Who’s Running Iraq? The Iraqi Government Explained

Long time Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki
(Noor-i al-maal-e-kee) recently failed to gain enough support in Iraq’s Council of
Representatives to form a governing majority and as a result he is no longer recognized
as Prime Minister by his Government. Maliki is calling the decision a “coup against
the constitution”, and is threatening legal action. He has even hinted at the possibility
of using Iraqi Security forces to retain his position. He has since taken back those statements,
but this raises a good question. What is the current state of the Iraqi Government? Well, first let’s talk about how the Iraqi
Government is set up. They have a President, but outside of officially nominating a Prime
Minister, he has a largely ceremonial role. It’s Iraqi Prime Minister who has all the
real power. He is their head of Government and commander in-chief. But because they have
parliamentary system with proportional representation, selecting a Prime Minister isn’t as easy
as just voting someone in to office. Under the Iraqi system, voters don’t actually
vote for people, they vote for political coalitions. Whichever coalition wins the largest percentage
of votes, gets the largest percentage of seats in the Council of Representatives. Maliki’s
Islamic Dawa Party was part of the State Of Law Coalition. They are the coalition that
now hold the most seats in the Council. This is important because the group with the largest
coalition gets to select the next Prime Minister. The person they select is then officially
nominated by the President and approved by The Council Of Representatives as a whole. Even after all of that, they are still not
legally Prime Minister. To begin their term as Prime Minister, they have to select a council
of Ministers to help them run the country. And that Council of Ministers has to be approved
by the Council Of Representatives. This is referred to as getting a governing majority.
And it is the final thing you need to become Prime Minister. If the Prime Minister can’t get a governing
majority, their political coalition can pick a new party member to be Prime Minister. This
is what the State Of Law Coalition has just done. And how Haider al-Abadi, became the
newest man vying to be Prime Minister… for now. Maliki is questioning the constitutional
legality of their decision to remove him and It is a complicated but necessary system.
In a country as divided as Iraq, with the constant threat of The Islamic State, formerly
known as ISIS in the middle of the country, and the growing independence of the Kurdish
Regional Government in the North, establishing a Prime Minister who has a governing majority
is the best hope for keeping the country together as a whole. If you found this video interesting and would
like to learn more about Iraq and the conflict there please click on our video about the
Islamic State and what they want in
Iraq or click on our video about the Kurdish people and their Peshmerga security forces.
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Maurice Vega

70 Responses

  1. I actually like this system. As long as the corrupt are not in the majority, <like some countries> <cough, cough>, it would help keep out the corrupt and extreme politicians.

  2. Thank you for that very short and clear video! It learned a hell of a lot in such a small amount of time 🙂

  3. If you really want a complicated way of electing someone to power you should look at how the US's electoral college lol. 

  4. Thanks for that tutorial. The new prime minister of Iraq is coming. In a few days check the news. I will be on it.

  5. We, the United States really do need to restructure our government system. When our system was set up there were 13 states that acted more like independent countries, and there had never been a representative democracy of that kind before. They set up a government that worked well for that specific point in history because they had no idea what parts of a federal democracy would work or not and had no idea what the United States might become hundreds of years later.Well, now we know.We know what parts of the system work and what parts are not working. It's really time that we draft a new constitution to form a modern system that accurately represents the people.

  6. wait.. Iraq have almost the same system as us here in sweden exept that they have one person ruling most and we have everyone ruling.

  7. Israel want to destroy iraq in three parts thatswhy israel made isis .
    Isis are wahabi militant and they always killed innocent people specially innocent muslims and destroy only muslim countries like iraq syria lebnan libya nigeria Afghanistan Pakistan Somalia Yemen etc.

  8. Im not sure "keeping the country together as a whole" is necessarily the best option. Peacefully splitting up the country may be a better option.

  9. Religious groups with a voting for who runs a country…. and we wonder why things go wrong.
    Same thing happens in America.

  10. While Technically not the same, their voting system sounds a lot how things are done in the US. So many people vote strictly on political party or religion, not the actual qualifications, accolades, or past history.

    Edit: added "their voting system" to clear up some confusion.

  11. As the leader of ISIS(now just the IS) has been declared the new caliph I would appreciate it if you did a video explaining the history of the title.

  12. I find it really unpractical for the US and EU to support the kurdish armies as much as they are doing it right now. I feel like is gonna bit us back when they get too poserful for the Iraqi government to control.

