What neo-Nazis have inherited from original Nazism | DW Documentary (neo-Nazi documentary)

Maurice Vega

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  1. современные нацисты…. жалкое зрелище спустя 75 лет, да и 45й год не за горами

  2. If you wonder why so many racist losers are in the comment section, this video was shared on a website which is known for virgins and porn.

  3. Are y’all really trying to push the idea that Weiner Germany was good in any way, shape or form?? That’s how desperate y’all are?

  4. This entire documentary is nothing but leftist propaganda. They do a whole lot of talking about these people without letting the groups speak for themselves.

  5. Then we need to ask ourselves, why there is an immigration problem? Why are these people migrating to Europe? Due to War, Due to Opportunities in their countries, Crimes and more. All these things are the results of bad government in those countries, bad opportunities and war such as those in Syria and other parts of the middle east. Countries in North Africa and the middle east are having enormous problems. To prevent wide spread migration, a fix is required in those countries where people are migrating out. Without the development in those countries then the world will continue to have these problems. I see the very same in Malaysia. Lack of opportunities, bad governance, lack path for future generation is what caused people to migrate for better living and better opportunities.

  6. Asking for a mere forthextistence of your own people and culture is right wing extremism? Shows how far left the establishment has become.

  7. Not gonna lie as much as i as a german dislike the AFD, this stinks of Propaganda to me. Assholes may exist in all ethnicities and cultures and people fleeing wars legit fleeing wars are welcome to stay until it is over -as long as they do not cause trouble that is-. But it escalated ever since 2015, not just families fleeing wars that are coming, sadly. I realize that more and more i walk through my city.

  8. This discussion has to begin from point that NS founders were veterans who had just "lost" a war they should have won, Weimar government abdicated some peace treaty, and they came home to a hyper inflationary spiral of abject poverty.

  9. Respect to the AFD from Hungary. Stay strong Germany. You have every right to say who you want or don't want in your country. I guess only Israel can be a ethno-nationalist state.

  10. Keep this nonsense contained in Germany otherwise I’ll be coming in with my armies and quartering the country this time round.

  11. People have every right to preserve their individual or group culture; there's nothing wrong with that. Indeed, wherever possible we do our utmost to preserve fragile cultures, many of which suffer from decay from within. Those who use this as a smokescreen for violence, intimidation, intolerance and hatred are fooling no-one. Their undenied national socialist and nazi heritage proves this. They have no place in a progressive society.

  12. Those far right wing parties basically prey on people with overactive amygdalas who fear and hate easily, funny they'd think they're superior in some way while having a morphological weakness like that drives their whole lives.

  13. Nazi Germany made the Jews second class citizens. Israel makes the Palestinians second class citizens. Nazi Germany wanted Danzig only for itself. Israel wants and got Jerusalem only for itself. Nazi Germany made all Germans learn military skills. Israel makes all Israeli learn military skills. Nazi Germany wanted the atomic bomb. Israel wanted and got the atomic bomb. Nazi Germany put Jews in getthos. Israel puts Palestinians in getthos (Gaza being the biggest one). Nazi Germany annexed Alsace, parts of Poland, Czech lands, … Israel annexed the Golan, the East bank, … Nazi Germany had the master race, it said. Israel has the chosen people, it says. No death camps in Israel, but currently no world war. So, in the end, Nazi Germany or Israel, quite similar.

  14. This is pure idiocy… Dude the AFD isn't even attempting to expulse immigrants they're just attempting to reduce the amount. I really do think east germany should just say that they've had enough and just go form prussia and be done with this nonsense.

  15. Being a Nazi is the new counter culture, the new punk rock, the new anti-establishment motif that it is hip and cool to be into.

  16. I really don't get why they're so against Jews. This video shows mainly the hatred towards Muslims and Jews, what do they think of Asians?

  17. It was our fault that people from the Middle East are now coming to invade our countries, after all we invaded their countries. And by we I mean USA, Germany, France, England, Russia and so on.

  18. Left and right wing ideologues have different ways of enslaving and mass murdering to 'reduce the surplus population. The right
    is just more brazen.

  19. I think this resurgence is a very good reason (among others) for each EU country to secure their borders and reject illegal aliens. When you export bombs, you import people. Unfortunately, certain parts of the third world thinks that means they can come in, too.

  20. 37:30… "Authoritarian systems or dictatorships [in 1939]"…. wait wait wait… so Britain, France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden (which was neutral under the war and housed Jewish refugees) were authoritarian? What a bunch of BS.

  21. If I was a sheriff, they would not march in my town. I would state on t.v. that their marches often turn violent and are a danger to the peace and that this goes beyond the right to free speech.

