What Pushed Probe From Administrative Review To Criminal? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Maurice Vega

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  1. lol. I bet this is killing you that you have no leakers.
    The Dirty Walmart shoppers have sharpened their pitch forks and the torches are lit.
    I predict PAIN.

  2. Trump ALWAYS projects his own failings and illegal behavior onto others. He constantly called the Mueller probe a “witch hunt,” when it actually began as a legitimate and urgent counterintelligence investigation (Mike Flynn, Trump’s first National Security Advisor, was LITERALLY a secret foreign agent on the payroll of Turkey’s Erdogan). But this new “criminal” probe into his perceived enemies in the intelligence community actually IS a witch hunt, designed only to defame, discredit and force out those who refuse to swear blind loyalty to Trump.

    Trump falsely claims that the FISA warrant authorizing FBI surveillance of Carter Page was based on “the phony Steele Dossier” (the warrant was actually based on FBI and CIA intercepts of calls between Russian agents and members of the Trump campaign), but Barr’s attempt to discredit the ensuing investigation IS based on nothing but conspiracy theories and debunked right-wing talking points.

  3. This is all ‘distraction’ activity by Trump. Bill Barr as AG is on a wild goose chase trying to dig up anything in order to placate Trump. Trump put forward the idea that Obama was not an American and pursued that ‘lie’ for seven years. He said at the time that he had investigators in Hawaii that had all kinds of information on Obama. It was complete BS. Now Trump has government senior staff globe trotting chasing down fantasies that have zero evidence to support them.

  4. This is the most corrupt Attorney General since John Mitchell. Then again this is the most corrupt president who ever lived.

  5. FACT: Obama Administration spied on the Trump Campaign
    FACT: Only the Democrats and foreign governments interfered in the 2016 election.

  6. William Barr perjured himself when Kamala Harris asked him if President Trump ever suggested to him that he investigate anybody and he tried to pretend he didn't understand what the words "asked" and "suggested" meant. He clearly lied under oath.

  7. Fill out a complaint form to the Virginia State Bar regarding Barr. He’s committed perjury and has been acting in Comrade Minus’s personal interests and NOT America’s. He needs to be impeached too! ?

  8. It is not unreasonable to describe Trump and his gang of thugs as operating very much like Putin. Chase after his enemies and throwing them in jail on some fake charge. Trump hasn't chased down enemies abroad and poisons them. Not yet anyway.
    Hang on did I say, Putin? Trump's hero?

  9. This is what happens when you have a scheming liar and criminal in the WH. Our fair and honest Department of Justice is now a joke under Trump and Barr. Nevertheless I have confidence we will once again establish the rule of law in this country and repay these worst of criminals. I have this confidence because I believe in God; that He is greater than Satan, and that truth is greater than lies, even 13000 of them.

    "The lip of truth shall be established forever; but a lying tongue is but for a moment" -Proverbs 12:19

  10. Cute, some high school journalism from Willy Geis… You realy should see this guy interview a republicunt. You learn about High School Journalism.

  11. FACT: There was no collusion
    FACT: there was no obstruction
    FACT: there was no Russian interference
    FACT: The Steele Dossier was bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton
    FACT: the Intelligence Services used foreign governments to unseat a duly elected President

  12. Yes uncovering the Deep State conspiracy within US government should be the top priority for AG Barr. Millions are watching and hoping for justice. Brennan, the clock is ticking on you.

  13. SO what happens when witnesses refuse to appear at this sham investigation and defy subpoenas to appear? The boot is on the other foot, methinks.

  14. There's no time to investigate trump's Ukranian quid pro quo but there's time to investigate 2016 campaign conspiracy theories.

  15. Barr should be disbarred or locked up. All those who refused to answer to subpoenas should be picked up and put in jail. These crooks are free to go around the world looking for a foreign government who would assist in making up false stories. Barr especially should resign or thrown in jail – he is not working for the people but trying real hard to find some loophole to prolong the process of an already drowning crook, the make believe president who is way over his ability to be leader of anything.

  16. Lying dems in the tank for Hillary about to get their well deserved SMACKDOWN. It's gonna be great. Mueller report found ZERO. Barr gonna put people in jail: Lisa Page; Strozk; Comey; Hillary; Obama…and ALL those responsible for Fake FISA Warrants. Popcorn is ready. Jailbirds rotting away as Trump wins reelection. Fantastic. Huge. HUGE. Can't wait… bwaaahaaahaaa. CHEERS.

  17. Since the Mueller investigation was initiated by the Trump administration, the claim that there's a need for the Trump administration to investigate itself sounds more than usually bogus.

  18. Trump and his toadies will do what ever it takes to throw shade on his impeachment and future imprisonment. No crime too large or small. If they can muddy the waters with bogus charges, they have no problem with that.

  19. This dude seriously sitting there and saying Ukraine didn’t interfere in the election? Good God, MSNBC has egg all over their face lol. It’s been verified since 2017 that Hillary and the DNC reached out to Ukraine to have them investigate Manafort during the election. And also request that they publicly state they’re investigating Trump. While also colluding w/ Russia through Steele for the dossier. The only interference and collusion we don’t have evidence of is Trump and Russia lol. This is incredible to watch

  20. This is simply a manipulation of the news cycle by Trump to counter the testimony of Ambassador Taylor; and news outlets are only too happy to sniff at it like a dog sniffs a pile of sh!t, which is really what this story is.

  21. Here's an Idea…Throw everyone in jail and get this circus out of town. I have never seen such a chaotic administration as this in my lifetime and I hope I never do again.

