Who Is Pete Buttigieg and Why Is He Killing It in the Polls? | The Daily Show

First things first. A lot of people are asking, “How do you pronounce
this guy’s name?” (laughter) It’s pronounced “Pete.” Okay? It’s like “peaches,”
but you just stop, all right? Pete. That’s it. Oh, and as for his last name, we’re still
figuring that one out. Pete Buddha-gah…
Buddha-geh… Buddha-ged… WOMAN: South Bend Mayor
Pete Buddha-geh… Buddha-gedge.
I always say his name wrong. -MAN: Buddha-jeg.
-WOMAN: Buddha-jeg. MAN: Indiana mayor
Pete Bood-dedidge. Buddy-jeg. Buddy-jeg? -MAN: Buddy-gig.
-Buddygig? MAN:
Mayor Pete Buddha-edge-edge. Pete Boot-ed… edge-edge. Peter… Pete Boo…
Buddha-jedge. Peter Butt-tag,
the mayor of Indianapolis. “Buddha-jedge,”
but, uh, around South Bend, they just call me “Mayor Pete,”
and that’s fine with me. Oh, thank God. Mayor Pete. We’ll take Mayor Pete.
We’ll take Mayor Pete. Yeah, ’cause people were really
struggling with this one. It’s not “Budda-edge,”
it’s not “Bood-a-jay,” and it’s definitely not
“Butt-Tag.” (laughter) That was a weird one.
Butt-Tag? Butt Tag is actually the name
of another movie that Hickenlooper saw
with his mom. That’s what that is. It’s “boot-a-jej.” But now
that we’re all on the same page on how to say his name,
wha-what has he done? For a guy who’s only 37, Pete Buttigieg boosts…
boasts an impressive résumé. First elected mayor
of his home town at age 29. A Harvard-educated
Rhodes Scholar, as well as a lieutenant
in the Navy Reserve. MAN: Took an unpaid seven-month
leave during his mayoral term for a deployment
to Afghanistan. WOMAN: Not only the first openly
gay presidential candidate. He’s also a newlywed. WOMAN 2:
Would be a president of firsts. The first to be elected in his
thirties, the first millennial, the first openly gay commander
in chief and the first mayor. Okay, wait.
Wait, wait, wait, wait. Maltese-American? Are you guys telling me
this guy is part little dog? (laughter) Because if that’s true,
he is gonna win every white person’s vote
in this country. White people love them
little-ass dogs! Love them! But seriously, though, I-I can see why people are
impressed by Buttigieg. All right?
He has such a unique bio. He’s a veteran, a Harvard
graduate and a Rhodes Scholar, who’s openly gay,
and also, so young that if he served
two terms as president, when he came out,
he would still only be 46. Yeah. Plus, he’s a concert pianist and speaks seven languages, including Norwegian, which he learned just so that
he could read Norwegian books. (laughter) Compare that to America’s
current president who has read zero books and is fluent in zero languages. (laughter) (applause and cheering) In fact… In fact… Buttigieg is pretty much
the exact opposite of Donald Trump in every way. Like, I wouldn’t be surprised if he also has
the world’s largest hands. And I know…
I know you might be saying, “So what, Trevor? “Buttigieg is a cool guy.
So what? There are plenty of cool guys,
okay?” And that’s true–
there are plenty of cool guys. I mean, like, do you guys know
Bryan? He’s so cool. He has, like, a motorcycle,
and one time, he saw a dead body
by the train tracks. Super cool. But Buttigieg isn’t just
Bryan-level cool. No. As mayor, he’s also got
a record worth bragging about. WOMAN: He ran for mayor
at 29 years old in a place Newsweek labeled,
“a dying city.” He won. South Bend, Indiana
was one of the top ten most-decaying cities
in the country. He has done things to turn
around housing in the area. He has done things with
pedestrianizing the city. MAN:
He transformed an old factory into a business park
for tech companies. He raised the minimum wage
for city employees, and now, he is working
on a paid family leave plan. Okay, first of all, can we just
acknowledge how mean it is that someone made a list of the
top ten most-decaying cities? -(laughter)
-That’s heartless. That’s like People magazine
doing an issue on the world’s most
un (bleep) meth addict. Why would you do that?
I mean, it’s a great way for Scabby Greg
to get his name out there, but still, People, not cool. WOMAN:
Scabby Greg. This guy has pretty résumé. He has a pretty impressive
résumé, though, right? As mayor, he’s done many things. And I know many people will try
to dismiss Buttigieg as just some small-town mayor who’s too young
to be commander in chief, but according to him,
he sees his age as an asset. I belong to the generation that
provided a lot of the troops for the post-9/11 conflicts. The generation that’s gonna be on the business end
of climate change. And statistically,
we run the risk of being the first generation
in American history to actually be
worse off economically than our parents
if nothing is done to change the trajectory
of this economy. It’s a concern that calls on us to build an alliance among
generations to try to make sure that the future really is better
than the past. And you don’t get that
by promising, uh, to turn back the clock. Yeah, of course he doesn’t want
to turn back the clock. If we did,
he’d just be a baby in a suit. -(laughter)
-“I’m baby!” Now,
if you’re watching this going, “Trevor, why are you only
showing us the positive things about Pete Buttigieg?” Because that’s all we could
find, all right? No, I’m being serious. There’s no dirt on this guy.
Like, nothing. Usually candidates have
some skeletons somewhere, but even his skeletons
are singing his praises. “He gave me calcium
for my bones!” (laughter) And I’ll be honest, guys. I’m suspicious of any candidate
who is this perfect, right? I’ve been burned
too many times, okay? In fact, I think Mayor Pete
should do something bad to prove that he’s normal.
Yeah, yeah. Like, maybe he should just wear
a little blackface, you know. Maybe he should
defend Michael Jackson. Oh, I don’t know. Go and watch
porn with Hickenlooper’s mom. Something! Anything! Because until something
comes up, that’s basically all you need to know
about Pete Bur-Burgergoo. Goddamn it!
I was doing so well!

Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. I bet it’s embarrassing now with all the positive talk about his resume now that he’s taking loads of pac and lobbying money from horrible corporations and Wall Street.

  2. He's like someone took the idea of Leslie Knope and somehow made a male version for South Bend instead of Pawnee. Incredible.

  3. So i'm not saying Futurama predicted this, but i wouldn't be overly surprised, if he were to just, say, vanish in a time paradox after winning the elections.


  4. They tried using the South Bend issue to attack him, yet he took credit for it despite not even being involved in the situation. He's so extraordinarily classy, we don't usually see guys of a standard this high in American politics. This is who should be president if we're voting for the best candidate rather than who has the best taglines.

  5. Honestly I was a liberal in 2016 but it just went to far left and then I enlisted in the marines and I slowly liked trump more and more and now I will problably vote for trump but wow this bootyjudge is someone that the dem party has to offer that isn’t a cringe old person. Oh ofc the gay guy was in the navy hahaha yep I’m voting for him if he wins the primary

  6. Buttigieg is very smart, he's served his country… but I just am not certain he's prepared to lead an entire world power. I mean I'd prefer him to Trump, but I really feel like we need someone who realizes that leading a 100,000 population city is WAY DIFFERENT than the problems facing a world leader. When he's asked about this, he does not seem to recognize how great that difference is.

  7. Ughhhh. Maybe you people should consider focusing on policy instead of how many languages someone can speak. This is why our politics are so fucked in this county

  8. So go to your primaries and caucuses!!! I don't want to listen to the same crap again in October of 2020 about how we might as well not even bother because we have a selection of bad or worse on the ballot. In 2016, my state had a 7.6% voter turnout for our primary. That's shameful. We have a chance to get this right!

  9. satan is so slick…it is beyond me how a man can wake up to a husband and not see that there is something seriously wrong …and what is worse…people accept it as normal ,,,,,sick!

  10. why do you want to look for another candidate , just throw out the over baked potato you call President and stretch the red carpet for Mayor Pete

  11. 2:31 at least he won't have to pretend to know these languages like the current president who clearly acts like it. I hope Buttigieg wins next election. He's what we need, young, intelligent, calm, well put together, and very talented on piano and guitar.

  12. Love how much shit trump gets, when his term is almost over and yet the country is nothing but better. Yes he says the dumbest things i have ever heard. But the country is better now then it was before he was elected. And the u.s isnt nuked. Anyway. Im excited to see how the election turns

  13. My o my, democrats are so naive they will fall for anything that fits the little brain capacity that they have.

  14. Pete is a crypto-fascist or Libertarian moron who has been part of the far right's program to attack the homeless through structural impediments.
    This Noah guy is boring and stupid and a shill for the Democrats (who have always been far right wing to those of us who are paying attention).

  15. Do keep supportung this amazing young candidate! He is the only one who stands a chance in the 2020 war against the Trump.

  16. Don’t forget folks, Pete insets penis into his mouth and enjoys it violating his anal cavity.
    We DO NOT need or deserve this kind of bad decision making ruining all the tremendous progress President Trump has provided for our country. And he has done all this under constant, virulent, vicious attack from the Democrats since day one.

  17. He's a Sodomite who's "killing it in the polls" because it doesn't matter anymore if you shove an erection into another man's ass.

  18. As a African American im not voting for him with the gay agenda being pushed on my children..im sure he will have great ideas nut the gay bills he will pass while African Americans get less ima pass on him

  19. The most promising presidential candidate I've seen in my lifetime. We need him as president to help put a stop to some of these brain dead candidates that we have been settling for.

  20. we don't know anything about the poles soon as they take them they are altered. yes the numbers are altered and we know that cuz Hillary was hammered in the last election. in the polls had her winning they even admitted they changed the numbers.

  21. May have been a mayor…so? Pence was GOVERNOR and now is second in command of the most respected nation in the WORLD.

  22. pete seems wonderful–i honestly dont know enough about him to expand. But im telling you, America is (unfortunately) not ready for a gay president.

  23. Who else is dying to see a debate between Mayor Pete and Trump? Pete would wipe the floor with him in every subject!

  24. im not voting for buttplug no way how are you a christian and gay , full of shit is what he is and he isnt a millennial either dont buy in to the bullshit people he will destroy morals in this country and boot god out

  25. I strongly dislike him how can you fire a black police chief but can't fire a police officer who murdered a black guy

  26. I was fixed on Pete.

    But after doing research of my own of Andrew Yang– it is clear that Yang is the smartest candidate running.

  27. This whole segment is a lie, to sell you on man who hasn’t done anything. The two, and I repeat two things they could point too aren’t up to standards of hundreds of other cities.

  28. It's his cocksucking. Women love men who suck cock. They see them as performing a valuable service that at least one of the women won't have to perform that one time. They figure, "if we have to suck cock, what's good for the gander is good for the goose; here, God-damn you, this bud's for you, bon appetite sperm chucker". The women love seeing that. Misery loves company. Go ahead and suck. More for you, less for us is a good thing.

  29. I think He would make an excellent President. Ask Joe Biden to be his Vice President or a qualified woman. Good luck.

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