Will Gun Control Really Make a Difference?

Let’s go next to our caller from the three
one, two area code. Who’s calling today from three one two. Oh, I know a name. That’s you. Yeah. Who’s this? Oh, yeah, this is Chris. I’m from Chicago. I was just watching your video about like
that, you know, like Elizabeth Warren’s, uh, gun safety plan. I think a lot of it would work and um, I’m
not really knocking it too much, but, uh, I don’t know, like a, what do you think about
like some people on the left who don’t really, uh, I don’t know. Like a lot of people say they don’t feel safe
about stuff like that, you know, they don’t feel safe with what, what do you
mean? Well, like a, there’s some left that say like,
well, you know, like, uh, I think that like, I don’t know how to describe this. They say that like it would only affect a
certain group of people. Like there’s some things that I’ve read on
this, right? Like it was like a sort of have like a background
checks on all guns and online purchases, you know, that’s reasonable. Um, you know, like, and you have like an 18
plus restriction on the cells and like, you know, you get rid of that boyfriend loophole. Like I’m reading this like that cause I took
a screen cap of it. Um, but do you mean, let me see if I understand
Chris, if, are you saying some people say that only people who would bide by the law
will be effected by different laws so that in reality, like criminals are just going
to illegally get guns either way. So who, what does it matter? Are you talking about that? Oh No, no, no, no. I’m just saying like that you’ll still like,
uh, cause like I do agree with a lot of them, right? Like, cause you know, I’m from Illinois and
like, um, it’s illegal for people from Indiana or certain parts of Illinois to uh, you know,
make cells like in certain areas. Right. Cause like that’s where like most of the guns
come from. Yeah. Um, I’m just not sure like how beneficial
it would be to like, or if it’s like if a lot of people would even be on track with
that. And I just wanted your thoughts on that. Oh, well yeah. So I mean you, you are right about one thing,
which is that this has been studied in a lot of different countries and within states just
one change. Like for example, making background checks,
completely universal for all transactions as an example. That alone is not going to have a significant
impact. But the way that these things work is when
you put together like a package of changes, that’s when you get a more significant impact
and it does decrease the availability of guns to be illegally transacted as well. That’s often, so I think you’re right in that
just one of these changes often feels like it wouldn’t do that much because it actually
would not. But there’s a lot of studies from many different
countries ranging from, you know, Australia is all over the place. Um, that tell us that when, uh, a package
of gun safety laws is passed together, um, that that does have a significant impact and
it reduces homicides. Definitely. Like, and I’m like, I didn’t say that to like,
be like I was disagreeing with you. I just wanted your thoughts about it. Yeah. You know, I think it’d be totally work to
give it a try. You know, like, oh, Chicago is like a fun
place, you know. But yeah, the one thing that I found really
interesting was that one thing that you were talking about with the, uh, the stores that
sell these firearms, right, are not the firearms that, what does it like ammunition in the
firearm, like delayed, like kind of cut in like they closed on their throats a little
bit. Like when you know, they make yourselves and
I think you could see like a decreased hopefully. Absolutely. Chris from Chicago. I appreciate the phone call. Thank you so much. And we will obviously continue covering the
gun issue. Thank you. Take care of Ya. Uh, that does it for calls today. Sorry to everybody. I did not get to, but I did my best. Uh, we will take calls again and thanks to
everybody who called it

Maurice Vega

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  1. Just stop & think how many, many thousands would be alive today IF the assault weapons ban Clinton's administration GOT had not been rescinded & killed by Bush…
    Many thousands of these weapons would NEVER have even existed….

  2. Dumb video. And a blatant lie of homicides decreasing. Most homicides are committed with bare hands and other tools. More suicides happen with guns. Use the actual fbi data instead of making shit up.

  3. Like, I don't know like, the gun control would probably, like, work but like, what if it didn't like, work for everyone? Like, I think like, people who like, obey the laws, like aren't going to be affected by it, like at all, like.

  4. The next legislative goal should be to repeal the NFA of 1934. Then maybe mandate firearm education in schools. Officially list Supremacist and other potentially violent Fundamentalist groups as terrorist organizations. Stricter regulations and research requirements for psychoactive pharmaceuticals. The simple fact is shootings and mass shootings are a portion of, and not compartmentalized from, overall violence and mass killing respectively. And banning types of or all guns and/or disarming law abiding people doesn't save lives.

