What You Need To Know: Ari Melber Breaks Down A Wild Day In U.S. Politics | MSNBC

Maurice Vega

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  1. If they (Congress/the Senate) don't impeach now, he'll (Trump) will just end up abusing his power as President AGAIN and in ways that'll impact our country (and possibly others) with even more dire consequences.

  2. trump is an embarrassment to the world. he's an illegally elected potus and has disrupted the security of americans in their own country. VOTE BLUE IN 2020. THE GOP-GRIFTER OLIGARCH PARTY NEEDS TO BE EXTRACTED FROM THE USA!!! VOTE BLUE IN EVERY BOX IN 2020. SAVE DEMOCRACY FOR ALL!!! VOTE BLUE. VOTE BLUE.

  3. Don’t let the fact that Barr’s hand picked guy looking into the 2016 “witch hunt” has found no evidence that it was anything but legit go unnoticed.
    So much winning, right t’rump supporters? 🤔😆😆

  4. Fun fact: people who are actually strong don't run home crying when they find out someone is talking smack about them

  5. If you watched the entirety of the raw footage, you'll understand how twisted this media is… it's sad that there is no truth to any media in today's time.

  6. This isn’t what fox is reporting they say the dems better tread lightly because there’s absolutely no evidence whatsoever and never has been 🤦🏻‍♂️😭😭😭😭

  7. GIULIANI: "Oop, I'm in quicksand, obviously the best way to get out of it is to thrash about… hmm, maybe if I… * glub * "

  8. Rudy the Ghoul spirits off to Kyiv, Ukraine ? Now ?  What's he cooking up ?  Rounding up some 'insurance men' with no necks ?

  9. * * * "Oh Canada"
    The USA will trade you a T. for a T. please, please, please ? On second thought I have many friends in wonderful Canada and sending Hobbit-hands 🐷 Trump 🐼 there in exile would be dreadfully cruel as Donald is the "ANTI-CHRIST"
    PS: Also Trudeau is handsome and possibly dishonest, while Trump is definitely a dreadful, lying, bigoted, racist, psychopathic, BUTTE UGLY CRIMINAL MAGGOT.
    OI vey !
    Impeach Donald Beelzebub Trump at: Change.org
    > We MUST do this for our children.
    From a very disillusioned Republican Methodist in Northwest Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

  10. It’s sad that almost half the nation must be re-educated on basic laws and meanings of words in order to understand why a psycopath must be put out of office.

  11. Before this trial began, most Republicans agreed bribing a foreign leader to investigate a domestic political rival based on known conspiracies was impeachable.
    Now that evidence is proving it, the sentiment has been shifting to defending it.

  12. Conservatives who defend this Occupant of the WH should be ashamed of themselves. Hypocrites … disgraceful … disgusting … 🤮🤬😱

  13. Professor Karlan is completely insane. Her obsessive behavior is uncharacteristic of someone who should be teaching LAW Students.

  14. Gee I wonder caller “-1” could be?…
    …”I don’t know, ughhh it could be a 400# fat guy in his bed high on his cocaine/adoral cocktail snort or it could be “Cheesus Khreist”

  15. This could be a very good year, or a very, very bad one. It's all on the GOP to finally do the right thing. That does not bode well.

  16. Giuliani ‘s moving into Eric Snowden’s apt, next door to the Kremlin..Rudy’s not coming back.

  17. Jury tampering. How do the gop expect anyone to trust them when they're literally syncing their watches with the president and they're suppose to be the jurors in his trial?

  18. Senate Leadership will need to bring this story home. Maybe he moderates and we all win? Nixon resigned no biggie total immunity in the best interests, if desired. January is best as Senate has urgent votes to finish off prior to the Trial. Read Kafka The Trial😙
    Some guidance for states on gun safety still burns folks this Holy time of year. Peace is a just community people accept & support

  19. An impeachment alone, while a significant mark on the OrangeCunt, isn't gonna deter his trolls like Giuliani and Nunes. That requires a completely separate set of consequences to be carried out on those specific individuals.

  20. https://www.impeach.org/event/impeach-and-remove/125851?source=standupamerica-keyword&s=0

    Get OFF the couch Dems!!!

  21. Impeach on what they have now and continue investigation to gauge the depth of Racketeering and influence that has permeated the executive branch.

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