Why African Leaders Are Refusing To Give Up Power

Maurice Vega

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  1. we need all these leaders gone everyone needs to go all of them are tin pot dictorships my dream is to see omar al bashir gone

  2. Because the only way the lie to get money frome industrial country and keep the money for them and family

  3. Lol, they say" get rid of white people, they're the blame." Then they find out the blacks are even worse.. Human nature, blame everyone else for your nitwit self imposed problems." God knows, it can't be us!" Blacks have more ego than brains! Sorry. Can't blame whitey forever, that gets old.

  4. Why is it that a continent with such vast potential wealth can remain so poor? Despite being so richly endowed, Africa has drawn little benefit from this mineral wealth and remains one the poorest continents on the globe, with almost fifty per cent of the population living on less than $1.25 per day. It's in large part down to 'Illicit financial flows'. The illegal movements of money or capital from one country to another. The exploitation of mineral resources has all too often led to corruption, and a large proportion of the continent's resources and revenues benefitting local and foreign elites rather than the general population. Such illicit flows undermine social development and stymy inclusive economic growth. Instead of investing resource revenues into improving infrastructure, health and education, political elites, often in collusion with foreign governments, have siphoned off proceeds from the continent's mineral and oil wealth – lining their own pockets, to the detriment of ordinary Africans.

  5. Our president ruled for 20 years because of his corrupt brother. He forced us to rule despite his illness. But we did not stop. We went out in demonstrations and just announced his resignation and now his brothers and his partners must be held accountable for stealing the people's money for 20000 billion dollars in 20 years algeria North Africa sorry for my bad english

  6. African leaders make african ppl mantalltiy slave .
    But we african our problem is poletical game europian & american in africa .

  7. Because there stupid take no accountability responsibility what so ever.

  8. I FORGOT. I am watching the much-esteemed "NowThis" media outlet. Who would have thought that Africa's current leadership problems could ALSO somehow be traced back to Europe and the evil colonizers. Wow. Can't just accept they cannot govern themselves and are too ignorant or weak to try and make a functioning government. Not like the big, bad white man hasn't given them dozens of government models to follow. Morons.

  9. Germany was shattered during ww1 and bomb almost back to the stone age during ww2, and now it an economic superpower in EU, South Korea was almost eroded by Korea civil war. Now its it the leading developer in technology and car manufacturing. Japan had 15% of its male population delete and was in massive debt after ww2, Now it leading the charge on Robitist and nanotechnology ,

    Chile was almost split into 2 countries after its civil war, Now it is the wealthiest country in South America.

    I can go on with Belgian, France, Spain Singapore and so on.

    Colonialism is a scapegoat!

  10. Why? It's simply a matter of maintaining a SUPERIOR bargaining leverage, to ( protect African people and their resources,) instead of accepting large payouts by foreigners or foreign governments, that includes mainstream media that perpetuate brainwashing ideologies that targets the many different African countries, on the Continent of Africa. You must fight against deceitful propaganda that spread into the public, by Europeans or East Asians, and Westernized cultures. And most importantly religious colonization beliefs and customs of white Europeans and Asians. Africans across the continent should find it necessary to take back control of their land and resources. Than, and only than can the people be truly free, and regain their power of THEIR OWN LANDS !!!!!!!
    I'm Monsoon power to the people.

  11. The colonizers couldn’t provide the institutions needed for progress because of the pressure to decolonize. (US)

  12. They must protest against the United Nation. Because that is there. job to keep peace African peoples must be courageous and select great leaders. They must realize they are the government .

  13. Europeans left a legacy of authoritarianism and one party rule? Just how do you think Africa was run before colonialism? Democracy? LOL.

  14. Catholic Churches are in everywhere Africa in the name of religion sterilizing young children in the name of immunization and vaccination causing more damage and weakening their DNA, do you call that religion or Jesus saves? It’s awar of deceit & survival of the fittest by European devils

  15. Most white comments here are very illiterate about what is going on around Africa and who is behind our struggle and yet you all live because we are suffering imean your cell phone flat tv laptop and armament colbot to fly you planes uranium for your war that feed you, Africa is in deliberate mess because of European lords or wars who can’t let us rest. we are never independent we are still colonized through black leader used and controlled by white colonialist imperialist

  16. America helps keep corrupt leaders in power. They know the aid they give Africa goes to the leaders instead of the people. Museveni’s (president of Uganda) military receives training and funding from America. I’m not saying that this is the only reason, and iI am not blaming the White Man for Africa’s issues, but it is definitely in the interest of developed countries to take advantage of developing ones. These old leaders need to die of old age or be taken out of power by ones who won’t fall so easily to bribes. My country may have a chance with Bobi Wine. But it’s difficult to tell a political power play from a genuine interest in helping people.

  17. You can't release a video like that when YOUR president is mainly the reason why our "leaders" are acting like that, Europeans and "leaders" from US are still using their "Colonial power" against certain countries in Africa… That's why many countries are not as powerful as United-States. For example Gabon, can be as rich as Dubai, but because of "Neo-Colonial" influences we are not getting more powerful, richer, … you name it. The problem is that those "leaders" put a lot of countries with debt, and they didn't ask for it.
    Before doing videos like that, you better document yourself. Sorry for the mean comment but you can't just say whatever you want to say on Social Medias and YouTube.

  18. Another thing is that all over the world you see this type of terrorized evil and it is evident in all European countries like America where the trains Atlantic slave trade (Financed by The a Jewish Romans who are pretending to be the real Israelites and are not/but are the synagogue of Satan). I and a descendant of those slaves that were brought to the USA/ We are Juda , And we are Waking up all over the world and the other 11 tribes as the to witness (Juda And Israel) The Christ Yashiya will deal with them Shalom

  19. See they have given reparations to countries and tribes….why not do the same for Africa and leave them alone and there country; I believe it’s going to get worse!!! But a lot of these countries and mainly the USA has never repented for the acts of terror and Guenicid they committed in Africa for years, And not just the USA but other countries like (Rome,The fake Jewish people/Israel,Germany….)basically all nations have taken part in The destruction of Africa,Oh yeah ( Arabs) Okay, while The True people of God fell for disobedience and went to slavery, under a curse)And they are scattered throughout the four corners of the earth!!! But the Time is coming and now is ,they and there army’s will have to face the One True Most High God himself ( Joel 3 is prophecy) Read it Shalom

  20. I hate how these "leaders" act. Especially in my country Kenya. Politicians are just HYENAS and most gvnt officials/ officials in general are PIGS. I don't understand how such beings can live with themselves knowing very well that they are THIEVES , they know very well they have the money and resources to make our country developed but they do LITTLE to NOTHING about it. I believe we as citizens are to blame as well because we keep on electing these worthless beings. SAD

  21. Mugabe likes to have intercourse with Young White Blonde Women… He himself has said that he wishes he was Mandingo!

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