Why You Should Read in Your Teens and Early 20s

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honest I don’t know what you talking about
I just want to talk about reading books because I feel like it’s a really
important thing that people should do more but we don’t due to the fact that
technology has overrun society and we’re all gonna die alone… Do you even know what you’re doing let me talk about it at least I’ll make
some dot points do some green screen effects it’ll be sweet I fine… why should I
read more that’s a good question a really good question the lighting went off
but you’re right it is a good question nice to meet you man that came out a
weird angle anyway why should I read it I thought I’d make a youtube video so I
need you to listen because you’re my audience I have zero subscribers so I’m
interested good sweet good. I guess let’s start the video you wanna roll it… And we’re rolling being well into my first year in
university I’ve gotten a lot of free time to do the things I never really
could I’ve gotten a second job I can binge-watch a pretty mediocre CW show
and I’ve had a lot of free time to play really really long games like The
Witcher 3 or Assassin’s Creed with this free time I feel a lot less anxious I
have more time to read this year alone I’ve read almost ten books and I’m not
saying small books… books that are this big kind of thing which may not seem like a
lot but it’s a lot more than the one or two I used to read once a year in high
school however given this opportunity to be
less stressed and active while reading things I genuinely enjoy such as fantasy
epics stories on life lessons yes I read that and things about different
ideologies and belief systems I genuinely gotten the sense of learning I
never really could gain by the high school or university and that’s the
thing people always told me that once I finished high school and go to uni I
would genuinely be able to things I’ve always wanted to they said
that uni was going to be the place where I’d actually feel much better about
learning the things I want and although University can be
insightful on most things the tutors can be actually pretty genuine when
they’re teaching you it’s kind of worse and feels more pointless then school did yeah we’re taking the glasses off because I just re-watched some of that
and yeah know according to Seeta Bhardwa’s study on
universities in the UK she found that over ninety one percent of students
actually go to university due to their own accordance that means they actually
want to learn however majority of these university students pick their union
through the better quality of teaching rather than the higher graduation
employment rate which means we would rather a better learning then say
something like employment this also correlates with Becky’s Sepino
Sepiano… Sepiano. This also correlates with Becky Supiano’s study who discovered that
students in the u.s. genuinely do know that higher education is available to
them however do not continue with their education due to the affordability in
the expense Supiano actually insinuates that universities need to
change this they need to meet the needs of the contemporary technological
literate students Millennials gen Z and generation alpha and I think this
word change is something that I really really want to talk about even though
it’s recognized especially more in university than in high school I think
it’s the main reason the educational system sucks
so the statistics from both bagua and SAS piana is clear that people my age 18
19 and 20 really do want to learn and gain a
higher education this is especially relevant once we leave high school
from my own experience I generally left high school wanting to learn about the things
I enjoyed writing for you it may be something different it could be business
it could be law could be architecture it could be art anything creatively
stimulating anything mathematically expressive or scientifically the
fantastic breaking through something that we couldn’t even imagine and the
great thing is universities do offer a lot of these things but they haven’t
changed when offering to its students more I guess our more needy more
narrower diverse consumeristic qualities and that’s the thing unlike the rest of
society the education system hasn’t actually changed all that much in
comparison look at the transformation from the phone or maybe a car since the
1940s these things have changed so much but I don’t even need to make dot
points you can just see in the photos and it’s crazy because since 1944
schooling has actually changed but not in many significant ways I think the
largest one is that punishment has become a lot less severe
instead of hitting us with a cane we now get detentions which is still
punishment which is needed but it’s a lot more less aggressive inclusion has
skyrocketed from my own experience people who had writing dysfunctions or
reading difficulties could actually get extra time breaks even a scribe to help
them during their exams especially the ones that led to our university entries
of course the impact of technology has changed the curriculum in many countries
and the risk of dangerous subjects such as woodwork or metal work have become a
lot less risky and safer due to the Health and Safety Act
1978 although these changes are fantastic nowadays the examination
pressure seems to be a lot more of a higher standard even though it allows
for diversity the BBC school report 2014 did stay that high school students 45
years ago could actually leave school one day with no qualifications and get
and receive a job the very next day today you need at least experience to do
anything tradesmen need safe while they’re doing their trade work most
employers distributing alcohol needs some sort of qualification and license
and if you want a higher paid job you need to have at least five extra
years at university and it’s not just time or money it’s it’s both from my own experience I am a writer
I enjoy films I enjoy literature I really do enjoy any story based device
and I also enjoy the philosophy of the middle way and the idea of just kind of
living in the moment and so when I picked my university course I decided to
do a study on communications and I wanted to do journalism because when you
define I guess journalism and how they define it during the course is it’s the
historical documentation of stories and from within the present which is both
things I’m actually interested in however for my now 20 weeks of
experience in university journalism is both my major and my worst subject and I
have learnt a lot of great things however I don’t always learn or have the
opportunity to learn about the things I thought I was going to be learning about
for me I guess there wasn’t enough description on not necessarily the
subject but the assessments because the assessments are the largest part of
university the only thing most people concentrate especially in Australia is
if I can pass that’s good that gets me through and I’d rather pay extra money
so the assessments are about 90% of University and the annoying thing is uni