  5. "Universal bgc" is registration, "girlfriend loophole" doesn't exist, "gun show loophole " is private sales, "assult weapon ban" is semi automatic ban, "assult weapon" is ever gun you see in a gun store

  6. Background check is good, but any other controls will only benefit the illegals(not referring to races) and the criminals. Right to bear arms is a constitutional and human right and that should not be taken away.

  7. Dave lies. Homicide rates did not decrease in Australia outside of international trends after confiscating firearms from nearly everyone.

  8. It can’t hurt at this point but hopefully you can show to the general public that hey you see that it did not cause anyone to loose their guns. You can show what the NRA is saying is just a bunch of crap and their interest is not likely any second amendment issues or government involvement issues but maybe just a Russia paying us issue.

  9. Oath Keepers was founded in March 2009 by Elmer Stewart Rhodes.[20][21][22] Rhodes is a Yale Law School graduate, a former U.S. Army paratrooper, and a former staffer for Republican Congressman Ron Paul.[23] On December 8, 2015, Rhodes was disbarred by the Montana Supreme Court for conduct violating the Montana Rules of Professional Conduct after refusing to respond to two bar grievances filed against him in the federal district court in Arizona.[24] Rhodes is reported to have taken inspiration from the idea that Adolf Hitler could have been stopped if German soldiers and police had refused to follow orders.[25] Writing in S.W.A.T. Magazine in 2008, Rhodes asserts, "'It' (a full-blown totalitarian police state) cannot happen here if the majority of police and soldiers obey their oaths to defend the Constitution and refuse to enforce the unconstitutional edicts of the 'Leader'."[26] MembershipThe organization claims on its website that full membership is open to "currently serving military, reserves, National Guard, police, fire-fighters, other first responders (i.e. State Guard, Sheriff Posse/Auxiliary, Search & Rescue, EMT, other medical 1st responders, etc.) AND veterans/former members of those services," and that others who support the organization's mission can become associate members.[10] The organization claims to have up to 30,000 members, though this figure has been questioned by some critics. The oathekeepers are non partisan dave and like many leftist you misconstrue or outright lie.Many blacks–Hispanics and Asians are in the group–over 65% are college graduates.I went to a survivalist meeting a few years ago–in reality there are about 6,000 far right racists.Many of these so called alt right groups have many races in them and they are Pro American Nationalists and survivalist–which is what I was partially interested in.I wish you guys would just be more truthful.I am center left but voted for Trump.I was also told about this survivalist group by the son of a Black Panther.The particular group I was casually looking into were just  pro American survivalist and out of 15 folks there–only 7 were white.3 of the people were native American Indians–this group was armed but had no interest in toppling our government and were all about freedom and enjoying and protecting the land and protecting America.And everyone there was as different as people can be.there were also democrats–not may but a few over the weekend.You are labeling a much larger group as far right nationalist and it is statistically UNTRUE.There are another 20k people that support and read and side with the 6 k that are far right racists–but after that group the other 86% by numbers are multi race–pro American–pro gun–from all backgrounds–And all agreed that our country is heading in the wrong direction and it is democrats with the open borders and the anti American sentiment that all these races and Americans were sick of.I could go on, you should be smart enough to comprehend this.So at worse out of 330 million americans 6k are hard core right wing radicals–about 15 to 20k support the first group as in reading the literature–maybe going to a protest–and out of that 15k to 20k–it is also composed of MULTIPLE races which are more vehemently pro American and less about being racists–the other million or so like me are pro American americans that feel this country is going the wrong way and we meet and discuss this and enjoy the outdoors.i volunteer at the ASPCA and do not participate in hunting animals because it is not my belief–and no one cared or belittled me.You need to stop doing this and generalizing and making it seem as if there are millions of far right extremists–it is UNTRUE.proud boys also are pro American and have MULTIPLE races in their group–I believe 2 of the top 10 are Hispanics and jews and yes even some blacks.You consider ms-13–crips–bloods–black panthers–far left violent antifa and radical muslims and you got about 5 million plus that are far leftists violent.Fa right nationalists have killed a few hundred folks–if that–in the last 20 years.crips–bloods–ms-13 alone kill thousands yearly–the muslims alone killed more on 911 then all far right groups have TOTAL in modern history.You should have me on your show as a center right view to make sure you deal with facts–and you guys are not.and I have watched you and thom hartmann on and off for years and you guys have turbocharged the lying and taking things out of context and slanting them to your leftist view.if you are going to present things to an audience–how about getting a little closer to the truth if it is possible.I also have 20 years in healthcare–testified to the Ga congress about obamacare–illegals and fraud and how medicare for all will give subpar care because the plans from these do not PAY the providers squat and you will not get the best and brightest with doctors making 40k a year seeing 100 folks a day and then doing a mound of paperwork to get reimbursed in pennies on the dollar.I could go on, but I will save it for another day.

