. That would mean that even Firefox and Bing and Microsoft and Apple are going to suffer for all the content they have created with us. This will create a massive hole to even the richest man in our country’s wallet. And he sure as hell will find a massive problem about this. And you know who. Not trump. But Bill Gates himself. With Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffet. So what are we going to do then once 2020 starts? Because we have been living with the internet like it has always been apart of our daily lives. The new generations is going to suffer the most out of all generations. And what are we going to do when all of this happens?

  8. For a person that was so insulted by the "shithole countries" thing, you throw "looser table" around quite easily while taking about other countries(Romania, Bulgaria, Lituania…). Just because you want to make fun of Trump doesn't mean that you have to use the same kind of language he uses.

  9. Why does the american media not mention Rutte (of netherlands) and princess Anne? They trashed him too (later also about the Doral thing btw) 😅

  10. Oh they upset the BABY KLOWNS FEELINGS. Just Say Yes and Resign 45th ILLEGITIMATE PREZ. Thanks, it's 1974 all over again with The Klown instead of Tricky Dick Nixon history repeating itself! Bye and Bye with the Small Hands and Round Open Oval Mouth; waiting to Exhale and Blow Komrad Putin. The Klown is, and has always been out of the Circus Ring; the Chosen One; the FIVE TIME CLUB 54 BONE SPUR VIET NAM DRAFT DODGER; Putins Butt wiper. Rahway Prison or Leavenworth is waiting on this Klown and his new ORANGE JUMPSUIT the New Black Outfit has been fitted to match his Treasonous Traitor Ass for his Orange face. O0P's; I almost forgot Melania will be deported back to Slovenia or Mother Russia With Love to be with her serious Beaux Komrad PUTIN!!!


  11. boohoo ..little Donny going back home to Melania but even Melania doesn't like him. Wait, there's Ivanka! Screw kusner! ahahaha :p

  12. This was funny as hell…It was good to know they are just like the rest of us…Gossiping and carrying on and really getting into it…I lovedt it😂🤣💦😂🤣💦😂🤣💦

  13. Well, at least Trevor Noah is funny and this is a real skit. I don't mind laughing at political cartoons and skits, but I don't find what those hypocritical world leaders did behind Trump's back funny. Shame on them. To be mocked by your peers like that is darn despicable indeed. I never liked that slick Canadian so-and-so, and now I like him even less! As for Boris and Macron, I thought better of them. I think the whole lot of them are two-faced. Trump is right.

  14. Nice…remember when Obama roast the then businessman Trump on correspondence dinner, everybody knows what happens next. hahaha. Trump evicts that mf.

  15. The bully got bullied. This could set off an avalanche of new crazinesses. An American intelligence pact with North Korea, Saudi Arabia and Russia?

  16. Did anyone seriously think Trump craziness wasn't topic 😂😂😂
    He's constantly bitching about everyone and like a typical bully he can't stand criticism

  17. Just admit it, all those Politicians are clowns & puppets, it’s time for radical Governance systems, it’s time for Andrew Yang to lead the way forward!

  18. Trump could have done some amazing things that benefited both Democrats and Republicans. Most of all the world. He made the choice multiple times to do the wrong thing, even provoking nuclear war!!!! Trump's youngest son, could possibly be a better politician than his sparkle pony dad… o and I wonder if Kim Jong is going to show the world all of the trump family dirt ( that would be great )…possibly even those top secret!!!

  19. "all the cool kids are laughing"…not just the cool kids, also his brother from another mother, Boris "discount donald" Johnson…

  20. I love the fact that our idiot minister from the netherlands vant even get a mention 🤣 he a dumbass anyway

  21. Love you Trevor, but I'm from Bulgaria and please don't think the Balkans and East Europe are so primitive…
    A little mean but that's that.


  23. Didn’t trump say everyone was going to respect him and Obama was the laughingstock of Americas president. Lool oh sweet poetic justice💅🏾

  24. Trump was "The DUFF" at the NATO Summit! That is classy. Designated Ugly Fat Friend. So befitting for such an asshole.

  25. What does he expect? He shittalks Nato and bascially every other world leader in the world on social media, in regular media etc.. Him being the president of the US is an absolute joke and god forbid America voting this clown in for a second term.

  26. So, when we say the world is laughing at Trump, Trumptards didn't believe us. Now, here is the evidence. And Fox tries to spin it…

  27. Donald J. Trump es un Pendejo.. Even All The Leaders of the world laugh of Him.. Donald Trump is a Joke.. Here is the Reality… All the Great Presidents of All The World Laugh of Him… Jajaja

  28. this is very funny, but isnt this the kinda stuff thats starts world wars, when all the world leaders are actually just children with fancy words and suits

  29. They aren't gossiping bitches, that's a support group for post traumatic stress. That mofo Trump is a bitch to digest. He leaves you speechless. hELL me and my family have daily AA meetings aground the table trying to cope with the international fall out caused by this piece of shit

  30. I think everyone should shit talk that dumbass until he sees that nobody fucking likes him. I mean really why in the world would he be re-elected.. the US would be fucked

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