Why Political Posts Have Ruined Facebook [GEN WHY]

-Facebook gives the opportunity
for everyone to voice their
opinion. That being said, some people
shouldn’t have Facebook. -I don’t think politics has
ruined Facebook, I think people ruined facebook. -The problem is the same people
staying quiet in these political
arguements are the same people running home,
posting these aggressuve
statuses on Facebook. I just don’t understand this
entire Trump healthcare
situation like Obamacare was better for
everyone and included everyone. -Yeah…I’m going to go get a
drink. -Okay, yeah, it was nice talking
to you.
-yeah you too. Bye. -What?! Excuse me! -Because there’s no point. No
one’s going to change the way
they think. No one’s going to read something
on your wall and be like, “Oh! The way I’ve thought for 35
years, I think I’ll change
that!” -Just go back to posting about
brunch and wearing safety pins ’cause I have real problems.
Your problems are not my
problem, Rebecca. -Politics have ruined Facebook
because there are so many lies
being spread. I don’t even know what’s real
anymore. -Hey babe. -I knew you were too good to be
true. -My Facebook feed used to be
just full of memes, and kittens,
and puppies, which is great! I would see that
and leave feeling happy. But now, the very same people
are posting about politics. -Now Farmville is gone and your
old crush from highschool thinks that Hillary Clinton is a lizard
who eats people. -I never thought I’d miss the
days of song lyrics, tags and like my status if you like
cheese. -The worst political Facebook
post I’ve seen, is people posting that we are
safer without Muslims. I just make Youtube videos and
play video games! Not again. -I am on Facebook to watch cats
ride vacuums like they’re
rollercoaster rides. I am not going to change my
political beliefs because of
you. -You want to argue with people
about politics? Why don’t you do it somewhere
that can affect real change like Twitter. -Yo Karim, Man, what’re you
doing? -Un..nothing. Just.I’ll be there
for, I’ll be quick man. -Are you on Facebook? Dude, come on, man. We’re at a
party. We’re trying to hang out.
Put that down. -Bro, you don’t even know what
he said. all right! -Ah man, come on.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Your problem is not my problem rebecca. lol. One of the reasons why I got rid of my Facebook. I posted pictures of my animals but,  everything else was political even the memes started to be more political. I'm not a political person. I even don't put apps on my phone that have Facebook as the owner. If youtube ever gets owned by Facebook, I will not get on it either.

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