What Will Y’all Do When Your Liberal Lies Are Exposed?

Okay. Today we have a second in an installment of
Trumpists whose mind you can’t change a fourth. Today’s voicemail segment. The voicemail number of course is two one
nine two, David P. yesterday we had one example, a, a woman, a young woman, or I don’t know
what age she was, a woman, uh, who made it clear that it’s not a good strategy to go
and try to convince Trump is to change their mind. That’s not how we’re going to win 2020. I have another example of that for you today. Take a listen to this. Are you guys gonna do, once the truth comes
out and all your liberal lies and stuff are made known, what are you guys gonna do? Right? You guys gonna root for when all the bad guys
are locked up. When, uh, when Obama was in Clinton’s and
bushes, all the deep Staters are locked up. What are you guys gonna do then? He’s going to pay your bills. There’s going, you know what I’m saying? You guys better get on the right side of the
outside of the reality. Guys, I’m telling you, you’re on the wrong
side of reality. Yeah. So listen, as far as paying bills, I’ve said
before, um, you know, Trump in office has been good for, for the show in terms of the
business of the show. It’s been terrible for the country and I still
prioritize the country over the show. I can assure you that if circumstances in
the United States lead to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and George W. Bush being in prison,
I think the show will be doing just fine. But of course, you know, deep state conspiracies,
all of this stuff, we can’t talk these folks out of the worldview that they’ve adopted,
not in any sensible amount of time. So the focus must be, the focus has to be
get the vote out from people that are on our side already. Make sure they don’t stay home. And let’s try to improve the country that
way. Because arguing with folks like that, and
the person called in yesterday, it’s an exercise in futility. It’s a, it’s, it’s simply not worth it. It’s not worth our time. We can get way more people to vote before
we can get one of these folks to change their mind. On today’s bonus show. George Papadopoulos is running for Congress
and he announced it where of course on Fox and friends. We will talk about that T-Mobile has a trademark
on the color magenta and is demanding that an insurance company stop using that particular
Hugh. We will discuss that and the limits of intellectual
property also may be good news. Donald Trump has signed an animal cruelty
bill into law. Interesting. When in the video I showed you earlier of
Trump with a dog, he seemed to have absolutely no affection or empathy for the dog whatsoever,
in fact seemed to want nothing to do with the dog despite clock calling the dog. Brilliant and extremely smart. We will talk about the animal cruelty bill. On today’s bonus show. How do you get access to the bonus show? It’s very easy. Sign up for a [email protected]
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bonus show today. Morrow, the chest showdown between producer
Pat and me will take place. We have all been preparing. I’ve been doing, I’ve been working on my lats
actually to prepare for the chess match. More on that tomorrow though, the David Pakman
[email protected]

Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. Why is david on Jordan Peterson new social media grift, thinkspot? Look up the level bullshit that this site propagates. You have to pay to post and pay to read comments. What the Funk is up with david?

  2. I wonder if he realizes that the statement "when the liberal lies are exposed" implies that the lies have not yet been exposed. Ergo, by definition, you are operating on a position of faith, lacking the evidence to prove that the lies are in fact lies, at all.

  3. But it doesn’t even matter if we vote! Donald didn’t win the popular vote. If they are going to disregard our votes and go with the Electoral college then why bother? Don’t get me wrong, i will vote. I didn’t vote in the last election and I will never make that mistake again, but it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. It’s very frustrating.

  4. Only Americans would use the word liberal as an insult. Just look up the definition and tell me that's not anything but a compliment.

  5. I was raised in a republican family and let me tell you, conservatism is a mental illness. All they want to do is oppress people who are different in order to make themselves feel more secure.

  6. This is what I don’t understand. Why are they caught up on the same rhetoric. They have been threatening Clinton for years, and Obama. And yet they are still free, no indictments, no charges?
    Get some new material please.

  7. These whackjobs are only going to proceed to civil war by attacking liberals and the answer as to what we are going to do is fight back, you ignorant wussy.

  8. I agree 100% and also we cannot fight with each other over our own primary. We need to keep in mind that we have to win this election and I see places on YouTube such as that very negative Kyle guy who shits on anyone who does not agree with Bernie. Let's keep our eye in the prize

  9. The caller is your typical southern racist moron. Stupid as fuck! Believing everything he hears and never researching a dam thing because he can’t read.

  10. They talk Deep State while forming their own behind closed doors. Rest assured, anything they accuse you of, they're doing tenfold.

  11. I've been away for a while, does anyone know when the Mueller report will be out, and where we up to with the impeachment investigation hearings 🤣🤣🤣

  12. "Deep staters"? This guy went off the rails a long time ago and jumped on the conspiracy theory idiot train! If you meet a guy like this in REAL LIFE, tell him where the nearest mental hospital is and walk away.

