Will democracy end? | Fukuyama vs Huntington and the End of Democracy | How democracy will end

The End of History. People of the planet Earth will eventual reach
homogeneous state of liberal democracy which will end all wars and be the final form of
human government, or The Clash of Civilizations. The argument that we will split into separate
civilization corners which will clash against each other in one giant clash of civilizations
which is supposed to be the highest form of conflict among humans? No Star Wars for you Lucas! A quarter of century ago these two hypothesis
laid out by some of the most prominent political scientists of our time were the most popular
competing concepts about the future of humanity. But do they still hold? END OF HISTORY
In the winter of 1988/89, just before the fall of the Berlin Wall, Fukuyama wrote that
the world has reached its final point in history. “The end of history is the end point of
mankind’s ideological evolution and the universalization of Western liberal democracy as the final
form of human government.” In practice it would mean that all systematic
alternatives to Western liberalism will die out and the whole world will be swallowed
by Western consumerism in all aspects of cultural life. The practicality of liberal democracy will
win in every culture, political persuasion, or religious belief. The triumph of Western liberalism will bring
ever-lasting peace because all human needs will be met and the choice of conflict will
simply become too irrational to consider. Did he predict Utopia? No. Fukuyama only pointed out that the liberal
democracy by Western standards is the one and only sustainable form of government, and
that all other alternatives would eventually collapse under their own weight. Sounds too good to be true? Even though, after the collapse of the Soviet
Union, everything seemed to be going in favor of Fukuyama, this hypothesis has its problems. And very big ones. The fall of the Berlin Wall wasn’t really
a victory of the liberal democracy and capitalism, but rather a sudden crumbling of a very exhausted
giant that no one was expecting. The idea of socialism as a viable alternative
to capitalism didn’t die, but rather spread across the Western world and is becoming increasingly
popular as disillusioned youth declares resentment against establishment. For liberals in the political science, history
is a linear path and as fascism was defeated with Germany, communism was with Soviet Russia. But fascism was not defeated. Germany was. The idea of fascism still lives today. Sometimes louder sometimes quieter, but especially
today ever more present. Many don’t realize it but in its core fascism
really is putting your own identity above all others and treating everyone else as inferior. A plurality of people holding this belief
could bring another disaster exactly like was the case of Nazi Germany and fascist Italy. Saying that liberal democracy has no viable
alternative is a nice opinion to have but nothing more. There is no guarantee democracy will last
forever and especially today. CLASH OF CIVILIZATION? What about the other way more pessimistic
hypothesis? With much less faith in humanity Samuel Huntington
confidently predicts largest conflicts on this planet since dinosaurs. He declares that “The great divisions among
humankind and the dominating source of conflict will be cultural. The clash of civilizations will dominate global
politics.” He divides the world into seven or eight major
civilizations: Western, Confucian, Japanese, Islamic, Hindu, Slavic-Orthodox, Latin American
and possibly African civilization. What is a civilization? A resident of Rome may define himself with
varying degrees of intensity as a Roman, an Italian, a Catholic, a Christian, a European,
a Westerner. That last category is, according to Huntington,
a civilization. Huntington is convinced that these civilizations
will fight each other simply because they’re different, and they like to be different. But then again, this is just a hypothesis,
29 pages of oversimplification of extremely complex human behavior. The civilizations of Muslim world and Christian
West for example have been clashing at their cultural borders since Crusades. But the reason for the West’s presence in
the Middle East is primarily its geopolitical importance build solely on the presence of
oil. But when oil becomes irrelevant as an energy
source thanks to the self-driving cars and thermonuclear fusion, there will be fewer
practical incentives for the West to waste their money on expensive interventions. Also civilizations don’t make decisions. The ruling elite does. It has always done. Yeah and by the way, the most fundamentalist
Islamic state in the world is the closest ally of the United States. Saudi Arabia. You can only guess why. The bottom line is that these are not theories
but mere hypothesis and none of this is exact science or even based on the exact science. Neither is this video. Social science is increasingly false the more
you try to simplify understanding of complex human behavior. You can never be sure you have taken all the
variables into account and even if you’d do that, the amount of variations you can
work with is overwhelming. But modern democracy is different from the
one of 25 years ago. Technology changed things more rapidly and
