Why The Mueller Report Could Play In Role In The Trump Impeachment | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Maurice Vega

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  1. Pelosi is in effect colluding with Trump to normalize presidential lawlessness, by preventing the House from impeaching Trump for his many public violations of the Take Care clause of Article II of the Constitution, which requires the President to "take care that the laws are faithfully executed." It's the clause by which the Founders provided for the rule of law instead of tyranny. The Take Care clause was central in the articles of impeachment against Nixon and Clinton. By actions and inactions, Trump has violated the Take Care clause much more than any other President ever did.

  2. Any one else find it crazy that 40% of the country not only want a king who is above the law, but a dimwitted, insecure corrupt one to boot?

  3. The European trip was organized around the filming of a multipart television series featuring Mr. Giuliani that is being produced and aired by a conservative cable channel, One America News, or OAN.
    The series, the first two installments of which have already aired, is being promoted as a Republican alternative to the impeachment hearings, including Ukrainian “witnesses” whom House Democrats running the inquiry declined to call.
    Some of the Ukrainians interviewed by Mr. Giuliani were sworn in on camera to “testify under oath” in a manner that the network claims “debunks the impeachment hoax.”

    Giuliani, Facing Scrutiny, Travels to Europe to Interview Ukrainians
    –Kenneth P. Vogel and Benjamin Novak, NY Times, Dec 4/19

  4. The Mueller Report, Part 2 is the Trump Regime Obstruction Conspiracy, Part 1. It is certainly the best documented prequel to the Ukraine Conspiracy Obstruction.

  5. Nancy is calculated and she means what she says. She told us she wants Trump in jail and he will end up there because she is powerful. She does not over play her hand and she don't bluff. She called out Moscow Mitch today and didn't cut corners.
    Pelosi will not let the impeachment interfere with the courts processes. She wants him impeached and in jail. My money is on her and I don't agree with her policies half the time.

  6. Impeachment shouldn't be complicated! It should be clear cut, with clear cut evidence..
    Every point against Trumps is hazy.
    He say she say type.
    Sorry but this is not the case!

  7. Can't we assume the American public already know about the Trump obstruction during the Mueller probe? And can't we assume the American public already know how corrupt and unethical and immoral this president is? Well then, let's go to a trial and see how many congressman, Repubs or Dems, vote their conscience. Put an end to this nightmare on our values, this tweet storm of a loser.

  8. Trump said he isn't being treated fairly and isn't allowed to have witness appear on his behalf. He is blocking every Republicans from testifying. WOW

  9. We have to re-legitimize the Mueller investigation. That is key. Where the Republicans succeeded in sweeping it under the rug, we will pull it back out, dust it off and make our case all that much more stronger. Trump has no chance.

  10. War Crime added to trump's long list of reason to impeach. He said he's keeping Syria oil. Keeping Syria’s oil could well constitute pillage — theft during war — which is banned in Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention and the 1907 Hague Laws and Customs of War on Land, which states, “The pillage of a town or place, even when taken by assault, is prohibited.” The prohibition has a solid grounding in the laws of war and international criminal justice, and the U.S. federal code, including as a sanction for the illegal exploitation of natural resources such as oil from war zones

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