  13. Liberal lies, huh? I admit there are some bad actors on the Democratic side, but last I checked, we aren't going all in on one guy because we want to "own" or "trigger" Conservatives. And while I can't condone the lies told by a coproralist or centrist, most Conservatives, and all Far-Right and Trumper-type Conservatives are shameless in their lies. So quite funny to be called out for something they embody

  14. The frightening thing is that the world is so topsy-turvy that we could say every thing he said back to him just changing a few names. I sometimes feel like I'm in some kind of warped, disconnected reality when I hear people like him. What's the caller going to do when Trump and the other corrupt criminals around him are put in jail? So many people around Trump are already in jail or at risk of going there – Manafort, Stone, Cohen etc…

  15. Oy Vey…. The bad guys like Obama/Clinton are going to be locked up? And Jesus is coming 'back'.

  16. "Side of reality". Warped brain. Like all sub-intellectual, cloudy, meaningless buzzwordy "insights" of theirs, it just serves to give them the "triumphant realization" that they can pretend something or everything to be whatever they want…

    (Other than intellectual insights, which need to be clearly defined, examined and proven, for one, and don't serve some "triumphant realization" or convenient personal ego validation, much less that one can just "pretend" anything, but simply to realize what things are, based on our examination…)

  17. Some of these people that support Trump are looking for a leader a cult leader a cult leader can do no wrong so the majority of them are brainwashed the funny part is he does not care about you only his businesses what has he completed other than nothing

  18. Dear Mr Pakman,

    What on Earth are you doing on Jordan Peterson's new fake free speech grift site? What happened to your integrity? Or should I say, how much did you sell it for?
    So disappointing 🙁

  19. British English really is easier to understand that American English – it was very hard to make sense of what the caller said

  20. They will never come to fruition. And this moron will say that's because the deep state covered it up.

    There right has done a lot to teach idiots to argue backwards from a conclusion.

  21. Caesar Milan (Dog Whisperer) says NOT to acknowledge a dog when first meeting it!
    Not having an affinity for animals does not mean one is incapable of protecting them in some areas.
    Get over the Minutia, please. RamboTrump 2020! Vote anti-Socialist. Civil discourse welcome. Ad hominem also protected here, if cathartic for you . . .

  22. The globalism the caller is scratching the surface at could be defined as forces, from governments and transnational companies, that aim to push a neoliberalistic system on the world. This force isn't as deliberate as some think and is not conspiratorial in the sense you might see in a movie or video game (except maybe snowpiercer? lol). Most elites and politicians simply believe that states grounded in free markets are truly the best for all people and they make moves towards making their beliefs a reality. They often argue that capitalism has brought incredible amounts of people out of poverty even though it has pushed most people out of the wealth game and eroded their abilities to shape their own lives (bc the means of production are concentrated with the few). To these elites, a heirarchical unequal economic system will give all humans the most value as the elites will use the means in the best possible way as opposed to the many who will squander them. There is no need to violently enforce this on anyone. This ideology imposes itself in the United States through the news media, through popular culture, through our universities, through our celebrities and even the CIA, the FBi etc. Around the world, the U.s. uses diplomacy and the military to push other nations toward this system and the elites in those countries control their own media systems to keep this system strong. But in its core isn't corrupt power, it's simply ideology. Finally no armed force can challenge this power because it is diffuse and too ingrained in modern culture to be fought in that way.

  23. Even though the caller doesn't specify the 'lies' that are to be exposed, let's entertain the thought that these lies will be exposed. Here's my answer to the caller: Nothing. We will do nothing. Why should we do anything else when you and other Trump supporters prove every day that truth doesn't matter to you. You continue to support the Liar-in-Chief Donald J Trump, who is proven to lie several times a day (on a good day). So if you don't care about lies, then why should we care about anything you have to say?

  24. Animal cruelty bill? Is Trump gonna lock up his corrupt idiot children for hunting endangered species for sport or no I'm guessing hell the fuck no.

  25. I think he was saying you’re being paid/propped up by Soros. And, once Trump finally drains the swamp, you’ll no longer have funding. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  26. I'm putting a bit of effort and imagination into this comment. So I'd appreciate at least someone connected with the David Pakman show have a little read if that's okay?… I'll keep it to a paragraph. Cheers. I think it's almost as though it's kind of a jungle out there. Y'know, you have a mix of people. Those who are very materialistic on the one hand – like weilding a Minigun they like to call 'Ol' Painless' – while also arguably being very abrupt and ideological in their language – such as "I ain't got time to bleed". But what is the truth really? I think 'materialism' is basically about things that 'move' – i.e. like Heraclitus when he said "No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.” But his contemporaries also offered an opposing view that I think we call 'idealism'. Can we really percieve motion directly though? I think movement can only truly be detected directly by radiowaves perhaps? – and so our perception of movement is something we generate ourselves (in the dorsal stream of our brains) as we can't detect radiowaves ourselves. The mind is still a mystery to us. We can see light, but really isn't light just an image? – where we only percieve the form and shape (through our ventral stream) but not the material object as such? How do we bridge the gap – the material on the one hand and the ideal (the image) on the other? But isn't actually 'heat' inbetween these two extremes? – and yet such a common sense bridge is something we can't see as an image or something that catches our attention as movement… It would be like firing Ol' Painless into the jungle and just hitting 'nothing' if that is all we had. But sound we can hear is also a part of the heat spectrum in physics. And we can feel the warmth of a fire or the warmth of company with us.. if we were just willing to get over our 'fear' and step into the unknown, which may simply be the anxious step of caring or wonder for some. Perhaps embracing femi….

