What The Government Doesn't Want You To Know About Your Drivers License

Maurice Vega

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  1. EMma WillarD lawyer extraordinaire has something to say about Eddie Craig and his (implied) dullusions. Personally I think Mr. Eddie Craig is working hard to help each and every one of us who seak this invaluable legal assistance. Blessbless Mr. Eddie Craig.

  2. 26:00 def of motor vehicle
    xx:xx Carrier
    xx:xx Traffic
    42:00 Transportation
    43:28 Title 49 USC § 5102(12)
    44:00 The gov cannot regulate your private activity ; only what's related the commercial activily that affects the public that goes for State and federal (regulatable activity)

  3. But how does a vehicle used unsafely, while outside of commerce, become safe merely because it is not in commerce? If you decide to operate a vehicle not properly maintained, say with non-functional headlights, to engage in commerce, surely the state has the right and duty to interfere in the public interest; this the speaker asserts. But he evades explaining how the same defective vehicle, if merely used for pleasure, is no more a threat to the said public weal. This is why the state licenses all drivers, not only those commercially engaged.

  4. There is no such thing as a God or Creator. You do have rights. The founding members of the Constitution did not have an understanding future technology.

  5. I lost my license but still need way to travel to my dr appointment ect ..so what can i drive on side of highway that safe and can operate without licenses in Alabama

  6. So what if a guy that has the right to travel,"sovereign citizen",crashes your car does'n t have, tags or plates or any other information that is making sure that you can find him again?Then there is no problem for him, he has the right to travel,right??
    And what about for the one left behind with a crashed car,if he was lucky and didn t have any injuries??If we all "travel"and we don t need a license to drive,can you imagine the chaos,that can be caused and nobody will have to anybody else!!Sure, i am sure that you don t have any problem with that,especially if your kids get hurt,in an accident caused from a person like that that had to answer to anybody!!!

  7. I got a question for you Mr. Craig. When the federal government made it mandatory for everyone to have automobile insurance, I thought it was a good ideal. However, automobile insurance is based upon a hypothetical. Should not there had been a consumer protection clause based upon reality not mere conjecture? If a person had not been involved in an accident, nor filing a claim, be reimbursed everything, every year, short of the cost of printing that little promissory note and/or administrative cost? That little promissory note based on a hypothetical, cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per year. I say "WE" as a people, stand up to this tyrannical abuse and demand our rights as lawful consumers be resorted. At this rate, why isn't the federal government held in "guilt by association", to a scam and extortion of money????????????????

  8. This guy is DANGEROUS. He is someone who claims expertise without any. All this nonsense is from a charlatan whose entire experience in law enforcement – the experience upon which his "expertise" is based – is two weeks as a part time Jailer in the county jail in my former home of Nacogdoches, Texas. Mr. Craig was FIRED, with a recommendation of "Not eliglible for rehire", after TWO WHOLE WEEKS. He has no clue what he is talking about, and puts every person who listens to him into deep legal jeopardy through his unlicensed, unpracticed, uneducated practice of the fantasy he wishes the law was.
    Here is the whole story, apparently publsihed by infowars after they found out what a crooked low life this empty shirt really is. http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?99564-Eddie-Craig-the-former-deputy-sheriff-hoax explains the entire scam and how much money he has made from it. He is a crook, a charlatan and a disgrace that has no idea what he is talking about and no education or knowledge to be talking. Period.
    Don't take my word for it – check it out for yourself, and do so BEFORE you are sharing a cell with this idiot.

  9. Well spoken The lawyer will lie to you about your natural Rights you are not part of their system we are the people who are law.