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  14. Well is this just tickity boo? So complicated, I mean why vote for a president to pick some guy, when you can just vote for that some guy directly? And why get that guy to pick a house of representatives that you can vote for, when you can just vote for his house of representatives, for him, from his own political party, directly?? Seems rather redundant to me… Plus if the people do no like the prime minister that the president has voted for, it's tough shit because it's up to the president and there's nothing they can do until the next election meaning the president himself gets to do nothing but pick the prime minister and then sit back and relax whilst sipping bicardi and raking it in. It doesn't make sense but nothing makes sense in that backwards country…

  15. I might be wrong, but I got the impression TestTube prefers the idea of the artificial state of Iraq being kept together. What is wrong with giving the largest group of people in the world with no state to call their own(The Kurds), independance?

    The state of Iraq was drawn up by the British Empire remember, not the people who live in it.

  16. why should iraq be kept together, or any middle eastern country for that matter? these countries borders were drawn after the ottoman empire fell by people who didnt even live there and i doubt the borders were made with the best interests of the natives in mind.

  17. What's the current state go the Iraq government ? That would be a really cool question to ask president Bush would love to hear his explanation

  18. What is the role of the President in a Parliamentary system? Also, in the Iraqi system, the people for parties rather than individuals, so then who decides who exactly gets to sit in the seats?(in other words, who decides who becomes a member of parliament?)

  19. Im a HUGE dnews fan.But this is something else, and i stumbbled into this link. As a iraqi male who doesn't support ISIS im very impressed and shocked that you reported news so recent . THIS IS THE SICKEST CHANNEL ON YOUTUBE HANDS DOWN. Liveing is america for over 20 my Arabic reading and wittering  is fading away pretty fast. its pretty hard to put things together when ur watching arabic news .so this is alot more convent for me . Keep up the good work   

  20. Nori is a criminal you criminal americans killed our great leader saddam hussein hero and give us this peace of shit nori

  21. hi, i'm a Kurd living in iraqi Kurdistan, we have been fighting for independence since 2700 years from now, we have suffered a lot though out the ages that we lived in at first it was the mangoles that killed a lot of us. after a couple of hundred years, safauies and usmanies which are Iran and Turks right now were fighting against each other for our land, and after that came sadam and his corrupt policy and genocided us a lot, and now our brave peshmarga fighters are fighting isis and the iraqi government didn't arm our fighters and they didn't gave us Salaries since February this year, but thanks to america and the others we are fighting isis with success ;D    

  22. This is the worst government on earth, running the country as usual like if the country is safe . Most stupid people ever

  23. This is a legit question and one I think TestTubeNews should make a video and answer. Why does the newly liberated Iraq have the Parliamentary system of government since the British did create Iraq BUT then it became a Dictatorship under the Baath party correct. Was it still parliamentary? I don't think it was, and so when the US and the coalition of the willing liberated Iraq why then did they impose a Parliamentary system and NOT the system they have in the US. Meaning a 'western style' government was going to be imposed and since the US primarily (and supposedly did the liberating, with UK help) it makes sense that instead of a parliamentary system they have something like a Congress and 'separation of powers' and other concepts like that. Not that the parliamentary system is bad or wrong, but it seems like the entire Iraq War was really the fulfilling of UK policy using the US as a proxy force to achieve that UK policy since a parliamentary system probably benefits them most of all. As a side note, mention what if the former Baath party wanted to run for elections, legitimately could they or are they banned from doing so? It seemed like the invasion of Iraq became more about dismantling the Baath party as much as being against Saddam regime. You have to produce 5 videos a week, and this seems like a legitimate topic to me.

  24. The system is almost the same as in my country – Latvia. This doesn't seem complicated. What US have – that is complicated

  25. could you please do a video in which pros and cons of the creation of the Kurdish state are explained? or why their desires for independence haven't succeed?

  26. you should make more videos on how the different governments of the world work, this was really good and interesting

  27. it seems all good and fair until you realise that the Prime minster can ONLY be a Shia Arab and the Speak of parliment can ONLY be a sunni Arab and the President can ONLY be a Kurd. This is the bullshit that divides our country

  28. Fucked – that's the state of the Iraqi government propped up by Western Powers solely for them to get Iraq's oil.

  29. I disagree with you about ISIS Being a Jihadist group. ISIS Doesn't relate to Islam with anything. They are just terrorists.

  30. "a brutal police israelaramco state from Tanja to Adan" ……that was created,funded,armed and assisted by the NATMaktoom citi'z ya Moqtada

  31. America set up a fake government in Iraq its basically just a second American government except with a different name

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