Who Built Huawei? (And What The Heck is Huawei?)

Huawei, one of the largest Chinese tech companies
that has recently become public enemy number one in the eyes of the USA. This situation is understandable: Huawei’s
shadowy practices and controversial management style have made it an easy target for the
West. In this video, we’ll see all the strategies
Huawei used to go from an unknown startup to a global technological superpower in the
span of just 30 years. This video is brought to you by Dashlane. Keep all your passwords safe by registering
with the link in the description. Huawei came about in a turbulent time for
China: in 1979, the country was in many ways stuck at a major crossroads. Only a few years had passed since the death
of Chairman Mao Zedong, the founder of the Chinese Communist Party who had dominated
all aspects of China during his reign. Unfortunately, his aggressively optimistic
policies often did more harm than good and by the time his reign was over China was left
isolated, underdeveloped, and expected to enter yet another period of massive poverty
and famine. During the few uncertain years after Mao’s
passing, there was a power struggle within the Communist Party on who would be his successor. Ultimately, it was Deng Xiaoping who emerged
victorious and became the de facto ruler of China. Now, Deng was a very contradictory figure:
on the one hand he was one of Mao’s earliest allies during the revolution, yet unlike Mao
he was actually a competent economist, which allowed him to realize the shortcomings of
his predecessor. Although Deng maintained Communist rhetoric
and the structure of the Communist Party, he initiated significant economic reforms
in 1979, which to many of his fellow party members were dangerously close to capitalist
treason. Deng began decollectivization, the process
in which assets and industries owned by the state were contracted out and owned privately. The reforms were, of course, very popular
and very successful, as production around the country became more efficient. China created its own private economy, in
addition to its state-owned enterprises. The shift in Chinese policy was not just internal,
however: China also opened itself up to the world, establishing much-needed foreign trade
relationships. In 1980, the Chinese government established
the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, which, as the name implies, is a special area carved
out exclusively for international trade that made great concessions for companies that
could not be found anywhere else in China. Unsurprisingly, entrepreneurs from across
the country flocked to the small city of Shenzhen to pursue their business, driving up the city’s
population from 300,000 to over 4 million in the span of just twenty years. One of those entrepreneurially-minded individuals
was Ren Zhengfei, a member of the Chinese military and Communist Party. He was a survivor of Mao’s mass famines
in the late 1950s who left his rural province to join the Chinese military. He was no regular footsoldier though: instead
he served as a member of the Liberation Army’s engineering unit that would build many advanced
factories for China as part of Deng’s economic policy. Ren Zhengfei would serve the People’s Liberation
Army dutifully until 1983, when his unit was disbanded and now left out of a job, Ren had
to pivot into the civilian economy. With his skills it was pretty easy to find
work, which he did with the state-owned Shenzhen Electric. He worked there for 4 years until he decided
to start his own company, Huawei, in the Special Economic Zone, thus giving a clear indication
that Huawei would be oriented towards exporting and expanding internationally. In the eyes of the Chinese government any
enterprise dealing with technology was a welcome endeavor, which is why Ren received an extremely
generous loan from a state bank to start Huawei: he got $8.5 million and hired 14 people right
off the bat. The initial plan was simple: Huawei would
import switching gears from Hong Kong and then sell them back home in China. That’s how virtually all Chinese companies
functioned back then: they’d import foreign technology, usually through a joint venture,
and then they’d do their best to reverse-engineer it and to start making it themselves. It’s pretty clear that that is exactly what
Huawei did: during its first few years it had 500 people working in R&D and only 200
in production. It should come as no surprise that one of
Ren’s first clients was the Chinese military, whose leader he convinced that owning your
own telecommunications hardware was a matter of national security. Once the government contracts started coming
in, so did the regular supply of government funding, which to Ren’s credit he did not
embezzle. Instead, he invested in expanding Huawei’s
R&D and production capacity, sometimes even operating at a loss to do so. On the market side, Ren’s priority was getting
market share, so he priced his products so competitively that just 10 years after its
founding Huawei had overtaken Ren’s former employer as the largest telecommunications
company in China. Now, there’s a lot that made Ren’s company
uniquely suited for rapid expansion: to start, he adopted a structure somewhat similar to
the capitalist shareholding we’re all familiar with by allowing his employees to invest in
the company based on their performance. That was Ren’s way of not only attracting
talent, but keeping it, although amidst the very lax labor market at the time, Ren could
enforce some pretty questionable working standards. The employees of Huawei were subjected to
long work hours and a toxic work environment, with schedules going from 9am to 9pm, 6 days
a week. In fact, in its early days, Huawei’s offices
were actually equipped with mattresses, as it was regular for employees to work late,
sleep in the office, then wake up to continue working the next morning. The almost fanatical loyalty and dedication
of its workforce allowed Huawei to excel in one particular activity: corporate espionage. Now, Chinese theft of intellectual property
is nothing new, but Huawei did take it to a new level: in 2003 for example, they copied
over a million lines of code from Cisco routers, which they then used to make their own product
line. Another example from 2007 goes even further,
when an employee of Motorola was discovered to have been sending IP directly to Huawei
executives. The nature of Huawei’s behavior is truly
systemic, not least because the company actually has an internal messaging board, where employees
can share stolen competitor secrets and depending on their value they can actually get bonuses
for them. Now, the amount of allegations vastly outnumber
what’s been proven so far, but even the amount we do know paints a very bleak picture. It is only Huawei’s extreme dedication to
competitive pricing that allowed international clients to overcome their reputation. For most clients abroad, the name Huawei was
totally unrecognizable even as recently as ten years ago. It was in 2009 that Huawei truly made it big
abroad. That was when they were awarded the contract
to build Sweden’s 4G network, which honestly came as a big surprise at the time, considering
the fact that Sweden itself is home to one of the world’s biggest telecommunications
companies, Ericsson. Over the next decade Huawei’s hardware would
become the foundation for networks across the world, especially in developing markets
where Huawei’s ties to the Chinese government were less of a concern. The extent of Huawei’s international growth
has been so rapid, to the point where they’re now earning over $100 billion in revenue from
170 countries, that the West is actively conspiring to bring them down. The recent ban by the US is just the opening
salvo in what can easily develop into a technological Cold War between the countries economically-aligned
with China and those under US influence. Since telecommunications networks form the
backbone of the modern economy, it is only natural that countries deem this a matter
of national security. Now, the fact that the US has a geopolitical
incentive to keep Huawei down is another question, but Huawei isn’t doing itself any favors
by being so secretive. In one of his few public statements, Ren said
that Huawei had never received any request from the government to provide improper information,
but nobody was really convinced by his words. Since under China’s cybersecurity law, any
Chinese company must provide the government with access to its data, it’s no surprise
that the global community is skeptical. In addition, Huawei’s employee ownership
makes it exempt from many of the more detailed public reports most other public multinationals
have to release. It is very telling that, for a company operating
globally, there is a very stark lack of diversity in Huawei’s management: all 17 board directors
are Chinese, have no degrees from non-Chinese universities, and have all been with Huawei
for over 20 years. All of these factors are conspiring against
Huawei, but it’s not yet clear whether the politics will overcome the economic incentives
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weeks, and until then: stay smart.

