Why It Matters If We Elect a Real Progressive

Let’s go next to our caller from the two eight
one area code. Who’s calling today from two eight one Hey David, this is Jared from Houston. Hey Jared, what’s going on? So I’m a first time caller and I voted for
Bernie in 2016 in the primary. Okay. And one of the reasons why I’m moving off
of him, because I’ve been thinking not necessarily about his electability, but what he could
actually do if he got elected. So let’s, like, let’s, let’s take the best
case scenario. He gets a house and Senate that’s democratic. Yep. We know like a lot of Dems oppose Medicare
for all. And you already mentioned the campaign finance
reform. Yeah. And what I’m worried about. He gets elected, he gets pushed back by moderate
Democrats, progresses, get depressed, and then the Republicans will sweep back in 22
because the Democrats are in fighting so much. And I just wanted to know, do you think if
he were to get elected, could he kind of keep that democratic? Would they want to send it? Could he keep it even United? So let’s take it, let’s make it less hypothetical
because even in your hypothesis, there’s already things you’re mentioning that aren’t going
to happen. So let me give you an example. The Senate is not going democratic in 2020
unless I am incredibly missing something. So the idea that in his first two years Bernie
will have the house and Senate not going to happen. Now as far as 2022 typically a new president has their first midterm not go their way. Everything is kind of different right now. And the 2022 Senate map actually favors Democrats. So let’s take the conversation in a slightly
different direction, which is you are given that you are right, that for example, not
every Democrat is on board with Medicare for all anyway. What is the benefit of having a president
who wants Medicare for all versus a president like Joe Biden who wants to like tweak Obamacare
and add a public option? And the answer is you often end up, unfortunately
this is sort of how it works. You often end up in a sort of middle of the
road position between what the party in power wants in the middle of what the party in power
wants. So what I can tell you is the following. If Bernie is the president and Democrats have
the Senate and Democrats have the house, it’s, I feel very plausible that we don’t get Medicare
for all, but whatever we end up negotiating too is going to be way better than what we
will get if Joe Biden is president. Right. So that’s my approach and everything you’re
saying is correct, but we’re still way better off. Yeah, that makes sense. I think it’s just like, I just think about
the whole no middle ground. I’m kind of concerned that a lot of Bernie
supporters would not even accept that. Even the fee where the move, if he moves anywhere,
right. Well it’s not going to be up to them ultimately. Right. I mean we vote to elect the president. Trump did a whole bunch of stuff. He didn’t tell his supporters he was going
to do at a certain point it’s like listen, they might not like it, but ultimately Bernie
is going to get whoever is president will get whatever is closest to what they want
that they can get at the time. And that’s kind of the way politics works. Okay. Thank you. Alright, uh, great to hear from you. I appreciate the phone call. Let’s take a quick break. If you are holding, don’t hang up. Don’t hang up with your holding because we
will go right back to the phones after this.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Enormously important. It would be the death-knell to pro-corporate neo-libs & repubes.

    Two elections in a row; the American people refused to vote in the same old POS do-nothing corporate hacks.

    Of course Bernie is the TRUE candidate of the people. Trump was the poser.

  2. You didn't mention the power that Bernie has in terms of getting people to affect their elected officials. Arm twisting works!

  3. One of these "progressives" endorsed Hillary over the real progressive when it mattered most. Her platform is also full of a bunch of means-tested garbage that wouldn't create the necessary change we so desperately need in this country right now.

  4. Elizabeth Warren is NOT a Progressive. Just look at her laughable "Accountable Capitalism" and "Wealth Tax" shams. She's still a Reagan Republican at heart. That's why the establishment is backing her.

  5. If you counter far right with middle of the road policy….you just end up going in a circle when the right takes over again…..right has to be countered with left…not center of the road bullshit.

  6. Medicare for all … get your wallet out those who think this will work …. check the real facts in Denmark. The houses they have, the cars they cannot afford and the taxes they pay.

  7. Electing a progressive president will establish a progressive precedent. The performance of the winner will be everything.

  8. Why can’t we just elect someone that’s fair and open minded? Like centrist or libertarian?

    Far-left Democrats and far-right Republican are equivalently anti-human.

  9. You don’t advance by “giving ground” you advance by taking ground. JS… no one goes into any battle wondering what they can give up on, they win by taking whats viewed as impossible.

  10. It really doesn't. The world is an unprecedented state of disarray and acting like some cheap politician has any power in the face of this, is akin to believing in Santa.

  11. I've heard this negotiation argument before, and it makes sense. Just look at Obama. He wanted a public option, and we ended up with a compromised deal with the Affordable Care Act. If we had Bernie as President, who understands how important the bully pulpit is and how to make Congress pass legislation based on popular opinion, and who will fight for Medicare for All, the worst that would happen is that we end up with a public option, but there is hope that we could end up with Medicare for All. With other Democratic Presidential candidates, even more progressive ones like Warren, there is no hope that they will pass Medicare for All.

  12. I saw Warren on the thumbnail, and I'd just like to say….
    Elizabeth Warren is not a true progressive.
    Sure, she's to the left of Biden! But that's not hard to beat. There's still only one true progressive in this race though, and that is Senator Bernard Sanders.

