Will Reddit & Wikipedia Blackout Sites for SOPA?

uh… so per reddit is confirming that
they are going to do in january eighteenth blackout of the internet
they’re going to take down their site for a number of hours lewis to protest
the stop online piracy act also known as h_r_ thirty to sixty one
it’s a bill that was introduced in october it was uh… introduced by
representative lamar smith who’s a republican from texas an a bipartisan
group of twelve co sponsors the bill expands the ability of u_s_ law
enforcement and copyright holders to fight online trafficking in copyrighted
intellectual property and counterfeit goods and this is now before the house
judiciary committee it builds on the similar pro-iranian act of two thousand
eight and the corresponding senate bill to
protect eyed pea act as well uh… this would allow copyright holders
to seek core orders against websites accused of enabling are facilitating
copyright infringement this concludes training sites this can include sites
like www reddit which allowed the repose staying in kind of spreading of popular
content so this is a big big deal to enough websites where read it which is
huge is considering shutting down their site for i think it’s twelve hours which
is a big deal that’s that that that’s a lot of traffic for them and even wikipedia founder jimmy wales
as saying if we can get something together in time we would consider also blacking out the wikipedia page
instead having the message simply about a soap opera up at that time so that
that really is a big deal those are big websites and some other websites
considering the same thing i mean for what i understand from what
i’ve seen from the lawsuits regarding piracy it almost always comes down to
the individual right because a lot of these websites
are protected from this they say nothing is posted here nothing is our city right
it’s the individuals who were a posting restraining and they’re responsible for
the content of this particular bill would actually are well the distributor
the hub to be to be the actually twenty
responsible exactly i think that’s a lot of the problem is you know i i have to actually had a
conversation i have a friend reason internet intellectual property attorney and he has been on both sides he has
been defending those accused of copyright infringement and he has also
worked with copyright holders in prosecuting those who they claim a
violated their copyright dot com uh… uh… on on uh… intellectual property band i’m very mixed because we produce
content and we have we basically give away everything for free except for a
bonus content which if we found out that was being stolen i would be very inclined if if we found
out that somebody was we post in our bonus shows on read it and hosting it wherever i would want
that person to be uh… to be followed up with we put out a lot of content for
free and we support the show with the paid content i do understand that at the same time i understand that may
be going after the read it’s in the individual say it is not the solution
here you’ve yeah it’s a complicated issue let’s take a break uh… hoodies and t-shirts available as
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Maurice Vega

13 Responses

  1. If google, facebook, ebay, amazon, yahoo, and wikipedia have a blackout wouldn't that essentially mean no internet activity. I mean aside from youporn what else do people do on the internet. I wouldn't be surprised to see riots if FB was off for more than a few seconds.

  2. It's a bit more sever of an issue then that. If a 6 year old girl posted a video on Youtube of her singing a copyrighted song (with no background music, just her singing), her parents would be sued, and Youtube could be shut down. Just gone. Forever. Defending copyright is indeed an issue and should be protected, but not to the extent they are suggesting. SOPA is bringing it to horribly ridiculous heights.

  3. @kazooga1234
    Yeah, I got two emails about the Wikipedia black out. It's a thing. They're asking for donations though lol So they might just be saying they'll black out if you donate, but just take the donations and not black out at all.

  4. the whole point of the internet is that its the only free "country, stat" ,what ever, where people don't have to be effected by fucking pollotics

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