Will Trump Declare Martial Law?

David, how likely is it that Donald Trump
will declare martial law at some point in his presidency, either to avoid being impeached
and removed, or if he loses in 2020 to avoid relinquishing the white house or in advance
of the 2020 election to justify not having the election altogether? All right, so three different scenarios where
the, this, uh, emailer wonders if Donald Trump will apply martial law. Declare martial law. Here’s the reality. It’s extremely unlikely. It is extremely. So martial law is a suspension effectively
of the normal law enforcement infrastructure of the country replaced by the military, taking
control of domestic law enforcement. Now, on a federal level, only the president
has the power to impose martial law. And this all goes back to, um, uh, limitations
on martial law that exists thanks to court decisions, which were established between
the civil war and world war II. So for example, in 1878, Congress passed the
posse Comitatus act, which forbids military involvement in domestic law enforcement without
congressional approval. And that ultimately may be what is the deciding
factor here? Even if we attribute absolutely the worst
intentions to Donald Trump, which include that in an act of desperation where he’s about
to get convicted on impeachment or he’s about to lose the election or he has lost the election
and it’s almost time for him to go. The idea is in an act of desperation, he will
declare martial law strictly speaking, you need congressional approval in order to, uh,
declare martial law based on, uh, the posse Comitatus act. So I think the better question is, would Trump
try to put in place martial law? Maybe, although I still doubt it, but if he
did, who is in control of the house and Senate at the time and would they allow it? And this is why, once again, you know, we
talk about the 2018 midterms and Democrats taking over control of the house. Now they have the investigative power of the
house. Now we have impeachment hearings. Now we are potentially heading in the direction
of a trial of an impeachment trial. Uh, this is why this stuff matters. And this is why taking over the Senate and
although it’s an uphill battle in 2020 or maybe in 2022, that’s why this stuff really
matters. I believe that there is no question Donald
Trump will make the case that because of some unfair treatment either, uh, in the context
of the impeachment inquiry or the election or whatever, Trump will make the case that
he didn’t really lose or that someone cheated or that this was rigged or this, that that
was regular. The other thing, I think it is less likely
that he will actually try to declare martial law and I think it is almost an impossibility
that he would be able to get away with it. But things have happened for the first time
before. I mean, think about other times martial law
has been declared in the United States is very limited. I think after Pearl Harbor was bombed, martial
law was declared. Uh, and uh, if I have my history correct,
I almost don’t want to say, but I think that that was related to the internment camps of
Japanese Americans. Um, but the instances in which martial law
was, was declared are extraordinarily limited. And the idea that a house and Senate would
allow, particularly when not controlled by Trump’s party, that the house and Senate would
allow Trump to declare martial law because he thinks the election against him was unfair. Um, that the election that went against him
was unfair. It seems extremely unlikely, but I’m willing
to have my mind changed.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Do you seriously think Cheeto Hitler would let something as trivial as the Constitution stand in his way? LMAO No f'ing way.

  2. The problem is there is not enough infantry stationed with in our boarders to do that effectively for the hole country…………..

  3. In simple terms he can’t. End of story. And as far as violence or a civil war breaking out? That won’t happen either just because you have individuals saying their will be violence doesn’t mean it will occur. Theirs an old saying “A barking dog can’t bite”, it’s just blustering by people who are more scared than you talking crap. Ignore it and don’t give it another thought.

  4. I've said this guy is like another guy from Germany 80 years ago. Has targeted Hispanics and blacks to be harassed by white supremists, panders to the military, ignores the law and disdains ALL other government officials and attacks everyday citizens. If this guy gets reelected, he goes after term limits and we have a dicktator on our hands. People are stupid if they don't believe this is within the realm of possibility

  5. – Trump corrupted the DOJ
    – Trump has 6 of his closest advisors in jail and is still in office
    – Trump will go through the impeachment after doing several high crimes and (most) likely win the the 2020 election
    – Trump deals with the mob and other criminals inclduing a pedophile network for decades unindicted
    – Trump is ongoingin crime schemes
    – Trump corrupted the Supreme Court, nobody will ever see his tax return

    David, please tell me, why it is extremely unlikely that Trump will not declare martial law?