  10. And to add to my first comment.I have gone up to the mountains for getaways when these groups were up in the north Ga mountains–Helen Ga and other areas–and the 5 to 7 times I was hanging out near these groups–not once was any type of racism discussed–in fact how could it since it was a mix of races like I stated earlier.I plan on moving up to the north Ga mountains and will probably join one of the survivalist groups.I even met an astronaut up there.My main point idsthere are only a sliver of racists and these groups that the leftist lump together is just plain out FALSE.In fact courtesy to your fellow man is encouraged and respect of women and the flag and the environment–one of the times I went they were cleaning the chatahoochee river up there.I am very sick of the left wing media labeling a big swathe of whites as beer drinking heavily armed racists that are constantly plotting to kil or harm other races and topple the government.Most of the lie what I copied from wikepedia–most of these folks are military–ex military etc–and the military ahs the highest number of minorities ever.West point just graduated the biggest class of blacks and black WOMEN ever.You can ramp up the rhetoric when you get facts and life experiences to back it up.

  11. Trump at his latest MAGAtard rally, "It is not the gun that pulls the trigger, it is the person holding the gun".
    Listen idiot, when the country finds out that the shooter is a nut job, he killed many innocent lives already.
    His plan is examine the mentally unstable?
    The entire GOP is puppeted by the NRA. 🤬

  12. People don't seem to understand that gun control will do nothing because it doesn't fix the real problems. I mean you can take away and or limit guns but the violence will still be there. Maybe they'll start using bombs, maybe they'll start plowing people over with cars or vans. People tend to forget that this country is a chaotic country and always has been. Last I checked this country wasn't "founded" under a banner of peace. Blood was spilled to take it and more blood was spilled to keep it. This country has sustained itself on hate, fear and violence for a long time now and I don't see an end in sight.

  13. "It is not the gun that pulls the trigger, it is the person holding the gun,"-Trump.
    When you hear little kids accidentally kills a sibling, that 10 year is at fault?
    Arrest that gun, it needs to go to prison.

  14. I personally don’t think gun control would do anything but you throw in a gun buyback program with gun control that might do the trick

  15. On this issue it's obvious you need to ban guns immediately. 99% of 1st world country don't have access to guns. When was the last time people picked their guns to defend themselves from dictatorship? It's all just a bunch of bullshit. Republicans are addicted to guns because USA as a cultural problem. Too much soldiers and veterans. USA is constantly at war or intervening militarily in other countries. When they go back home they miss their toys.

  16. Theirs sporting shotgun where you can lock in the safety it would be really helpful if that became more widely available in Walmarts and such it might keep people from shooting themselves by accident 😂

  17. F×CK gun-control. Its an unwinnable battle. Democratic/Republican lawmakers need to give Those Dem/Republican lawmakers in the pocket of Lobbist an ultimatum.


    Please dont make me run the numbers on you. Vote bernie 2020.

  18. It is not that we have no weapons here in Germany, no we have millions of firearms. But we also have very strict gun laws and absolutely everyone who wants to buy a weapon must firstly prove a reason to need a weapon and he must never have been delinquent. He must also have a healthy state of mind and can prove that. But that is just one reason why there is much less violence from firearms in Germany. America is a backward outdated sick society through and through, that is certainly one of the main reasons for the violence.

