Why We Pay Taxes to the Government in 4 Minutes

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Wesley Snipes,
right? What you may not know is that this millionaire
landed himself in jail for three years after trying to get away with not paying over 7
million bucks in taxes. Why does our government believe it has the
right to take away our hard earned cash and use it for flying jet planes and bombing Arab
villages? Well listen and find out. Thought Monkey here, today we’ll explore
the topic of taxes. The history, the rules, and the whys. First what do taxes do? Well there are many viewpoints on this, and
some might say they do nothing. Some might even say they do more harm than
good. But the reality is, regardless of your position,
taxes pay the salaries of the people in government – like all those Congress people you see
in suits on TV. It also provides us with infrastructure like
roads, and other random little stuff like the nutrition labels on the side of your Lucky
Charms. It pays for public schools, the military,
police, fireman and a bunch of other stuff. What about the kinds of taxes we have to pay? Taxes come in all shapes and sizes. The ones that probably affect us the most
are our federal and state income tax which is based on a percentage of money that you
make. Generally, the more money you make the higher
percentage of tax you have to pay. However, that’s not always the case as there
are loopholes and secrets that people like Mitt Romney know about so that he doesn’t
have to give away so much of his money to his colleagues. We also pay sales tax on just about every
item we buy from the gallon of milk in your fridge to the pack of condoms in your bedside
drawer. Finally there is property tax, which most
of us millennials will probably never have to worry about, so let’s just move on. Ok here’s the big question. Why? (U.S. Music Fade In) Well paying taxes is
our civic duty. Without it we would not be able to pay our
politicians their salaries, or maintain an active military that is able to fight the
wars on terrorism from the deserts of Nevada, or fund a public education system that is
responsible for developing the young minds of our future. (U.S. Music Fade Out). Let’s not kid ourselves here, though. What’s the real reason? If you don’t pay up, agents dressed in black
suits will come for you with loaded guns. If you resist you’ll be murdered. If you don’t, you’ll be locked away behind
steel bars. Don’t forget Wesley Snipes. If they can capture a human vampire, they
can get you too. Don’t take the red pill. Or is it the blue pill? I don’t remember. But you’re probably not the One, so just
stay in the Matrix. So what about all those people, like Snipes,
who say paying taxes is unconstitutional. Well their claims are kind of bullshit, unless
they were living before Feb 3, 1913 when the 16 Amendment was passed which states, “The
Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived,
without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.” So yeah, not illegal anymore. Ok so what’s the deal with all the tax protestors
then? Most of their arguments come from the language
of tax code. For example the 861 Argument used by some
tax protestors, which interprets some of the tax code as making income tax invalid. However, this argument and pretty much all
others have been held by courts as incorrect. In fact the IRS wrote a whole handbook about
these kinds of protests. It’s called “The Truth About Frivolous
Tax Arguments.” In it they go over common tax protestor arguments. For example, some say paying taxes is voluntary
due to the language used in some of the law written. But the IRS says that what’s voluntary;
is choosing whether to fill out the paperwork to determine your tax liability yourself or
have the government do it for you. Also some say it’s against their belief
system to pay taxes. Well, the IRS says that tax deductions are
given to the charitable nature of religious institutions rather than what their beliefs
are. It doesn’t matter what you believe as long
as you either pay your taxes or give it to charities that are eligible for tax deductions. The bottom line is that taxes, whether you
like them or not, are unavoidable. However the tax code does allow for loopho-
I mean deductions and credits that lead to a reduced tax liability. So do yourself a favor and either pay your
taxes or figure out a way around it without going to jail and ending up like Wesley Snipes. Thanks for watching and please hit the thumbs
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Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. This video is bullshit stop lying everybody know taxation is theft. Example if I take your money out of your account and say it's going towards my rent does that make it right by force anyway it's wrong and theft

