Why CNN Is Banned At TYT


Maurice Vega

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  1. >CNN is no longer a legitimate news source after hiring a Republican!-Ana "nosejob" Kasparian.
    At least TYT is finally getting wise as to what CNN is. It's a shame though, I liked laughing and dismissing y'all after you cite CNN.

  2. I don’t trust any sources of information that uses Metal music as a video out transition. It’s offensive and damn she’s hot. And right! Nevermind, I’ll shut up.

  3. Bullshit, go talk to your pets maybe they will understand you better. she looks like ivanka and the orange liar of the century 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. It took this for you to figure out CNN is a cesspool. No worry sooner or later you will realize you are every bit as bad as CNN.

  5. Looks down at comments.
    Oh, it's just variations of the same 5 arguments from "conservative"-people, some are even copy-pasted or have almost the same wording.
    Nope, there are no troll-bots or think-tank sub-forum feeding lines to people, nope.

  6. This is the reality!
    CNN has an agenda, an establishment agenda!
    They hire the wrong people for the wrong reason! (Or their own political agenda)
    Its very sad….
    Its so frustrating when you guys at TYT who are educated and have credibility face those so called "news" outles!
    You go TYT!

  7. Starting today? LOL! Glad to see that you won't be citing them anymore, though you may want to consider adding the following other propaganda outlets to your list of non-credible sources: The Washington Post, Mother Jones, The Huffington Post, The Guardian, Think Progress, The Atlantic, MSNBC, NPR, The New York Times, the BBC, anything from NATO, the Alliance for Securing Democracy, or New Knowledge, USAID, the Lima Group, the National Endowment for Democracy, and of course Fox News, but that goes without saying. In fact, pretty much just quote C-SPAN and Wikileaks from now on.

  8. Is this Ana's version of Cenk's USA today rant?
    Ana's Mad as Hell, and so are we!

  9. Most all these big companies like a CNN are more for entertainment now and are probably run by a bunch of hacks. Its not surprising. We're a stupid country who is ran by a stupid baby man made possible because our two party system and views are like super dumb and simplistic, because one whole party runs off a bunch of stupid crap that doesn't really matter to anyone with money and power and are just like puppets for the rich corporations.

  10. You solved the algorithm! Ana / producers, that picture of the cnn lady doing the ok thing is hilarious. Your Bernie episode was awesome. More Tulsi please thanks!

  11. lol I sometimes watch TYT and wonder to myself what went wrong how did they become this and why did I waste so many years of my life watching TYT every single day every video. I'm so stupid lol.

    I love how Ana says "starting today" LOLOLOLOL

  12. TYT is one of the only places that still upholds the responsibilities of the Fourth Estate. Keep it up Ana. I think your passion is refreshing.

  13. To be fair that night that everyone cut to Trump’s empty podium was mirrored by NPR. There are no pictures but I remember it vividly because they started broadcasting his speech then abruptly cut to the podium while I was coming home from campaigning for Bernie. Their coverage of him was equally as poor as the rest of the MSM and I’m honestly not ready to forgive them. There’s one more chance for everyone and if this woman being put at the head of CNN’s news coverage the only reasonable conclusion one could make is that without Hilary to get behind they will no actively have to work to discredit Bernieso one of his more milquetoast competitors will be set up to be destroyed in the 2020 election. That town hall certainly had the stink of it.

  14. Planned parenthood ; founded by a known “racist”. PPH responsible for the death of millions of black American children.

  15. Fair points, and yet the hard-line rigidity and emotional passion in this video undo the journalistic standards being espoused as talking points. Ana you literally throw those standards out the window with over the top emotional reporting.

  16. Honestly this lady just seems jealous she didnt get the job, she prolly went to college and everything and got stuck with this low budget news outlet lmao

  17. ANA! WE LOVE YOUR TEMPERAMENT! Frankly speaking, I feel that it makes you more of a REAL person and I appreciate that when I get my news. I wan't to know that injustice and blatant stupidity makes you mad like it does to me. YOU ROCK ANA!!!

  18. Zucker a a a a a a I get a big pay check a a a a a a a a a I don't know anything, I just collect my pay check as the CIA tells me to do, a a a a a a a a a a a a !!!!!

  19. a channel like CNN is okay for I.e. a plane crash or hurricane's, certainly not for political news (prop…) at all…!

  20. So, not going to mention Donna Brazile leaking debate questions to Hilary and how that wasn't enough to "cancel" CNN? Wolf Blitzer worrying about defense contractor jobs if we stop supporting the genocide in Yemen wasn't enough. Lying about the Syrian gas attacks and smearing one of the contributors to your own network wasn't enough. But, hiring a political hack instead of Ana or a similarly educated and accredited pundit is going too far. This is looking more and more like a pathetic tantrum.

  21. Looks like you unbanned CNN just long enough to pull a few clips in your Tulsi hit piece.


  22. Anna stop pretending you're a trained journalist. All you are is a left wing puppet. You can't even report the weather without putting your biased opinion on how the sun discriminates against blacks. Furthermore, it is ridiculous to state that there is an unbiased news Network on air in this era of identity politics. There is no fair unbiased news source available today. I have searched thousands of sites to no avail.

  23. TYT will go after CNN when they hire someone who worked for Trump. But will praise them when they go after Trump. Which is all the time.

  24. Ana, the fat guy sitting next to you is not a journalist, either.
    Just a run-of-the-mill businessman and an alt-left hack.

  25. Watching TYT burns me up too. Ana doesn't work for a journalistic editorial either. TYT is not a credible news source either. You guys are the definition of partisan hackery.

  26. How does this video have nearly 7000 likes and so low dislikes if it has so many negative comments, TYT tampering with the like to dislike bar naughty naughty

  27. Yet them using micheal moore as a commentator for years doesnt piss you off….. Not to mention how many inaccurate polls and headlines…..

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