  6. Democrats better lose 2020 election. Otherwise they will inherit all the shit Republicans have done and take all the blame. GOP has been lucky. Thanks to Obama the economy seems good. GOP will come back even stronger and justify the corruption. It will get bad, Dems don't want it to happen under their mandate. It's a perfect storm.

  7. 1:43 – David, you need to get up on your Chris Hedges video watching (see "The Intercept: Chris Hedges on the Rot Within the American System" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7A-ILh3h1Kc); starting at time marker 24.40).

    Obama already subverted posse comitatus back in 2012 with the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (NDAA): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Defense_Authorization_Act_for_Fiscal_Year_2012

    I'm a progressive and a fan, but I gotta call balls and strikes: Obama already dropped the ball needed to deter trump from declaring martial law without Senate consent.

  8. How else is he going to be "President for Life" that he keeps "joking" about.
    More likely he'll create an incident that forces martial law.

  9. Low, unless someone tells him he can. As far as I can tell the Pentagon is mostly done with him. He’s got a better hold over domestic law Enforcement through Barr and the DOJ.
    The fact that it’s illegal without congress wouldn’t phase him if he thought the military would do it. Because then it would go into a yearlong battle in the courts. Just like his taxes.

  10. No doubt. The Republicans and his supporters would stand by him. This is how sick and demented this presidency is. Rather than obey the Constitution they would enjoy  seeing Americans bloodied and or dying in the streets. If he declares martial law because he is impeached he should be jailed, lose his citizenship and be deported.

  11. Here you see the absurdity of the principle of separation of power as it looms the ab-/use ?!?! by an authoritarian, autocratic president as a 'monocrat"…

  12. David… Please don't even have this type of Conversation… As it's Extremely Dangerous to have "Any" type Conversations that he may catch wind of… And God Forbid… Get any Bright (Or in this for instance) Dim Ideas… That he may in Desperation Grab onto ( like you know what!!??)😜😝😣😒… And Run w/ it!!!😣😒…

    Let's All just Pray really Hard for them to… #IMPEACHTHEPOPFAST!!! And #[email protected]💙🇺🇸

  13. Of course, he thinks he MUST to prevent his prosecution and complete his Putin-inspired plan.. Declaring Mexican cartels terrorists was step one. Bringing troops back from overseas is step two.

  14. If Trump were not president he would ignore Marshall Law from other presidents. He does what he wants , legal or not.
    Chicago was a city that used and abused Marshal Law & put citizens in Fort Douglus. They locked up and treated people like Andersonville. This was during the Civil War and nobody paid for the abuse……….

  15. I'm not scared 😂😂😂 there has been martial law on my community for hundreds of years, I've been fighting for 42 years, let some bullshit ass Trump supporting follower's try and oppress me for the likes of this idiot. 😒💀😂🔫

  16. We were warned the Cheny/Bush regime would do this. Then Obama was going to do this. No we are warned Trump will do this. I do think Trump will incite MAGA Cultists to violence. Blame democrats. Then use the violence he incited as an excuse to ask Republican Party Supreme Court to again impose an unelected Republican as presicent

  17. This isn't Weimar Germany, we aren't collapsing or breaking down, so Trump wouldn't dare pull Martial Law as no-one in power could support him. Also , on such flimsy excuse for the action, all those who supported him can be charged with treason.

  18. The day Trump was inaugurated, the Pentagon issued a statement that the military would not violate US or international law. Unprecedented, so far as I can tell. Further, does anyone think the people of the US would obey any martial law? Laughable.

  19. WHEN are Republicans going to wake up to the fact that this guy is fucking nuts,and will do anything and everything to have his way?

  20. America is really losing it to even be talking like this. This "Enquirer" style discussion about the President is so inane it's frightening. This country so deserves Trump being out and letting a liberal spineless dreamer getting in office. First we'll see if the masses will continue to enjoy living high on the hog, and then we'll see when people like Kim Jong decides it's a good time to make a move. Like Carlin always said "I just want to sit back and watch the show. I want to see people running for their lives with their heads on fire…." We're a bored, spoiled, lazy, whiny society that's had it too good for too long.

  21. I think Trump will, we need to stop thinking the impossible will happen. Trump getting elected was the impossibility, and that happened.