drastically than we could have adapted to and neither Fukuyama nor Huntington predicted. TECHNOLOGY
Virtual world has become an inseparable extension of our lives to the point when whoever gets
their hands on one can control the other. We as a society accepted that technology giants
we trust our data with will hold them for however long they want and use them for whatever
purposes they choose. But there are social contracts that we were
not asked about. The kind of contracts made secretly between
technology companies and our own governments that reshaped the world like nothing else
before. Virtual copies of our entire private lives
are being sold, analyzed, categorized and determined for specific purposes. From providing us more targeted advertising
that’s virtually impossible to hide from, to complete construction of the perfect surveillance
state that keeps an eye on all of us at all times. We as citizens have been turned from sovereign
people into marketing units and potential criminals under the presumption guilty until
proven innocent. All for the sake of convenience and security,
it’s terrifyingly scary how many people are willing to trade short-term comfort for
long-term value of freedom. The post-Snowden era didn’t change much
in the direction where we are going, because too much of a majority didn’t express enough
care to change the course. So if you think there’s a battle between
privacy advocates and our own governments, that battle has been lost. Privacy is dead. Because we killed it. Whether you do shopping, business emails,
private chats with your friends, search for news, or browse the Internet. Everything is caught in the database ready
to be used against you. Not saying there isn’t a way back just pointing
out it’s partly our fault because we as a society accepted this without question. Not everyone, but too many of us. Speaking of giant companies, economics is
not going to be a dominance of West anymore either. At least not for the ordinary people. The inequality is a such a huge problem today
that some people from new generation are worse off then their predecessors. Why is inequality a problem? Because of how trade works. Healthy business cycle produces roughly as
much as it can consume. More creates surplus and less generates shortage,
either case causes losses. The same goes for money in cycle. If most people earn roughly in the same interval
of salary, most of those money are immediately returned to the cycle to purchase more goods
and services, which stabilizes economic growth. You have plenty of medium size businesses
and large portion of middle-class population. But when too much wealth is concentrated in
the handful of individuals, most people have to spend less on goods and services, while
those rich individuals will never generate such an expenditure that would compensate
for production. Therefore more losses in the overall system,
less growth or even recession, meaning lower wages, meaning less expenditure and so on
until the whole system collapses? No, the system will not collapse because that
would cause those lucky ones to go down with it. (We can only hope.) What’s happened and will become reality
to even larger extent in the future, is that those few individuals will join the decision
making process on such a scale where one person=one vote is no longer the case. And will result in reorganization of the global
trading system like is the case through the TPP while ignoring the thing of the democratic
process about asking the people first all together. You can call it good or bad but you can no
longer call it a liberal democracy because it isn’t. There are two unnerving issues about how big
some corporations have grown. a) internet companies have reshaped and captured
all aspects of our social, business and private lives
b) while they don’t have to abide by certain rules we commend our governments to follow. For example, companies don’t have to follow
free speech and censorship policies, which has already become a huge problem on the Internet. People are relying on too few sources to communicate
information with one another but they don’t realize that much of this information gets
processed in the transition. Google searches are no longer what they used
to be – pure results of your search queries. They’re almost perfectly crafted pieces
of information put together by endlessly calculating algorithms based on your preferences, personality
and Google’s current mood to show or not to show content they do deem relevant. And the same goes for Facebook, Twitter or
even Youtube, which are no longer as free as they were initially and you have to be
very careful about what you say and how. Without you knowing, all of them will rearrange
your news feeds to create a virtual bubble of safe space around you, so that you never
have to confront real world. Even operating systems from now on monitor
all your activity to get those ads directly to your desktop. And the worst thing is that you can’t do
anything about it. They’re private companies and as long as
people show up in crowds they can do whatever they want within the boundaries of law, sometimes
not even that (when it comes to paying taxes, cough cough),. The only way to achieve something is to boycott
