What it’s like to work at the Government Digital Service

no one at GDS shiz away from asking why or asking whether something can be done differently what we're really doing is trying to unleash all of that kind of pent-up positivity to actually make changes that help help users there are lots of opportunities to develop to grow your skills there's lots of really talented friendly smart people working here and the projects that you can get to work from here are really diverse it's a real culture of learning we're then invite you in and explain things to you I learned so many things about technology and things about things in the digital sex that I never ever touched on before being exposed to how GDS actually integrates and interacts with the rest of government encourages and inspires me we allow for people to work in the way that makes their work best to find the best self and use that we're working on things that make a difference in people's lives it's a great sense of accomplishment we are helping everybody in the UK to access the things they need to do it's great to know you're making an impact on somebody's day you're literally making somebody's day that'd be easier it's a really great place to come and work there's nowhere else in the world like it gives me a real sense of purpose like you know waking up and kind of like coming to work government won't know how it's supposed to change if those people that's supposed to change for don't work in government it's really nice to be somewhere where people makes you feel like you won the team you are able from like day one GDS is a place that cares about the people we serve every day people come to work trying to understand how we can serve those people better I think what most excites me is that just knowing that their potential is there just needs to be tapped

Maurice Vega

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