Will Modi Need Their Help? | Lok Sabha Elections 2019

Maurice Vega

15 Responses

  1. pathetic media, since yesterday been saying what if? No, if it goes wrong they need to ban all the propaganda exit pollsters

  2. T N forget it . Stalin never win . However I did not follow TN politics since Jayalalitha gone

  3. Stallin always calls modi a sadist. Ysr cant support modi bcos of special status issue. Mamta and modi were literally at war during election. Chandra babu naidu also has special status issue. Mayavati and akilesh formed coalation to defeat modi. Only chandra sekar rao, shivsena, patnaik & paswan may support modi.

  4. This leaders will not support modi… because of modi behaviour..in election rally….if modi maintain his attitude and not attacking those leaders who knows some may join hand with modi but now it's too late…now even RSS also give some bad remarks to modi…

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