WHISTLEBLOWER: Trump Made Secret Deal With Foreign Leader

>>Donald Trump allegedly had a call with
a foreign leader and made a troubling promise according to a whistleblower, who filed a
formal report about this incident. Now, this story has lead to of course, fierce
disagreement between the left and the right, but we don’t know that the nature of the call
is, we don’t know who the foreign leader is. What we do know is that this whistleblower
who was part of the intelligence community found a troubling enough to report it. And then the Director of National Intelligence
didn’t do his job by letting congressional lawmakers know about it, so they can launch
an investigation. Now Trump’s interaction with the foreign leader
included a promise, that was regarded as so troubling. That it prompted an official, in the US intelligence
community to file a formal whistleblower complaint with the Inspector General for the intelligence
community. Now at that point, the Inspector General is
supposed to go report it to the Director of National Intelligence. So intelligence community Inspector General
Michael Atkinson determined that the complaint was credible and troubling enough to be considered
a matter of urgent concern, a legal threshold that requires notification of congressional
oversight committees. Now, at that point, Joseph Maguire is told
about this issue, and he is the Director of National Intelligence. But he did not report this to Congressional
law makers after fielding the complain on August 12th, Atkinson submitted it to acting
director of national intelligence Joseph Maguire two weeks later. By law, Maguire is required to transmit such
complaints to Congress within seven days. But in this case, he refrained from doing
so after turning for legal guidance to officials at the Justice Department. Inspector General Atkinson told the House
and Senate intelligence committees of the existence of the whistleblower, complaint
without revealing its substance, in early September. So that led to some drama among congressional
Democrats, especially Adam Schiff, who is the chair of the House Intelligence Committee. And so there was a little hint that something
was awry over the weekend, when he had an interview with Face the Nation. Here he is talking about the situation just
this past weekend.>>You issued a subpoena, on Friday, for the
acting Director of Intelligence, alleging he’s withholding a whistleblower disclosure,
possibly, to protect President Trump. That’s a pretty significant allegation here. We’re putting up a quote on the screen from
you. Have you gotten a response to this letter?>>We’ve gotten a response and the director
has said essentially that he is answering to a higher authority. And refusing to turn over the whistleblower
complaint. This is deeply troubling, no director.>>Just ignoring the subpoena.>>Well at this point, yes, ignoring the subpoena,
ignoring our request. No DNI, no Director of National Intelligence
has ever refused to turn over whistleblower complaint and here Margaret. The significance is the Inspector General
found this complaint to be urgent, found it to be credible. That is they did some preliminary investigation,
found the whistleblower to be credible that suggests corroboration. And that involves serious or flagrant wrongdoing. And according to the Director of National
Intelligence, the reason he’s not acting to provide it even though the statute mandates
that he do so, is because he has been instructed not to. Now this involved a higher authority someone
above the DNI.>>Alright, so we’re gonna get into the legal
ramifications of this, etc but breaking right now, just then as we’re doing the show live
CNN has a report. That the President did this on multiple occasions. So let me give you the quote from Manu Raju,
who is reporting for CNN, were told by multiple sources familiar with the matter. The Inspector General told the House Intelligence
Committee today, that the complaint dealt with, in part multiple instances involving
the President. We’ve know so far there was at least one incident
that caused alarm for this whistleblower, a phone call, a conversation with a foreign
leader, and that’s what we’re talking about here earlier. And it was a promise given to a foreign leader. Trump has made excuses like one, I can do
whatever I want. That’s, of course not true overall, in this
case, he can declassify information as the President, but whether it’s wise to is a different
matter, and whether it violates other laws is a different matter. So, for example, if he’s on the phone with
a foreign leader and he says, by the way our American spy is sitting right next to you. It’s your make up a title, your Deputy Foreign
Minister. Well, that might violate other laws, cuz that
guy is gonna get executed. Right?>>Right.>>So, we don’t know what promise Trump made
or what intelligence he gave to a leader. And by the way, there are five possible leaders
that he talked to. It was in this timeframe that that’s being
discussed. Prime Minister of Netherlands, not as likely,
Prime Minister of Pakistan. The Emir of Qatar, Kim Jong-un and of course,
Vladimir Putin. So which of those leaders he gave a promise
to? We don’t know what did he promise, we don’t
know. How many different times he did things that
were of urgent concern to National Security, we don’t yet know, but apparently it’s multiple
instances. We find out today. So, very curious what he promised, who he
promised it to, etc.>>Right, it really depends on the nature
of that call. And so I find it fascinating that so many
people are already on cable news making all these strong statements about, either the
President being completely innocent. He didn’t do anything wrong. This is totally okay, it’s in a purview of
what a President can and should do. And then on the left, you have concern because
the executive branch and specifically Trump administration officials, maybe even Trump
himself are encouraging individuals to do their bidding for Trump, right? Either don’t respond to subpoenas, don’t cooperate
with investigations. In this case, you have the Director of National
Intelligence not reporting the content of this formal whistleblower complaint. And remember Dan Coats stepped down. And then Donald Trump chose someone who he
felt more compatible with. And so there’s some concern that the Director
of National Intelligence isn’t doing his job and he’s just protecting Donald Trump. And by the way, the DNI, General Counsel released
a statement arguing, quote, the activity at the root of the complaint involves confidential
