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What’s the next big thing? Apparently baby Yoda based on my social media
feeds. Honestly, I believe in solid state batteries. At the moment it’s looking very possible
to mass produce with a wide range of applications. Unless someone who knows what they are talking
about corrects me, this could revolutionise transportation and the way we store energy. My cat if my parents don’t stop giving him
all the dang food he wants. closing youtube on the phone and it keeps
playing Bacteriophage because as it turns out rightly
used they can even cure totally drug resistant diseases Hearing Aids. My generation won’t be able to hear crap
with how loud we listen to things VR real estate. Not far from the Matrix lol Not virtual reality, but artificial reality,
or enhanced reality. Google glass failed, but AR/ER is the next
big thing. Once we can have a virtual display overlay
going in a simple and effortless package, it’s going to take over everything. Your computer? Good-bye old displays. Why pay extra for a monitor, or two monitors,
when you can confure forth as many as you need via AR? Not to mention they can be any resolution
or in any orientation you demand. Your desktop could literally be your desktop. Keep a short roster of important applications
right on your desktop. They’ll have little 3D icons and I’m sure
they’ll be animated, and irritating. Maybe you’ll keep your folders and files in
literal drawers in your desk. When you’re out and about, AR will help, too. Imagine Waze in an AR format. Rather than having to look away from the road,
a simple overlay will do the trick. Follow the line! Attention-getting icons looming in the distance
will warn you of traffic and speed traps. Your kids’ school might have a notice in front
of the building letting passers-by know that next thursday is a teachers’ conference, and
school that day is cancelled. The local library predominately displays their
operating hours along with a token bookmark you can take that’ll refer you to their website
later when you’re not in the midst of travelling. The commercial districts is where things will
be really nuts. Remember the hologram shark from Back to the
Future? Turns out that was gonna be an AR thing all
along. Operating hours, product placements, animated
displays, dinner menus, and so on. I imagine it’ll get to the point where some
kind of filtering system will necessarily need to be built-in. Remove audio, product placements, and so on. Virtual tour-groups will follow AR celebrities
as they walk between points of interest. New construction may have finished building
overlays that’ll show off what it will look like when completed, and hide the detritus
of construction. Other overlays will show you social service
areas, crime levels, and wait times for the bus. All the information you want, overlaid on
the real world, in real time. Double sliced bread solid state batteries or graphene solar panels Cram Either WW3 or the technological singularity
within the next 50 years. Your call, humanity. Pregnancy tests for Every malady that urine
can screen for. An entire aisle in pharmacies! Hospital wait times plummet Gene editing and all the hulabaloo that accompanies
it. I think made-to-order. Like, instead of a company making a million
of something and pushing to sell all of them, they’ll offer an item and only produce it
when it’s ordered, and it’s customized. Especially for clothes… you can give your
measurements and it’ll actually be made to fit you specifically. Amazon is supposedly working on that. It’ll be somebody minding their own business,
doing their thing, and be recorded by someone being all like “OMG THAT IS SO AWESOME” and
plastering it online. It’ll be a thing for like 15 minutes before
fading into obscurity. Honestly I think AI is the next big thing People getting gold for no reason instantly. Coconut husk condoms. Space travel. I also think we will move towards a sort of
Neo-Mid century feel. Style and feels of the 50s? I think some of that, in more modern ways,
will come back. The political climate will be fitting, and
by somewhere between the 30 and 50s I think (I hope) we will have a new innovative rush. Likely something along the lines of space
travel and reaching mars. ​ Ignoring the possibility of war and atomic
antihalation. Not my peepee, that’s for sure! Man and machine integration. Like the stuff that might be possible with
Elon Musk’s Neuralink technology. Elon Musk’s bathwater Feed the birds, thats what she cried, while
overhead the birds filled the skies. All around the cathedral, the saints and apostles,
look down as she sells her wares. Although you cant see it, you know they are
smiling, each time someone shows that he cares. Though her words, simple and few, listen,
listen. Shes calling to you. Feed the birds, tupence a bag. wow that was an easy gold Electrical Banana. Is gonna be a sudden craze I wonder if we’re going to have an art boom
ever again. Art was such a big thing in history, like
architecture, but now buildings are so minimalistic and bland. Wireless charging. I hear fidget spinners are due a comeback Television. We are living in the golden age of television
right now. Never in history have we had so many great
TV shows running at the same time. Plus, the streaming wars are forcing companies
to come up with the best content possible so that they can attract viewers. CYBERTRUCK Household robots or Wireless VR, self driving
cars Reversing human-caused climate change and
cleaning up the planet You are, OP. AI/self driving cars Brrrrrrock Lesnarrrrrr! Chopped bread The next big thing is How To Train Your Dragon:
Homecoming. I see you have a nice Valhalla there. Welcome to the Yoda Space Hotel! This post, for a while at least. Ass eating. Oh wait…that happened already Cameo. They created a market place where you can
get celebrity shout-outs from a bunch of people like steve-o, charlie sheen, snoop dogg, and
a ton more. It’s like an episode of Black Mirror….I
swear…. Artificial Intelligence. At some point it will be so good that it will
replace humans so we would have to merge with it and become artificially enhanced cyborgs
in order to avoid going exctinct or being oppressed/enslaved by a superior species. DDD memes You kno what Blueface said As medicine in the US is more controlled by
larger tech corporations, AI and advanced sensors end up diagnosing people far more
accurately and early than human doctors; plus more novel and customized medicine is developed
and the technology eventually gets outsourced to the general population as legislation becomes
adverse to traditional medicine… much like self driving cars versus human drivers, it’s
determined that human doctors are too faulty. Vr games Hummus! At least if you’ll listen to James Veitch From what my schedule says, finals are coming
around again. Clean shaven will be back, its a cycle. Have u ever get that feeling where u still
wanna continue watching, but your eyes already so heavy? So, its a thingy to project a tv screen to
ur eyes, so u can still watch the thing while closing ur eyes. Well i guess its not going to be NEXT big
thing, maybe next next next big thing. TM Buying caves in the countryside to hide out
from all of this creepy buttAI you all are predicting. Older societies and a lot of old people with
nobody to take care of them. Manipulation of DNA strands Lab grown meat, egg, milk etc. Smart Contracts, they have soooo much potential
that I decided to make a career out of it and so far its going better than great. We are, right now with Synthetic Biology and
bioengineering, about where they were with computers in the 50s and 60s. With that comparison in mind, consider the
smartphone. 100+ core CPU’s Possums as pets. Mark my words, the age of doggo is coming
to a close and the age of posso is upon us. I want to see how WW3 goes down. With social media and technology in general
it’s going to be awkward. Besides that, I’d like to see what happens
to jobs that I assume will be easily replaceable by AI. Jobs like delivery people and receptionists
and cashiers. My penis since it’s now December Huge thing I hope it is world peace, but that isn’t profitable
so I doubt it. I can still hope tho. Your mom!
holds hand up for high-five Au man how?

Maurice Vega

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