Why should you get a PhD in political science at ASU?

I think the best part about the faculty
at ASU is that they don’t expect you to be them. They don’t expect you to be
little clones of what they’re doing or what research they’re looking at so they
respect that you might have other interests and other ideas. The reason I
chose ASU was really I found my interest to be a close fit with with the faculty
here because I found them doing, their work to be an interesting
interdisciplinary combination of both theoretical perspectives on politics as
well as studying the relevant political issues of the day.
Our faculty are warm and friendly but at the same time they challenge you and they want to make sure that you do the best job in your research. What students
would find attractive about ASU is the close relationships that students get to
develop with faculty here very early on and that from the start of your career
here you were treated as a junior colleague. I’ve learned a lot because
I’ve been challenged and I think that’s what’s great about ASU is that you
are able to experiment with things that you’re uncomfortable with and there’s
room to grow and the faculty I think that’s what they’re trying to get you to
think about things in different ways. One point about our department is that we
are on an upward trajectory and the faculty are very interested and determined to
improve the rank of the program. We have a very good program but they think
that it can be an even better program. I think we have a very good group of
scholars. They are working with each other and I think that that would be
even better in future we should expect and hear more about our program future.
One of the reasons I decided to come ASU is that that everyone
is treated like an individual and the faculty and the program is geared
towards preparing the graduate students for the job market in a humane way.
Developing your network is also important.
Our faculty are very good in helping us to develop that network as well. What I most enjoy about living in the Phoenix metro area is the variety of
things to do in the valley and that you have these five or six sort of sister
cities that all have their own vibe and downtown and
culture that’s a lot of fun to explore. To be honest with you I like Arizona
and Phoenix because you can’t shovel sunshine The relationships between
graduate students here are very close and they are and they are friends as
well as classmates and colleagues. I think that’s one of the parts that I
like about this program is that there is a collegial atmosphere amongst the
cohorts. Everyone wants to help each other. Regarding resources, I think if you
are doing a good job, you are you are on good track and you are doing good
research ASU is very supportive of your research. Usually you can fund your
travels conferences and summer schools field researches using different
types of fundings and research money that you have at ASU. There’s also this nice
energy amongst the campus itself at ASU and in the department that
people are excited about research and developing new programs and so there’s
just a lot going on at ASU.

Maurice Vega

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