Why Does Educational Divide Only Exist with White Voters?

All right, let’s get into audience questions
for the week. First one. Hey David. And why is the educational divide among white
voters not there among non white voters? This is a really good, it may be the wrong question in a sense and
I’ll explain that in a minute, but first let’s discuss what we’re talking about here. We recently did a story which looked at polling
in terms of Trump support. And what you saw was that among black voters,
black voters basically opposed Trump by similar, uh, in similar proportions regardless of whether
they did or didn’t go to college. Hispanic voters are opposed to Trump roughly
equally between Hispanic voters who didn’t go to college and Hispanic voters who did
et cetera within white voters, white voters who didn’t go to college are significantly
more likely to support Trump than white voters who did go to college. So one way to ask it is, why is there an educational
divide among white voters on supporting Republicans? The way it may be backwards is maybe the question
is what is it about white voters where when they aren’t educated, they are falling for
Republican talking points. But essentially we’re asking the same thing
here. Now there’s a few things that aren’t good
answers. One would be it’s merely about religion because
if you look at black voters, black voters are a pretty significantly religious group. They should be more conservative than they
are based on religiosity. If that was sort of the X factor, it doesn’t
appear to be. When you look at Hispanic voters, education
doesn’t become a dividing line I believe because regardless of educational attainment, Hispanic
voters know that Republicans don’t have their interests in mind. They don’t propose policies that are good
for them and Hispanic voters regardless of education aren’t likely to fall for bogus
Republican talking points like the left is really the racist party or whatever the case
may be. The educational element becomes sort of secondary. With a lot of these groups with white voters,
the educational differences become more of a dividing line because nothing else is bringing
educated and uneducated voters together on the same basis. What I mean by that is I’ve explained to you
many times before, those lame Republican talking points that don’t work on Hispanic voters
regardless of education and they don’t work on black voters regardless of education because
they understand the political realities of the Republican party. Those talking points do work on white voters
who are not by virtue of their identity already, uh, understanding Republican versus democratic
policy. And because they are uneducated, they’re more
likely to fall for those talking points since there is no other sort of insulating factor
that will protect them from it. And this becomes a self reinforcing feedback
loop where in great part, the Republican party has written off a lot of these minority groups. They’ve written off, uh, Hispanic voters and
black voters and Asian voters in many ways because they see that their policy isn’t appealing. So they’re effectively doubling down and trying
to appeal to white voters even more. That, of course leads to a bigger divide because
the white voters who are educated have more of a framework with which to understand and
realize that they, there are attempts to bamboozle them, whereas the educated uneducated voters
are not. So we have a combination here of a self reinforcing
feedback loop where in Republicans are particularly targeting white voters and succeeding more
with those that are uneducated, combined with the reality that in a lot of these other groups
there is something else about their place in the political mill. You, for lack of a better term, that reduces
the importance of what, whether they are or are not educated. I mean, as a very micro level, um, I know
a lot of Argentinians here in Boston, I was born in Argentina, as many of you know. And in the group there are drastic financial
differences where there are people who, um, are, you know, effectively just entering the
workforce or have been in it for awhile but earn very little money, are on social welfare
programs all the way up to medical and legal professionals and successful entrepreneurs,
et cetera. And across that entire group. Nobody likes Trump. Everybody understands the role that Trump
plays in furthering the Republican policies that are not good for Hispanic voters. Voters who are immigrants from Argentina,
however you wanted to find us. Many, many Argentinians are white as the term
is, uh, and the educational level and the class differences that exist within the group
don’t really seem to move political views one way or the other. If you looked at an equivalent group of native
born American born white people with such drastically different class and educational
backgrounds, my prediction is you would see much more of a spectrum of political view. So those are some of my ideas. Let me know what I’m missing. Um, very important question and an important
one to understand, uh, when looking at the 20, 20 election for sure.

Maurice Vega

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  1. They're in the Midwest which is most impacted by job losses from traditional manufacturing industries with not as many alternative jobs nor the density in jobs compared to coastal centers. The democrats don't seem to realize this or care to, for some reason.

