Who Can America Blame for the Government Shutdown?: The Daily Show

If the big question is
who won and who lost, the truth is you can make
an argument both ways. All right?
Depends on how you look at it. You could say Democrats won because they got
children’s healthcare funding, they got campaign ads
for the midterms, and Mitch McConnell had
to pinky-promise to hold a vote on immigration
in the next three weeks. But at the same time,
maybe that means that they lost, because they got a promise
from Mitch McConnell, the same guy who broke
his Obamacare promise to Susan Collins, the same guy
who hasn’t delivered on his other immigration promise
to Jeff Flake. Yeah, and those are
his fellow Republicans. Like, Democrats might hope
that he won’t do them dirty, but Mitch is the biggest player
in the Senate. He’s just like, “Come on, baby,
you know you can trust me. “Come on. Yeah.
I’m a changed man. Come on, bah…” So I guess Republicans
also won, right? All they had to do was give
a flimsy promise, and then the Democrats backed
down, reopen the government. And on top of that,
they snuck in $30 billion in additional tax cuts, which
you didn’t even know about. Yeah. So in a way,
I guess everyone kind of won. Yeah. I mean, unless…
unless I’m forgetting someone. Someone… Oh, yeah, oh, yeah. The people that this
whole goddamn issue was about. The DACA program
is set to end March 5. With no solution, Dreamers
could start to face deportation at that time. That’s right, the Dreamers. They came away
from this shutdown worse off than before. Because before… before it all
became about winning or losing, even Republicans believed
that DACA kids deserved a chance in the U.S. I’m very sympathetic
with this situation. I mean, these are
young people who… were brought here
at a tender age… Do we want to…
to deport 700,000 DACA kids? No, we don’t want to do that. We love the Dreamers.
We love everybody. ♪ The lovers, the dreamers ♪ ♪ And me. ♪ Yeah, of course,
Kermit’s a Republican– he’s old and super rich. But, uh,
but once the shutdown became about scoring political points,
suddenly Republican leaders turned these people
from Dreamers to illegals. Apparently, they believe that
the issue of illegal immigration is more important
than everything else. …Democrats
in the United States Senate who decided to play politics
with military pay, and to literally shut
the government down over a debate
over illegal immigration. President Trump tweeted… Get these illegal immigrants
out of my country! Aah! But look, if you’re a Dreamer,
it’s not completely unexpected that Republicans
would turn on you. But you’re also
probably not that impressed with Democrats, either. Because time and time again,
they’ve promised the Dreamers more than they can deliver. I cannot support a bill,
a continuing resolution, that doesn’t deal
with the DACA issue. We will not leave here
without the Dream Act passing, with a DACA fix. And then they left before
they got the DACA Act fixed. Look, here’s the thing,
Democrats, I believe that you’re trying
to help the Dreamers, but you may be setting
unrealistic expectations when you know
you don’t have power. And you keep making promises,
only to back down. I’m not gonna lie, that doesn’t
make you look great. And this is what sucks
for Dreamers about this whole situation: You’re six weeks away
from being deported to a country you’ve never known. And now, the only thing
that stands between you and an answer, is a man with more broken
promises than chins. To me, that doesn’t sound
like a dream, it sounds like a nightmare.

Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. Trump is to blame for the shutdown. 100%. He refused to sign any budget that doesn't allocate money to his fucktarded wall.
    GOP caved on his demands.
    DEMs stood their ground until Trump held Americans hostage by threatening to cut and shut down critical government services.
    Trump cried like a stupid little bitch that it was the dam's fault then claimed he "won" when Dems gave in to save American lives.

  2. Im ofended that my leaders still Thinks this way about us, and Donald Trump is telling us this is how he see us

  3. "So trump has agreed to a tax law, whats the best thing to do?" "Why not add an immigration policy so trump won't sign it, shutting down the government for 4 days and having it blamed on him" "Awesome, we hate America so much, we're gonna shut down military pay just to blame it on trump"

  4. Republicans have no problem legalizing the dreamers!! it's the chain migration and lottery citizen that is the sticking point you effing adshole!!

  5. all this Democrat government shutdown is a smoke screen for Killary and Obama treasonous sale of our uranium to Russia and the pay to play bullshit of the Clinton foundation. never mind that Obama left the DNC bankrupt so Killary donated millions in a successful take over and throwing Bernie under the bus!!
    edit.. also Republicans are in favor of free insurance for poor children. also this is a smoke screen for Killary and Obama using the FBI as a political weapon!!

  6. Spineless Democrats, Republicans and Democrats they're all the same freaking thing a bunch of no-good self-serving bastards

  7. Republicans don't want Dreamers here period. They will do anything to keep from having to vote on it because it looks bad but just watch the Tea Party.