and potentially privileged communications. So this is the defense that they’re kind of
coming up with at the moment. No, no, this is sensitive information, congressional
lawmakers who should be investigating this don’t need to know anything about it.>>Yeah, and so, this is what Trump is done
as problematic and perhaps the most problematic, depending on what exactly you promised and
how urgent it was and how much it jeopardizes our security. And by the way, he’s done this on multiple
occasions. But this appears to be more severe than the
rest and that’s why it’s causing such alarm. He also told the Russian ambassador in the
White House, about our intelligence in Syria, that was terrible, disastrous thing. He does it all the time. That’s why ICE wouldn’t tell him when they
were gonna do the raids in Mississippi, cuz they’re like, he’ll tweet about it, it’ll
ruin the surprise.>>Mm-hm.>>And so loosely lips sink ships and the
only question is whether it’s on purpose or not. But then there is the second part, which is
the Director of National Intelligence or the acting Director. Well that one is not optional. Either there’s laws that say, you have to
report to Congress within seven days and you have to tell them what happened. You don’t just get to say, yeah, I don’t wanna
follow the laws. Well, you can say that but then you should
go to prison. So apparently, Nancy Pelosi was really upset
at Corey Lewandowski yesterday and thought like, maybe we should do contempt of Congress
on the spot. What’s stopping you? Are you ever going to hold anyone in the administration
accountable? If there is the law.>>She’s got to write that strongly worded
letter first.>>I see, right.>>And then do nothing.>>If there’s a law saying that, you must
tell Congress in seven days, it’s not negotiable.>>Right.>>Otherwise, his contempt to Congress. If you don’t do contempt of Congress, then
you’ve just said to the Trump administration which basically you have over and over again,
you don’t need to follow anything we say.>>Right.>>You can just do whatever you want and there’s
never gonna be any consequences, congratulations, you’re above the law.>>Well, the Director of National Intelligence,
Maguire, likely will face consequences which is why I find it so fascinating slash incredible. That after all these different examples of
people who have faced criminal charges, and have been given prison sentences as a result
of the criminal activity that they’ve conducted for Donald Trump. There are still people who are willing to
protect Donald Trump.>>Yeah, well, fame and power, it’s a hell
of a thing. And hell of a drug. So let me go to Donald Trump’s tweets, graphics
10 and 11. So here’s his excuse for why he apparently
gave away top secret information to a foreign leader, and made a promise to him. So we’ll find out the contrast of it again,
or maybe we won’t but we should find out the contrast of it eventually. Trump said another fake news story out there,
it never ends. Virtually any time I speak on the phone to
a foreign leader, I understand there maybe many people listening from various US agencies,
not to mention those from the other country itself, no problem. In other words, it’s a problem, but I’ll get
back to that. Knowing all of these, is any one dumb enough
to believe that I would say something inappropriate with a foreign leader while on such a potentially,
quote, heavily populated call. I would only do what is right anyway, and
only do good for the USA. Okay.>>Well there’s several examples of him not
doing right, obviously.>>Yup, okay, so break that down real quick
number one. He’s saying like, if I wanted to work with
a foreign leader, I would do it when there’s no one else around. Well has there ever been a time like that? Yes. When Donald Trump kicked out the American
translators, when he was meeting with Vladimir Putin, and only had the Russian translator,
cuz he did not want any other American to hear what he was gonna say to Putin. So now he’s saying, when I communicate with
Putin and give him promises, I usually make sure I take out all my American aids and translators,
and everyone else in the room. That’s when I tell my secret is. I’m not stupid enough to say it on the phone,
call and populate it with others. No, wrong. You are stupid enough. There isn’t anything that you could tell me,
what I would think that, yeah, well, that’s too stupid for Donald Trump. Is it possible he forgot there are other people
that could be listening to the call? Right, because when the President’s talking
to a certain foreign leaders, people are listening but they’re not part of the call. They’re not like okay, hey, Bob’s here, Sally,
can we get started right?>>Right.>>No, could Trump have forgotten and be like,
what do you need blood, of course, of course, that’s possible.>>Also,I mean, look the message that Trump
is above the law has been sent over, and over, and over again. He has faced no consequences for anything.>>Yeah.>>Right, including the clear obstruction
of justice that was outlined in the moral report. So, why would he care? I mean, I know that it’s less likely that
this is what happened but it’s possible that he just is brazen in his behavior, because
he knows he’s not gonna have to face any consequences.>>Remember he doesn’t think one step ahead. People, the number one thing they underestimate
is how on intelligent he is. So could I see him on a call with Putin. Forgetting that National Intelligence is also
listening, going Vlad, what do you need? Yes, of course I withdraw from Syria, whatever
it is. I don’t know what it is, right? Yeah, I could definitely see that. But lastly, these two tweets. If they were a book and had a title it would
be, if I did give away national secrets. This is how I did it.>>Right, right.>>I mean, I wouldn’t do it on a heavily populated
call. I do it you know, I’ve done it in the past,
but I kick out all the Americans from the room, but I, of course I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t. I’m just saying there’s a way that I normally
do it.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Oh great bloviated guppy mouthed barrel of offal and putrefaction may all your swamp creatures come to haunt you in your baby-crib and crawl down your infantile goldfish shaped womanly big mac swilling cakehole of a lie machine to deposit their larvae of filth and decaying maggots for you and the pet squirrel atop your head and don't forget to leave Melania a $100 note on the bedside table like you used to do – Just sayin.

