Whom to Vote For in Lok Sabha Elections 2019? Modi Vs Rahul Vs Kejriwal | National Elections 2019

Somebody says vote for BJP. Somebody says vote for Congress. Somebody says AAP will bring that change. Everyday you just need to turn on the news and instead of telling us why to vote for a party they tell us why to not vote for the party that’s not paying them. I have stopped trusting the Indian Media. The lowest they had stooped was when Sridevi Mam passed away and they got into a bathtub to demonstrate it. But be rest assured, nobody is paying me. Story of my life. So no, I am not going to tell you which party is the best but today by the end of this video, I promise you will know exactly which person to vote for. So in today’s video we are going to see the four major parties standing in elections and the work that they have done in the past. How is your vote going to influence the Indian National Elections 2019? 5 simple steps to chose the best candidate who will serve you for the next 5 years. But most importantly, towards the end I’ll give you a Bonus Tip that will finally put someone on the PM seat who truly deserves it. Just so that we are clear I am not a BJP supporter or a Congress supporter. I have voted twice so far and did not vote for either of them. So I am going to be as less biased as possible. Keeping that in mind, here are the 4 major parties. Party #1: Congress They have held their seat for 60 years and irrespective of what some nay-sayers say they have done some pretty good work. Setting up of IITs, IIMs, DRDO, expansion of rail network, RTI Act, India became a Nuclear Power under the Congress government. But what I am truly grateful for is that our first PM Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru laid the foundation of our Indian Constitution which helped in preventing us going the Pakistan way. Leaders like PV Narasimha Rao and Dr. Manmohan Singh bought back India from the verge of an economic collapse. And who can forget MNREGA? Ofcourse, every second person you meet doesn’t like Congress and they have valid reasons. The horrors of emergency, pain of losing to China in 1962 and countless corruption scams. So to sum it up, in its 60 year rule, could Congress have done better? They could’ve done a lot more. But saying that nothing happened in 60 years is just political exaggeration. But the real question in the minds of most Indians is if Rahul Gandhi can steer the country in the right direction? Or there might be some other PM candidate from Congress. Who knows? Party #2: BJP stands for Bharatiya Janta Party that won a whopping 282 seats in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections lead by our current PM *Crowd chanting Modi Modi* People had a lot of hope, that atleast now the promised ‘good days’ will arrive. And they did, in the form of Public toilets in rural areas, cleaner railways, no major scams, diplomatic relationships have improved, bank accounts have been opened up with zero balance, Ujjwala Yojna to provide free LPG to women below poverty line. ‘Ease of doing business’ ranking has gone up. Implementation of GST which was done hastily but was an important step towards a major tax reform and a lot of other schemes that are still in progress. But and there is a big ‘but’ there is bad news as well. Take Rafale, tycoons who have run away, mess in the banks, face-off with RBI, flameout in CBI, unnecessary religious tensions brewed with the intention of creating fear. Demonetisation, which made the common man suffer the most, black money still not retrieved which was a major promise in the last elections. But most importantly, the increasing rate of unemployment. Party #3: Lead by Arvind Kejriwal the Aam Aadmi Party started with good intention, India against Corruption. And since they won the 2015 Delhi elections, they have been doing some pretty good work at Delhi. Free water, cheap electricity, minimum wages, compensation schemes, development of illegal colonies, but their major contribution has been in the Health sector especially through ‘Mohalla Clinics’ where they offer free consultation, medicine and tests. And in the education sector where they not only inaugurated 5000+ new classrooms in the government schools but are also rectifying their syllabus under the ‘Chunauti 2018’ scheme. It is not my statement. It was said by Manish Sisodia, the deputy CM and Education Minister and true that, AAP government has allocated 13,667 crore which is 26% of the total budget to education. But again, there have been misses as well. Fighting pollution, developing public transportation and free Wi-Fi across the city remains on paper. Still my friends from Delhi seem to be happy with the Kejriwal Government. If you are from Delhi and do not agree then comment below and let me know. But these are not the main problems. The main problems that AAP supporters only have with the AAP party are these… 1. They have lost leaders like Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan and looks like the party is slightly drifting away from it’s agenda. 