Why Don’t Politicians Have Beards Anymore? (ft. WheezyWaiter)

trés I'm tired of politicians being nothing like us I mean white guys from the middle of the country yeah but with beards hey constituents I'm trace and i'm craig AKA wheezy waiter here at dnews if you've been following the u.s. presidential election you might have noticed that all the candidates have one thing in common none of them have facial hair of course from one of them that's not necessarily an option but for the rest i mustache you a question where's the beard come on let that face flag fly sweet correspondent Justin Peters noticed the anomaly in the last presidential election and the one before that and the one before that in fact the last president with any sort of lip wig was William Howard Taft if you flip through the official US portraits of the presidents you will notice that only nine of them have beards or mustaches starting with Lincoln in 1860 and ending with Taft in 1913 with a few gaps in face fuzz in between Lincoln grew is famous chin curtain at the behest of an 11 year old girl when she told him it would help his thin face and women would tease their husbands to vote for him this was during the late 19th century when beards were coming into vogue as a way of symbolizing masculinity and authority this might explain why Civil War soldiers sported some outrageous faces and why six of those presidents after Lincoln were bearded they all served in the war but everything changed when the German nation attacked France by way of neutral Belgium in an effort to defeat them before the Russians arrived to help the Serbians fight the austro-hungarians in 1914 you get it right it makes it that person was confusing and a side effect of the famous trench warfare was the introduction of chemical weapons to survive a gas attack soldiers had to wear masks but beards wouldn't allow for it an airtight seal so they had to go beard or agonizing death call for this and to promote discipline and camaraderie the US military does not permit facial hair to this day except under special circumstances like for medical or religious reasons and this comes back to politicians today as many will proudly point to military service while out campaigning for votes so though military regulations might explain our hairy presidential history what happened to today why is there still hairlessness in the rest of US history or among politicians who were never in the military well generally beard popularity is dependent on the culture and trends of the time these fluctuations in the style may happen because women and men find beards more attractive when not the norm at least according to a study in 2014 in the journal Biology Letters once we hit peak beard then clean-shaven men are rated more attractive again but we just went through a beard trend so why are big wigs growing beards today well there may be a psychological component to that our 2012 study from the University of Lethbridge and Victoria University of Wellington showed pictures of the same men with and without beards to both men and women both genders rated the bearded men as more aggressive and threatening than those same men without beards I mean make sense these are not traits most politicians want to advertise especially now that they're so visible since the invention of television and as campaign consultant Jeff Jacobs points out beards are associated with old men who can't change and right now the US political landscape is all about change and older voters may still associate a jowl cowl with the hippies and communists of old so for now it seems like good campaign wisdom to stay as smooth and slippery as possible as for YouTube personalities there is plenty of beard to go around and if you want to see more Craig and more beards you should check out his awesome channel the good stuff you can find it right here in the 60s and 70s scientists Mira Rubin noticed a difference between the angular motion of the galaxies she predicted and the motion she observed this was a huge problem basically Rubin found that galaxies were spinning too fast so fast in fact that they should be flinging all of their stars out into outer space but they weren't obviously and if you just want to see my beard you can check out my own channel wheezywaiter the links in the description so do you think that we're really so shallow that we wouldn't elect a candidate that's got you know some kind of face fuzz handlebar moustache I would something like that let us know down in the comments like and subscribe and we will see you next time on dnews hey Craig you want to do that secret thing that only bearded guys know about yeah you don't understand because you don't have a beard you

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  1. Why don't politicians have neck tatts? I'm dead serious. Why not? I mean, there can obviously be an obvious answer to this, but I ask you all to look deeper into my question. I've read and seen many politicians who support body art, but none who have body-to-neck tatts. Is this due to their backgrounds, ages, cultures that differ them from feasibly baring such an appearance? I would like to be the first professional yet cultured economist who is not only an unprecedented economist based on his ability to formulate thorough economical-solutions that bridges the commonly resisting stupid-ridiculous extremes of the binary political-ideological gaps, but an economist who also shows up to work in a suit and tie/bow tie with neck tatts in which they are, if not barely, then straight out revealing themselves just a bit passed above the neck opening of my suit. Someone who becomes, at the core, KNOWN as an economist that consistently pioneers true foresight for change and one who is ultimately above the "high school" like peer pressures of Congress culture.

  2. Beard is an offence to Feminazis. It symbolises masculinity and empowerment of men which is considered outdated and anti women..

  3. I think it depends on if it makes you look better or worse…..Not all men can grew a perfect kick ass beard..

  4. Because being clean shaven shows that you are clean, civilized, and well organized. Back then Beards represented masculinity and dominance but nowadays it shows you are unkempt and dont care about hygiene.

  5. Because beards are not in style anymore, they sorta went out of fashion. Plus most politicians would want to be well groomed to come off as being more "classy" to have more people want to vote for them.

  6. They gave Ryan h ell for his facial hair.. I actually thought it looked sexy on him.. and perhaps others were jealous.. Not that I like him.. Cant stand the man.. but I think the beard looked good on him.. Psychologically however, people get the connotation that a man sporting a beard is either very haughty, sexually active, or has something to hide..

  7. "But everything changed when the German nation attacks"
    Heeeeey…that sounds strangely familiar.

  8. 'white guys from the middle of the country' ?   I guess  if I had a face like a smacked arse and lisp speech defect and head shaped like a potato I would grow a beard.  if it wasn't for white men – white older men then you pair wouldn't be free to talk shit.  I bet the girls just love you pair

  9. Which is sad, because we are really missing out http://www.break.com/article/presidential-candidates-with-beards-3008284

  10. 1:38 "For this and to promote disciple and comradery, the U.S. military does not permit facial hair to this day…" Not true. While the military does not allow for beards with exceptions for various religions, muastaches are alllowed so long as they do not extent beyond the lip.http://blog.thenewstribune.com/military/files/2012/06/SFC-McNabb1.jpg

  11. Clearly any anti-facialhair bias is due to jealousy for not being able to grow such an awesome, manly fur coat.

  12. Its got nothing to do with "Attractiveness" its all about being tidy, and having a beard on the public scene is not considered to be tidy. … There ya go – no study needed. You're welcome LOL

  13. I have a beard but i always shave my mustache like Abraham Lincoln. I feel like you can still look like a gentleman that way.

  14. I can't help but think of the SPQR days and wonder if clean-shaven society came about as a way of replicating the social standards set during one of the most historically prevalent pinnacles of civilization.

  15. Beards are generally more fashionable among outdoorsmen, fishermen, Orthodox Jews, Orthodox Christians, Muslims, hipsters, blue collar workers, transients, and bikers. The majority of politicians in the US don't fit into any of these categories.

  16. "Then everything chamged when the Germans attacked" oh the Avatar references (if you don't get it look up the theme "song")

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