  22. Look at all these sad sad comments. Its alright and completely legitimate for the Left to investigate Trump for 3 years now but no no no, its not allowed for the Right to have an investigation of any kind whatsoever. You call yourself patriots, Americans, or We The People? You stand on one side and hate your fellow American because they don't believe it what you do. Utterly disgraceful and despicable. From an apolitical U.S Combat Veteran.

  23. This is what I have been waiting for for over two years. I just hope it does not drag on like the Mueller investigation did.

  24. Political bias? Who knows? Who knows who you can trust. This is very interesting and questionable. I don't trust barr or trump going after conspiracy theories.

  25. William Barr looks like an evil Fred Flintstone. And I hope NY state does move to disbar him, beyond just NY City asking him to recuse himself. He has shown himself to be a deeply corrupted partisan hack with zero integrity and is abusing his public office. He has no business leading the US Justice Department and treating it like its Trump's own personal SS guard.

  26. Putin wins! The Democratic System that we’ve been preaching around the world is a joke, a circus! The two party political system has been tested and failed. The fact that all of the senators on Trump’s side are afraid to call him abusive of power shows that they are all abusive of power. All are just wanting to hold on to their power and could not care less about what right and wrong. Thank you, Putin and Trump for showing the real truth of what we’ve been dreaming as the American Democracy!

  27. He's trying to spin lie and hide for Trump. More goof ball propaganda Trumps trying to push .They all belong in jail. Barr is just a slug trailing slim for Trump again.

  28. I guess they finally figured out they were investigating a bunch of crooks.Time for democrats step up their diverson campaign!!!

  29. Okay team, I know this Criminal Investigating may be the biggest political crime story in American history, but the only way we cover this is by smearing Barr, Durham and Horowitz. After your smears, get right back on the smear Trump campaign and Coup effort, I mean Trump impeachment effort.. Froydian slip, sorry.

  30. Sad pathetic tiny liberals……your time has come. It’s only a shame that those that SUPPORT these criminals aren’t thrown in prison as well…..yet.


  32. I thought this guy was smarter than this. He's going to get himself dis-barred! The origins of the Russian hack into the 2016 election has already been found, the Special Counsels 400 page report and other Intel has confirmed the who what and how! How stupid! DEFLECT DEFLECT DEFLECT! His career is over!

  33. The Dems are utterly useless. It was obvious that Barr was going to do all of this re-hashing percieved Trump ills. If the dems weren't so weak under Pelosi etc then we'd have Trump tagged as criminal, fraud, liar and impeached already.

  34. The Mueller report did not clear Trump of colluding with the Russians. He said in the report he couldn't exonerate him in that matter and in fact he found Trump has obstructed justice and their investigation many times which was why they couldn't get to the bottom of it cos Trump obstructed them. And Barr totally misrepresented the Mueller report as Mueller himself said.

  35. I am a democrat and have been since 1968. I did not vote for Clinton nor Trump. I cannot agree with the current course of any of the potential presidential selection. I see Biden as a crook, and wasting tax payer monies abroad for his gain. Nancy Pelosi has roots in a family since JFK that has benefited her personal gain as well. Her father was for self preservation in Baltimore. I hope Barr and Durham bake the lot. I am considering Trump as a potential choice.

  36. Truth of the matter is, Schiff and his cohorts, started the impeachment process to counter the DOJ’s criminal investigation and try to take the heat off the Dems part in the Russian Collusion! They knew Barr would find evidence of criminality on a lot of Obama’s administration!

  37. William Barr has decided to use a grand jury to conduct an investigation into the origins of the Mueller Investigation. Every ham sandwich within a thousand miles of Washington had better dug and run, because Barr will undoubtedly bring full force to bear to get indictments.

  38. Trump hates the idea that he'd have likely lost without Russian help. His brain has gone to complete denial that its true. So he's set on proving it false! He's nuts, you know.

  39. The only possible explanation for bill barr and Lindsey Graham’s Sycophantic behavior is that the Kremlin has something on them

  40. The walls are closing in. The impeachment scam is almost over and truth and justice is on the way. Some people did something and they are in big trouble. We love you Trump!.

  41. Sure. Clinton won after his impeachment. Hower–he was more popular, relatively speaking. And though GOP still kept the House, they did win with a lesser margin. And Nixon had to leave because his own party wouldn't fall on the sword for him. A personal act is hella different from blatant treason.

  42. —-> Why won't Barr or Durham state what crime they suspect? The UK, Australia, and Italy have had nothing new to offer. Barr denied Mulvaney's claims. What is going on? Neither the Dossier, the FISA warrant for Carter Page, nor Joe Biden had anything to do with the origin of the Russia investigation.
    … According to the NY Times, Papadopolous told the Austrailian Ambassador about the stolen emails in May 2016 before Glen Simpson hired Christopher Steele to do research in June 2016. So, there's no connection between Steele's research and Joseph Mifsud or the origin of the Russia investigation.

    … The entire Carter Page FISA warrant was released by Senator Feinstein with redactionsin 2018, including with one entire page(unredacted) that shows the FISA Judge was informed that the dossier was a political document of opposition research.

    —> Mueller indicated there could be more evidence. I don't think the Trump campaign interacted with Russians unwittingly.
    Google: Trump campaign solicits illegal foreign donations despite warnings (The Hill)
    The FBI warned Trump that Russia would try to infiltrate his campaign team (Business Insider

  43. I just wanted to drop in and see what sort of conspiracy theories your side is pushing.. now that I've seen it, I just wanna say, I feel bad for you man. ?

  44. Barr is not a trustworthy person. He has lied too many times and it's obvious he does not work for the people but rather works for Trump.

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