  2. You have zero clue as to who the tax code applies to and to where it end up. Not 1 cent of it pays for incomes, roads, infrastructure, government salaries, wars or anything at all that has to do with the government! All income tax ends up to the Federal Reserve in order to pay off the debt created by the government, but barely covers the interest alone, even at 1% p.a. By the way – income tax is only to be paid from those dealing with admiralty corporation commerce and nothing more!! Over 98% of Americans DO NOT HAVE AN INCOME as they trade time for currency on an equal 1 to 1 basis, therefore no profit is ever made from these Americans. Now as Income is defined as those who create actual profit out of nothing (like a 2 to 1 ratio) therefore the fact remains that actually paying Income tax is only reserved for those creating a profit! It remains therefore that over 95% of those actually paying income taxes in this day and age DO SO WITHIN A VOLUNTARY CAPACITY and do not have to pay a single cent!! Just ask Ron Paul…he fully understands this entire topic! No – the government actually makes (or takes!) its own currency via its numerous tariffs and trade deals – and through just that alone – is accumulating much more currency than what is being told to us all…The US government IS FAR FROM BEING IN DEBIT!!!



  5. The constitution lays it all out. We are actually committing penalties of perjury when you fill out a 1040 stating you are a foreigner who puts their money into the US and allows deductions to withheld by withholding agent (your work). You sign this form under penalty and perjury. Biggest financial scam in history!!! The IRS. We’ve been duped under constructive FRAUD

  6. This video was meant to mold and condition those who weren’t already brainwashed by the school system. Income tax is a code deceptively worded to make the average American believe they owe the IRS on “income. from whatever sources derived” IF YOU ARE A FOREIGNER AND PLACE YOUR MONEY WITH A US AGENT!! This applies to almost none of the population!!

  7. If everyone stops paying there wouldn’t be this robbery but people are afraid they don’t know how to stand up and fight back and some don’t know what it’s like to be broke on the verge of being homeless up until the age of 18 when they just went homeless but I believe we can fight I know we have it in us not today not tomorrow but it will come and America will fall a truly free country will be reborn

  8. FUCK TAXES. I say we all stop paying them fuck the federal reserve and their minions the IRS. If we all dont pay they can't do shit. I say we only pay taxes we need.

  9. I don't believe in paying the government. I don't believe in having a government. Maybe I'm a bit of an anarchist, a group of wealthy bureauceats who only have their own interests in mind telling me I have to pay for their own well being, ie. taxes, is bullshit. The his why taxes are bullshit, the bureauceats lie and say that it's for our own good, but the truth is, they want the next big yacht or the newest Aston Martin. That on top of trying to take over the world. It all boils down to the working poor making government and the wealthy wealthier.

  10. Taxes are consequences. How you can avoid them is by supporting the community. How by, buying houses, which is provide housing, support the church or supporting charity. Which can lead to tax breaks. I am 12 I know all this stuff. I read all of Robert kiyosakis’ books on how to become richer.

  11. Taxes truly are an theft in the U.S.,but look at countries like Denmark,they have high taxes,but they see that they are giving their money to progress.

  12. Ok so I understand that if we print more money for the people it will lead to inflation but why don't we print money and use that money to pay for schooling, militia, government salaries, and all the other stuff our taxes are used on? I mean that shouldnt be that bad for our economy for a while.

  13. He said something very powerful at the end, @3:46 – "do yourself a favor and either pay your taxes, and or figure out a way around it without going to jail." We teach a stratgy that teaches us how to legally have little to know taxes taken out of our checks. http:// bit.ly/FreeFromDebt
    Be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel because i'm always sharing education on paying less in taxes. #Help1More

  14. All of you are complaining and that's fine but all your doing is complaining. Let's put a stop to it if you're all really about that life. I will leave my email here if you want to be part of the solution email me what you're willing to do to make it happen. Are you willing to gather in front of Congress and protest? Are you willing to put your life at risk by sharing your opinion in front of armed police that have orders to contain the situation? How much are you willing to sacrifice to stop this tyrannical government like your duty states you should? Are you a pussy? Then shut the fuck up and pay them your money. If not, then email me. [email protected]

  15. Government- That Body Which Has The Legal Monopoly To Initiate Force Within A Given Geographical Area.

    Why do you people believe in the illusion of the Left/Right Paradigm which gives you an illusion of choice at the voting booth? Why can you not see that Government is not a real or needed entity for the prosperity and freedom of a people.