  2. Here's another question . . . Why are people who only finished high school not considered "educated"? Our K-12 public education system should be delivering enough civics, history, literature, etc., that everyone who finishes 12th grade would be considered "educated." Let the teachers teach their own curriculum, which they themselves got to create and design, and you'd be getting better and more interesting educations for everyone. This is not a knock on teachers, or students, or people who didn't go on for more education past high school. I just want to find ways to get young folks excited about ideas.

  3. I lived in Idaho and what I noticed is that the lack of diversity naturally leads to emboldened ignorance. They aren’t held in check. They are allowed to live so free in their hate.

  4. I know David said he doesn't believe it's about religion, but from being at least raised Catholic, I think it's how predominantly white Christian/Catholic Churches speak to their followers. In my observations, the clergy seem to ingrain that there is always something to fear, and it's whatever they want it to be and find a bible verse to accompany those assumed fears.

    Now transfer things like immigrants, liberals, ACA, those who don't worship (the sinners) etc. to that same teaching philosophy, but now the person telling you what to fear is someone you elected based off your shared religious beliefs and weaponizing the Bible, claiming superiority over other religions. All of the sudden it's no longer about exact policy and strategy, it's about someone claiming to save you from your fears.

    Disclaimer– This isn't to excuse all the terrible things that happen in this world.

  5. Because white people have to use different metrics to segregate ourselves. Most minorities don't have much of a political option with the GOP being openly racist.

  6. I think the largest factor is that minorites are inherently less trusting of the people who run our country, while majority groups will readily support whatever leader claims to support their side. It's the difference between saying "they both screw me in the end" and "all we need is for my team to win and the world will be good again".

  7. Black folks, in general, are conservative, but in a much different way than whites.

    The republican (racist) rhetoric of us and them, doesn't resonant with black folks. The whole Mexicans are racist and stealing our jobs nonsense was barely a blip to us.

    The fact is, we know who's been terrorizing black folks for centuries and they weren't gay, or Mexican, or Muslim.

    And we really don't care that a man is willing to swim a river risking his life to pick fruit in the hot ass sun so he can feed his family. It's called hustling for a living and a lot of us can relate and many of us are only one generation removed from someone who did pick produce in a hot ass sun to feed their family.

    Also, we not so blind from hating others that we can't see the lying, hypocritical bullshit of the republican party.

    We also resent people whitesplaining that this it that isn't really racist.

  8. Leftists are a brainwashed cult and this video title is basically saying that all minorities are stupid. Wow. For those of you who choose not to be brainwashed idiots and manipulation victims of the left, try..
    and on Youtube- Tucker Carlson of Fox, Bill Whittle, Stephen Crowder, Liberty Hangout, Millennial Millie, China Uncensored, America Uncovered..
    Because you can read little gems like this that make the Communist Chinese 'social media manipulators' on here mighty nervous 🙂

  9. I mean, this is just exposing the lack of emphasis on eduction gor the average person within the U.S. In fact there has been studies that people that go to college are more likely to turn out as liberal.

  10. This is actually a really enlightening point. Conservative bullshit is less likely to work on POC because of the experience of race.

  11. I thought this guy did a 20-minute video about how race was a social construct a few years back. White people either exist, or they don’t; you can’t have it both ways, David.

  12. Some magic barrier protects uneducated White voters from learning about policies the same way Hispanics or Blacks learn? What? There is no proof of that. Also, how come uneducated White voters began being interested in these policies GOP doubled down on? David gives some vague description of what he supposes happens, but there's no substance in the answer.

  13. Really Pakman? What policies are specifically made in the present by Republicans that benefit only whites and not Hispanics and blacks?

  14. I happen to be an educated white person, but due to illness, am lower income. And I don't like Trump at all. I'm one of the few proud Democrats in my income bracket. There are a few of us 😊

  15. So what does this all tell you?

    It says that it has always been about bigotry and lightly veiled racism in the Republican party. This is why post election, when all the pundits particularly on the left, tried to say that trump won because he sounded more populist than Hillary Clinton; I'd facepalm. If that's what you think then clearly you weren't listening to the policy ideas Clinton brought to the table. I get it, she was a boring and status quo candidate who didn't energize voters. She was, however, better on virtually every policy idea than what trump and Republicans proposed.

