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I wish they would all get together and say look this is what we're not gonna do because yeah then once you become the nominee the shrapnel I mean you've just left everyone in your wake and then the opponent uses what everybody else has used the last you know year so yeah I wish they would make some ground rules definitely there are some people who say though that this is a primary and this is what happens in primaries the debate is healthy for the party no the debate is healthy going at each other personally I don't think it's healthy at all that concerns me too because some of the things that you know people have a right to change their opinions and some of the things that have been done in the past or said in the past and I'm talking about years previously you know maybe their outlook has changed and I think you know you need to consider what they've done the last five years or the last ten years as we've said a Lima tally is in Ohio hey there Ally with the second democratic debate coming up this week what else are you hearing from voters on the ground there in Ohio so Alison we have moved over from Ohio back to Detroit where the debate is happening but we did spend yesterday and part of today in Toledo talking with voters and really the consensus is that they are excited to start seeing more from these Democratic candidates they're really in the decision-making process it's a little bit early for them but they're starting to get to know who these candidates are and of course that top concern is the one that you just showed in those socks is that they're concerned that as Democrats start trying to parse through this crowded field that the attacks that they level are going to show up again as they eventually end up with a nominee and yes there are strategists who say that this is good for the party but the main debate that we're going to see tomorrow night especially is going to be between Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren the ideas that they espouse and then the more moderate wings of the party and so that's what voters are looking forward to sort of seeing these ideas as they're represented from these different candidates but there is of course that risk that the attacks end up sticking and that Republicans then have more ammo as you head into a general election next year Elle starting to get a sense of who the front-runner is for them if there's one candidate that's really standing out so again it is early but yeah the main theme that we've been hearing is that the name Joe Biden everyone knows who he is because he was a big a big vice-president for a popular Democratic president we're also hearing a lot about Bernie Sanders he just ran for president in 2016 so people really do know him I'm sort of standing in the rain so it's getting a little wet out here but I'll keep going as the wind picks up and the other names that we're starting to hear about our Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris there are two big Senators you're seeing them rise in the polls and so those are the names that we're hearing starting to percolate but again the debate stage for a lot of these candidates who voters might not know about right now the debate stage is a chance for them to start introducing themselves and so as I talked to campaigns like Amy Klobuchar for example yep they're excited that this is an opportunity for her to sort of contrast herself she's a moderate she's not for Medicare for all but she is for universal health care so the chance for her for example to start getting out there and into the cognizance of voters as they're starting to become aware of who these Democrats are and there's 20-plus of them so I really can't blame them that it's a little bit hard to keep track right now really is Ali one of the biggest stories that we've been talking about if President Trump's remarks of the weekend about rep Elijah Cummings that people have said are racist is that something that people are buzzing about where you are have you heard anything or is that is that not really an issue out on the street where you are yes and no I think the Democratic voters that I've heard from are very much aware of what's been happening on Twitter it's what they've come to expect from this president but over the course of the past few days as I've been talking especially to voters of color they say that they see this kind of coded language when President Trump talks about infestations in cities they see it as racist they see it as having a long history and a pattern in this country and several voters brought that up to me over the course the last few days as we've been talking about this issue I will say on the other side of the coin talking to Republicans and conservatives this is also sort of what they've come to expect from the president but I do hear the same explanation and the same explaining away of tweets like this that I've heard over the course of the past few years as I've covered the president which is he's crass he's not polished she's definitely not presidential but they see things that they like from him on policy and so they're sort of willing to look the other way I know that the polling says that Republicans even find these tweets to be racist that when he tweeted about the squad for example that that was overtly racist the the send them back to go home comments that he made and so clearly that's percolating it's out there people might be willing to pull them out to what they are the conversations I've had with the conservative voters they're not quite willing to disavow the president hey NBC News viewers thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching

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  1. Democrats are ok with criticism just as long as they are the ones doing the criticizing. Democrats can dish it out but they can't take it.

  2. Nice try NBC. New breed of Black voters out now. Sick of same empty promises the past 5 decades. Black Caucas, Democrats in general..well they're washed up. Through. Trump will be reelected by default. Grab your popcorn folks

  3. I wish reporters would not call them moderates. They are corporate bought candidates who take millions in corporate money to espouse and protect those corporate positions. They are not moderates. They are politicians who are bought and paid for by Wall Street and Silicon Valley.

    Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who is not taking corporate PAC money and who will not take it if he is the Democrat nominee.

    That speaks to Bernie's integrity.

  4. Any of these fine Patriots are far superior to the current clown show in office. Civil debate is important, but so is solidarity in the messaging to get rid of Trump and his enablers, then healing our country from the damage done.

  5. I bet Biden will most likely be the top contender. I'm digging Buttigieg at this point in time. I'll vote for ANYONE over Trump.

  6. Theyn aren't democratic candidates, they are communists. Biden may be the only actual democrat on that stage and he caves like a coward. There are no good choices this time. None. If you care about this country write in Snoopy because Snoopy would be a better choice than all of these commies.

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