  10. If it wasn't for government, I wouldn't have SSI. People wouldn't take care of the disabled on their own accord.

  11. I think everyone needs to be educated on "jury nullification" as well judges will lie to juries and tell them they're not there to judge the law only if accused broke it, which is a lie. what makes our country great greater than any other is that one juror has more power than any Congressman, Senator or the president himself because one juror can shoot down a law for it being unjust. the federal courts are operating out in the states illegally on "statutory Jurisdiction" that they came up with which is new court rules, unconstitutional. they are not article 3 courts they are de facto courts. common law jurisdiction are article 3 courts that states that in order for a crime to exist prosecution must prove Corpus delicti which means produce an injured party or a victim, statutory jurisdiction are all kinds of victimless crimes with serious consequences coupled with "mandatory minimum sentences" so many conspiracies are sitting in prison not for a crime but because someone said they did and they got threatened into taking plea deals 15 and 20-year ones even but they were first threatened with 40 years in order to get them to take the plea deal, so next time you buy Sudafed be certain no one knows you bought it two boxes will get you 10 years in feds

  12. IF YOU HAVE NEW WEBSITE LET THE PEOPLE KNOW BRO. People really need knowledge, they are in need man. I'll do it for you.

  13. While I totally agree with everything presented here, the reality is that the cop will use force against you because he was a bully long before becoming a professional order-follower.
    The judge (if you live long enough to see one) will convict you and add other charges no matter how unlawful they are. I believe this will be the outcome of these procedures most of the time. Here in Florida, my good friend was taken to jail overnight for "violating" 2 gun "laws" that DON'T EVEN EXIST in our state. The ADA stated he had zero information of any law being broken but the record of arrest and the photos of my friend in an orange jumpsuit are still posted on the internet to this day. The official disposition was that he was carrying 2 firearms in his car in COMPLETE COMPLIANCE with all Florida laws and that no crime had been committed. The deputies simply invented a law by the side of the road and enforced it on their own. The penalty for anyone enforcing a gun law other than State law, carries a massive fine to the officer but nothing happened to him. On a lighter note, the cop was later kicked off of the force for showing pictures of is [email protected] to some girl in a text message.
    Good luck out there.

  14. Some state supreme courts have ruled that using the public road is a privilege and the SCOTUS in certain cases has ruled it is a right. And apparently the SCOTUS has not overruled the states that have declared it a privilege and the reason is for judicial economy and state resources. If it were declared a right for those states then they would have to change the whole system at great cost and call it a road use tax permit. So it is a distinction without a difference in the end. You would have to take a road use tax permit safety test instead of a drivers test. So what is the difference? SEMANTICS IS THE ONLY DIFFERENCE.

  15. Is there any way that I could download the script and a zip file if they're all the same please let me know but if anybody has it can someone Send it to me

  16. Awesome truth to unfold in order to wake up willing suckers who was deceived too long to be aware. Questions are: How do we fight those crook attorneys, judgesm polices that do not follow the law, statute and threaten jail time or police brutallity?

  17. I think I would like to know who present Americans in justice? If there is one , needs to resign or go to jail. To many of us are suffering in this fake justice. I have a friend who is leaving this Country because it fake justice.

  18. Dose anyone have a person they know to represent them or know to get there point across in court using their right because I just saw a video on Sovereign citizens or just people using their rights and they are calling us terrorists and starting to teach police this propaganda

  19. I have great respect for the guy who spent 26 minutes and got to walk away. Your trying to get things straight again. If we had horses would we need a jockey license? Oh boy let's not give them any ideas. I am curious for example what if ya got in an accident – would you stop and show ID, current Prof of Insurance and Registration? I am just curious. There is a video of a Inkster cop pulling a Black out of a car and hitting him maybe 12 times and it was a Very built cop. Cops said they found cocaine on the back seat of his car and his urine came out with coke and they even took blood and the blood came out clean. You might be able to find it on the net Inkster beats man or Inkster policeman goes to jail but not for long. It was way, way wrong the guy (yes happened to be black) but he didn't do nothing – not drunk or under the influence. Also may I ask if you were drunk would they give you a DUI even though you have no license? I think so. Anyway, I wish ya the best as many see the police state is here. They installed 1984 and the people don't know. Every email you send every post on FB and other places is still there. Best to ya, – JIM

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