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How’s it going everyone? I’m Nick and you are listening to the
Fresh Perspective Podcast In this, our first episode, I want to take
a moment to explain who we are, what we do, and why you should subscribe to future episodes! This program is brought to you by the Free
Thought Initiative We help those in need of an inclusive, supportive,
and free-thinking community By hosting public discussions on moral philosophy,
healthy living, and science To improve the cohesion, health, and scientific
literacy of our society Everyone is welcome, (regardless of Religious
belief, political leanings, age, or sex) to participate in weekly open and civil discussions! To find a free thought forum meeting near
you, start your own local group, or become a supporting member through monthly contributions,
please visit free thought forum .org This podcast has been created to spread the
word about the free thought initiative, a not-for-profit program. I’m a member of the executive board of the
free thought initiative and it will be my pleasure to bring you daily episodes, each
filled with a thought-provoking message. These messages are meant to stimulate healthy
conversations about important topics such as moral philosophy, religion, free-thinking,
logic, reason, scientific literacy, current events, healthy habits, and practical life
skills. This kind of conversation is central to our
local in-person groups, each called a “free thought forum.” It is the kind of conversation that I think
is desperately needed in our society. Being able to talk about important things
allows you to deeply think about important things. Likewise, if we find that we can’t talk about
something, this diminishes our ability to think deeply about it. With the advent of college safe-spaces and
social media echo-chambers, our modern culture has evolved into one in which we can all get
by without EVER being seriously challenged on anything we believe. And that is a problem. Challenge, criticism, critique, these are
important tools everyone should use to test the mettle of their ideas, opinions, and beliefs. An intellectually honest and truth-seeking
person welcomes this revelation. If they can be shown to be wrong about something,
then they strive to course correct. Isn’t that the kind of person we should all
strive to be? It seems to me that human nature pulls us
in the opposite direction. When our ideas are challenged, we tend to
react defensively, childishly, dig in our heals, and wave our ideological team’s flag
ever more vigorously. It has become all too common that the conversation
is silenced as we each try to erase the uncomfortable confrontation from our memory. I believe we can be better. Rather than fighting to defend our teams,
our religions, political parties, or racial groups, we would do much better to be dedicated
to what is true. This organization is not necessarily conservative
or liberal. It isn’t necessarily religious or atheistic. Rather, our organization looks for the objective
reality of each individual issue as much as possible. If you have stumbled onto this podcast hoping
that all of your beliefs will be justified, then you may be disappointed. If you have stumbled onto this podcast in
search of intellectual stimulation, then I hope you will be satisfied. Our organization has the ambitious vision
to heal many of our society’s problems while also improving the character and lives of
our individual members. We believe that this is best done by providing
inclusive, supportive, and free-thinking local groups that promote a universal secular moral
philosophy. At the core of this philosophy is devotion
to what is real and what is right. In these videos, we will not shy away from
discussing controversial issues. This isn’t because we are a podcast that enjoys
provocation or controversy. Rather, it is because we believe that understanding
the truth of each topic is important. What is true is what matters most. Therefore, I hope it goes without saying that
if anything said in these videos is done so in error, we ask that you please let us know
in each video’s comments or by using the contact page on our website. Doing so will allow us to reexamine our content
and make improvements and corrections where necessary. A dedication to what is true should be one
without presupposition. That is why literally everyone is welcome
to analyze, discuss, criticize, test, and improve our philosophy. Believers from all faiths can engage in this
undertaking side-by-side with atheists and agnostics. Left-wing and right-wing political activists
can likewise both bring their passion to the discussion. We need all schools of thought and as many
perspectives as possible. If you are listening to this, then I hope
you have caught a glimpse of that vision. Please subscribe and share this video so that
even more of us can enjoy a FRESH PERSPECTIVE! The conversation continues across social media
and in the comment sections below. Do you agree with today’s message? Are we in need of correction? How could we better elaborate on this topic
in the future? Thank you for sharing your perspective, and
letting us know!

Maurice Vega

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