    There is NO RED and there is NO BLUE, there is a small gang of extortionist in Washington that is stealing the livelihood of working class people to enrich themselves. When are humans going to wake up from this spell and stop this serfdom?

    YOU CANNOT VOTE YOUR WAY TO FREEDOM!! If you continue to allow this Beast System to operate by taking a side of the same coin then you are in essence insuring the enslavement of your children and their children to come.

    Stop the Madness, Washington is a Mafia that only exist because we allow it to.

  16. Watch The Tiny Dot and read Life After the State by Dominc Frisby. You are completely lost and very uneducated. You should change the name of your channel to Thought Slave as you are firmly trapped inside the Matrix.

  17. I wish “we the people” could see the treasury, based on taxes. I would like to know its net worth, deposits, and withdrawals. Where’s our money.
    It’ll be nice to have democratic voting on civil projects, concerning our infrastructure. We decide how our taxes is spend.

  18. The irony that even in an explanatory video you still get it wrong. The government does not collect taxes to fund the government. The government borrows money from a bank to fund government. Taxes are collected to pay interest on this funding.

    In other words the government of the US gave up its constitutional right to create it's own money in order to allow a private bank to profit off of the citizens labor. This tax has now been established in a way that those who work actually pay more than those who are poor or extremely wealthy.

    And while you spend 3 months out of each year working to pay the bank, the government takes its borrowed money and does whatever the hell they want, because they are no longer accountable to the citizens, since the financial obligation has been shifted putting the citizens under the financial and legal subjugation of the government.

    In other words the banks and your government made you a slave.

    America still hasn't figured this out and instead allow fear to place them into subjugation.

  19. Without systemization you get chaos. Organisms struggle to survive in chaos. Order and system allow for growth and balance. Taxes are a form of order and systemization. Imagine roads without stop lights or speed limits. Even though you may want to go 100mph, we have laws that protect the public from one's selfish wants to drive 100mph in an area where it would be dangerous to do so. Most people view things like government, laws, and other forms of system as a bad thing. That is because people view things like this from a single organism point of view. Remember: You are part of a larger organism and we must all contribute.

  20. If our Federal government was a party to your economic activities, then you've received taxable income, and must pay taxes on such receipts when you file your annual Form 1040. Wesley Snipes made a serious mistake by not filing his annual Forms 1040 for several years, failing to respond to the information returns (e.g., Forms W-2, 1099) already sent to the IRS. Had he filed those returns and paid any income-tax liabilities he was legally responsible for (if any), he wouldn't have been in such hot water!!

  21. This guys an idiot probably a troll income tax is completely illegal The 16th amendment was never ratified asshole president Wilson came up with this bullshit and signed it without authority in 1913 US C code 26

  22. Fuck all those assholes in govt, their pedo rings, collusion with big business, and giving billions to other nations. They're the ones killing this nation considering how much is actually paid by the poor. Sure, we can pay taxes, when it's something you benefit from and agree to. You literally just resorted to threatening people with your can't fight the govt argument. Fuck the jackboot thugs, parasites just the same. Also IRS members are political, target specific people, and don't even follow the same rules set for everyone else. EXTORTION

  23. There is no reason anyone can't do or provide, voluntarily, what the government extorts us to pay for. The only reason they get away with this is the collective delusion shared by most of society that the people in government have a "right" that the rest of us don't have to rob from us. This inconsistency is seldom, if ever, acknowledged by statist because its logically indefensible/unjustifiable and exposes this fundimental lie our society is built on.

  24. The Constitution is just a piece of parchment a bunch of long-dead men scribbled on. It doesn't fundimentally matter what it says. It can no more change or create exceptions to morality to give anyone the right to extort/tax then it can change the laws of nature to allow anyone to shoot laser beams from their ass.

