Won’t Free College Destroy Military Recruitment?

Let’s go next to our caller from the two five,
six area code. Who’s calling today from two five, six. This is Alex. How’s it going, man? Hey Alex, what’s up? Not most man, a big fan of your show and I
appreciate what you do, but I just wanted to get your opinion. Uh, free education. Uh, I live in Huntsville and it’s a military
town. It’s got the Redstone arsenal, employs many
people, but I just thought it was on my mind. Like how do you think that would affect military
enrollment? Uh, I know that some people do it for love
of country, but nowadays people do it more so for, I feel like for the, uh, incentives,
you know, as far as education, healthcare. So I wanted to get your opinion on that. Yeah, I have a segment about this. It’s called something like wouldn’t free college
and healthcare decimate military recruiting or something like that. And it’s certainly plausible, but military
recruiting would be, um, affected if, uh, the economic incentives are the reason that
a lot of people are joining. There are questions as to what percentage
of people who join the military are actually joining for those reasons. But here’s the, the big argument for me, I
want people in the military who actually want to be in the military. I don’t want someone joining the military
out of desperation because they need healthcare. So I actually think that the reality these days, right, absolutely. And I think even if it’s true, I don’t think
we are well served by having people in the military who don’t actually want to be there
except that it’s how they figured out they could afford college and get healthcare. So if it’s true, I don’t think it’s a bad
thing. The military is more than big enough. Right. And uh, one more thing. I have a recommendation if, uh, again, getting
ahead of myself, but if, if Bernie Sanders wins crystal ball, man, she needs to be a
press secretary. Okay. All right. Maybe that, uh, I’ll, I’ll ask her about that. I’m in touch with crystal. We’ll see. We’ll see about that. That would be very interesting. Uh, all right. Thank you so much for the call. Very much appreciate hearing from you. Let’s go next to our caller from the six eight
two area code.

Maurice Vega

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