Maurice Vega

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  2. not once mansion that Huawei is advanced in 5g technology, how unbiased, lol
    watch the video carefully, the entire video didn't show one single positive aspect

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  4. Facebook spy you: yes.
    Google spy you: yes.
    Cisco spy you: yes.
    Amazon spy you: yes.
    NSA spy everyone: yes.
    US gov can enforce them to do as they please, yes and if not NSA will do the job, no one has clean hands.

  5. The take is completely from American propaganda standpoint. Bottom line is American (not to mention older European) companies can't keep up with Chinese efficiency. Not just Huawei, but also Xiaomi, ZTE, Lenovo and so on. They're past the phase of stealing technology now. Huawei has a better camera than iPhone and is the leader in 5G. Spying: of course they do it, but so do Fb, Google, Microsoft, NSA and American chip producers with their backdoor. State intervention: indeed, but so is Uncle Sam stepping up for its companies. And let's not forget. The Chinese have the inhumane long hours and low pay, but America has the printing press of the dollar and the army, to defend this privilege and pressure governments worldwide.

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  8. There are 2 sarcastic facts about Huawei's interaction with the western world.

    One is the failed acquisition attempt from Motorola. In 2003, there was already a deal between Ren and Mike Zafirovski, COO of Moto by then, in which they reached a consent of Ren selling the WHOLE Huawei to Moto by only 7.5bn usd, while Ren's team only reserving their employee positions. And you know what? The deal was turned down by Moto board, stating that 7.5bn is too much for an 'unknown foreign quantity'.
    And the other funny thing is that when Huawei was on the climax of copying and reverse-engineering, the U.S. gov did not take it too seriously. However, when Huawei is now actually presenting their own innovations to the market, Trumpists went mad.

    Ren has always followed an military methodology. He's no stranger to abusing useage of labor and espionage, as long as they payes off to him and his legion employees. He also insists on R&D efforts with no significance on the market in the near future, with which Huawei would take them as reservation for 'wartime'. Such policies make Huawei like a hamster in a supposed tropical island who stores nuts for a winter no one even imagine that it may come.

    And to many descent and naive people's surprise. Now the winter has come. And it's a fxxking Totalen Krieg, with no one within it being safe.

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    There may still be hope. We all must work together to free China and the world from the the Communist Party while there is some precious time left.

    Everyone yearns for freedom from oppression and wants accountability from their government. No former Communist country has ever chosen to revert to it. Nobody wants it. It is merely a relic of the past. The people of China should be given a chance to choose their own government too. Even if some claim that all Chinese love the CCP, let there be free and fair elections to prove that.

  14. All, l know Huawei is a secure company n assured to be trusted n the US action is definitely political.On the contrary the US corporate were almost all intertwine with the US politic,intelligence n military.Espionage is nothing new in the US they had been committing such act on the Americans itself as well as foreign countries.Ironically now they are pointing their finger at others they themselves were doing n even without proofs.Clear n obvious POLITICALLY MOTIVATED.