  22. If he does . . . he will be carried out in hand-cuffs . . . tarred and feathered then put in the stocks to get rotten garbage stuffed in his over-grown mouth !!!

  23. David does older one think take a horse soldier in there and remove him by force does only think you can't get right of this person this great this guy is crazy mad special path and his gonna do something stupid that we were gonna be in trouble remove his a** there is people doesn't like him what other people do his ruling discovery republicans are bunch of clowns and that White House right now is the circus and is all over the word is not only America nobody respect America anymore because of him

  24. David 1st of our medic Christmas 2nd if we have civilian war China Korea and Russia they going wait until this happen to take over so is a very scary moment and trump his enjoy every man of it because they go and be forever president and I hope something happen read a badd to him to get right of this person I'm a Christian and I don't believe in violence but this guy he brought Evil to everybody so Putin and China and Korea there waiting for this is happening to put 10 hours to in America M way of loving so please do something people if you hear this message I hope you hear this malanta because you are bloody foreigner as everybody else Don't tell me you're better than everybody else because you're not

  25. It's funny to say you kill a good president John F. Kennedy and this guy he make a clown a whole country and he still sending standing I really don't understand why

  26. Temp I hate to say it I get e-mail stand your face you are nothing but of when your mother give you bed I think confused between poop and you so your half human 1/2 shut

  27. What you are not considering is the fact that the Senate is owned by Moscow, especially Mitch McConnell. He, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz and other treasonous Republicans will do whatever is necessary to keep Trump in office. The law, the Constitution, and democracy mean absolutely nothing to them. Trump will NOT leave office, irrespective of the impeachment or the election. We have a dictator in the White House.

  28. Well, he signed off on a new law, with Demoquit party support, that overrides Canadians withering rights, (the ability to withdraw the request to enter Amerika and return to Canada), WHILE ON CANADIAN SOIL!! The new law also makes it impossible to sue an an Amerikan Border Stormtrooper for their conduct. Effectively it states US law overrides Canadian law in Canada. This is bad religiously for visible minorities who've seen detentions, bans increase asking with 5 year restrictions on entry to Trumpistan go up 300% for Candids across the spectrum, during his crime spree.

  29. The house can investigate. And Republicans have shown no matter what is found, its false or not the full story. I don't really see anything stopping him

  30. America should never forget, that it was Conservative Christians who enabled and empowered the evil that is Donald Trump.

  31. Hey if tRump tried to hunker down and steal the 2020 election I think well just riot and pull his ass out with our own hands. If it does we will rise up and show him nonstop harrassment and attacks on his image.

  32. Please god get rid of the orange bastard. He doesn't have a right to be in there now. I hope he gets out of there as easily as it can. There are stupid people that thinks they will keep him in. Trump needs to be put to sleep. And not be brought out alive. End him for good.

  33. Now I will tell you about a physic that said they will try to impeach him, it will fail, then someone will kill him. not sure I believe that but who knows.

  34. I think you under-estimate the orange turd's audacity. If he thinks it will help him politically (I.E. remain in power and avoid prison), he will do it. He knows that Putin, Moscow Mitch and the GOP have his back, and there isn't a damn thing congress can do about it. Our only hope would be if the military refused and removed the dictator instead.

  35. Destroying voting machines,
    That could escalate on the ground roots level, then a governor could send in the national guard,
    Law enforcement could be thrown to the mob.
    The rhetoric of gun seizures as fuel…

  36. Hey, with Traitor Trump and Moscow Mitch coordinating with each other, plus the spineless republicans, anything’s possible.

  37. Yes, he will he is a Russian asset remember. He will start a civil war, invite Russia in to help and they will never leave. My question is the same, how compromised are we already?

  38. If he loses in 2020 and tries to impose Martial Law, I suspect the House won't go along with it; I certainly hope the Joints Chiefs would say "Hell, NO!!" They might not even say "Sir", either.

  39. Considering Moscow Mitxh is fully cooperating, as jury forman,with White House counsel in the Senate impeachment trial, I doubt he would object to martial law.

    I mean, the only thing the regressive right cares about is seizing and controlling power.

  40. He'd have to be crazy to do that.. Oh.. wait. 🤪

    Ultimately …no, because that WOULD crash the market … and the SUPER RICH (who put Trump there).. would never tolerate that.

