When Trump has mocked dead politicians

Maurice Vega

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  1. History will not remember "president" Trump kindly at all – he will be a cautionary tale for future generations about how hate, bigotry and divisiveness can and will tear a nation apart.

  2. Awww, democrats can dish it out, but feign outrage when on the receiving end? Too bad, no more double standards in the swamp! Republicans played nice for too long, and accomplished nothing with that tactic.

  3. Trump supporters have gotten so use to 45 lowering the standards of the presidency down to the ghetto, they don't see anything wrong with this.

  4. Trump loves showing off his courage and  bravery by attacking dead American war veterans like McCain and Dingell.  Someone give that man a medal.

    At a rally in August 2016, a war veteran presented his Purple Heart medal to Trump. Trump accepted the medal and said, “I always wanted one of these, this way is much easier.” 

    Veterans for impeachment!!!
    Semper Fi

  5. What a day when you and all your friends an family off to prison..ppl may think its bill Cosby go be the oldest man go to jail..woooieee lier madda fucker

  6. Dont worry Dirty Donnie. When youre 6 feet under, you'll have some visitor's showing up to visit you for your beloved Golden Shower that you love so much. I'll bet.

  7. Any person who lost a loved one in their lives, which is everyone, should be offendend and appalled by what he said. If you still support him after that you just a fcked up human being.

  8. Oh poor babbies, boohoo. If this hurt your feeling, you're a weak person. President Trump has been called much worse & he keeps fighting to make America great again for everyone. Guess what? President Trump is still President today, tomorrow, the next & he will be until 2020. Suck it up butter cups it's going to be another 4 years.

  9. Still waiting for the WaPos “the times when Obama droned innocent civilians” video.. but yeah Trump mocking dead people soooo bad…evil some might say

  10. The Deplorable President! Crude Common. Crass. This is sent to the Americans from God! One very sick world!!

  11. People who do this type of thing are below contempt and deprived of a moral upbringing.
    Fake President Trump is an embarrassment to this great Republic.

  12. Trump's a deranged monster! That's just a fact that goes without saying. But what about all the Americans at this rally? The

  13. hes insensitive, racist, a sexual deviate who craves attention, love, . he promotes hatred, steals from people, mocks them and has no feelings for anyone except himself..he lacks common sense, empathy and love..a true narcissistic psychopath who is a danger to the american people…slime bag………..

  14. Trump is a Coward.😨 How much Nerve does it take to attack the Dead ? Those that agree with Trump and applaud this type of Perverse Behavior , passing it off as Funny is just as Twisted as Trump. Shame on You for supporting anyone who Maliciously and Intentionally seeks to cause Anguish to others for their own Selfishness ! Ask Yourselves what does that say , not only about the Person in question but you too ? 😱

  15. trumpy is a very sick person. If the Access Hollywood tapes weren't enough, this should make it clear. This man is proud of what he is saying.

  16. It's not trump but the party. The party wanted him and like him therefore they love what he says not only on the issues but also these things.

  17. Trump is Sofa King!! He is sofa king stupid, I don't see how Americans could have elected him, and yet….here you are. I watched the Dem Debate tonight and the outlook seems rather bleak. Are you ready for anther four years of PT Barnum in the White House. Lumpy and his lovers, "love the poorly educated" and, full speed ahead, you're racing toward Peak Idiocracy.

  18. WaPo is the sickness. Who cares what Trump says about dead people, you destroy the living with inflammatory horseshit and socialist bias. Where's the positive reporting on the most prolific president we have had, maybe ever? Who has done more policy-wise than any other president in his first 3 years? Yet this is what you chose to report on? HA there's no journalism there anymore, just activism… so sad. That's why no one needs you anymore. You just divide, WaPo…total trash. Anyone who pays attention to this is an uninformed fool.

  19. When you are nearing your end, you should speak about the dead with respect – knowing that not too long, it might be you the living will be talking about. What goes around comes around.

  20. This is the repulsive behavior of a Republican president that republican senators want to lead USA for another 4 years and the church that says they are for trump is not a christian church . Any party ,church , or organization that finds nothing wrong with trumps behavior is evil .

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