their services but that’s not easy either since so much of our daily routine is dependent
on their monopoly. Whether you like it or not our society is
and will be to even larger extent in the future governed by the private businesses with no
elections ever. Just like technology brought an end to feudalism
it will bring an to end to capitalism that replaced it. Remember capitalism is based on selling your
labor for wages. This is what ended the age of kings and nobility
and brought free market. But what happens when you no longer need wage
labor? When you replace significant portion of working
population with automated machines that can teach themselves what they can do at much
lower cost than their human counterparts? The answer is, multiply the current inequality
and high unemployment problems with the pace of the technological progress and you get
the idea where we are headed. Towards a transition into the future where
old habits still in place are not valid anymore to new ways technology has enabled us. This is not my unscientific prediction of
what’s possible. This is just an observation of what’s already
happening at a lightening speed. It seems inevitable that this is where technology
takes us no matter what we think about it. But through our decisions to prefer comfort
over privacy and security over freedom, we as a society have repeatedly and consciously
decided to move away from the values we built our modern world on. Humans have passed another crossroad and the
path we chose is radically different from the one we were used to. Because what we chose when we accepted all
of this is effectually killing our current state of democracy. It is safe to assume that we are faster than
ever moving towards the end of democracy.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Yo that blue icon with the lock right side 9:31 what service is that ? Also very nice vids it’s making me more privacy conscious but I still use a bunch of there services minus google search

  2. i don't beleve in this because i'm muslim . sorry life will end when most humain turn to evil and : fall of 7 leaders bosses of the world ; second : imam al mahdi appearing ; appearance of the liar : al dajal who say he is isa … appearance of our beloved isa ; appearance of hujuj and mijouj the humains that ruined earth before us . the sun rise from the west and 3 more . i'll advice you to learn islam because i beleve there is 4 leaders died . 3 to go . before the world ends . and that war may trully happen . just pray to god and follow your heart . i don't care about goverment ; and my great great great grand father was alive when he teached me islam he was at 126 years old . so i beleve in islam . we should all do . i'm not even afraid to comment because that war and the distruction is what god told us about in kuran in the signs of the end of the life . this is not something new to me 🙂 . but fuck manipulators any ways . old days ended we are in money growth which will you follow . if you ask any person in this life no one has great new for 2100 let's pray nothing bad happens that causes the appearance of those signs , because life will end when we cause those signs to appear . us long us there is balance between good and evil us long life will continue . but this part is messing my head . the way i see evry one works for besiness for his own benefits . so if there is no more benefits for him than he'll no more participate with at list good actions : rip . we are so much humain population will surpass 10 milyard soon . how could we live in the future . i don't understand evil get passed down threw generations and there is no generation worth it . this is the true devil work . devil art . and devil is winning because he will ,let's just learn and try to become better at analysing situations ; this is the first part to not miss judge any one or anything because if we judge : we'll get judged hard ; harder than it looks! good like mate !

  3. dude stick to the subjects you know because this was one rumbling of utopist kid who is listening to tv and pseudo intel. – it always was and wil be very simple, same as human behaviour, main factor is dynamic between man and woman + you totally dismiss the fact that usa and europe ARE BROKE FROM 20 YEARS they need to borrow unexisting money every year to avoid the collapse. Educate yourself from really inteligent ppl not tv. Democracy? are you for real? Simple logic you have 10 ppl, lawyer, poet, musician, psychologist and so on First decision is about law, how many ppl from this group can make right decision? only 1, statistically it will be 2, than next decision about literature, how many can make decision? again 2 because 8 have no knowledge or info about it so they just listen to feelings etc This are things I had in 6 grade OMG plus whole history of democracy it always collapse after woman go into public space because facts dont matter any more…. than you have rome etc where ppl needed to EARN THE VOTE it was never about everyone deciding, only proven ppl were deciding like you needed to own the land, be in military draft etc You lost yourself in the subjects above, take few red pills at least and stop being such an emotonal pussy, become a man and embrace conflict instead of avoiding it like a woman. All the best

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