  2. You guys just want anything on Trump. You guys have him guilty before ALL the facts come out. Just like the Muller report. You guys had him being impeached before the report even came out.

  3. HEADLINE: TRUMP MADE SECRET DEAL WITH FOREIGN LEADER! Then these shit bags add "allegedly", after the fact. This is why it's called FAKE NEWS, it's not a proven fact President Trump did anything of the sort, but the opposition always runs with the story & NEVER retracts when the truth comes out, instead, they move onto the next "alleged" story, that's truly FAKE NEWS. Just like the so called Kavanaugh "bombshell", all accusations without a shred of proof, they run with the story & the lemmings believe it.

  4. The latest is that Trump promised to give Ukraine $ 250 MILLION in foreign aid – IF they gave him politically damaging information on Joe Biden and his son.
    And so – logically would WITHHOLD the $ 250 MILLION if they did not give him the politically damaging information.
    Which is all PROFOUNDLY illegal.











  6. Black Labor, White Wealth: A Search for Power and Economic Justice and PowerNomics: The National Plan to Empower Black America, by Dr. Claud Anderson,

  7. What is the big deal about tax returns! If TRUMP has nothing to hide and has done nothing wrong why not just release his tax returns like all the past Presidents have done and move on. Why must all of the rules of our country be change to accommodate this President. Why is every one protecting him from if he is honest, truthful, and greater than all other presidents before him. You know if it were any of us we would be prosecuted, called to court having to show and prove OUR INNOCENCE!

  8. What secrets US have? They judt want to murder and steal oil and maintain global power. They do nothing good for the world. Whatever trump said one can only hope it was to warn someone that Yankees are coming to get them

  9. If Pelosi doesn't impeach trump then the impeachment procedure MEANS NOTHING. I can't even imagine in my wildest nightmares of a president doing MORE to earn impeachment!