  16. Shorter: The @GOP appeals to poorly-educated white people because it is an efficiently-designed machine for appealing to poorly-educated white people.

  17. Some glaring issues here. First off, anecdotal experiences are valid, at least on a very small level. The problem is when uneducated white people take their personal experiences to represent the norm, if they were shafted by affirmative action policies or surrounded by lower class minorities who were extremely violent, etc. Also, if there is ANY credibility at all to race and IQ parallels, it would undo the fabric of society as we know it. Further studies on the matter are completely taboo to scientists and have terrifying implications.

  18. ive switched from tump to populist left. im now a tulsi supporter but bernie is my number 2 guy. i may even hold my nose and vote for warren. im not socially that liberal, im religious, pro gun, fairly patriotic, but im also working class, from a union family and i see how conservative economic policies have done serious harm to this country. what republican foreign policy has done to other nations. the desteuction of organized labor in the US, the defunding of public schools, the trickle down economy, de regulation, right to work union busting laws, voter suppresion, bought elections. the party is savage, barbaric and unnamerican to the core

  19. knowledge is power.
    -free public college tuition. (up skill, education, qualifications and critical thinking)
    Trump does not love the well educated and skeptical.

  20. A huge swath of poor white are racist. Not all, but many. Voting Republican preserves their status as better than someone, and as long as that's brown folks, they genuinely don't care if other whites do VASTLY better than they do. Republican rhetoric appeals to the vindictive, vituperative little cunt in their uneducated white souls, and that's all it has to do to keep them loyal.

  21. David I am SO disappointed in this answer.

    Shocker: it’s because they are racist.

    We knew this, I think it need to be out in the open. Systematic racism has existed for so long that it’s truly been a political motive of of European culture (specifically Anglo-Saxon), white people allow it culturally because even non-racist white people benefit from the system of White racism. Non-racist white people will be in closer proximity to racist white people than the minorities there would need their help, because of that, it is even many white liberal educated circles in the The US speak as if “there’s nothing that we can do”, because even those people have already benefited so much from the system exploiting Black Americans and Native Americans, and Asian Americans, and now Latino Americans. Even, Educated liberal white people have to adhere “ be passive as a form of resistance”, to adhere to racist white people, therefore they had to adhere them passively standing by in while they continue to enact white supremacy. white racist will enact violently regressive policies policies against working class people which disproportionately affects minorities because they intended the society and economy to be that way. The conservative notion of American austerity, of being “fiscally opposed” to building an American welfare state, of considering the right to vote a privilege not a right, all were based in racism that benefits all white people Economically, and socially. David, I’m really disappointed with you in this answer. I do feel like that we have seen throughout American history that white people have been violently races both politically and socially we’ve seen is throughout history. They literally permitted terrorism against black people in the United States for 100 years before they pass a law this was immediately after 300 years of cattle slavery. This is objective fact. Do you not Think that that idea of white supremacy got saved into mainstream culture because they’ve been impressing black people for so long. I truly don’t believe you are educated enough to speak on this topic.

    When Conservatives push for austerity it’s intentionally against black people, this is a Direct result of their austerity. After American slavery when they freed the slaves they made millions of people immediately homeless which caused generation of poverty on top of Jim Crow. How dare you say this. They intentionally did this you are being complicit to their white supremacy literally right now. You saying that this is just some “political ploy” when objectively this has been the only social/political motive of American conservative people for literally since even before the civil war to say simply just ignoring the facts. White American culture is inherently racist because white people built The foundations of this country‘s economy system off of that slavery. That is why the south is so incredibly conservative it’s not that they believe that we are spending too much money on social benefits when they will allow social benefits that Will majorly only support white America (social Security, Medicare) But they will push add Woodley to cut things like SNAP, A government food subsidy program that is majorly used by black Americans. Because slavery condemned them into extreme poverty under an extreme capitalist system. That is white supremacy. Where the entire system is now exploiting the working class which, in the past they were exploiting those same millions of black people through 300 years of slavery and 100 years of Jim Crow, and now coincidentally billionaires suddenly get free restrictions in the market and any qualities starts to suddenly rise this isn’t surprising this is not something new you’re plainly just not looking at the facts. Through White America is racism they have built an entire economy the United States without the foundation of those 300 years of “free labor” this economy, wouldn’t have grown to the point it is today. When you make racism through the government through the economy through culture these things will have ramifications especially when these things do the exact same action to the same group of people consistently throughout history. things have have always had cultural, economic, and political repercussions. White people know this, that’s simply why a lot of supremacists and supremacists-bystanders to continue to exploit the same to see people throughout the history of time because it only benefits them. Truly just read history and consider what events in history would’ve affected who.

