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The last week or so of protests in Turkey
have been sparked by plans to redevelop Gezi Park in Istanbul. The people who occupy that
part of the capital said they would be losing one of the few remaining green spaces in the
city but the uprisings that have followed have much more to do with anti-government
sentiment then the park. Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan leads the Islamist rooted AK party
and he’s won the last three elections with an increasing share of the vote each time.
He’s also presided over some of the fastest economic growth in Europe so why are all the
protests against him? Well first of all there’s the redevelopment of Istanbul. Only 1.5% of
the city is designated as a public park so people are understandably angry about losing
Gezi Park and the adjacent Taksim Square. The plan is to raise the park and rebuild
a 19th Century Ottoman barracks filled with a shopping centre or museum and luxury flats.
Taksim Square which is a historically significant place for protest in Istanbul would be pedestrianized
and see a mosque erected. Erdogan’s also planning to build the world’s biggest airport, a third
bridge across the Bosphorus River at a cost of three billion dollars and a shipping canal
that would turn half the city into an island and that would cost 10 billion dollars. The
building of a mosque in Taksim Square is seen as one of many moves by Erdogan against the
secular constitution of the country. In the past few months he’s sought to limit the sale
of alcohol and acknowledge that the law would be based on Islamic teachings. There have
been two high profile blasphemy cases recently where a famous pianist and a writer were given
jail time for comments they made on Twitter. There have also been moves towards banning
abortion and Erdogan’s spoken openly about creating a more religious generation. The
protesters say that many of these laws infringe on their private lives and prevent them from
living freely. Erdogan’s critics claim that he’s becoming more and more autocratic as
he tries to put his own stamp on the Turkish constitution. He’s been accused of muzzling
the media and refusing to allow a free press. Since these protests started and while the
rest of the world watches on, Turkish TV has been accused of broadcasting cookery shows
and beauty contests instead. In Turkey there’s a limit of three terms for the Prime Minister
and Erdogan would have to step down in 2015 so he’s been campaigning to become President
and to change the role of the presidency to allow him to have executive powers rather
than just a ceremonial role. Despite Erdogan blaming extremist elements and the opposition
Republican People’s Party for stoking things up, the protesters don’t appear to come from
any one side of the political spectrum. There are nationalists, left-wingers, environmentalists,
and more and they’re united against Erdogan but despite the huge number of demonstrations
in more than half the states across the country Erdogan is reportedly still the most popular
politician partly because of the lack of coherent opposition. Erdogan has rejected the idea
that he’s becoming a dictator. He recently said, “I am not the master of the people.
Dictatorship does not run in my blood or my character.” Anyway, if you want to find out more about
the actual events that are going on in Turkey right now, Phil’s explanation is over there.
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  1. …and here's an explanation to why people are protesting in Turkey

    #turkey   #turkeyprotests  

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  2. Recep Tayyip Erdogan – Another fine young Hitler.

    Secularism in Turkey is one of the things to its credit, not something to be destroyed… especially for yet another 'religious generation.' Just what the world needs. Dictatorship doesn't have to flow in your blood Erdogan, it normally flows in the streets.

    But the protestors will never win as long as the government has this guy on their side… /watch?v=bdmDJjzYbmI

  3. Please be more careful when collecting information. Many of the things here are untrue or inaccurate. For ex. no one from the government ever stated that the law will be based on Islamic teachings. The latest alcohol ban does not bring anything much stricter than what it is like in many US states. The reason the protests spread is beyond any environmental concerns. It is mostly about the coming elections. This is not the first time this kind of unrest sparks just before elections

  4. Stalin, Mao Zedong, Mao Tse tung, pol pot… even hitler from what people may say/think were NOT religious men.. look what they did. Bad people who choose to do bad things ruin this world

  5. By the way it's also untrue that the protesters are from a very diverse political scala. They are backed only by left wing parties (which altogether represent around 20-25 % at max). The nationalist party which is the second biggest opposition party with another 15-20% denied to participate.

  6. agree with Dev! truthloader why do you always be biased and show one side (against muslims) of the argument? dont u have freedom of speech?

  7. wrong high ass government ruin this world! look at all they have done! made deal with nuke bombs they have freedom cause they have money and are born into a royal or high end family! why does that make us different we make them all big and high and we get nothing! no freedom! the only freedom we have is the internet and that's not even 100% true they take down or freedom and we get shouted at when they do it to us all they time! its bullshit ANON is freedom they will be the freedom of us.

  8. Religion is what causes the problems in this world. The last thing we need is another unstable country in the region of the ME being ruled by radicalist governments.

  9. People don't generally resort to protests until their cup of patience is full. Whatever has been going on in Turkey has been brewing for more than a while.

  10. Going turkey on holiday in 20 days 🙁 will this directly affect the Mulga district (specifically Marmaris)?

  11. these people who are protesting are not muslims. they all just puppets of CHP party . They dont want to be turkish ,they want to be like americans. .