  10. Trump has this problem. The problem is he wants you to know that he knows specific information that you should know by telling you what that information is albeit classified or not. He literally can not help himself becasue it makes him feel "smart" and "important". The man is a narcissist.

  11. I'm fed up with BULL. No real president would have gotten away with a tenth of what this freaking nazi rapist has done . They would have been removed from the premises and cuffed. Why are you protecting him Pelosi? Yeah, we know that the Senate won't impeach. Do some damage anyway! For the PEOPLE you represent.

  12. So let's get this right – 'some overeager guy says Donald Trump made, gasp… a PROMISE! And to, get this… a WORLD LEADER! As a leftist, rather than his boss, I'd say this is CAST IRON EVIDENCE! TAKE IT TO CONGRESS and let THEM chase the shadows! IMPEEEAAAACCCCHH!!!' Give me a break! Even the Left have to admit that nobody knows what was said, said to whom or how and in the context of anything. More empty fake news as, once again, Impeachment is OVER!

  13. So then, there could be one possible way to get the content of the phone conversatoin:
    Publish a made-up conversation that in addition to being incriminating makes Trump look particularly weak, stupid and wrong, detested by Kim Jong Un and used by Putin and if possible include orange and small hands too. In a few minutes, there should be a tweet from DT saying "Fake news!! That's not what was said! It was <the actual conversation> <rant continues>"
    If that doesn't work, there's always Giuliani. Keep putting him in front of a camera and the truth will eventually drop out of his mouth, somewhere within a torrent of excuses and assurances that it's all ok even if he's selling nukes to Kim Jong Un, he's just such a great relationship builder.

  14. Houston we have a problem…Our Govt Leadership is broken ie FUBAR! We need to take it back from the Criminals on the Right and figure out who's worthy on the Left to bring it back to something we recognize & be proud of again. The change has to start now because Nov 2020 will be too late

  15. Somewhere is all this mess the Steele dossier was a credible source. This guy has Trump sickness superbad. It's his thing. After all the letdowns I can't see why your still falling for this. I hope it's very damaging if it should be. I hope if there is really bad stuff going on it gets stopped in its tracks. But chasing a source explained by the crazy guy might not end well–again.

  16. And yet he’s gonna get away with it. I’m not surprised, why not? They come up with everything else to not impeach nor lock him up. I just came to the conclusion that he is above the law and there is not a damn thing no one can do about it……,SHMH. I’m so tiered of this. They know what he’s doing they rather let this evil demon destroy the world and yet they still turn a blind eye….WOW I’m so tired of this BS

  17. Deep State trying to top from the bottom. The deep state wont let citizens pick a president that they dont approve. It is similar to how on paper Japan in the late 30s was a democracy but in reality the military could veto anything done by the civilian elected govt. How did intelligence agencies know what Trump had said? Spying on his communications? Funny how TYT doesnt question intelligence agencies deciding what an elected president can do. There was a time Dems despised the intelligence agencies. Bush lies to Congress and American public about Iran to get authority to invade Iraq and violates international law to torture and that is swept under the rug but this where no harm has occurred is a big deal? Did millions die? Did it cost trillions?

  18. You don't tell on "Don the Con". Either you're against the "Con" or you're part of the "Con". Whistle blower going down!!!!

  19. Of course it could be that Pelosi has done some criminal activities! And therefore she is, as No 45 is, black-mailable?

    Pelosi where are your taxes?

  20. I can't help but link the denial of submitting the report to Congress because he is yielding to a "higher power." As connected, somehow, with Trump's recent boast that he is "the chosen one." Are the representatives appointed by the president conferring god-like powers to him now?
    That's particularly alarming, since we already know that multitudes of evangelicals have already claimed that Trump was sent by god, and is maybe the "second coming."
    The only real "coming" Trump is capable of is the one he gets when thinking about his daughter.

  21. This is actually where I like Trump. I like how we are no longer a country with secrets. I hate what we were doing to Syrians and I do not at all condone the existence of the CIA in particular. They are traitors and live outside of the law and are no accountable under the constitution. Meaning they are unconstitutional. JFK wanted it disbanded.