2. The tie-up with Congress?! *Gasps* Whats the point of joining Congress when that’s what they wanted to fight? And just like other parties that started with the same intention looks like AAP is also getting distracted. But who knows? May be they are like the Starks. They didn’t know politics at first but now they are learning for survival. Will they turn into corrupt Lannisters or will they remain Starks? Only time will tell. Party #4: TRS The reason why I listed TRS is because I am from Hyderabad and you should know what’s happening here. Lead by KCR, the merits of the party include launch of SHE Teams due to which the harassment of women in the city has decreased, Rythu Bandhu, a welfare program to support farmers, 24hr power supply, which was a distant dream in Hyderabad a few years back, assistance to brides under Kalyana Lakshmi and Shaadi Mubarak, distribution of sheep, KCR Kits to lactating mothers etc… But the party’s biggest achievement without a doubt is the boost in the I.T sector. Apple, Google, Amazon, Uber have their biggest development centers outside US in Hyderabad. Even DreamWorks has made investment here. And where will you find IKEA in India? At Hyderabad. You know this was coming…But… there have been misses too. 2BHK housing for the poor in the state is still in progress, manufacturing sector is generating few jobs, education has taken a beating, there has been an inordinate delay in the execution of Hyderabad Metro Rail and on top of that Multi-level flyovers and Underpasses are being built at the same time. And because of all this construction around, life in the city has become difficult. Atleast for the next few years. So these were my top 4 political parties standing for the Indian National Elections 2019. I know I missed out on a lot of parties like TDP, CPI, BSP, SP … So before we move on to the next section, this is what I want you to do. Comment below and tell me which is your favourite party and why are you voting for them? Because who knows? The people who read your comment might also vote for your candidate. Because everybody visits this channel just to read the comments. 😛 But in this game of parties, we are forgetting something very important. Tomorrow, suppose your electricity gets cut or you are not getting water then Modi, Kejriwal, RaGa or KCR are not going to come fix it. So let’s find out who is that candidate who will work for you for the next 5 years. The Indian Media wants you to believe that the Indian National Elections 2019 is a fight between Modi and Rahul Gandhi. But that’s the thing. It’s not. When you enter the polling booth, you are not going to vote for Rahul Gandhi or Modi as Prime Minister. You are going to vote for an MP i.e Member of Parliament. Without boring you to death, let me give you a quick Civics lesson. The Lok Sabha elections (which are going to happen now) is when you and I will select and MP. i.e Member of Parliament for our respective constituency. All over India, 543 MPs will be elected. For a party to form the central government, it needs 272 MPs and if it doesn’t have 272 MPs then it will form an alliance with other parties and the leader of that alliance becomes the Prime Minister. Now before worrying about the PM, we first need to worry about the MP. Why? Because MP is a very important position. They need to pass laws, they need to work for your constituency, they need to help the government perform it’s duties, but most importantly, they will represent you in the parliament. And guess how much they will be paid? 3 Lakh rupees per month. And where is this money coming from? Your pocket. So in a way, you are hiring this person. So don’t you want your employee to not be corrupt, not have criminal records or to start with atleast be educated. Suppose you want Modi to be the Prime Minister and that’s why you voted for BJP as a party. But if that candidate doesn’t do any work then who will fix the potholes in your ‘galli’, the water problems in summer or the eve-teasing and harassment in your ‘mohalla’. Because PM doesn’t have the time for it, its the MP who should do it and you are choosing that MP. So no, you are not going to chose if Rahul Gandhi or Narendra Modi or Shashi Tharoor or Mamata Banerjee or whoever is going to be PM. The MPs you elect together will decide who will be the next PM. And the beauty of our country is that there are 543 MPs and all of them can have different opinions. So nobody can predict who is going to be the next PM because bro, this is the Indian National Elections 2019, the biggest democracy in the world! So please, do not fall for what the media houses are telling you. This is the only time in 5 years when the power is truly in your hands. Be selfish and chose an MP who will do his/her work and will serve you for the next 5 years. And it doesn’t matter which party they belong to because all parties are the same. But how do you chose the right MP? I am so glad you asked. Now if you want to chose the best