White House Infighting Ahead Of Public Testimony | Deadline | MSNBC

Maurice Vega

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  1. The WH is perverting the course of justice by releasing an edited transcript to Congress whilst claiming that the transcript was a true version.

  2. Vote all the spineless Republicans out. They're looking out for themselves, not the Constitution or the Rule of Law, which they swore an oath to protect.

  3. Hey , Republicans the Russian olligarchs won't be able to donate to your campaigns. Surprise, they have a lot of problems with corruption in Russia.

  4. The only thing we have learned from Schiff's three ring circus so far is that the President didn't do anything wrong and the Biden's are crooks.

  5. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/11/13/adam-schiff-i-do-not-know-the-identity-of-the-whistleblower/
    If he doesn’t, who does?

  6. This so-called Impeachment hearing has gone full-scale, weapons grade, dog and pony on its very first morning !!!

    MAGA 2020

  7. I know what Trump's gonna do… Why choose between Mulvaney and Cipollone.. THROW THEM BOTH UNDER THE BUS!! Problem solved.

  8. Nicolle Wallace is living proof that 'Once Upon a Time' there were smart, objective, conservative Republicans. Too bad that element has been ostracized by the dunderklumpen brothers and cousins like McConnell, Kennedy, Nunes, Jordan and McCarthy…and so on. Wallace is masterful in her marshaling of fact and ability to link complex legal and political elements with a slew of analysts around her. (I think she's an Independent now) MSNBC has become the highbrow version of CNN.

  9. Doncha just love a good weasel fight?!?! I hope they make it a new national sport. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1V4dPkMA58g

  10. Jake Sherman said it right. after watching the impeachment inquiry he predicted exactly what the republicans were going to say and focus on. Republicans have no ground on this but "dont impeach muh president" and thats all. Dude deserves to get impeached for his corruption.

  11. Trump is all about himself. The Republican Party is his hostage. The base is his cult. A toast, everybody, bottoms up with the Kool Aid.

  12. The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.

  13. And what we saw today in GOP questioning can be generously described by one term: Peripheral. They had no counter-facts.

  14. This is what should be investigated.
    Ukrainian Officials Release Records of 46 Payments to Hunter Biden from Burisma Holdings, 38 Payments were for $83,333 Totaling Over $3.1 Million

  15. Trump is the favourite of the failed, the morally bankrupt, the lowly educated, ethically weak, religiously ignorant, a bunch of scared people lacking basic common sense.

  16. The truth is that a lot of people….you just have no faith in actual fairness and honesty….
    …People see it – both collectively and individually.
    MAGA 2024 Baby….

  17. It is so fascinating watching those that appear to have a compromised shadowy personal connection to this administration either begin blustering with righteous indignation or feign extreme ignorance when the simplest of questions are asked. I must now include those that make up lies and put them into publication, obviously vying for political position, that are so steeped in confusion-ism, that they do it with a completely straight face. If it wasn’t so serious, it would make you laugh so hard you’d pee your pants. Except those, of course, that are not immune to the never ending onslaught of GOP gaslighting narcissistic rants. Enough of the bread and circuses. 44 where are you?? You are the one with the big picture. Your wisdom rains like manna to right and overstep this diversionary comedy, that is happening on the world stage, while real people in the breech, are suffering from this in your face shake down.
    Last night I was watching an AMBER alert broadcast. I began to wonder, why are there no ALERTS put out when detained children are being torn from their parents, thrust into cages, and abused in the worst manner? It is happening on American soil!! These are human children on American soil!! Indefensible!!

  18. We need a strong Democrat response. Things are are so blatant by the WH that if the Dems blow it will be beyond belief. For the Right to defend this is beyond conscious.

  19. O I spent cab fare to get to DC 2015 FBI hung up on me Mayor's office said president will give me a call to no avail. Deputize Dr 2012_13 Comey reinstate no wray mic Abe result required others partisanship double teaming me on 3 avoiding response to date their crimes are not mine two spokespersons is their lie not mine

  20. Enie minie myknee MOE
    Who do I CRUCIFY to day AND who do I SAVE.
    That is what DT IS
    TH 💡KING.
    DT is an Evil Man and holds no value on HUMAN LIFE.
    Donald Trump THINKS THAT THE PEOPLE IN SYRIA ARE NOTHING BUTT A PACK OF HYENAS, annihilate them is DT's belief.