  8. They don’t even care about the Dreamers. All they care about is dismantling Obama’s legacy and trying to erase him from history.

  9. If dreamers win, Dems win and so do reasonably compassionate people. If dreamers lose, reasonably compassionate people are forcefully deported, which gains Dems sympathy, and Repubs a victory for their base….
    Scary gamble for the dreamers…

  10. Aren't those guys just bored to death? You can only screw the pooch so long before it gets tedious. Then there is the dog breath. And you can't believe a word they say. Who would talk with them after work? People must just duck into doorways to avoid them. They are worse than useless. They cost a huge amount of money to maintain, and they can't even keep the GD government open, for Christ sake, which I would hope is a minimum requirement of their job. Nope. Can't do it. Maintaining a pulse is their idea of a day's hard work. Another round of drinks, boys! Then we'll start ringing up the donors. They make used car salesmen look virtuous.

  11. That scare bait at the end where Trevor said that the dreamers are 6 weeks away from being deported is simply not true. It's been made pretty clear that the priority is to deport dangerouse criminals. ( https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.politico.com/amp/story/2018/01/16/dhs-dreamers-deportation-not-priority-340681 ). If you're a dreamer I wouldn't worry. The rest of the video was good though.

  12. I'm pretty sure that Schumer shut down, the government. I wish you open your mind.dont be ridiculous Pease have some respect to the President, stop the hatred and be a good politician.

  13. Bullshit lol they want to deport all the kids they are the low hanging fruit. They know exactly were those kids are and they will be deported. Evil pure and simple…

  14. Some people only evolve through their body not with their mind… fucking assholes,, America is going to pit, and please remove ur electoral votes those are shits

  15. I think I like Trevor Noah. While others in his position feel the need to keep the laughs rolling as much as possile during the same news reports, he conducts himself with a lot more sincerity; because this isn't funny.

  16. Children aren't guilty of the crimes of their parents. Nothing could be more obvious. Reagan gave amnesty to 2 million illegal immigrants. George HW Bush gave amnesty to 1.5 million illegal immigrants. Both times, unemployment went down, and GDP went up.

  17. Deport them all. Make their countries great again. Trump 20/20. Amnesty for illegal immigrants is not reform. Time to enforce immigration law.

  18. Why isn't it being noted that when Democrats recommended continued funding of the military during the shutdown, on the Senate floor no less, Mitch McConnell OBJECTED? It should be on every front page. The Republicans are using our proud military as pawns in some sick one-upmanship. And that middle school voice mail for the White House was just an embarrassment.

  19. Leave the DACA children alone. Yes we are trying to protect them! And we don’t want to build your damn wall. Figure out your shit in the Middle East.

  20. Nice Orwellian language, lets call "illegals" "Dreamers". Please explain to a legal immigrant, who applied for the visa, waited months or years for it to be processed, paid thousands of dollars in fees, went for an invasive medical, went to an embassy interview, met the post arrival conditions of the Visa, met the residency requirements, paid more money and waited longer to apply for citizenship, why it is fair that they had to do all this stuff when some illegal immigrant can be given it freely, just so the Democrats can add more voters to their rolls. The truth is, the Dems support illegals because they desperately need to replace the white, working class, voters they are hemorrhaging to the GOP, as their policy positions become more anti-white, more progressive, more socialist, more anti-America and anti-constitution, and more extreme. This is all this is about. Even if the GOP offered the DACA illegals a lifetime permanent resident card but no voting rights, the Dems would reject it, because this is about votes and not helping people.

  21. Hey are you all going to add the interview with Jason Reynolds on YouTube? It was an amazing interview and I really want to share it but the clip on cc website is too long. Just upload the interview please.

  22. When they ended the government shutdown, they passed a TEMPORARY resolution. all this does is continue spending at the current rate until some time early february. i’m not sure the exact date. Dems basically sent a message to republicans that they have to fix daca together before that date “or else”. It still may not happen but i feel like that key info was left out.

  23. I heard again a new school shooting happend in the u.s. You people need to wake up. You are so wierd humans. In your nation die over 10´000 u.s. citizen bcs of weapons. Dozens of shootings and still nothing. Las Vegas 58 death over 500 wounded and no action from your politicians. Wake up!

  24. So daka children’s are just going to get deported???
    Like that wth?
    I’m not from America so I don’t know what is happening but I still think daka children’s are innocent they should be able to stay?

  25. McConnell learned playa-ism from OG (Orange Genius) DJT. Billionaire gets a porn star 2 say she DIDN'T fuck him? For $130k? It's not too hard out there 4 pimps!