  22. Mass immigration will bring Europe to a stand still, European countries will either become unsustainable, or unpredictable, if terrorism starts, and more irrational as certain religious groups become common,I can see religious freedoms,and religious laws causing problems to native Germans and Europeans, they will loose sight, and it will most likely fall apart, and when that happens ,be somewhere else.

  23. They are right to preserve their country. The left-wing is just trying to justify their opposition. Angela Merkels open border policies are messed up and traitorous.

  24. The liberal elites do peddle a cult of guilt for the German people. Europeans need to return to the Christian faith for guidance. In this way, they can take back their countries. Nobody is responsible for the sins of their fathers. And our own personal sins are forgiven in Jesus' Name for all who believe. Liberal elites must be stopped from trying to expunge guilt through national self-annihilation. Jesus forgives all sin.

  25. Back to the future?you mean back to the past, I still can believed, we are in 21 century,and this people has this kind of mentality, I agree to control the immigration, but I don't agree racism,nazism etc,and its funny that here in Brazil we have Nazi group,so crazy,I don't worry,the light of Christ is always shine,and the devil is a looser

  26. During the Weimar period, most ordinary people didn’t have a tertiary education, and at that time, Germany had not had much experience of democracy. Germany had only been politically unified for 50 years. The reparations forced upon Germany after the First World War were crippling economically and politically. It is a sad fact. For some people, that outcome felt deeply humiliating, and helped fuel the rise of the Nazi Party, along with the Great Depression. Nationalism, authoritarian, autocratic and extremist views always gain more popularity during periods of economic recession, especially a long term recession/depression.

  27. Germany needs around 500 000 foreigners until 2050 to be able to sustain their economy.   They are doomed.   Pretty much all of Europe is.

  28. These people are devoted to their paranoid ideology and are willing to commit atrocities in its name. Immigration is only gonna get exponentially more common as the conditions on Earth shift.

  29. these 'social scientist' are having a hard time pretending they believe the stuff they're saying is the truth anymore. Most people know what's up by now and they're done with globalism and the attempted third worldization of all Western Nations.

  30. These German people would fit right in at a Trump rally. Greed is the root behind the hate of others and causes most of humanity's problems. It has since the beginning of time.

  31. So is China also Nazi? I mean, they do want to stay Chinese, respect and maintain their culture and traditions, they’re “ethnonationalists”, as is Japan, as is Israel, as are most countries but somehow what’s OK for other countries is not OK for Germany? And surely not all holders of Chinese passport are Chinese? I can move to China, learn Chinese, become a citizen, if they let me, but will that make me Chinese?

  32. Interesting that this documentary left out the communist threat and social pressure from left as the one constant throughout 20/21th century Germany. This is nothing but a hit piece designed and produced to marginalize the AFD which the establishment views as the only real threat to their power. The fact that they left out the funding by the "open society foundation" to create the migrant crises in the first place speaks volumes.

  33. If you neo nazis are so concerned with replacement, solution is simple. BE And GET HORNY and Fuck. Result :No GREAT Replacement.

  34. Imagine coming on here, typing up blatant anti-semitism and thinking that it makes you look like the rational person who wants to address problems.
    Such bad faith arguments…

  35. Extreme left and extreme right are both horrible and lead to hate and barbaric anarchy. Moderation and the recognition that we are all individuals who have different needs and rights is key to healthy society and government in my opinion. There must also be a distinction between law and morality. You might think that expressing radical views, or abortion is immoral, buT it's the right of the individual. You can't universally ban something, context is key. On a more personal level, I think that concepts such as death penalty and extreme censorship should not be present. Both extreme socialists and these neo-nazis are immoral and dangerous, in my opinion. I pray that this come-back of anti-semitism stops.

  36. Low birth rates due to liberal ideas drifting apart from family and cultural values… we are all racists. We just don’t know it or deny it. Let’s not hate and really accept that we are all different and some civilizations are more violent, prone to expansion and better use of its assets.

  37. Ich glaube, wir brauchen Demokratie in Deutschland, aber ich glaube, wir sollten in die Zeit einer föderalen Monarchie zurückkehren. Die demokratische Monarchie hat sich in Großbritannien bewährt.

  38. Their anger is understandable. As an israeli i support Germany being a nation for Germans like poland should be for the polish. It just seems like a common sense.

  39. Muslim is in white European country's for a reason. That is because Whites are so dumb to believe they are there peace fully. HA HA HA. They already rather fight than leave. Understand, that they need to be send home before they breed.

  40. The radical right wants to overthrow democracy and human rights? Please. Typical one sided. I support the AfD and the Identitarian movements

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