candidate from your constituency, here are the 5 things that you need to do. Step 1: Find out which constituency you belong to. Your Voter ID will have something called as an ‘EPIC Number’. Enter it on this website. Enter your state, enter the code and hit search. In the results, you will get the name of your constituency. Step 2: Time to find out what your current MP has done in the past 5 years. First, go to this website. I have left the link in the description. Select your state and your constituency. And on this page, you can see your current MPs performance. Their attendance, questions asked in Lok Sabha, Literacy rate, electrified homes etc.. If not performance, atleast an MP should attend the parliament regularly. Step 3: Go to myneta.info and check the details of your state. As of today it says, ‘Coming Soon’ but as soon as it’s updated, just like this you can see the list of all candidates, select your constituency and see who all are standing in the elections, the criminal cases against them, educational qualifications, total assets etc… This step is extremely crucial because the past history of these candidates will determine how the future of our country will be. Fourth and the most important step, go and vote. Elections are going to happen from 11th April 2019 to 19th May 2019 in 7 phases. So you need to find out on which day your constituency will have its elections. Google it, check the ECI website or best ask your Mohalley-waley retired uncle. He will tell you when is the voting date, where is the polling stations, where to park…everything! And if your constituency is in your hometown and if you are working somewhere else please book a ticket to make sure that you are in your hometown on the election day. And the final step, just before the elections, your constituency candidates will conduct local meetings. Some even came to our gated community last time. They all say the same…’Please vote, we will solve of all your problems.’ But take this opportunity to meet them, hear what they have to say because that will help you determine whether this candidate is right or not. The first thing we need to do, is chose the right MP. Because it’s not about which party wins. It’s about sending the right candidates to the ruling party and the opposition party so that they together work for our country. I know these steps look like a lot of work but trust me, they will hardly take 15 mins. And I think we need to invest that time because voters get the leaders they deserve and I think we deserve better. So it’s time we subscribe to the right candidate. And if you think I am also a right candidate then make sure you ‘subscribe’ to my channel and hit that ‘bell’ icon because I make Career, Finance and videos on such sensationalising topics too! Now the Bonus Tip that will save the democracy of our country is this. Please do not vote out of hate. Suppose you like a candidate from AAP but you think that Congress and BJP are the only 2 major parties and you hate Congress. So just to beat Congress, you vote for BJP without even checking who the candidate is. Then everybody complains… Currently, every 3rd MP in Lok Sabha has criminal charges and 21% of them have serious criminal charges like crimes against women, murder and attempt to murder. Isn’t it ironical that criminals are deciding the law of this country? So the Bonus Tip is this… It’s not about choosing the best PM. It’s about choosing the best Parliament. So please don’t vote because you hate a party. Vote because you like a candidate. May be you like Atishi from East Delhi, vote for AAP. May be you like Renuka Chowdhury from Khammam. Vote for Congress. May be you like Narendra Modi from Varanasi. Vote for BJP. May be you like Kanhaiya Kumar from Begusarai. Vote for CPI. Choose the best possible candidate. And if you want to discuss, which party and which candidate is the best then my comment section is open 24X7. Par gali galoch mat karna! I find it very interesting that GOT and Lok Sabha Elections 2019 are happening at the same time. I might make a video on my Instagram comparing political parties to GOT houses. Aajao, mazey karte hai. And don’t forget to share this video with your friends and family. Bombard your WhatsApp groups because it’s the Indian National Elections 2019. Everybody with a Voter ID should go and vote. I am going to see you again very soon, until then Keep fighting, The Urban Fight to be Fit! Jai Hind.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Choosing the right MP is very important. People need to wake up. Think about it. If we vote for party we like, parties will have lots of liberty to take in anyone they wish with criminal background or not, educated or not because people will anyway vote for party!! But if all of us get stringent about it and choose the right candidate, parties will wake up to this and realize that they can't take in just anyone they 'like'. And if all parties have good candidates who will serve the people we will eventually have a good PM.