    I’d really like to speak more on this topic because I truly don’t feel like that you are aware of the narrative that you’re spreading.

  22. I would say it is about religion, but there’s more too it than that. Black voters do tend to be more conservative socially than your typical liberal. Its just that Republicans have been engaging in racist dog whistling and dems economic plan is better for the poorer back voters. Overall there is a confluence of factors that would cause a conservative black voter to choose a liberal over another conservative.

  23. You are totally wrong on this one, and lets hope you haven't been to any collage that involves basic working with numbers, because it would be a significant stigma on their bachelors 😄.

    First of all, lets take the whites.

    Among college educated white voters, there doesn't exist any significant bias for the democratic party compared to republican, the share of all white educates voters who prefer or lean democrat is less than 60% among the involved in politics, the rest interested in politics vote republican.

    Also, among labeled white there aren't only europeans, but the jews as well, and over 90% of the jews vote democratic party, including close to all college educated. If we adjust even to this, the actual white americans of european descent who were to college divide pretty equally between the two parties. As basically all the data about this stuff shows.

    Hence, your correct answer to your listener was: there doesn't exist a preference of the white educated voters for the democratic party, this demographic group tends to split almost even between the two parties, mostly when we account the jews as well, most having a strong bias for the democratic party.

    But there only exist a very strong bias for the repiblican party, or very strong opposition to the democratic party, which is a further on matter to be better established, among the white noneducated voters.

    Given that up to 70% of hispanics who vote are democrats, up to 90% of blacks who vote are democrats, up to 90% of jews who vote are democrats, and probably up to 70% of whites who vote are republicans, obviously we talk about identity politics and division acrosss ethnic lines among the political parties. How it got there, if is fine or not, is another matter of debate. But that's clear as daylight.

    However, there exist a share of mostly white educated voters who vote democrats, and the only thing that defines most of them and separates them from the other crowd is that a significant share of them renounced religion, are agnostics and atheists. This, and this only is the only difference between most white educated who vote democrats and most white educated who vote republicans, as a visible bias in the data: religion, and how they relate to religion.

    This crowd, the white educated, are as well the only subcluster among the democratic voters who are in a significant share agnostics or atheists. As even you pointed out about the blacks, and is valid for hispanics as well, who are currently the biggest catholic crowd in US.

    Most probably what separated these whites of the republican crowd is the matter of abortion. They are very strong supporters of unrestricted abortion in 1st Q of pregancy at least, most support the current legal framework up to 22 weeks which is already well into 2nd Q, while most republicans aren't as much supporters of legal abortions, and an entire share of them are militants against legal abortion, including nowadays. Which separated these two crowds across the two political parties. The pro went with the democracts, the anti, neutral, not knowing exactly, ans fewer of the pro remaind to the repubpican party.

    So that was the correct answer, at it results basically from whatever kind of survey and data that was made and is known up to now :).

  24. Even when minorities have degrees they are still dealing with the same issues as the working class. Many minorities don’t feel they exceed under a republican administration or that they understand our issues. So they vote more to the left.

