Why leaders like Elizabeth Holmes may make risky choices

Maurice Vega

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  1. I know this segment is about Elizabeth Holmes, but DAMN if it doesn't perfectly describe a certain orange individual prominently featured in the news these days.

  2. Holmes is a fraud, not a leader. She out Ponzi'd Ponzi ! But here we are, even a TV series being made about her. Go girls…white wash.

    She was a darling of the media…young and female, just what they want for their narrative.

    They won't learn, they'll just move onto the next one.

  3. she could have fooled the world/the fact this device that couldn't have worked w/o a microprocessor/considering all the wonders it did/made in stores

  4. Just how did she get by for so long?? Walmart give millions to her!!! Bet ya she won't serve a day in jail… She got the judge swayed with those big fukin eye balls

  5. This psycologist is a moron. Ms.Holmes is not a leader. She is a criminal and a sociopath. She put peoples lives at risk.

  6. she can really use her cheating brain and energy to do a real honest job and made a lot of money along the way

  7. She has loads of psychopathic traits. Psychopaths have very different brains. Some charismatic leaders do tend to make risky decisions. But in this case, it is because of her psychopathic tendencies.

  8. Driven, passionate, smart, and able to convince people to believe in her.
    She only is in trouble because the company was public and able to be investigated by the FEC.
    Lots of other private business people fake it until they make it – some succeed and some fail miserably and start over.
    Her mistake was trying to do it so fast and being a public company with investors and high profile board members.
    Being so young she hadn’t learn the true art of bullshit and how to spin without saying things to get in her trouble.
    The ego won and she did all those talks and interviews without the wisdom of what to do when.
    I have a feeling that someone else may believe in her again and invest in another idea and she could become wildly successful.

  9. Psychopath, con artist and lady version of Madoff. Her device turned out to be a billion dollar Ponzi scheme.

  10. "Crossed the line?'' That's like saying Madoff didn't 'exactly ''play by the rules.'' She's a consummate liar and sociopath; her 'brilliant idea' had no chance of working.

  11. I just retired from the medical device industry in the field of blood chemistry. This would have NEVER happened with the teams that existed in the companies I worked for. The blame for this mess goes squarely on each team member that never questioned the secret sauce and every single person, news outlet or other, that bought into the idea that image and stature matter one bit, for any honest endeavor. The white, bright and shiny liar was again being propped up to everyone's delight. This is why many have a case against the media.

  12. It is embracing we live the word where people for taking piece of bread are in jail and people like her and her father can be free………it is so sad

  13. Drops out of Stanford chemical engineering after a year and a half and now has the knowledge of someone with a Ph.D in biomedical engineering or pathology.
    Yup, it is possible in fantasy land or for those that have very little critical knowledge. I think we are in real trouble.

  14. Make risky choices? To deliberately lie to people to get their money is not the same as making a risky choice.

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