  21. The rats are all scrambling to stand on each other’s heads. The Repuglicans are sure showing their true colors.. shades of despicable.

  22. Trumpist are going to buy whatever the Republicans in the hearing have to say because they are desperate not to admit that they were wrong about Trump. It's a matter of pride and bruised ego.

  23. I'm a lifelong independent who helped elect many Republicans, including several GOP Presidents. I now regret that. I will forever vote against Republican criminals EVERY chance I get. Their reaction to Trump's attacks on our Constitution and the rule of law has been absolutely indefensible and should be repugnant to ALL Americans who value our democracy. Impeach the SOB Trump and vote out ALL the criminal coward Republicans!!!

  24. It's become normal to pack so many people on a news panel that there is never time for any of them to express their opinions on the subject.

  25. #🌏💡🇬🇧👑🇺🇸💕👍: RESPECTS&THANKSGIVINGS! “#🌏💡:”#DonaldTrump’sWhiteHouseHomeInfhhtingsAheadOfPublicTestimonies|Dead|MSNBC! RESPECTS&THANKSGIVINGSForSharingAmazingGrace!|ReportersJOYToHugelyGiftedWorldInProgress!#SDGs!#IMPEACHSHACKLE~#RealDonaldTrumpOnWorldStage!<#DONPayYourPrizeNowOnWorldStage!<#LeaveDepart🇺🇸[email protected]!#[email protected]#TailsBehindYourLegsWitheringsWithPains!#POTUS45PleaseGetOutNowWithHandsUp!#AwesomeProgressivesSearingBlueWavesTakeNoPrisoners!~#LostWithoutYOU?<#YES!#YES!!#WeCan!<#2020<#Primaries!#Caucuses: Revered Hugely Progressives Awesome BlueWaves @#🇺🇸RegionalNationalGlobalPerspectivesDemocraticalDeviantsSelfishCynicalLizardsAlwaysChangingCynicalDisguised~#CoatOfManyColours!~#DollyParton’sAmazingGlobalInfectiousGrace!<#LeaveNoOneBehind!#AmazingGrace!#ThePowersOfGOD’sGifts!#Believe!{. RESPECTS&THANKSGIVINGS!

  26. If Trump could go on TV and point out where Ukraine is without prompting or assistance… I'll consider believing he was concerned about corruption there.


  28. trump show them how it's done get flabby double wide butt in the impeachment hearing and start answering questions. I'm more then sure your bone spur won't be in question. They'll give you a hamburger or Depends after each of your answers to meet your needs. 🤥🤪🤥🤪🤥🤪🤪🤯🤯🤯🤯😱😱😱😱

  29. trump is petrified of the FBI, no matter how many people he got rid of there they are still too honest with integrity for trumps taste. Unless its Barr he cannot allow any real investigation of his actions or impeachment is the least of his problems.

  30. Trump's campaign manager Paul Manafort was at the very top of heap of Ukrainian corruption. Manafort is lucky to be safe in an American prison rather than a shallow grave in Ukraine. Trump certainly does have a stake in Ukrainian corruption. He and all of his Russian oligarch friends.

  31. 12:46 "… what would politicians say if we put them on truth serum?" Hmm, not a bad idea. Make it a requirement of working in government. Those who serve the taxpayer or voters must submit to polygraphs; both randomly, and situationaly. If they don't like that idea, then go work in the private sector. Why not?? Why should people working for and because of the taxpayer have the freedom to lie??

  32. Trump has done the job he signed up for, to bring into focus the dark side of American politics. This has been revealed, sadly ambition and fear allow GOP members to ignore the truth to keep their jobs, but it will not stop the impetus of facts and fate. This is a Fall of Rome scenario, with the power of a great Constitution saving the USA from complete ignominy. You ought to give thanks in November for the wisdom of your Founding Fathers.

  33. I see no reason why the democrats can't use Rudy, Lev, and Igor and the house arrested Oligarch for confirmation of the intent to defraud the election and the american people. It's all the same to me.

  34. I love her snarkiness… I believe people are far too polite in the face of blatant lies and corruption stealing and loss of lives

  35. "Russia, if you're listening." Well, that sounds like he thinks Russia did it. But have you ever seen Don go after Russia's corruption? Yet he's "so concerned" about Ukraine corruption. Sell me a bridge, Don.