  19. It can help to a degree 👌🙄 but if someone wants to kill they will find a way
    I don't want to kill
    Why all my stress
    Because in a scarity environment
    No healthcare that I really do need
    Be it counseling or dentist
    Or something else
    Dont expect It cant happen
    By anyone!
    People will do what they have to do
    Its why you get drug sells or robbed sometimes
    Not all the times
    If I had a gym franchises I take health plans
    Reward system
    Restaurant 👌🙄 good foods
    Think big assholes!

  20. Mega gym 👌🙄
    hand ball
    Self defense
    Workout area
    Monopoly 👌🙄 only way to imagine…
    Even if I don't. Want to
    Free joints rewards or bar for social relaxing
    Game theory…
    People have to want it…

  21. Why is it so difficult for people to Imagine 👌🙄
    I already have Ideas to take out space weapons

  22. you get in my way ill out imagine you 👌🙄
    I always thought big..
    Been doing it as a kid…
    No support for people with disabilities…
    Just stuck…

  23. Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. Albert Einstein quotes.
    I only have a 124 IQ 👌🙄 I lol @ you
    My ex should of helpped me not rip my heart out!
    Just saying…
    Ill take any idea 👌😘 I can imagine more!

  24. Hypothetically 👌🙄 example
    If my gym Idea worked
    I'd add it to UBI if I go over x amount
    I only need so much
    Or donate it to people with disabilities
    Possibly global

  25. Dont click on my links 👌🙄 read it all 1st
    But turn this one up!

  26. Recently in Australia we had a mentally ill man murder a woman and ran down the street, stabbing an other women. He was apprehended by guys on the street with a chair and a milk crate! GUN LAWS WORK. If that guy had access to a gun, it would have been a different story. Mental problems are in every country but gun laws make a big difference to save lives.

  27. The 2’nd Amendment only worked for us as long as we were more or less homogeneous and had intact families. Now that we’ve been culturally enriched with diversity and feminism has destroyed the family the guns gotta go.

  28. What scares me the most about responsible gun controlis if we passed something small instead of multiple packages just something small like universal gun background checks then the first sign of a problem the first mass shooting the right will say I told you so we need guns in the hands of literally of literally everyone. Before it even gets a chance

  29. caller: "you know how they have like firearms or not like firearms but you know it's like when youbhave a firearm like the rifle like it has ammunition and they take the cover and the pull it over and you can see it like covered up hopefully"

    david: "Absolutely." ends call


  30. The difference the gun ban made in Chicago..is …well……exactly what would happen with a gun ban. More murder , by people with illegal guns. In London…where guns are banned…Knives are killing more people than are killed in New York City.
    Banning guns , is like arresting all the sober people driving, trying to catch drunk drivers.

  31. It will also take a long time for a package of gun legislation to make a difference since the NRA has pumped so many guns into circulation.

  32. Like, how many times does this guy like say LIKE? Americans and like Canadians too don't speak like English anymore. Stupidism is like reflected in like the language folks and like stupid is as like stupid does.

  33. If I see a person with a gun in Copenhagen, I will immediately know that he is a criminal and a bad guy and I will call the police and maybe even take him into custody. In the US we will have to wait until he uses that gun and then it might be a little bit too late.

  34. This argument of “this one change will not resolve the problem” argument is a fool’s trap: it is used mainly by right-wingers to make people who want and are working toward change look silly to people of poor cognitive skills: It is a way to maintain the status quo by saying that any change or action that does not achieve 100% change or reversal of a situation is insignificant and therefore should not be attempted; even a 99% change, to them, is wasted effort; should just one case not be solved by that, then throw the baby out with the dirty bath water.

    It is BEYOND ridiculous because, as David correctly points out, one change will never resolve a situation. It is a starting point: Something to build upon. No, no one single gun-control law is going to illuminate gun-violence and criminality (a Billion gun-control laws will never eliminate those things) but a few dozen measure could eliminate half of it, maybe more, maybe less; and THAT is a worthwhile thing! One gun-control law is the first step on the journey of a thousand steps (just like banning plastic straws is not a ridiculous step that won’t save the ocean: it is the first step to changing our way of life so that one day the ocean might be 50% cleaner than it is now); but it has to start with the first step.

