Why was my Government Jobs Tentative Offer Rescinded?

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rescinded what this means is that you were given a tentative job offer at that
offer we always say don’t tell your current employer don’t quit your job
don’t you know make any moving arrangements anything like that because
the job itself is dependent on some pre-employment requirements so generally
what happens is you failed one of the pre-employment requirements these are
the physical possibility of a drug screen your background check if it’s a
health professional type position you have credentialing so any of these
things if you fail those you get your offer rescinded you don’t get a second
chance so you know if if you go in and you’re not able to perform the physical
limitations of the position so during the pre-employment physical employee
health we’ll make a note and then then that’ll be grounds to have the offer
rescinded if you can’t perform the duties of the job your background check
there’s a few ways I’ve seen this happen where maybe someone doesn’t list all the
information about knew prior criminal history on their of’ 306 which is
attached to their background investigation so when that comes back we
you know you’ve had the opportunity to disclose and then we will find out once
the background is and then that will be grounds or if you
know your criminal history is just too extensive that happens every so often
but for the most part it’s we’re linking up where we gave you the opportunity to
disclose and then if you don’t even if you aren’t sure if it’s gonna be on
there disclose it anyway because it’s better for you to tell us than us to
find out somewhere else and then credentialing that’s where we verify
your license your education whether you’ve had any disciplinary actions
taken against your license for you know health professionals we’re gonna find
that out so even if you disclose that it may still be grounds for for rescinding
that tentative offer but at least be honest upfront and you know you’ll have
the best opportunity to to explain and possibly continue forward to to getting
the job the firm offer so in a very rare case other than failing a pre-employment
requirement very rarely does a facility run out of funding so this has happened
a couple times in my career where you get towards the end of the fiscal year
and then the budgets gonna actually be smaller for the coming fiscal year and
so we’ve actually had opportunities where we’ve been ordered to rescind
tentative offers on certain positions because the facility just couldn’t
support them and so that’s something that comes down from the medical center
director and meant in my case so that’s one rare rare instance of an offer being
rescinded where it’s it’s not the applicants fault at all so when you have
your offers and what does that mean to you so all it means is that you are no
longer going to be considered for the position that you just got the offer for
so you’re completely removed from that now what it does is or what it doesn’t
is it does not prohibit you from applying in the future so you’re allowed
to apply in the future apply to other like position
now I’m not gonna say that being selected and be having your offer
removed at some point isn’t going to hurt your chances later because the
hiring manager may remember you and so at that point then you may not get
selected in the future it’s that that’s all just you know normal practice in the
hiring world you know if if the hiring manager knows that you’ve had your your
background check failed before or your license has been suspended at some point
and they may not select you but you know you just have to take those chances so
what you need to do your options you’re gonna need to gather information on why
your offer was rescinded so you’re gonna be provided with a letter a formal
letter that gives a brief description so it may say your offers being rescinded
because you failed your pre-employment physical and then it’ll go on to say you
know this offer was contingent on passing all these requirements you
missed one so now we were sending your offer but it’s not going to tell you why
you failed your physical it’s not gonna tell you anything in particular at all
so what your option is is you’re gonna want to reach out to the facility’s
privacy officer and do a Freedom of Information request for you foi a and
what that’s gonna do is you’re gonna submit this request to the privacy
officer and that will allow them to gather all the information for you and
provide it to you so you’re not going to be able to go to employee health and ask
they’re they’re not going to talk to you but if you go through the privacy
officer at that facility they will gather the information and provide it to
you within a certain time frame once you have that information you’re gonna want
to correct the issues so if it was simply that you didn’t disclose certain
criminal history and then we found out the next time that you apply and if
you’re selected you’ll have that opportunity to disclose again and
resubmit your background investigation you’re going to want to do that more
properly if it’s with the physical you know if you find out that you failed
for a certain reason maybe you can do some exercises or you know build up a
strength in the area that you failed in so that you can pass the physical next
time those kinds of things and then always always keep applying so once
you’ve identified the issue made strides to correct it then go ahead and apply
for for another position so that you can get into the system and hopefully by
making these adjustments they’ll allow you to be considered again and then go
back through the process and then you’ll have some understanding of what needs to
be done to get that firm offer so I hope this video helped and thanks for
watching I hope you enjoyed the video hope it helped your understanding of the
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Maurice Vega

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