  36. The biggest lie that Republicans told over the past 50 years was that the Democratic Party was somehow unpatriotic.
    The second biggest like that Republicans told over the past 50 years was that the Republican Party WAS patriotic.
    Note to Republican voters: I'm talking about your elected officials, not you, as voters. The current crop of Republicans in Congress are, well, not the best you've ever sent. You need to go back to Eisenhower to see a decent elected Republican.

  37. Save the taxpayer the cost of a Congress & Senate trial a lock Rudy, Donald the Fox and Michael Cohen(Don's prev. failed lawyer) up in the same prison cell. …American justice working at its finest.

  38. With all of the resources he has at hand , his global war on corruption taskforce consists of Giuliani and Barr ? Hinky be thy name .
    On a side note, someone needs to check if the DOJ is about to form another opinion , regarding the power to investigate a sitting president lest that opinion be covertly written in stone. Interpretation of the law is the judiciary's stomping ground after all. Can you legislate by departmental memo then have it interpreted it by the photocopier ?

  39. Republican Congressmen need to wake up. You are going to lose big-time if you do not take a stance against the lawlessness of this President, You will lose in the the next elections. We are not stupid. We know he broke the LAW. He has no idea what he is doing, and you continue to let him disregard OUR Constitution. This is crazy and you ALL know it! So do WE the people!!!!

  40. The rats are beginning to show themselves on the sinking boat. Who finds cold depths of water and who finds refuge on an early ditch prosper. At least Mitt hasn't lost his senses. Party over politics is dangerous no matter which side of the fence one is sitting.

  41. The speakers keep confusing the roles of the parties involved. The reference to this not being a criminal proceeding and therefore the Republicans not having to prove intent or anything is incorrect. If this were a criminal proceeding, the Democrats would be the ones with the burden of proof because they are functioning as the prosecutors. With all due respect, you’re confusing yourselves.

  42. Neil Katyal wrote an excellent op-ed piece in today's NYT explaining how Trump has no respect for professionals. Which is a big reason for why we are at this crossroad, worth the read

  43. What good does any of this do if nobody's watching? The people who need to watch watch Fox News. They work all day while the live here things are going on then they go home and listen to the fox Spin and then they have learned nothing new. Fox will be telling them the same thing they've been saying all along which is this is a sham. Why are you people so dense and don't get it. I thought the Trump fans were the idiots. This feels like 2016 all over again. This is not really doing much at all because again the people who need to see it aren't. Any strategy that does not involve addressing the Fox News alternate reality spin is a failure

  44. Trump staffed his white house with egotistical babies, that behave just like him when he's being criticized. 1 of trump's many downfalls. He hires people in his likeness.

  45. @James Lade – "The most corrupt…" ???

    You are WRONG!!! The Worst and Most Corrupt President is U.S. History is Failed Radical CON-MAN Barack Hussein Obama. He is Responsible for MANY Corrupt and Incompetent Dealings within his own Administration. From the Benghazi Debacle to the 150 BILLION dollar payoff to our Enemy Iran to the FISA Abuse of Power Scandal, this Disgusting CON-MAN Embarrassed and Shamed America on the World Stage. We the GOOD People of America are Grateful to GOD that this Incompetent, Corrupt, Ineffectual and Unworthy Liberal Political HACK is Forever out of the White House never again in position to Shame and Disgrace the Presidency of our country. GOOD RIDDANCE!!!

    MAGA! KAG!

  46. Many of the trump supporters, will hold off on their decision till the public hearings end. They will stay hoping for a miracle and when it's all over they will make the decision to support or not support trump. When that time comes the polls will dramatically change against trump. We didn't Impeach trump. Trump Impeached himself.

  47. Republicans are not trying to get to the truth, defend the Constitution or protect the country. Their agenda is all about protecting Trump seeking their own empowerment. Shame on them.

  48. Here's an idea: Why doesn't everyone in the White House simply not come to work on Monday, or ever again, while Trump remains POTUS. And every new person he tries to recruit refuses him.
    Clearly someone with vermin capturing skills would have to take care of what's-his-face, the white supremacy gargoyle. Garlic, a crucifix and a silver bullet might be de rigeur

    For sure, we would surely see a major decline in the quality of his tweets. OK, I know that sounds far-fetched…

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