  25. It's so annoying that YouTube comments are mostly just people spewing their own (often uninformed) opinions — rather than reacting to what David actually said in the video itself… sigh, oh well, the internet.

    trump has tried to run for president a number of times prior to 2015 & NOBODY took him seriously ~ then he get that tired ass show & his profile gets Inquirer like attention & with people who fall victim to things like CULTS or TELEVANGELIST who are able to sucker folk out of their hard earned or nest eggs he finally had a shot at being taken seriously {even though his credentials were absolutely lacking in legitimacy} & I still believe that the only reason any people of color who supports him are mostly smitten with him because of that "DAMN TV SHOW" !
    {you're fired ¿}

  27. Look, David, the fact that white european educated people divide almost equal between the two parties at the moment is pretty notorius, is not education which makes the division. 🙂 Most white historically and normally vote republicans, just like the other grpups vote democrats.

    But, apparently 83% of democrats are in favor of abortion in all or most cases, up from some 60% a decade ago, while just 36% of republicans have this view, down from 39% a decade ago.

    Some 80% of white republicans identify as christians, of whom some 55% participate to mass monthly or more. Only 40% of white democrats of today identify as christians, they were 60% some a decade ago.

    Most white democrats believe that religion plays too much role in GOP, most white repiblicans believe that anti religious views play too much role in the democratic party 😂, and these shares go like in the mirror.

    Among the white democrats there are the biggest shares who believe stuff like religion separates rather than unites, religion does more harm than good to society, is a good thing that religion play less role in politics and society, things I believe as well except I lean and support the republican side because on most other issues except religion, women, family and marriage, I real marriage between a man and a woman not the nonexistent gay marriage, motherhood, what is that and can be fatherhood, where me and 70% of american republicans can only agree to forever disagree and be at total war, we collide completely, I cluster more with their views and approach in many other regards.

    So the problem in the conservative parties alover the euro-atlantic area is currently coming from this part, religion and views on laws relating to women, motherhood, what should and can be allowed to mean fatherhood and what laws should apply to man outside marriage, or after divorce, for instance me I stand for a total eliberation of men after divorce, of course cancelling alimony entirely, and cancelling the right of men to get a mother in the courtroom to demand father rights for childeen outside marriage, they go nutts hearing such stuff …, and of course abortion is a huge bullshit, mistake, and extremely divisive matter. Some moved to the democratic camps, others still stay there, some of them started to study and show them concrete evidence from everywhere that they are totally wrong and is their patriarchat eraising groups from the map, their own included. But this is why europeans divided, some correctly believe that patriarchat is the biggest cancer and the biggest fault for collapse of natality, there is statistical evidence, and some believe that lack of enforcing it more and allowing abortion is the problem, and there is a lot of evidence against their view. But they are brainwashed and these so called elites and journalists of them continue to brainwash them to support this bullshit, just because is their crap of dogma. If they were more presented with actual evidence, they'd see themselves that they are nutts. :).

    So, that's it … 🙂 It really is identity politics and nothing more, and a division was created because abortion and other such matters among the whites. Most uneducated remain religious in US, and they get brainwashed at these places of theirs into supporting laws that are totally against their ultimate purpose, function the exact reverse in reality. So some went there at the democrats, convinced the immigratnts to support their view, and are using that party now to stop the militant crowd on the other side, and they are an entire club among conswrvatives very convinced of these false theories they were indoctrinated with at their respective temples 😂.

  28. It also doesn't help that these conservatives have an anti-intellectual streak. They're told by conservative media that colleges have a liberal bias or are elitist so they don't trust them.

  29. Amazing how divided America is, along political lines, but particularly along the lines of what colour your skin is. This from a country that is supposedly the bastion of democracy and equality.

  30. I didnt goto college im white and im a lefty so I dont get it. Voting left favors ppl like me. I Would never fall for those lame republican talking points.

  31. It’s almost as if White voters are the only demographic that doesn’t vote as a racial bloc. It’s therefore undeniable that when it comes to voting Whites are the most diverse demographic in America. Diversity is strength, right?

  32. So in other words non whites are a monolith, who all think the same and vote the same.
    Seems kinda racist to me, but ok I guess.