  2. I like all your videos l. This video has a good intentions but Loksabha Elections are for bringing a party into work for next 5 yrs and vote count of the constituencies ultimately decide the PM of the nation. Division of votes dilutes majority, it's like NOTA, sounds good but dissolves the votes making them useless. Local leaders are important who work for upbringing our constituency based areas and they can be from any party elected by public during local elections who later work in coalition with ruling party under governance. So yes, Loksabha is about the PM. ☺️

  3. Being logical it's good to follow the video. For people who are not worried of local small changes and thinking from country perspective , then I don't recommend to follow the tips suggest. Close ur eyes and feel what ur heart says. JUST GO FOR IT !!

  4. Sensible video…..same thought i got….even some candidates are saying dnt vote for me, vote for rahul and modi….shameless ppl…..

  5. Do you even know our political system n what we're voting for? These are not state level elections.. These are national elections n issues pertaining to nation (either at regional level or national level) are the once to be considered.

  6. General elections voting should not be looked from local perspective alone…Much bigger National issues like national security, corruption, international status, economy, employment, education, heathcare, poverty, welfare policies for everyone, infrastructure, roads, railways & air connectivity…should all be looked at…and also how hard working the PM candidate is should be looked at…Modi has not taken a single leave in his 5 year tenure..and worked through the weeks, months and years without any leaves, holidays or weekends…for me undoubtedly Modi is the best to steer the Nation forward..

  7. Arre I agree to ur point but the thing is u r telling in one perspective. 50% of work to be done by PM of our nation. And he is going to make nation bigger than its competitors not MPs.
    Only 20-40% of work by MPs. Exports, imports, Nation security, budget and much more are controlled by PM. So vote for right candidate of ur choice. I vote for modi

  8. They BJP talk against the 1st family of democratic India whose family has served the country come to Goa ex deceased cm of Goa son is fighting elections to the panjim constitution and they say the legacy of Mr parikar must go on but Rahul Gandhi is an idot to follow on the footsteps of his family do not forget that a son follow on the footsteps of his father right from actor sport person,to politicians so the only one on left is me and you vote for a party not an individual it's the ideology of the party that matters not the idot who is choosen to represent it in 5 yrs what have you seen never in the history of India cheat have ran away with your my Money not the government money and my same money is used to bring them back to face trial ,yeh desh jumla ka nahi educated people ka hai who have gone for a toss

  9. Good job! You can simplify further. Post / broadcast dubbed versions in Hindi and regional languages.

    It will be a good idea to talk to the public about basic economics like subsidies, how inflation happens, controlling easy money helps control inflation (loan waivers, loss making PSUs, not paying your bills et al). If we the citizens pay our dues diligently we will make our currency strong, keep inflation under control, distribute resources equally etc. There is a lot the common man can do, and a lot is his / her responsibility. We can’t pass the buck for everything!

    Yes, keep a tab on your MP & MLA all through his 5 year term. He will be happy if you forget him 😀 after the elections are over!

  10. I will vote for bjp only because of modi………………..development of my constituency belong to state goverment mam………MLA responsible for that more than MP

  11. Why did you show the face of this Traitor(Kanhaiya)? Do you think he deserve to be in this country? I am against each and every single criminal who is participating in this country. You talk about voting for neat and clean person and you have shown a face who has biggest charge of this country against him. Of being traitor. Rest all stuffs are good. If you want to be neutral then why did you show a traitor's face? Didn't you get any other candidate?

  12. And Yes your points are good. This is why I use to feel like we should have a rule which stops all criminals from participating in Election, a person who has charges of Terrorist is participating A person who has charges of Traitor is participating , Rapist are participating. They should be in Jail not in Parliament.

  13. Excellent video! Thanks for summing up all this info so nicely. I just found out who are the candidates and the MP in my constituency and unfortunately none of them seem to have done anything much. Anyway, this is good first step to understand things better… well done.