  22. NANCY PELOSI:……..No matter the outcome of the Whistleblower investigation, as the majority body of Congress, we will not take any action against the Trump Administration, because we are AFRAID to rile up the Trump base. Doing so might ruin or chances in the 2020 elections.

  23. I think Trump should do away with all secrets. Specifically on foreign policy. Obama lied to us when he promised transparency. Trump has been more transparent than Obama ever was.

  24. This is such an interesting story. It could be something very similar to the thing that Cenk is imagining and implying, but I wouldn't rule out the possibility of Trump actually doing something against the wishes of the deep state, more in line with progressive ideas (maybe about foreign policy, or war?) and then the deep state and intelligence going after him…
    Can't rule out anything at this point, either way this could be a very important story going forward.

  25. I thought people like Graham and Moscow Mitch were Trump's biggest enablers, but it turns out it was the Dems all along. Sweet zombie Jesus help us.

  26. It is mandatory to report this to Congress except it wasn't. How many more rules, guidelines, laws, Constitutional requirements or standard operational procedures is this dung heap of an administration going to just flush down the toilet because they don't feel that the law does not apply to the President? How many more of these governmental underlings are going to break the law to protect this dung heap of an administration? There should be no statute of limitations on these rules and laws and all those who violate them should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. It is not for this administration or their sycophants to determine if this complaint by this whistle blower had merit or not. Follow the rules and and then if it has no merit the members of Congress will say so.

  27. What's the point? Trump might as well just say that he did it, not like anything will happen to him anyway at this point. Might get a strong worded letter from Nancy so that might be what he is worried about lol.

  28. More blatant Crime and Treason, from this Soul less Wing~Nut Cult! Who absurdly  believe that Law and Order administered by the American Judicial System, is the real Treason to Their Corrupt and wicked Cabal….  LOCK EM' ALL UP  …. Quicker, than the typical Rate!

  29. And you mean that Edward Snowden is a criminal because he disclosed that the NSA was spying on Americans but these people who clearly violate the law are immune? This administration came gift wrapped from Hell and from Putin.

  30. This is a dangerous president. What do we do? He is so defiant, disrespectful and uncaring grandious narcisist, to the people he should be representing. Why isn't there a major scandal and ousting! He is acting like a dictator. Do we take this sitting down?

  31. Drumpf is a Russian agent of the republic of Russian federation. He just spies on all of Americans and reports everything to Russia. Putin has his personal cell phone number and he recieves all of his messages.

  32. Probably Putin or a link to. Interesting that there's suddenly a state visit from the Australian PM – all announced pretty recently. He looked pretty be-mused as he was put through his paces with Trump who really (IMO) overdid the depth of the US?Aus relationship historically. They are still part of the Commonwealth. NZ's PM is scheduled for a meet with your President in the next week – she is visiting to speak at the UN and the policies of the government she leads are so out of line with your current scene. However, our Opposition is using the visit to make it pretty rough for her, especially media wise. Treat her well if you get the chance TYT.

  33. Trump is so stuck on making money, you can't blame him, he's a business man, and GREED is his middle name, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN 2020, DUMP TRUMP, bumper stickers are available.🤫🤭

  34. Trump put cronies in place to protect himself: Kavanaugh/Barr/Mc Quire Acting DNI etc.; the Acting DNI doesn't have the experience required to hold this high-level position. Does the McQuier hold the proper security clearance? The Inspector-General followed protocol, based on the criteria: "Urgent/Credible/ Serious/Flagrant/Wrongdoing parameters, this isn't a discretionary/personal/confidential matters covered under exec.priviledge. Trump claims exec. privilege to cover up most of the stupid/criminal things he says/doe; eventually he blurts things out, like an old refrigerator, he can't keep sh..t.

  35. Just keep working, democrats! You'll get Trump yet! From the day he announced he was running for President this is a daily routine. There has never been a human in the history of the US who has been more harassed, ridiculed, and set upon by the press, their cronies in the media, Hollywood, etc. Just remember, when Trump gets elected again, you democrats earned it.