  25. The IRS doesn't make up the laws, and congress has allowed the leverage but has yet to put the actual law in writing. I'll pay you a fixed tax rate of 0.02 cents on every dollar, sounds fair?

  26. Gas tax pays for roads. Federal taxes should be 0% we didnt have taxes before woodrow Wilson. Lincoln had them enacted for a short time cuz of the war

  27. Taxes arent unavoidable. If the people woke up like we did in the REVOLUTIONARY WAR we would be rid of them. Stop being scared of "men" in cheap suits. people like you that say deal with it is why we get walked on.

  28. You guys just whine and moan about having to pay taxes. Get over it! When i drive home from work and the government is repairing the interstate, its done the very next decade. I know that all that money i happily donate every paycheck will NOT be wasted on contractors milking the system.

    While you guys are drying your tears i will sleep easy knowing that my social security will be there when i turn 65.

    The fed will take care of me and if you disagree then you should be shot. To disagree is unAmerican and you must hate freedom.

  29. Its funny how our taxes pay politicians ? because they take money from people who make minimum wage and get paid 100k +, how fucked up is that ??? fuck our government

  30. I really have question if your Income is 100k and you took % of and you managed to save some of it after self expense and taxing let’s say 20k next year is your % will include the 20k ? Or it’s free of any tax for ever ?!!!!!

  31. Most roads are privately built and the one that aren’t are built by private companies that are paid by the government

  32. All you’ve done in this video was tell us that taxes are collected through force to pay for the well-being of the thieves and programs that the free market can provide, that its okay to have our money taken if some politician wrote it down on a piece of paper.

  33. We ALL need to wise up and STOP paying ! It is time WE ALL screw them like they have been doing to ALL of us for decades.  And stop saying we ALL have to pay !  If we ALL chose not to pay they would all be screwed for once .

  34. Lol Most millenials won't have to worry about property taxes because homes are too expensive. There won't even be social security anymore in the next 15 years…

  35. People are so funny when they fight saying its theft. If we didn't pay taxes at all, what do you seriously think this country would be like? Now I will agree that some of the things taxes go to is in question! Like our politics salaries……

  36. I wish there would be somthing called no tax month where nobody pays taxes for a month so the poor can get more money

  37. In that case, where is it stated that it is illegal to not file for taxes? Where in any law book does it say that declining is illegal?

  38. This is all very misinformed. Taxes cannot be used to pay for anything. Taxation is the destruction of money in order to regulate the amount of wealth in the possession of the target of the taxation. Tax money is not money after it has been collected but becomes invalid, it can no longer be used to buy stuff by anyone because it has been returned to the creator and thus has no longer any value. Money only has value when it has been lent out.

  39. So I have to pay taxes because someone else passed a law to say I do?.

    Well I wasn’t even born then so how did I have the opportunity to say no,
    and to this day I’ve never signed any agreement to say I’m happy to pay tax and you know what,
    I didn’t agree nor did I sign anything so I’m not paying tax and since I don’t seem to have a say in the matter,
    guess what?,
    fuck you I just won’t work then I don’t get my money stolen by these criminals because I don’t earn any and don’t have any and hows that working for me?, just great thanks, I haven’t worked in 5 years and until the government have paid me back for all the taxes I’ve already paid then I’ll stay on what you call government benefits which I call them paying a debit they owe to me.

    Once they have involuntary paid back every cent they stole from me in the form of taxes and fines I’m going to stop collecting it and go and live without money the way god intended us to live
    because I’m a very good hunter, builder and horticulturist and everything I need I can do or get for myself without the governments help and without being a slave to the system.

    I don’t smoke or drink or do drugs so there’s nothing the government have that I need and everything I need I can get from the land, food,
    water and shelter is all I need and all I want, you can keep your fancy cars,
    clothes and houses and toys because I don’t want or need them and I’m nobody’s slave.

    God gave us everything we need, everything I need so have a great life slaves. People need to seriously wake up.