  14. Sorry but a small question if I have the best MP in my constituency but a confused PM. Should I think of my country first or my local issues?

    I think my country.

    Your reviews are slightly biased you can't compare 50+ yrs with 5yrs.

  15. I am accidental Indian. I don't believe in stupid words written in Constitution of India. It's a piece of scrap. India is shittiest country where you can't live dignified life even after having good education. Bharat Mata ki bhoxxda

  16. 1/3: 2nd half of this video is really good and informative but But 1st half is full of lie & half truth… this lady either wannabe liberal or part of Leftist propaganda…. god knows. Bcz either she doesn’t know the real fact or trying to fool us by blender of 10% creamy truth with 90% lie. Bcz they think they know everything & Indian suffer hv short time memory loss so they can advantage of it.

  17. Madam …yes u r right don't blindly vote criminal MPs… but today India need a strong leader, a decision maker..and put ur hand on ur heart and say… in present scenario do u have better PM than Modi…Yes I agree if Modi government fails to deliver, than yes we need more independent candidates, like you and many of us who want our country a safe and beautiful place to live…ekdum imported..

  18. Those sites are not getting updated. I m from North Goa. The current MP (Shripad) details are missing from theprint website. The voting is tomorrow. How do I make a decision now??

  19. We have to select a leader from our constituency…
    U r making videos on Nehru pvnr modi gandhi..
    How will that help in voting in my constituency…
    Ur promoting Idolism…

  20. Hahaha….then what is the use of PM…..
    If PM will be useless then what all the MPs will do……
    So for a strong country….for a better development of our country…..we need intelligent PM….who can rule centrally over India……..take a note on this also….

  21. ये बात पता है मगर अगर जिस एमपी को वोट दे रहे हैं भ्रस्ट है और अगर हर एक एमपी बिना प्रधानमंत्री के बिना फैसले नहीं ले सकता जैसा की इन पांच सालों में देखा गया। अगर हमारा एमपी ईमानदार तो है मगर उसके साथी उसे काम नहीं करने देते तब।
    इन २० सालों में हमारे यहां जो एमपी रहे उन्होंने न के बराबर काम किया।
    इस देश की जो मानसिकता है वोट देना जाति, धर्म, क्षेत्र के नाम पर, तो क्या सही एमपी आयेगा।
    ९० प्रतिशत एमपी और एमएलए अपराधी है
    मैने खुद वोट कैंपेन किए है और काफी करीब से वोटर को मानसिकता देखी है।

  22. Watched your video on WhatsApp. Came here to subscribe. And congratulate you for your efforts. Well done.
    Vote for MP, not PM.

  23. Hello mam.
    Myneta.info site. After clicking all candidates, my state i cannot see my constitiency. Kindly reply

  24. What are you saying sister. BJP government did URI attack and Airstrike. When whole world was watching to us.

  25. I agree with you but I think we should all look at the schedule 10 of the Constitution and anti defection. MPs can't vote against their parties in lok sabha

  26. Oh ok so we have to vote for BJP…
    BJP and allies did bada kaam…..
    Cong and allies did bada scam….

    Priyanka chaturvedi said her ex party has goondas, so now we can't vote Congress.

    Jaya Prada said the same thing

    Kanaiya Lal already said tukde Tukde

    So can't vote them either

  27. Awsome.. hindi needs little twerking but who cares as long as you make so much more sense than anyone else right now… Sharing and liking it 👍

  28. Just heard you on radio…. i disagree with your thoughts… there has to be a strong leadership… voting a mp decided the pm of country…. its also better for our country too…. this time people have decided to vote for our country for strong leadership.. because giving the nation in hand of a joker is unacceptable.