  36. Trump wanted to nuke a hurricane and thinks that windmills cause cancer, so OBVIOUSLY he should be trusted with any possible promises to foreign leaders. He being a 'stable genius' after all

    (sarcasm, in case anyone doesn't know)

  37. Why is this a news now? Thousands of those whistleblower reports are made, and they never lead into any action. I watched whistleblower William "Bill" Binney talk about it recently. He said you get absolutely nothing done that way, and that's why Snowden didn't do it that way.

  38. A decadent, inattentive, narcissistic people will have decadent, inattentive narcissistic leaders. In the end, you get the leaders you deserve. The problem isn't Trump, it's that we're the kind of nation that would let a man like Trump anywhere near governmental power, and that tolerates his behavior. The established order was so corrupt, so self-serving that it lost legitimacy in the eyes of the people, and they latched onto an unprincipled demagogue, as people, historically, often have when the ruling class proves themselves inept and morally bankrupt.

    Whatever comes of all this – the lying, the recklessness, the humiliation – we can't say we don't deserve it.

  39. Let's be real. trump has made secret deals with Russia and north Korea too.
    trump and republiCONS are traitors to our great country and terrorists to our environment.
    Make America great again by making trump a one term president and never voting republiCON ever again for any office.

  40. About 6 months ago some friends of mine met up at a
    local L.A. restaurant called the Fig & Olive. Ana Kasparian was there with
    Christian Lopez and my friends said that they were loud and foul-mouthed from
    the moment they got there, especially Ana, who couldn’t get one loud, even
    short sentence out without at least two or three profanities. As the group was
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    so terrible that morning when she was changing her underwear that had to turn
    her head, but she had no time to wash herself so she just put on another pair
    of underwear, put her pants on and left for work without doing anything about
    it. Amazingly that story was followed up by a vivid description of how she had
    to take a dump a few hours later and described in detail about how the long,
    hard stool wouldn’t fall out of her and she described shaking herself on the
    toilet trying to get the large hanging stool to fall. This story culminated in
    her telling the group how when she wiped forward she smeared the shit forward
    into her crotch and had been itching ever since. The couple said that they had
    never been so extremely disgusted or mortified in their lives, and Ana was
    speaking loudly enough to be heard by all the neighboring tables and people
    were looking at her disdainfully. Finally Ana thought there was some
    discrepancies with the bill and got belligerent with the waitresses there, cursing
    them out and accusing them of overcharging. Needless to say it’s something they
    never want to do again. They said that in all their years in the industry they
    have never met any more classless low-lifes than Ana Kasparian and Christian
    Lopez, with the possible exception of Duane and Beth Chapman

  41. TYT Again you lemmings ran a story without "waiting for the facts", the Socialist are SO hard up to undo the results of the 2016 election, they grasp at anything in sight. Will they retract the story if it's proven "fake news"? Hell no, they just move to the next "straw in the water". With 2020 around the corner they are getting nervous, I guess the Socialist candidates aren't giving the lemmings much hope in the coming election, I think they need to offer "more free stuff", they need to move further to the left, until their hats float!

  42. This Trump dude is the worst President in the history of the US. He's a habitual liar, racist, bigot, crooked, a criminal, adulterer, scammer, con artist, a fool, ignorant, very stupid, uneducated, ugly and the man is in scandals after scandals.

  43. Why doesn't the Whistleblower go whistle to the congressman Schiff direct ? If its so serious, someone needs to leak it in order to ensure no crimes or serious war promises are being made for financial reward or worse. Pelosi and Schiff must hold them in contempt otherwise they should resign.

  44. Hey Dem Dummies–yes you brainwashed & sad freaks! Joe Biden is on video committing abuse of power under Obama's reign so don't get your hopes up–AGAIN! lol Viva la TRUMP REVOLUTION!

  45. In all seriousness. If you want to beat this president do it at the ballot box. Doing it with impeachment will only result in creating Americas version of Armageddon

  46. The Dems must be thinking that if they ever get the WH they don't want to be forced to talk to Congress otherwise they would put these assholes in prison until they talk. Democrat leadership absolutely need replacement!! ASAP!!!

  47. I got a conspiracy theory for you.. Trump is a secret foreign agent but he's also double crossing his foreign alliance ( witch would make him a triple double agent 😱 ) He's gonna karate chop his way to completing his mission objective and slip out the backdoor before anyone knows what hit them 😂

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