  33. There is no educational divine and the constant Rhetoric by the far left and the David pachmann's is to give some allusion that trump supporters are an educated. These polls are manipulative in his James Corbett of the Corbett report says should not even be fouled or mentioned as these polls and data are lies

  34. Urban University educated white people are also likely so terrorized by their years in college of the racial obsession and I dandy they are scared to be labeled a racist and this could explain if there's any voting difference. The educated people who didnt through the scam of the University system likely are not so terrorized and afraid

  35. Those white trumptys are more likely to be from rural areas, having less social connectedness, therefore less empathy, less idea sharing and less travelled.

    Actually, did you know that US citizens are the least internationally travelled population of any ‘western’ country?

  36. I think it’s not just the religiosity but 5e type of religiosity that’s the difference. More white people are extremist Christians than black people. NIFB, born again… are demonstrably white. It’s the anti women’s rights and anti gay doctrine of those faiths that is pushing people to chose republican IMO.

  37. It does not. It is other people who make the distinction. There are still a lot of "white people" (I checked on it) and it is easier to split them up into groups. I've never heard the phrase "Uneducated Black or Hispanics". You cannot say it. When whites say something like that, it is "racist"

  38. David: Why do you say people who have not been to college "aren't educated"? 🤦If they've attended up to and including high school, then they ARE educated. Your elitism is showing. You are not helping those of us on the Left by such statements.

  39. I see an issue with that or it doesn't fully explain what I see…In Oklahoma where I was staying last year has many Native Americans and from what I can tell is that they have an affinity for Trump, most of the state voted for Trump…and to continue, Trump's administration hasn't done much for the indigenous (the Canadian oil pipeline across native tribal land is a big thematic issue) yet the Native Americans in Oklahoma are not affected by that…also the state is fairly poor overall (last years state budget was roughly $8.1 Bn something which is pretty small considering all the oil and gas industries there…Texas for comparison is over 10 times that, closer to 12 times)…to offer a counter to what you mentioned I think poorer white voters or those that closely identify white somehow think that voting for business friendly (whatever that means but it doesn't jive with tax friendly because there isn't a free lunch as they say ) will cause them to be lifted out of their class into a higher class….a voter really needs to be ultra honest with themselves to see that Republicans (conservatives) are really in the arena to bolster the wealthy…strange that it may seem, sometimes the wealthier folks are Democratic leaning In addition I get the mindset that there is a political party meme perpetuated that Democrats are for big government and high taxes but I have seen much of the last few decades administered by Republicans with the higher taxes and government agencies

  40. Why? Social psychology. The non white voters all experience discrimination/racism in normal life. No matter towards their educational level. High and low educated experience racism and discrimination. In the social hierarchy created in white social settings, the poor and under-educated white humans still have a higher value than the non-white humans mostly experience. Even if they in fact are on the same level. In this social structure one kick's (sh*ts) down, on those lower than you. That is why the republicans are often so racist and discriminatory towards the diversity of life. Fear of losing that little of what they poses, own. The difference now is that the higher educated white Americans are shooting up, towards the inequality and elitism. The group the lower educated need to defend to keep the position they have, fearing they otherwise would have less or sink lower in social status. Tribal thinking and mindsets; don't rock the boot, or bite the hand that feeds you.

  41. Wouldn’t a less intelligent or uneducated person be more inclined to vote for a person just promising free things? You routinely try to make this case that they are voting for trump BECAUSE they are uneducated and I just don’t see evidence to support that

  42. Answer: Non-educated blacks, hispanics etc. won't vote republican simply because republicans (unfairly or not) are portrayed as racist towards said groups, so a black person or a hispanic person won't be as likely to vote for said group EVEN if they agreed on issues.

  43. Let’s be honest… what group of people do republicans have their interests in mind??? Poor white’s in Appalachia are voting against their own interests

  44. It's obvious why black people, inspite of being more generally religious, are different about this. We spend our entire lives being sceptical. We spend our entire lives with the knowledge that racism, in all its forms, is eternal. It will never end. We know this always every second of our lives.