need doesn’t even touch on it when you pick your subjects there are some good
things though I did learn how to edit video and I did learn the difference
between passive and active writing which is incredibly interesting for things
that I am genuinely interested in especially helpful when I’m trying to
make these video essays on the Internet however that’s only one in every six
lectures or tutorials it seems that journalism is sadly rather
about everything else which makes sense but it seems to be more about politics
law and immigration rather than the small things such as a small-town
Society doing something great environmentalism or even just something
positive for once not that we’re all gonna die not that terrorists are attacking
not that someone got killed it’s never positive which is also kind of what
makes me not like it and the kind of weird thing is I’ve only done one written
assessment it was only worth one-sixth of my grade during my first semester
and I understand that stories especially news stories get consumed by a multiple
ranged system there’s videos there’s audio there’s the written story and it
all gets consumed I think it’s like 90% gets consumed on your phone but the
weird thing I find is they don’t really get you to write the story it’s all
about can you edit a video can you edit or and I feel like if the university is
really this place where I can find myself and learn about the things I’ve
always wanted to it still doesn’t have that variety within its subjects and
like you can learn about architecture and become an architect and then build
and design buildings if you want to do that and that’s
fantastic that’s amazing but today especially people are so much more
complicated and needy and we’re all grasping at equality and the sad fact is
that education isn’t it’s still very broad subjects need to be more narrower
for example journalism should have multiple different journalism classes I
know that needs more tutors and teachers and experts on the subject but I feel
like if journalism was… or any degree marketing shouldn’t necessarily just be
marketing and business is actually a good example business has multiple
different things you can be but I feel like that’s not even narrow enough for
peoples I guess strange expectations I do a creative writing minor and I genuinely like
it more of course it’s creative writing then journalism and then you probably
thinking you know why didn’t you pick it because in society I’m going to get a better job
with a bachelor degree in journalism than I am with a bachelor degree in
creative writing and if I had a bachelor’s degree in engineering I
probably get a better job than the one I did with journalism it’s just such a
weird structuring system so you should have subjects that are more narrow so
have journalism but maybe like subgenres of journalists and also have like what
kind of storytelling do you want do you want to travel the world and write
stories do you want to work in a newsroom do you this do you want to do
that and I get journalism’s meant to be and uni is meant to be a place where you
can experiment but most people by the time that 18 already know what they want
to do or already turn what they’re passionate about
and if you’re stuck doing the things that you don’t want to do it feels like
you’re just going to worse play some high school and that’s why a lot of people actually drop out expectations need to be a whole less high especially in the New
South Wales HSC system and even though so many things need to change I feel
like one thing has always stayed the A study by Jean Twenge the average twelfth grader which is a year below me spends roughly six hours a day
texting browsing social media and the Internet online this is insane but it’s
true I use my phone all the time to do just little things I’m generally
interested in such as making this video and the amazing thing about the phone
which is what I’m using to film is that we have just a constant connection to so
many different stories articles little things that we’re interested in and yeah
some people do read it some people don’t but if it’s taken 75 years for schools
to become a little more inclusive and less punishing but more harder more broader
in a sense and kind of less of what it actually advertises to the needier people
of my generation I guess if you’re interested in something and whatever it
is you could be space could be writing you could be reading could be math it
could be whatever it is I feel like if you’re interested in anything at all
there are so many articles just a click away on your phone there are ones by
professionals in the industry there are ones made by idiots like me there ones
made by comedians there are ones made by really really sad people all sorts and
sorts of things and with self-publishing now becoming more of a
higher standard and easier to access thousands and thousands of books are on
the market and are literally on the internet for free like you can read whatever it
is and in Twenge’s study she did say that we consume majority of our content through
our phones through our screens and if you really do want to read or if you’re
like hey I’m gonna read more now use your phone if you’re going commuting to the
city for university if you’re doing anything where you have free time just
read something on your phone we do it in Facebook we do it in posts and on when
we say happy birthday to someone we do it on Instagram on the bottom of it like
whatever it is we read and we don’t even know it but if you genuinely are
interested in something and you feel like yeah my university course or my
high school course isn’t actually affecting me right now but I want to be
I wanna learn about this read and I’m not saying you should read because it’s
cool and and don’t not read because it’s nerdy or I look like a weirdo or it’s
boring or it’s stupid I think you should read to improve
yourself and give you an opportunity to learn something that education really
can’t if you can just say one fun fact at the dinner table to your parents to your misso, to whoever if you can do that from reading something once a day
doesn’t even have to be long it could be a BuzzFeed article you should get so much
more out of it and learn so many more things that you do know you enjoyed just
from reading because school and the education system doesn’t actually
provide things that most people care about I guess to conclude reading is one
of the oldest forms of human expression in since when Jesus walked the
earth and all that jazz and I think without it being in our lives, without it affecting people I guess the world would be a lot more black and white how’s it going
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actually that bad I do bash on it a bit in the video um
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normally write the article and then film it and then put everything together so
yeah if you enjoyed thanks for watching and
I’ll see you in the next one

Maurice Vega

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