  12. Turkish Spring, 28 May 2013 – present. Goals, Protecting Gezi Park, protesting lack of consultation and police's use of excessive force, defending freedom of speech and right to assembly, resignation of Erdoğan's government. Number of protesters throughout Turkey, 284,000. Deaths 2, Injuries 3,195, Arrested 1,700.

  13. Plans to build more mosques stir controversy. There is no need for new mosques. The AKP built mosques throughout the country that have been left unused.

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  15. dude!!!
    you must have smoked some very good stuff.
    at least, i hope so, because you seem to have lost complete control over your brain.
    why would a government fund, and expose, any type of community at the same time?
    stop harming your cerebral. drugs can cause serious mental damage…

  16. This Islamist government needs to be sent out, Turkey is a secular nation where wine drinking is allowed and prostitution is permitted. These people will ultimately take away all freedoms that exist with the modern Turkish nation. Now is the time, they must be sent off.

  17. haven't watched this yet, but let me guess what truthloader will say:
    "they were just trying to save some trees"

  18. Turkey as been a Islamic country for over 600 years! The current govt has made turkey stable and succesfull than any other govt in it's modern history.


  20. It's always either the funny comments or the straight up retarded ones that get the most thumbs up these days…

  21. The thing is that you dont can buy TURKS. We wil always stay fo the rights of human. We are MUSLIM and we eil do everything to stop kapitalizm. We love the human and we are the the real sword of ALLAH. Erdogan is a slave of kapitalism emperolism.

  22. The notion of destroying a place of cultural significance in order to build luxury hotels and shopping centres is baffling, not least as it opposes the religious ideals of Islam which he wants to emphasise. It's happened in a lot of places admittedly, the deconstruction of once important building and sites and so on, however, some places of historical significance are still in use, particularly the famous protesting/rallying point in Istanbul making it completely erratic.

  23. It can't go on. The whole WORLD are getting SICK of the ruling minorities that slap their dicks in our faces every bloody day.

  24. I'm fully behind the prime minister on this one,these so called protesters are sick in the head and are just desperate to cause trouble because of a silly fucking shopping mall 😀 change the rubber to lead and watch the bastards bolt 🙂

  25. They wouldn't be there if it was a massive open air wine bar with nightclub included 🙂 half price drinks 5pm 7pm – Pole Dancing club 7pm 10pm lol they would all think what a great idea it would be 🙂 If the PM had "disguised" the shopping mall as that he would have been a hero 😉

  26. The only people embarrassing themselves are the "clowns" that are protesting,they all need to get off the pot just like yourself 😀

  27. Someones' going to kick your face in one of these days if you keep imposing that hateful bullshit. They are angry because the prime minister is altering the Turkish constitution so that he can be more powerful, and when peoples rights go away the people fight back, its the first step to a revolution and its happening all over the world.

  28. allthough he may have recieved many votes, and has been given the position to speek for turkey….it seems turkey would like to speek for its self…and the true voice of turkey, comes from those protesting, who want to be heard.

  29. building of the mosque? dude this channel is full of shit, it's my 3rd video on this channel and you guys are spreading false information. Truthloader? what an irony.

  30. how many civilians killed by the U.S. in Iraq?
    when the Arab world will announce the U.S. terrorist center.
    a pair of nuclear mushroom in the United States will soothe Americans

  31. The answer of the question at 00.44 is :
    That ***** (Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Prime Minister) think that he can do anything that what he wants. He behaves like Hitler. Hitler developed his governments economy too. It's not just about the Gezi Park.
    Note : i wrote ****** because if i say something bad about him, he will probably put me in the jail just like others.

  32. but what he has done to turkey is a lot n theres no modern president nor leader did such things to his country n lets not forget protecting islam , if ur not a muslim i wont discuss it with u but if ur a muslim our prophet ordered us to help each others n build up a one spirit that makes us on the top.. btw if turkish people go against him turkey will go down just like greece n other poor european countries

  33. so you are basically saying that we shouldn't do anything while a man up there says us to do things and acts like a king. thats a point of view i guess. but i'm not gonna live my life controlled by others for sure.

  34. Most of the protesters here are the ones from the anti-democratic factions who get used to dominate Turkey without ballot for decades with the help of the army's custody. As they couldn't tolerate to lose their illegitimate control to the ones who have come to rule with the legitimate ballot, they sort of rebelled for a few weeks. In fact, they hijacked an initial environmentalist protest and fucked it. But brutal reaction of the police to the first fair portest catalysed the events also.

  35. At 2:37 the announcer said that "Turkey limited three terms of prime ministry and Erdogan will have to step down in 2015." This is a big lie. Turkey has no law that limits being prime minister for more than three times. Only AK party has a limitation for being deputy more than three times incessantly written in their party statute. This is a very democratic rule. If AK party wants can change this rule very easily. But they did'nt.


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