    We should ignore all cries of paid propagandists who try to stop the march for change by criticizing the type of shoes we chose for the journey! I bet there were people like them laughing too when the first people started work on the first pyramid by chipping little specs of stone with copper tools that would bend into uselessness under the constant pounding.

  35. Most guns get sold privately. That means if we add background checks, most gun sales won't be effected. I've seen these sales all my life. I feel like something more is needed, I am a gun supporter. However people are dying and background checks are a joke, A start but would have almost zero results. Most people buy guns(especially semi/automatic) from friends, also most aren't registered at all. Taking the guns would never work, nor background checks. We need something else, I'm not sure what tho.

  36. So in Toronto now there are more shootings per capita than in New York. Toronto has huge amounts of Canadian gun control. The mayor of Toronto wants a Federal handgun ban. The chief of police has come out and stated, as fact, that every single shooting done in the last two years was done by an already "illegal" gun. More than that, 80% plus of those guns had been sold into crime by people who already had or have had pending gun charges against them. So it's all well and good to keep calling for control control control… But when your system is near totally toothless it really makes almost no difference.

  37. I believe the problem goes deeper than just access to firearms. Something really needs to be done about the divisiveness and lack of respect for other human lives so prevalent in the citizens of this country. It's a selfish culture which could do with a little inclusiveness. But I honestly wouldn't doubt if there's another more sinister element behind it which seeks political gain. I don't personally believe restricting access to firearms will help, but better practices of firearm safety (i.e. locking guns in safes so your children don't have access to them, learning proper handling and clearing procedures etc.) Would certainly help to an extent…

  38. You just know that the gun nuts are gonna go "no gun control, it doesn't work! (Because we won't let it!)" "Yee not taking our guns!!!"

    Even through gun control doesn't mean losing ALL your guns, just drop the number from 50 rifles and 30 pistols and 15 shotguns…

    Self defense? You live in an active war zone?

  39. Will gun control make a difference, yes of course, that question is silly.

    Will it make a *positive difference*, yes, it will lower the amount of emotional response killings, the passion murders done with rifles.

    Besides most of the “good guys with guns” use handguns and almost always have for years.

  40. "Gun control measures won't stop gun deaths." Yeah… You REALLY know won't stop gun deaths? Doing nothing! It's time we attack the gun lobby at it's base, start showing them they don't have the control they think they do. If we pass legislation that reforms gun laws, it'll affect the gun culture and will absolutely minimize gun deaths. Arguing that restricting gun laws won't stop criminals breaking the law, so we shouldn't do it is like arguing that rape should be legal because having rape laws won't stop criminals from breaking the law.

  41. But Chicago! Chicaaaahgo! Chicago has strict gun laws and look at all the gun violence. I mean, all you have to do is go a state over and buy 50 guns at a gun show and bam, bring them back to Chicago. Oh wait…..

  42. Will gun control make a difference?
    But more importantly we need to address the problem of hopelessness and poverty that lead to desperation.

  43. Yes. But it depends how it's done. State laws are not that effective if other states don't have them. They have to be federal. Background checks, waiting periods, assault rifle bans would all help a lot at the federal level

  44. just as long as they dont try to make guns illegal. because americans (and largely humans in general) love to gravitate toward things theyre told they cant have. we all know how prohibition went…

    what we need is to help those in danger of crossing that line to kill. those that arent already likely to due to a mental disorder. UBI, Medicare for All… etc. things that cant be taken away that help people to not feel like their world is about to fall apart any second. desperate people do desperate things. desperate people are easier to manipulate and control. we need these things now, not promised for the next election cycle.

  45. Australian studies are (geographically) irrelevant, as are gun control measures with open borders.

    'No hate tho', generally regard you types as well intentioned globalist zealots. If you could kindly keep your religion to yourselves.

  46. I don't have a problem with the 2nd amendment I just wish they would get rid of automatic rifles, america is not at war with other americans!!!

  47. There are already so many guns in the USA that you would have to confiscate them like Australia did. Why didnt David mention how the only reason the gun laws worked in Australia is that they had to confiscate many guns. WHich I can understand but I cant picture you insane americans doing that. A civil war would break out. YOu guys are crazy for guns. Especially handguns. Why anyone needs a handgun is beyond me. They are only made for close range and for killing humans. I guess if I lived in Chiraq I might want to won a handgun so I dont get robbed everyday or killed..