  27. Us damn liberals. We hate America. We hate gawd and we hate ourselves, don'tcha know ; )
    When I was a moderate Conservative, back in the 80s, I listened to Limbaugh and I too believed that's what all liberals were.
    The brainwashing is real, folks, even on the left

  28. its actually a little scary how deep a lot of Trumpists have sunk into this conspiracy… so much so that i fear what will happen if he is impeached … between FOX Trump and QANON America has been polarised like never before… i fear that when Bernie does win and confronts the NRA will not be an easy pill to swallow for Trumpists… change will come as certain as our death but man, i fear the transition will not be easy

  29. I don't even know how you can talk sensibly with these "'Muricans." Just simply say…STFU and go back to your strongest skill of banging your sister in the trailer. Some people like to say nonsense like…"Ohhhh, we should be trying to reach them." No. Impossible at this point. All that's left is to alienate, shame and ridicule them out of existence. They've earned it.

  30. Like anyone who knows anything about politics cares about Clintons or Obama anyways?! Did he say Bush!?! LMFAO! These people are ignorant AF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. You're right David I don't even attempt to debate them anymore.
    It's completely hopeless.
    We're dealing with some kind of strange phenomenon here that's going to be left to the psychiatrists to figure out.
    The people of the future are going to be fascinated when they study the history of this time period.

  32. That's hilarious. A Trumptard telling everyone else to get on the right side of reality. This is a perfect example of what happens when you only source your information from rabid right wing propaganda merchants like Faux Noise, Rush Limbotomy and Breitbart etc because it rots your brain and you lose your grip on reality. The poor old coot doesn't realise that he is being played by right wing media to enable them to keep getting paid by their corporate masters and to maintain their grasp on power. It works so well on them that most republicans will only ever vote republican even though it goes against their personal best interests to do so. It's pretty sad to watch and see how easily some people can be manipulated.

  33. What will they'all do iffin thay cain't spake aynglish? I recon that there tuition free college is a good idear. LOL, it's so precious to see a highly educated pristine man, like David Pakman, listening to someone that reminds me of some of my coworkers at the lawn service. As long as you're not one of the guys who smokes meth, you don't get fired.

  34. whos gonna pay the bills? You mean the Blood money bills of the illegal unconstitutional Federal Reserve? Yeah, how about America abolishes all debt worldwide and issues an NSA backed Cryptocurrency for global reset? How about that? Even the playing field and create a computational GOLD rush at the sametime! If america doesn't do it on the Cusp of Global Reserve Currency Status, then China will to rival the current economy hegemony.

  35. David just hates seeing Black unemployment numbers at an all time low. He is so worried they will realize the Democratic party has been vote caching on them while keeping them broke and dependent on their KKK-creating party.

  36. Just a reminder to everyone out there: that caller, as stupid and ignorant as he is, has a vote. And his vote counts just as much as yours. Make yours count too. Go and vote.

  37. What does he do when Mr T's lies are exposed every single day? In answer to his question (treating it with more seriousness than it deserves), if what I believe can be shown to be a lie then I change what I believe to fit the truth rather than vice versa. That approach seems to come as part and parcel of liberalism. Any disagreements?

  38. Liberal lies? Wrong side of reality? Like the HRC email BS? Or the "deep state " spying on their cult leading conman? Oh yeah, trump's own DOJ just cleared both.

  39. Obomber, Shillary and Bush in prison. I wish. If that happened I’m pretty sure that trump would be there too along with a few of his sidekicks

  40. This dotard spent 8 years thinking Obama was a secret Muslim trying to ban Christmas, but now wants to know “wUt yAll gOn dO wHeN dEeP sTaTe eX-pOsEd” 🤣

  41. It seems that every time I hear someone say something really, really, really stupid, they invariably say it with a southern drawl.

  42. A Good Education is SO important!
    These Folks never had a chance, they were taught ZERO critical and lateral thinking skills and were pre-programmed from a young age by family & friends with an unhealthy clan like Mentality (Us v’s Them instead of We All) and a very narrow view of the world and Americas place in it…So Very Sad.😔

  43. Where are the Trump/ Putin meeting Transcripts?…Ohhhh, that’s right, Trump demanded meeting notes with Vladimir NEVER be taken!🙄
    #TrumpCorruption hidden from American scrutiny!

  44. They are living in a propaganda-fueled fantasy world completely divorced from reality. Democracy cannot survive this. The right-wing media will succeed where all of America's enemies failed.

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