Why Privacy Matters

PIVXPixie: Hey, you! Yes, you. You are a very
interesting person. Well, at least that’s what companies
like Facebook and Google think as they harvest hundreds
of thousands of data points all about you to map
out exactly who you are. If you’re skeptical of companies like
this having too much access to your data it turns out you’re not alone. Roughly half of all Americans
don’t trust these companies with their data and don’t even trust
the Federal Government to protect them. So is privacy actually important? Well, that’s what
we’re going to find out on today’s episode of
What’s Poppin With PIVX. Arguing that you don’t care
about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you
don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say. Whether it’s in our homes
or on our personal devices, we tend not to think
too much about privacy until we don’t have it anymore. The normal approach to privacy
is, after all, a passive one. If you’re not doing anything wrong you
have nothing to worry about, right? We’ve entered into an era that
feels like George Orwell’s 1984. The level at which we are being watched feels downright dystopian as every tech company on the planet continues to harvest our
data in more and more ways. Facebook has over 400,000 data
points on every single user. It’s helped them to
achieve double-digit growth year over year to the tune of billions. The result deeply,
deeply personal targeting that can at times even feel invasive. Now is the perfect time
to talk about privacy. Why you need it. Why you might want it. Even if you’re not a criminal,
privacy is a basic human right. There’s a reason why we
wear clothes on our bodies. Why we have windows and
shades in our houses. Just because we aren’t
doing anything wrong doesn’t mean we have to openly broadcast
all of our actions for the world to see. And it’s not just social media companies
and tech giants that are watching us. On the contrary,
there’s an entire global financial system that monitors our every transaction. Not satisfied with a user
name and a GPS location, banks and credit bureaus actually
use our most intimate details to know everything about us. They know our government ID numbers,
Passports, phone numbers, addresses, and everything else under a
KYC Know Your Customer law. Did you know that any transaction you
make with a bank is not actually private? That means that any money you’ve ever
donated to something like a political party or social movement is now in the cloud. The banks and payment processing networks
will keep this information indefinitely. Not only will they keep it, but they’ll also tie it to your
official government identity. There are cryptocurrencies
on the other hand that offer truly private transactions. Spoiler alert. Bitcoin isn’t one of them. One example of a truly private
cryptocurrency is PIVX, which stands for Private
Instant Verified Transaction as it is extremely fast and secure. PIVX is one of the most
advanced and innovative systems for maintaining complete
privacy and anonymity on the blockchain network called zPIV. ZPIV allows anyone to send
PIVX completely anonymously. If someone tries to look up
the origin of the transfer or the wallet addresses
involved they will find nothing. ZPIV works on one of the most
advanced privacy protocols ever created known as Zerocoin. Anyone anywhere in the world
can create a PIVX wallet on their computer or
mobile device in seconds. That PIVX wallet that you create is never tied to any of your ID records
or anyone you transact with ever. At any time you can make a new wallet without any trace or link to your previous
wallet and any activity that it made. Participating in the
PIVX network privately is as easy as downloading the
wallet and acquiring some PIV which can even be done on a
private decentralized exchange. Make sure to go to pivx.org to see a full list of all the
exchanges that you can buy PIVX on. Remember, privacy is a human right. One that we must stand up
for and protect every day. The big companies that stand
to profit and exploit our data will not simply hand us our
privacy without applying pressure. Today PIVX is still the only
Proof of Stake cryptocurrency that offers complete
privacy and anonymity backed by a solid team of
developers and cryptographers. PIVX stands for Private
Instant Verified Transaction and is a community-centric cryptocurrency with a focus on decentralization
and real-world use. For more information, visit www.pivx.org. Come and see us in Discord. Thanks for watching,
and until next time Peace, Love, and PIV.

Maurice Vega

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