  13. The idea of Bernie Sanders ethically and morally rebuild the American political landscape reduced to “ its still better than Biden”! I know David’s right but it sucks!

  14. Just a reminder: These "moderate" Democrats are actually conservatives. The Republicans, however, are far-right extremists.

  15. If you support LGBTQI+ your not an atheist, your religion is one of faith in mythical genders. True progressives are said to be atheists not religious liberals.

  16. They have to do something. A recent visit I made to the ER was over $12,000. and that didn't include the bill for the independently contracted physician's bill of $1600.

  17. This caller is the typical so call savvy pollical voter which is stuck in the past of neoliberal politics that was ingrain into their political philosophy by the Clinton's era. He sound like he is over his 4o in age or live in the DC bubble and don't understand Bernie's new revolution is empowering the people to vote for what best help out their situation than what the establishment has paid off the politicians to push.

  18. I think we should consider wiping out Congress. There's no time for waiting. We live in accelerated times. Things don't move at the pace they used to. A president, a govenor, a mayor, and maybe city council. Use referendums nation wide state wide, and city wide for guidance and law.
    While Congress is busy fiddling around, Iceland is experimenting with pumping carbon in the ground. Really, much of the rest of the world is ahead of us in everything. We have a successful military industrial complex, some major computer geeks, and Walmart. We could get rid of the delegates. Popular vote is all we need.

  19. Good breakdown. The caller seemed to be saying, "We can't get everything we want with Bernie, so let's go with another candidate who will get us even less."

  20. Regardless of whatever you label Warren as she's just not equal to Bernie. She's a massive step down in many ways. Warren is not #2 when Bernie is #1. It's more like Warren is #4 while Bernie #1-3.

  21. David Pakman you should tell Obama about the bad income inequality and climate change in America…. see if you can get close to the walls around his 15 million dollar beach front mansion to let him know

  22. That caller has no idea about how shit actually gets done. The power that Bernie would have as the most popular politician in America would be immense. He has already stated in an interview with Kyle Kulinski that he would do everything he could including primarying incumbent democrats to get his agenda passed. Warren would just toe the establishment line and nothing would be done for us.

  23. After paying attention to the comments for weeks… I realized I had missed something.

    This channel is full of Antifa dorks

  24. I am a Progressive The Big Question is i Free College Medicare for all worth losing and giving Four more years to Trump in The Election which will Destroy America?? My way to Universal Healthcare is Medicare for all Pre-natal / Natal and Children to 18 Years 2022 as the gateway to Medicare for All 2025

  25. I voted for bernie in the 2016 primary. Because i hadnt really been paying attention to politics for 4 years, i hate clinton, and i was convinced bernie was really a new deal democrat. Hes not. Hes a socialist. And jesus christ what happened to my party… biden or nothing. (And thats barely acceptable.)

  26. Yeah so let’s vote for someone who WON’T make any changes because the person who WILL might face opposition on getting it done. Very solid analogy

  27. idk.. I think progressives should tale a lesson from the TeaParty. They never had Presidential ambitions.. We don't need a progressive president, we need a progressive house and senate.

  28. With Bernie, there will be a lot of downticket progressive coat tail riders. Same, but slightly less so with Warren. Even in the worst case scenario, where medical difficulties force Bernie out of office early, there will still be a far more progressive house and senate than if the reverse is true, and Biden got elected but was unable to continue due to medical concerns.

  29. Well explained response, David. It will be a compromise no matter who we get, so at least a compromise on a far left candidate will still put us in a better place than a compromise on a centrist candidate

  30. Just remember people it won't matter as much. if we get Bernie in office if we don't take back the Senate and keep the House. Please vote, campaign, and donate to democrats on all levels of the ballot. Or poison Moscow Mitch!!!

  31. The fact that Bernie’s career as a Congressman/Senator was done as an Independent is a testament to how persuasive he can be to either Dems or GOP. I don’t think he is going to have the problems like Obama did when he was President. You won’t be seeing Moscow Mitch sitting on Bills like he has because more than likely this is his last term. He will either be voted out, or be taken out by his illegal actions which are especially criminal between he and his wife, DOT Secretary Elaine Chao. These two should be in prison, but he probably will instead retire in lieu of being prosecuted.

    But even if he wasn’t gone, Bernie has gotten him to bring to the Floor, laws that Bernie has proposed and gotten passed. I think also, Bernie has built in sections of M4A, for instance, that will be objected to outright by Republicans and other conservatives, that they will not pay attention to parts Bernie wants actually to be left in his Bill. He has successfully been in Washington DC since 1991 as a Independent and is also “The Amendment King” of the Senate, so he knows the system and how to work around it.

    Will he get 100% all of his proposals passed? Nope, and he knows it too, but I feel he can get more than the usual politicians can get approved.

    I trust him to do the right thing and he will fix our currently broken government system.

    We just all have to vote for him, which will checkmate the use of superdelegates by the DNC. Remember also that when Bernie gets the nomination, he will become the head of the DNC, and they will have to play by his rules. No more Hillary chicanery.