  45. So in a nutshell David thinks people who vote Democrat are smart and those who don’t are dumb? Black voters vote Democrat not because they are enlightened but because they’re told by guilty white people to do so. Most of us don’t really know the issues they just vote blue no matter who.

  46. The worst people to have ever lived were extremely intelligent and well educated. Pakman has his brand of bigotry.

  47. I just like how the right can actually attack ideas, but the left only attacks character. "trump only has support because people are uneducated and racist". That exact way of thinking is why he got elected in the first place.

    Nobody on the right has ever attacked the character of an anonymous voter or voting base. Yes they do dig into other politicians, but never average joes.

  48. It’s not as simple as poor whites are just stupid and are being “bamboozled”. David, you admit democrats are working for the benefit of minorities and that’s why they get a majority of their vote. That is also why they get a minority of white voters. The Democrats have become anti white and even though republicans are almost as bad, at least they align with their interests some of the time.

  49. I would say college education has nothing to do with it.As far as my immediate family myself included 5 of us non college educated anti Trump, 1 college educated for Trump and 1 non college educated for Trump. Education is only one component in factoring someone's intelligence and not very accurate, I'm sure we all know highly educated people who have very little common sense.

  50. Per Quinnipiac, 65% of white men oppose impeachment while only 29% of white men support impeachment. There's not really an "educational divide" to talk about. In actually, those who oppose impeachment are probably more on the range of 70-75%.

  51. I have a theory. If you’ve never lived in a small town let me tell you they’re primarily white primary conservative. I grew up in a small town with maybe only 10 to 20 people that were openly liberal (this is a town of over 2000 people) and the idea of being conservative, the idea that we don’t need or want change makes sense because most people are well of and the community often helps the poor with food and clothing so even the poor have basic needs met. So as someone who grew up in a small town basic facts about reality aren’t really facts. I grew up thinking illegal immigrants were dangerous because it was a conservative news talking point but the truth is I didn’t know any immigrants illegal or otherwise. The idea of my tax dollars going to government housing Medicare for all or other socialist policy was considered idiotic because our homeless shelter ( a two story house the city government let homeless people live in) was never at capacity and with the rare case of cancer serious medical bills weren’t a problem for probably 8/10 or more of us. It wasn’t until I got to college that the truth set in. I’ve now met several people who are here illegally and they are all nice people. Racism is in fact a problem as there have been acts of bigotry that I couldn’t believe and the amount of people I know who are living paycheck-to-paycheck and who are on food stamps and wealfare is unbelievable. College was also when a core belief of mine was challenged, in middle and high school I was taught by several different teachers that the Civil War was not about slavery but states rights and I bought it. Freshman year of college my professor told us it was about slavery and I tried correcting her and she opened my eyes to the fact that yes I was right the Civil War was about a states rights, specifically a states right to slavery and then she explained how historical revisionists try and muddy the waters so that their ancestors could both have fought for the Confederacy and been anti-slavery. I was always warned that college would “turn us liberal” but it’s because for most of us it’s the first time that we’ve ever left our homogenous little bubble.

    TL:DR uneducated white people are more likely to be conservative because they are more likely to go there whole lives without having their world views challenged

  52. "when they aren't educated are falling for Republican talking points"
    Another possibility:
    White educated voters were brow-beaten over the transgressions of a minority of their ancestors to the point of adopting white-guilt and thereby "falling" for the liberal talking points being shouted at them ad nausem. "But, essentially, we're asking the same thing here"

  53. I imagine a black Republican voter might be slightly more likely to be educated and wealthy, somebody like Ben Carson.

  54. It's not easy to convince a latino or black voter that the left is actually the racist party when their experience is to the contrary.

  55. The rich and white know that republicans are taking the poor and white for a ride, but that it benefits them. The poor and white are just happy with their heads hanging out the window. The minorities don’t have the luxury of falling for Trumps BS, they have to see it for what it is because an attack on one minority by a white supremacist is really an attack on all minorities. Because what they believe about one they believe about all.

  56. "bogus Republican talking points, like the left is really the racist party"
    Uttered my a Progressive, leftist, whose whole video is about making distinctions about members of certain races.