  40. I seriously don’t think the people in congress do a damn thing! Not the ones we have in there right now anyway.

  41. He failed to point out the fact the the US Supreme Court has ruled more than once that the 16th Amendment created no new taxation. An income tax is a "Direct Tax." Which in fact has to be done subject to the rules of apportionment. A direct tax has alway been understood to be slavery… even all the way back to Rome.

  42. Lol the best way to stop paying tax is death or live off the government. That's why there are so many people just living off of ebt and ssi. I'm gonna get a wife chop off my legs and make a dozen babies and live like a king.

  43. Irs is the reason so many Americans are poor or homeless. This year I had to pay 5k in taxes, money that I don't even have. How is that even legal? This country is cruel to single people. Just cause I'm not married or have kids I have to give all my money to the government. I hope a president comes that will abolish these criminals one day.

  44. The terrible problem is that we actually DO need taxes, but nobody cares enough to figure out exactly what amount is reasonable to pay for things that help our society and NOT things that we don't need. So basically, now that our tax system is completely fucked, the people just want to throw out taxes altogether and have anarchy… yeah, sounds like a great improvement. We're fucked as a country. We had a good run though. No other country did it better than we did. Just light a smoke, watch it burn and wait for Christ to return.

  45. All this video was was a contradiction to everyone, even Wesley Snipes in a very gratuitous manner. YOU don't even know why we need taxes. That's why you labeled it "Why We Pay Taxes to the Government in 4 Minutes" to give you some batty loophole to babytalk to your inconsistent viewers, who will no doubt surround my comment with liberal "I'm a slave cause my otherwise mountain dew rainy day fund went to a wall" half ass bleeding heart statements made by the failures of yesterday. I'm the ONLY person who came to this fucking video to see how young people are being educated on the necessity of taxes. I'm so disappointed I'm going to hack a news station that plays kid shows and kill myself live in front of everyone's enabled-not-raised toddlers.

  46. TAX= theft + corruption


  47. You said taxes whether I like it or not must pay. Was not the reason we fought the king of England was over taxes and why in the constitution put no direct taxes unless apportioned uniformly among the states. The constitution also says that gold and silver is the only lawful money to pay debts? Where's the amendment for that but since 1970s we have been off gold standard and on the current Fiat federal reserve notes that is printed from nothing and backed by faith and credit of the US? And is even called legal tender and not lawful money. And perpetuates debt because every dollar printed from "faith" is charged interest by the federal reserve that never get fully paid back. Hence 22 trillion in debt. …a Federal reserve that is not even federal but owned by private banks, never been audited by Congress and who drafted the 13th amendment. Thomas Jefferson said a central bank was more dangerous than standing armies.

  48. Taxes are not theft. Anyone who says they are, is either stupid or knows very little about history and economics. Think of taxes as a membership club. To be a citizen of a country you gotta pay a membership fee. With that fee you get all the wonderful benefits that people take for granted every day (although that's not so true in the states since the US government is financially idiotic and throws away their tax money on ridiculously unnecessary things).

  49. This is so stupid. No wonder poeople become poor. The taxes are too much. If you make $100 and they take 50% , how the flip are you supposed to pay for your house rent, food, clothing, and entertainment?

  50. Timeline: . Originally no direct tax, them 1913 not Federal but private bank tax, then income tax, then FDR alphabet soup creating welfare, social security, Medicaid, etc.
    My work, labor, sweat and blood is my property. Not something the government takes out of my check before I touch it then have to file on the money they took.
    What and why are payroll taxes?
    Are they impost, duties, or excises?

  51. If we just privatized those institutions we wouldn't have this problem. Also, anyone remember that thing we used to do all the time called charity? Yeah, if you don't donate to the government they kill you…

  52. 1:43 wtf our tax money is used to indoctrinate our kids to not teach them their rights in order to take our rights away from us and it’s such a bad but brilliant that they will use against us because come on the new generations Are not gonna be smart and y’all can say what u want but from my perspective it’s easier to take something from someone that they didn’t know they had In other words take our right that the new generation never knew they had

  53. The power is in the people.Everyone stop paying taxes then they are fucked.
    Paying tax is illegal , it's stealing.

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