  26. Trump manufactured the narrative that the NFL protests disrepected the military. No military $ 4 a few days, reprieved 4 a few weeks. And that's REAL.

  27. I wonder how the veterans feel about being used to sell the republicans political agenda? oh that's right most of the ones I know still vote for them … :/

  28. AND he never mentioned CHIP again after that single reference. The dems got that in return for $30b in tax cuts and the Republicans can no longer hold it hostage. Meanwhile there will be another shutdown fight in a few weeks, Republicans lost one of their major points of leverage and are in a worse position than this time, and due to back pay being funded for that shutdown there's less fallout for military families and civil servants. So then the dems shut down the gov until Repiblicans reinstate DACA and Republicans will only have half as much leverage. How the fuck did they lose?


  30. This is funny Trevor! Jesus is coming back! To get ready, be kind to everyone, don't sleep with anyone other than your spouse. Do not hurt others, do not steal, kill, have sex outside of marriage or have sex before marriage. Do not lie or be envious or jealous of others. Seek God and ask him to forgive you of your wrongs in life and then stop doing the bad things. If you do not know what are bad things read Exodus 20 and be holy. God is so worth getting to know. He is the best of the best and you will be amazed at the number of angels he has protecting you right now. Seek him by reading his word in the bible. Love ya!

  31. You damn morons. President Trump shut down TPP nd it’s Atlantic counterpart and renegotiating NAFTA. This where our jobs are going. More importantly he is shutting down the “deep state”. These CIA, bankers, and elite(Bilderbergers) have been killing children and whoring out you teens. This is about to come to a sudden stop.
    I have been a lifelong democrat who voted third party after screwing up and voting Obama the first time. He immediately turned around and gave the Federal Reserve private bankers $Trillions! Yes the Clintons are in on it also and my money are on the Nazi Bush family being in this up to their necks. Nobody with any sense wants people who have grown up here working their entire lives undocumented to leave the country. Our economy couldn’t Hände that kind of hit. But you have to have something to trade on and if it is something you want anyways than the better to bargain with. Both sides go away happy. But the bigger issue are the missing children and these perverts running the whole scam. Things are about to change in a big way. And yes Obama is CIA controlled evil bastich.

  32. Why haven't we learned yet that the Democrats and Republicans both should be ousted and replaced with Independents? These parties are swollen with corruption; end it, please, for the good of everyone.

  33. Guess what Americans? You voted Republicans and Trump into power. Does anyone really think that what's happening with the Dreamers now is solely the fault of Mitch McConnell?

    Perhaps if you didn't vote for the Republicans there's still hope yet, provided that you try harder to be politically active. But for Dreamers, their time in your country is done.

  34. Why are you not focusing on Stephen Miller? Not one word on the guy that was behind the collapse of discussion on immigration and in a few days will be the cause for another shutdown? Samantha Bee was on it!

  35. The Dems were exposed for putting ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ahead of funding for our military and even healthcare for America's children. The American people clearly don't want this. DEMs clearly lose but you'll never hear that from this anti-American fraud.

  36. You guys. We should get into politics. We’re educated. We know the issues. We care. Let’s get the old greedy people out of government. No career politicians. Just honest people. If someone could come up with a website similar to Facebook but for our own grassroots politicians, we could change the game.

  37. Wait, so you mean after all this time, after all the debates between the two parties, after all the tears that were shed throughout this whole issue… They actually turned down the outtro music!?

  38. No, we don't want to deport 700,000 DREAMers. But we're going to deport them. If it isn't approved we'll shut down the government completely and force this mass deportation.

    Whiever the fuck is still voting fir Republicans needs to have their American citizenship permanantly revoked.

  39. We are missing the point all of us….dont blame Donald, not the republicans, democrats, media (somewhat) blame the voters that didnt listen to new yorkers, former business partners,, thgat listened to his words and his attacks….blame the voter

  40. Italian, German, Swedish, French, Italian, British, Scottish, Irish, Australian, New Zealanders, South African…

  41. I seen a thing that said 53% of americans blame trump for shutdown. That's bullshit they ain't ask all of America that question!!!! They ain't ask me or anyone I know.so where do those idiots get their info?

  42. Trevor, why don't I like you????? Because you are NOT Jon Stewart!!! And you will never be close to holding a candle to his shadow! What a sorry replacement you are. Half the time I can't even understand what you're saying with that thick accent you got. I wish I could say Good Bye Trevor you never belong filling Jon's shoes. What a sorry state of affairs!!!

  43. can always count on trump administrations blatant idiocy to wake me up in the morning, whats next? a bill that legalizes shooting democrats?

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