  48. I have a solution… deport the family of the shooters and take away their citizenship as Americans….Drop em of in Afghanistan. When little Billy starts talking about going Jihadi on his fellow Americans. Its time for mom and dad to pop a cap in his ass. You know mom will do it !!!…. She don't look good in a burka !!!

  49. Why can't callers just practise what they're gonna say? Cause to be honest that ill equipped question could have been answered a hundred different ways, because it lacks any complete understanding. Callers please just dont call for the sake of calling if you never really had a thoughtful question to begin with.

  50. Funny enough, Australia, the UK, Canada, the Nordic countries, New Zealand etc. have all shown a reduction not just in gun violence, but in violent crimes as a whole after enacting even more relatively light-handed gun control measures. But every time we show the results to Americans, their responses basically boils down to "I reject your reality and substitute my own."

  51. Gun control is just common sense, anyone saying otherwise is an ignorant fool or dishonest. Since the US health care system is failing so many, it's not hard to imagine ppl are simply not addressing their mental issues. If healthcare was guaranteed including mental illness, that's where I believe we'll start to see a decline in gun violence.

  52. I live in Canada, we have pretty strict gun laws, and just had over 20 shootings in Toronto over a recent weekend. Also stabbings happen at an alarming rate too It's not a gun issue it's a gang issue.
    If people want to murder each other they'll find a way.

  53. I don't know the exact number of guns in America but there are several hundred million. Guns have a very long working life, I have guns from the Civil War that still fire, they are collectors items, but they fire. If you banned all guns today we would still have several hundred million guns in 40 years. You can't compare the effectiveness of gun laws for us with Australia, we have a lot more guns than Australia ever did. Pretty much only two calibers of rounds have been used in every mass shooting. If you make those rounds difficult to get those assault weapons become expensive clubs. You can't buy the assault rifle used in that Walmart in Walmart. They banned the sale of assault rifles in 2015. You can buy the ammo five minutes before the shooting in that very Walmart. I feel you are concentrating on the most ineffective and wrong thing.

  54. Of course societal problems are a factor in gun violence, but reducing the amount of people who have guns, and the ease with which to get them will help a lot. Doubt it'll make it worse.

  55. Im from Australia, your gun problem in America is like trying to put toothpaste back in its tube after its been squeezed out, you have 10 guns per person, the attitude is "well if he's not giving up hes gun, im not giving up mine", your 2nd amendment is out of date and should be null/void.

  56. I'm an avid listener to your show. I appreciate the way you talk about political affairs, but also when you invite other guests to talk about medicine, science, and the like. A couple of days ago you interviewed a medical scientist, a gerontologist (I can't remember his name now), unfortunately, the video clip with the interview isn't available. I believe making no-politics clips available could help increase your viewership. They could provide a moment of respite that we all need.

  57. Gun control can only make a difference if it's applied universally…. having different laws from state to state reduces the effect of any meaningful gun control to a shambles

  58. Poor David. This caller speaks like my eight year old niece. Too much screen time, not enough book time and sunshine.

  59. Studies have emerged showing that the majority of mass shooters, going back to 1966 have been white males between the ages of 18 to 35.
    All of the shooters had some form of childhood trauma.

  60. it will make a very small diff. at best. you need to get rid of guns. slowing down the purchase will just slow down the purchase process.

  61. To answer the question: No, it won't. If you want to lower gun violence, homicides and suicides, address the core factors — inequality, healthcare, wages, racism, and education. A lot of the gun violence statistics we see comparing the U.S. and OECD countries involve strong cherry picking.

  62. There is no fix other then to declare marshal law and have the army search every house for weapons.
    That is the only way you are going to get rid of the guns in america.
    Obviously you cant do this.

    OR can you?

  63. There is a supreme law of the land, the Constitution. Our elected leaders are sworn to defend it. There is a process to amend it. Passing laws that violate any aspect of the Constitution is bad law and will result in tensions, especially with those who take their oaths seriously. Change the constitution via the amendment process or risk much greater problems. The oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic is as plainly clear as is the right to bear arms shall not be infringed.

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