  32. Reality: if this upcoming election is about anything else besides the recklessness, callousness, mendacity, corruption and overall incompetence of the current administration then most likely that administration is going to win re-election.

  33. We probably lose Doug Jones in AL Senate. We could win NC, AZ, ME, and CO. That would put us at 50 Senate seats with a tiebreaker. So much would have to go right for that to happen. I just don't see Harrison beating Graham in SC or Mcgrath besting McConnell in KY.

  34. I supported Bernie in 2016 until he endorsed Hilliary Clinton. Today I see Bernie as an obstruction to Elizabeth Warren in that because of his age and heart condition he honestly is not fit to undertake the stress of campaigning against Trump. He should throw his support behind Warren and withdraw from the campaign for the sake of his health. He has had a heart attack – that is a life threatening event!!

  35. Yep, Republicans and corporate Democrats will fight on every single proposal no matter how reasonable so the best strategy for progressive politicians is to make big proposals and give themselves some room to cave and still come away with something good.

  36. These are my thoughts, exactly…because, while I don't agree with Bernie on everything, we have to do our best to get the most progressive dem in office, KNOWING that things will be negotiated….

    Unfortunately people don't seem to acknowledge that and will always assume that everything will get done, in a very tribalistic sort of way…

    This creates two problems…both with folks in the middle and folks more towards the extremes; With the extremes, if they are pandered to, will make the most active and loud part of the base look insane and gives ammo to propagandize and generalize the image of a given party. For those in the middle, they fall prey to the aforementioned issues and quite ironically shows how they both are affected by the propaganda, but in different ways. So, given that, what those in the middle SHOULD do, is vote the furthest left, with the assumption that things will always be dialed back. There will always be the extremists and echo chambers, so that just has to be accepted.

  37. Absolutely agree, David. If you start compromising principles and don’t vote your conscience, you start down a bad road.

  38. Bernies not a progressive hes a bolshevik JUDAS!!!
    With coronary heart disease.
    He sounds just like a frog is in his throat.

  39. If Bernie was elected that means his ideas are what the American people want, if our own Democratic Senate in house would obstruct our Democratic president then that's a problem with the establishment not us.

  40. Bernie or Bust. These moderates will go down in flames. Get ready to hear Pocahontas and Creepy Joe 033033003 a lot if either win the primary. I don't want 4 more years of the stable genius orangutan dotard, so I'll be going Bernie again

  41. Pakman is making his own arguement, which is fine, but he should also explain Bernie's plan for this situation.

    That he will actively rally against a Republican or Democratic, in their state while fighting for M4A.

    For Pakman to not state Bernie's answer to this and only his own, is either a slip up by him or he doesn't know Bernie's policies or agenda.

  42. Funny how now that A.O.C. makes $3,[email protected] she no longer talks about a 75%-90% tax on the 5%-10% of wealthy Americans now that she belongs to that club..The Democrats running are trying to "Out Free" each other and buy your vote with promises of free college, healthcare, housing, food,government jobs and the best promise a $1,000 a month welfare check for 325 million Americans.($3.2 [email protected] or $3.9 Trillion @year) and yet absolutely no explanation on how to pay for anything.. My parents told me nothing is free as someone somewhere is paying for it..

  43. Clearly he hasn't heard Bernie out? Literally he said he would go go those opposing politicians districts states etc and run a real progressive vs those ppl. Vote them out… Bernie has answers

  44. To the caller. The Majority Report has a video called "Day One Possibilities Of A REAL Progressive President".
    There is a ton that can be done by just the President.

  45. What a dumb statement. Bernie or Biden are not divisive. Warren is she will get nothing done because she is toxic for Republicans and Republican voters.

  46. David you need to look more closely at the 2020 senate races. There are at least 4 races which I believe the Democrats will win. If Jones loses in Alabama (which is no certainty) and Dems win WH they will still control the Senate.

  47. Google David pakman mic


  48. Bernie will fight for it.
    The others will fight against it, but PRETEND to fight for it to get voters like you.
    The lesser of two evils is still evil.
    Vote for conscience – that's democracy.

  49. If Trump survives to 2020 he'll beat either Warren or Sanders. Just pick the most electable candidate and get behind them regardless of ideological purity..

  50. You're missing one aspect. Presidents can do way more than they currently do simply by using laws that already exist. David Dayen wrote a great article on this on prospect.org.
    Don't let any president tell you his hands are tied, presidents can do way more than they show.

  51. Predicting or trying to predict the future is a waste of time. Get the first item wrong in a series of variables, and the rest of your projection goes nowhere. Rather, have a goal and make every effort to achieve the best possible outcome, then build on your successes or failures.

  52. that's the underlying problem with a locked two party system. Rather different points of view have to be constrained under two options. However, it would be important for the US society to get rid (or at least, make it irrelevant) of the GOP, which is just a human garbage collector. And then, once the vast majority of the population can agree on some fundamental issues, a number of different takes on a number of subjects will lead to different currents some more liberal, and some more conservative.

  53. Bernie & Yang are the real progressives in this race. Warren is not. Having an anti/counter-establishment winning is probably the most important.

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