    "lame Republican talking points that don't work on Hispanic voters and they don't work on black voters regardless of education…"
    Um, that is rather racist, as you are grouping all Hispanic and Black voters as a monolith.
    News Flash: There are Hispanic and Black Republicans – clearly "falling for the "lame" talking points.

    Not really sure how you can claim that the left is not racist.
    As you have exemplified with this video, being a racist has nothing to do with your political ideology.

  57. The proper question is "Why Is There A DISEducational Divide Only Among White Voters"?

    And the answer is the same as the root of almost all disinformation in the world today: religion.

  58. Many Hispanics are primarily Catholic, therefore not Evangelical.

    Many Blacks are Christians, but not Evangelical.

    I offer no statistics here, but my general observations are that more highly educated Whites are LESS religious and less highly educated Whites are MORE Evangelical.

    The more Evangelical those sub-faction are, the more likely its believers are to succumb to the rants of fear-of-god, fire-&-brimstone, preachers not only dispensing pulpit wisdom, but also encouraging support of republicanism and trump by inclusion.

  59. “Even if you in a Benz, you still a n$&@! in a coupe” Kanye West

    Education may boost your economic experience in some aspects, but as a minority, you’re social experiences in America will still be the same across every socioeconomic level.

  60. Religion and ethnicity matter much more for uneducated white voters. A college education will teach people science matters and with that improved understanding of reality, GOP becomes an outdated party of anti intellectualism, misinformation and imaginary stuff. Pray or do real things…

  61. David, I think you presented a great point and argument. The first video you presented on white non-educated voters a couple of months ago points out the average citizen getting back less when tax season comes, I found that to be interesting. Another thing i wanted to point out is the price hikes on food and services that i think are due to Trump's economic policies, you should talk about this. Back to the subject on your video though on white non-educated voters, the Democrats equally depend on uneducated colored voters just as much. the history of colored people living under the Democrat model especially in Northeastern States has been one of Poverty (SSI,SSDI,welfare) , Jail, Violence, and Police Brutality/Discrimination. Trump might not be the best alternative choice, but who is especially for non educated whites and colored people alike?

  62. I imagine it's harder to sell "racism isn't real, unless you mean oppressed white men" to people who have family members in ICE camps

  63. As far the question, "Why is there an education divide among white voters and not among non-white voters?" I think it has a lot to do with socioeconomic factors such as location, accessibility to services and educational institutions that result in the making of these two groups educated vs. non-educated. To be specific on answering your question, I had to think about the actual divide. Do you mean why do educated whites vote democrat more likely then non-educated whites? I think the socioeconomic differences, religious beliefs, and racial beliefs due to life experiences have a lot to do with that. I would like to talk more about this subject and question.

  64. “Why” is there a divide?
    Well, the uneducated (or under educated) are more susceptible to fear, which leads them to paranoia, bigotry, racism, etc…hence the trump appeal.
    The more educated, whether via book smarts or even just getting out and meeting people you wouldn’t ordinarily meet, learn that there’s little to fear in “others”.
    They educated see through the right wing fear mongering nonsense and are unmoved by the idiocy.
    Whereas the under educated…are very insecure and therefor more likely to fear…well…everything (that is not them or like minded).
    The worst of the worst are the educated bigots…as they know better, but they make a profit off of the fears of the uneducated…(Ben shapiro, Glenn Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, etc…)

  65. Because ethnic minorities are living descendants of the survivors of past injustices and oppression. They didńt survive by being the most credulous of their people. They have paranoia and mistrust in their blood.

  66. Education is the biggest waste of money in the USA. Children can learn more on an iPad than they could ever learn in school. It’s really just a baby sitting at this point. It’s a good place for children to learn hate and divisiveness though.

  67. My own view is that uneducated white voters feel more threatened and left behind by various, gradual demographic and socioeconomic changes in the U.S.

  68. Are you kidding me with this, David? Republicans scream that minorities are the problem and the cure is a white nationalist culture. It doesn`t take a college degree to know when you are a target of hateful speech, but it does take a college degree to figure out you are being baited with jingoism and racism.

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