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  17. Ren Zengfei did a great job building Huawei as one of the biggest telecommunication company in the world with financing from the Chinese government. The bad thing about Huawei is corporate espionnage and the exploitation of their workers who are working long hours.

  18. China bans hundreds of western companies to operate within its border and threatens vengeance on any country that comply with U.S. Huawei ban. If the company isn't part of the masterplan to steal all sorts of information, why would they go as far to damage diplomatic relationship with other countries?

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    BOTTOM LINE, even before China kidnapped and tortured two Canadian diplomats, the US and EU, well, the whole world more or less, said (publicly or privately) that China can't be trusted to play by the rules, and how does EVERYTHING China is doing to Canada NOT prove China is a criminal, rogue state? China's treatment of Canada PROVES ALL OF HER INTERNATIONAL CRITICS RIGHT! China CANNOT be trusted, they start kidnapping people like North Korea does at the drop of a hat, and breaking trade laws whenever it suits them, Canada is all the proof ANYONE NEEDS.
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    i. Focus more on research & development than everything…So does “study”

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  25. What is missing from this analysis is that American tech companies are sharing the same amount of data with the government in a similar fashion. We know this from Snowdon's leaks you need to give more details to clarify why the two are not mirroring each other's behaviour. When it comes to surveillance, how large is the difference between the two? I'm not ranting about the deep state here. It's publicly confirmed how much data all of the Five Eyes are collection from private companies compared to that of China? What is the data on that?

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    China might have gotten away with just the Nazi-inspired genocide in Tibet, but harvesting organs from innocent citizens, plus the Uyghar horror, and now extorting a Western country like Canada, who can politically bridge the EU, UK, and Aussies with the US against China: glaring mistakes.
    Seperating families is a hot-button issue for the Dems, they are spending MILLIONS on it next year whipping up a frenzy to crush Trump, and China just admitted they did it on a vast, Nazi scale. OOPS!
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    Don't get me started on what a Dem President is willing to do to Putin.
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    The "domestic affairs" argument doesn''t work anymore when you pull that evil crap on foreigners, China, and the West has noticed Xi's arrogance and brutality now being applied to the rest of world. Line crossed! China seperating those Uyghar families was a HUGE mistake, admitting it will destroy Xi, and maybe China. The frenzy the Dems whip up on family seperation in the next year to defeat Trump will immediately be applied to China when they gain power, with full GOP backing, and the American people will sign off on ANYTHING they want to do to China. ANYTHING!
    And Torture is Torture, China is still Torturing (by UN definition) 2 foreign diplomats (by anyone's definition, and Canadian!), 1 accredited, 1 guilty of a technical violation caused by the glacial speed of China's incompetent bureaucracy in processing his org's application for accreditation. They are still being "Interrogated" constantly, ie more Torture on top of the Torturous conditions that contravene UN definitions of Torture.
    So where does it go from here? The Dems will be in power long before the Meng case comes before Canada's Justice Minister, according to Trump's own polling. That's years from now, and the 1st chance for the Canadian govt to actually do anything: they can't touch her case before the judge's decision on extradition, which all her lawyers will complicate to no end. Realpolitic: the Dems idealize Canada, it's the US without rednecked Republicans, and they will back Canada to the hilt against China, unlike Trump, who's annoyed because Canada burned him on NAFTA.
    Then China will have their realpolitic defense of kidnapping and torture OUTSIDE their "domestic sphere" added to decades of Tibetan genocide (common knowledge, thanks Hollywood stars), years of concentration camps (the US public will buy that definition, accurate or not) and ESPECIALLY family seperation (which Xi admitted), both on a Nazi scale (again, the US public will buy it), plus live organ harvesting from people for their political beliefs (!?!, again common knowledge), and here's what all that Realpolitic leads to:
    China has a Nazi "living space" genocide in Tibet, a MILLION Uyghars in Concentration Camps, their children in other Concentration Camps, and now Tortures foreign (Canadian!) diplomats: that's the US argument for bombing China back to the Stone Age, just like Germany '45. Kim has US boomer subs on China's doorstep, Dictator-Fanboy Trump's own polling says he's toast, and the Dems idealize Canada, HATE Putin, and have GOP backing to STOMP China. Xi and Putin are SCREWED.
    China might have gotten away with their Nazi-inspired genocide in Tibet, but harvesting organs from innocent citizens, plus the Uyghar horror, and now extorting a Western country like Canada, who can politically bridge the EU, UK, and Aussies with the US against China: all glaring mistakes.
    Seperating families is a hot-button issue for the Dems, they are spending MILLIONS on it next year whipping up a public frenzy to crush Trump, and China just admitted they did it on a vast, Nazi scale. OOPS! The American public will be howling for blood.
    I majored in History: Germany in '45 will be China's new look if Xi doesn't stop his Hitler-'35 act, and if China thinks Realpolitic justifies Xi's current arrogance and brutality, bombed back to the Stone Age is the real Realpolitic, just ask Germany.
    Don't get me started on what a Dem President is willing to do to Putin.
    Just sayin…;)

  29. Primarily a 'dashlane' promotional video. All countries were and still are engaged in industrial and technological esponiage. Can any say no to that?

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