What roles did big business play in creating the populist movement?

Maurice Vega

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  1. blame academic reports….blame unions….blame worker entitlement…blame ANYTHING but actually fix the problem because fixing the problem requires greedy people giving up money.

  2. Globalism harms the US middle class, and the boards of directors are unconcerned with what occurs with the US middle class. Big biz funds both parties and thus we have phenomena like Soros and D. Koch working together promoting Iran, and others promoting China. Like street thugs, unless they get stopped, this will continue apace. Today, the streets are quiet, so all is good for the suits.

  3. The real problem is that we have a federal government that does not regulate corporations. Instead all the politicians have taken their bribe money and are actually lobbyists for the corporations, and to hell with the workers.

  4. Big Business aka Finance Capital did not create the populist movement, they are simply co-opting it.
    “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” ― Lenin

  5. Betrayed by our own companies from the old days of American manufacturing. Auto, appliances etc. Those people who made that decision to outsource labor for cheaper should have been shot for treason. Now a days we have the hand me down punks so it's not to late.

  6. Eliminate Unions. They no longer serve the worker, only the Union bosses benefit from Unions. The workers are hurt by strikes, America is hurt by strikes, The bosses still collect from the workers when the strikers hold the companies hostage for whatever they are striking for. Increased costs are passed on to the public consumer and again, America is hurt. Eliminate Unions.

  7. Just how do people in Congress get so rich? Must be Corporations and Lobbyists pumping money to their favourite Congressman for favours. And longer you stay the richer you get.

  8. You shouldn't need Unions. If you come in and do a good job you will be compensated for that hard work. Taking pride in your work does pay off.

  9. I think a lot of conservatives who defended big businesses for so long were blind-sided (or felt somewhat betrayed and/or foolish) when American corporations started pushing radical progressivism. Those marginalized voices who long warned Americans about this deserve credit for not blindly accepting "free market capitalism" when clearly something else was going on.

  10. How many jobs did the welfare nation create? Turned cities into ghettos. It is businesses that hire people. A paycheque is far
    better than welfare/food stamps! Socialism does not work!

  11. Populism will continue win, it’s not a “populist moment” this has been coming for thousands of years when the masses are freed and no longer need the elite to create goods, food, have nation. The 1% with money are terrified

  12. Unions may be part of the problem but I've seen plenty of companies move overseas or to Mexico that had no unions and were quite profitable as they were but wanted the cheap labor. Technicolor was one of them. The problem is our economy has moved from industrial based to a financial based economy. Basically, Wall Street moving money.

  13. How about Boomers cashing out the brand equity of literally everything so they can buy themselves a bigger vacation home while their grandkids can't get hired full time into a mail room job without a 4 year degree.

  14. uber will go bankrupt soon enough. it was predicted that by now people would be working 1 or 2 days a week to get all the money they needed because of technology. Total BS. Just like the rest of the projections put out by those who "know"

  15. To equate libertarian ideals with a gig economy and no contract is erroneous. Libertarian ideals = let me do what I want and I will let you do what you want as long as I do not keep you from doing what you want and you do not keep me from doing what I want. Maybe I want a long term contract and not to do the whole gig thing. So, having a contract could be considered a libertarian ideal based on individual preference but the bald brit says that libertarians want no contract, which is not always true.

  16. The vast majority of major corporates have internal & HR programs that are deliberately being used to virtue signal and advance an agenda of social engineering to achieve longer term political manipulation.

  17. Where I came from, auto-workers were priced right out of the market-place by a bribed union-leadership. Ross Perot, founder of EDS and a 1992, Independent candidate for President, forecast "a giant sucking sound" to Mexico, if NAFTA was passed. In Detroit, by the late nineties, it had become absurdly apparent to many, on the outside looking in, that the Bankster-Elite had bought-off auto-worker union bosses in preparation for NAFTA implementation. From the years leading up to the massive auto-company plant-exits to Mexico (NAFTA), "United Auto-Workers" (UAW) pay-scales had been completely detached from reality. Being artificially-inflated so far above cost-benefit productivity as a baseline, the starting, wage/benefit package of a new, UAW button-pushing, assembly-line worker had been pushed up to $50.00 per-hour; as opposed to their non-union counterpart at just over $20.00 per-hour (most skilled carpenters and concrete-finishers at the time, made approximately $20.00 per-hour). By the year 2000, the United Auto-Workers', entry-level wage (temporarily) hovered around that of most skilled-tradesmen, such as that of an average seasoned, "Electricians' Union", licensed Journeyman-Electrician! While the former would be a "green", assembly-line "unskilled-worker", usually the son or nephew of a current UAW employee, the latter would have long-ago completed a two-year apprenticeship-program and been studying & working for several more years, eventually becoming a highly trained, highly-educated, (highly-paid) "skilled-worker", with ongoing, annual continuing-ed requirements. It was ridiculously easy to see the writing on the wall, for Union Auto-workers and the assembly-plants they worked in.

  18. Transaction- trans action!
    Work's of immorality where all manufacturing Democrat's companies where making design changes, rebranding, modifications, facial up lift's under cosmetic surgeries that includes plastic surgeries and fiber optics in use.

    The car's of various model's & variants have been car teled and running upon unauthorized batteries whose sales & dealership is again under socio-secular buracratic-coporation-currency exchange of sales and service's.

    These manufacturers are not just Boeing manufacturer's, also GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Hyundai, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen,… alike to increase mileage and reduce weight and losing structural integrity.

  19. I was surprised to see (at least chunks of ) a serious and civilized discussion about such an important issue. Only downside was that that first panelist, that lady was atrocious. But then again I guess "Redstate editor-At-Large" says pretty much everything you ought a know about that person….

  20. Union problem? Lol. Yeah, the people have too much power in this guided democracy of regulatory captured laws.

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