    The risk Trump takes is that he could lose control of his radical, hate based followers … and that would make everything backfire on him. The SUPER Rich do NOT want society to collapse… they just want to USE IT to THEIR own favor. Certainly Trump does NOT Care about his Base… he just uses them, and they are too taken up by Cult Worship to even see it.

  41. From Naomi Klein's book "The Shock Doctrine" (P. 370), she wrote about the Defense Authorization Act which was signed in 2006. In it there is a rider, giving "the president the power to declare martial law and "employ the armed forces, including the National Guard," overriding the wishes of state governors, in the event of a "public emergency" in order to "restore public order" and "suppress" the disorder. That emergency could be a hurricane, a mass protest… ". Does anyone know if this is still in effect? If so, it would not be a stretch to think that Trump could find pretense to declare martial law, particularly if he refuses to step down and protests ensue. It's also within the limits of possibility that a climate disaster (or multiple) could hit at a convenient time (given how common they have become), giving him the reasoning he needs to declare martial law. He already declared a state of emergency to push the wall, after all.

  42. The Virginia Government has threatened to use the National Guard to enforce a gun confiscation. That’s pretty much martial law right there. I hope he does. It’ll get really ugly really fast.

  43. Same thing when the right says they will start a civil war ….. go ahead…. Martial law will override the constitution and bill of rights including the 2nd amendment…. the national guard will not care which side of the aisle you stand on once they start shooting…

  44. Japanese internment camps…??? They were not Japanese, they were Americans. Your rights are not rights, they are temporary privledges

  45. I've said for months that this wannabe Hitler would try to use the impeachment as his own Beer Haus Putsch so that he can declare martial law he's already said that he has the absolute authority to do anything he wants and this is so likely to happen

  46. The sucker mouth traitor in chief will do anything it takes to keep his sorry fat ass in the office he's defiling. The POS will be in office for two and half months after the so-called "election." Should the swamp scum "lose" (he won't due to it being completely rigged) pukin's puppet will have plenty of time to nullify the "election" in one way or another. We will not be rid or this vile dicktatortot. With what Moscow Bitch has planned for the Senate "trial", the orange plague is already effectively dicktatortot. The USA is now a shit-hole country run by a massively ignorant, tragically stupid idiot. A poorly trained orangutan would do a much better job than this brainless swamp scum.

  47. I hope he tries, you seppos will turn on each other so fast you will make rabid dogs seem like snails. Then I assume China will "liberate" you, all they hold more US bonds than anybody and your country does only back its currency with a promise, China will have to recoup its losses, your oil sounds fair enough and they can frack the crap out of your country becuase that is what colonies are for.

  48. Please don’t continue to speak of this. The thing that we do know is Donald Trump is not a very smart man. All of the things that he has done. For the first time, like using the military at the border we can trace back to ideas that I had placed in his head via his corrupt staff or the media. This is something that I have noticed. It is strange to me that none of the media sources that I frequent have been able to catch this pattern. Trump gets every idea from someone else. We have to be very careful about the ideas that are placed in his head.

  49. We got to plan ahead by exploring all these psychotic conspiracy theories that can actually happen since our election was overridden by a corrupted electoral college that was educated on Bible study.

  50. Trump sure enforced some reality on the Democratic Party, Pelosi's ass is going to burn for a week after this letter..

  51. Trump is just insane enough to have martial law imposed. His drug addictions are just enough to make him irrational thinking that he all tgat important. He s nit important at all. His morals make him unanke to govern.

  52. August 3, 2020: Warren way ahead of Trump. Young boy visiting the Empire State building throws water balloon to the ground, terrifying 12 people, who call police! Trump declares this "…a terrorist attack, with more on the way" ;martial law declared, elections "postponed".

  53. To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;

    USCS Const. Art. I, § 8, Cl 15

  54. Whenever the President considers that unlawful obstructions, combinations, or assemblages, or rebellion against the authority of the United States, make it impracticable to enforce the laws of the United States in any State by the ordinary course of judicial proceedings, he may call into Federal service such of the militia of any State, and use such of the armed forces, as he considers necessary to enforce those laws or to suppress the rebellion.

    10 USCS § 252

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