  29. Thanku so much miss actually who will working for the country l have known through you that's why I agree you :-👍👍

  30. Herd of sheep and leader is lion or herd of lions and leader is sheep of course a party will vote itself it will always be selfish but mps here don't do anything

  31. Hey Ms Fight!
    Today I spotted your video playing in our college premise!
    Really happy to see your videos enlightening so many of us!☺😇

  32. आज की चुनावी व्यवस्था में ,

    1.उम्मीदवार की व्यक्तिगत योग्यता के मुकाबले उसका जनसंपर्क ज़्यादा महत्वपूर्ण है

    2 चुनाव अब पार्टी और cadre based लड़े जाते हैं।
    निर्दलीय खड़े हो कर जीत पाना, बहुत लंबी लगन और उम्र भर का काम है ।🥎

    3. पैसा तो खर्च फिर भी होना ही है। *कहाँ से आएगा ये, किसी ईमानदार निर्दलीय उम्मीदवार के पास ?

    4 इसलिए ईमानदार और जनसंपर्क होने के साथ ही उसे किसी पार्टी का होना भी ज़रूरी होता है!!🗝

    Cadre और पैसे की मिलीजुली सहायता के बिना 90% मामलों में, चुनाव नहीं जीता जा सकता ।🗝

    इस लिए वोट डालते समय
    पार्टी को चुनिए

    सही *राष्ट्रीय विचार वाली और मजबूत cadre वाली 👍

    ताकि कड़े निर्णय ले सकने वाली मज़बूत ,बहुमत वाली स्थायी सरकार बने !!👍☺️NO CONFUSION

  33. Atal ji or Narshima ji ki aachi bate karli par opposite side jiske karan hamesa sarkar dolti rahi ! Uske bare kon bolega ? Aadhi bate kiu karte ho. ? Ek bar Rajib bhai ji kovi sunlo.

  34. You have by mistake used the word selfish which is less appropriate than the more suitable word self centered. We must be self centered and focused if we intent doing a good job.

  35. Demonization? I am a common middle class person. Didn't suffer a bit with Demonization only rich & very rich people suffered… You are biased towards Congress I guess Hyderabad effect? Majority of minorities are in Support of Congress so nothing new this is expected from you too However BJP in 5 years have done alot can't ignore them and can't compare them with 60 year old government… BJP is far more better and PM Modi has great leadership skills 👍India is safe under BJP Government zero Terrorist attack zero Religious riots 😎

  36. Very informative video. Thanks for sharing.Earlier I was not sure whom to vote and was confuse about the MPs thing. But from this video I think I can choose right track. ☺️

  37. Hey.. Thank you for educating on sensitive topics and making it interesting. It was ironic that i used to call myself a graduate without knowing the important knowledge and difference of several things that runs my Country.. P.S. I like your hairstyle😉👍🏼

  38. This is the last futile frustrated and camouflaged attempt by congress clout to confuse and weaken Modi loyalty. It stinks of. Congress filth

  39. Thank you for this amazing video DD, such an informative awareness regarding voting system… because of this today I cast my vote first time..😊

  40. No major scams 🤣😉😉
    Rafael scam
    Legalizing corruption using electoral bonds where no one can know how much money was exchanged in the name of donations.
    Lynching of Muslims and communal polarization.

  41. well this seems very simple while she speaks, but the reality is something very different. Even im from HYD and im well aware of the fact that not even a single MP have intention to serve us, they are solely after power. you think they will help you with potholes, or some other infra related issues when you complain ? absolutely not. Indian elections are just a fun contenst where contestants tries to outmaneuver each other with lots of evil practises.

  42. I've come to this video after the elections in my constituency (and yes I did travel to vote). I followed all the steps and even watched countless speeches of the candidates (my education has made me critical enough to judge people from what they say and how they say it) and finally chose a genuine sounding candidate from a lesser known party rather than a rogue one from the party whose ideals I identify with. I feel proud of myself for having taken this entire exercise seriously unlike in the previous occasions. What I learnt from this video is the amount these guys earn!! Really?? That much??!! They better get some work done man!!

  43. Please come up with subtitles tool in different languages so that this video can reach out to larger mass.

  44. Madam u said that u won't support any party finally u have shown partiality towards AAP party …woww that's great of u

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