Why Samoa Skipped December 30, 2011

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at the link in the description. This is Samoa. Samoa is an independent island country in
the Pacific lying about 1,700 miles North of New Zea… wait a minute… this is Samoa. Samoa is an independent island country in
the Pacific lying about 1,700 miles North of New Zealand and in 2011, it didn’t have
a December 30th. But first some boring history. Between the 15th and early 20th century, a
bunch of European countries got really into claiming and colonizing all the non-Europe
parts of the world. You might have even heard of a few of these
former colonies like the United States, Brazil, and Australia. Samoa, being so isolated, was colonized relatively
late in 1900 when the Germans came along. This period of German rule was actually fairly
productive for the nation during which time they saw significant economic development. In 1914, however, this rule came to an end
since Germany was having some, um, issues back home. New Zealand was at the time an independent
country but it was still loosely part of the British Empire which meant that it was part
of the Allies which meant that Germany was its enemy so, when World War One broke out,
they sailed up to Samoa, kindly asked the Germans to leave, and raised the Union Jack
on the small island nation. That rule continued until 1961 when Samoa
became independent, so there’s your historical background, but now for some more background. Samoa is in a bit of an awkward position geographically—it’s
almost exactly on the opposite side of the world from Britain. Since Britain invented time, all time zones
were more or less established relative to the mean solar time at the Greenwich Observatory
in London. At this observatory is the line marking the
prime meridian which lays about 334 feet away from actual prime meridian—seriously look
it up—and the exact opposite of this line, the antemeridian, falls just a few hundred
miles west of Samoa. This line—the international date line—is
supposed to more or less follow that line but it doesn’t sort’ve like how this line
is supposed to more or less be funny but it isn’t. The international date line is the separation
between the timezones that are the furthest behind greenwich mean time and those furthest
ahead of greenwich mean time, but each and every country can choose what time it is in
their territory. If Iceland decided they wanted the sun to
rise at 7pm and set at 7am they could—not because they control the sun, but because
they control the time. Plenty of countries get into time-zone shenanigans
because of political reasons. China, for example, only has one time zone
as a symbol of unification even though it’s as wide as the United States. For this reason, in June, sunrise will be
at 7:30 AM in Kashgar, China while it’s at 3:30 AM in Harbin, China. North Korea also created an entirely new time
zone eight and a half hours ahead of Greenwich in a move that they basically admitted was
only to be unique. All the countries around the antemeridian,
however, each have to make a choice on whether they want to be ahead of the rest of the world
or behind it, and that’s a big choice. For much of recent history since even before
the Germans came around Samoa has been at GMT -11—three hours behind California. That made it easy to conduct business with
the United States which was, at the time, Samoa’s biggest trading partner but it made
it hard to conduct business with Australia and New Zealand since there were only three
overlapping business days each week. On Monday in New Zealand it was Sunday in
Samoa while on Friday in Samoa it was Saturday in New Zealand. In the past century during New Zealand rule
Samoa became culturally and politically closer to Australia and New Zealand than the US and
so the prime minister, Tuilae…the prime minster decided to make some changes. There were 23 hours of time change between
Samoa and Auckland before 2011 but, just after 11:59 pm on December 29, 2011, the clocks
in Samoa advanced to 12 midnight on December 31, 2011 therefore entirely skipping December
30th and putting the country only one hour ahead of Auckland. Unfortunately this meant that they missed
out on International Bacon Day that year, but it was all worth it for the sake of getting
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Maurice Vega

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